Master of Fine Art at Northumbria University | A Student's View

I remember when I was about three I got like a artis off my birthday and I loved it and I just used it every single day and I thought you know what this is what I'm gonna do for the rest of my life I'm gonna be an artist so that's why I chose fine art the Masters of Fine Art at Northumbria is practice based course which means that you do the art we focus mainly on contemporary art so art that is happening in the world today I specialized in contemporary art and painting and sculpture I like to describe my work in simple terms so everyone can understand it and I like big colorful things so big colorful sculptures big colorful paintings I just like having fun really in the studio and I like to make sure that Who I am as a person is translated to the art I produce the MFA at Northumbria is connected to the Baltic so the actual MFA is taught in a building called Baltic 39 in the center of Newcastle and it's just an amazing building full of artists and we've got that connection with big Baltic and every now and then people from the actual big Baltic will come in look at our work talk to us and that is what makes this course so special the facilities are really good at Northumbria you've got so many different workshops but a wood workshop we can make your canvases or anything out of wood got a metal workshop got a paper making studio print workshop and our actual studios where we make our art I've really big and that's what attracted me as well so come to Northern where because you just need a lot of space to produce and we've got that space here with all of the exhibitions I've had I've had about five exhibitions and that's the way to get yourself known that's way of networking getting to know people and in the art world networking is really important you

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