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okay so welcome to this live chat for marketing digital at now this is something that I kind of not I've not addressed yet in public because for a while I was feeling like I wasn't I'm gonna have the authority to actually share all this because for me this digital our journey has gone very quickly I've worked really really hard to get my work out there and to promote it and for for my business to take off really hard behind the scenes but I'll be honest with you the digital compositing side of things many of you know if you've been following my journey that it started only mid last year so meet 2016 oh sorry 2014 was when I really dived into this area and went from shooting weddings and portraits which I'm still doing a little bit off to really focusing on digital photographic art and particularly focusing on the fairytale side the classic story and all that and wanting to reassure from a business point of view so for me to share about the marketing and how that's working I wanted to wait a little bit to make sure that I've established myself in the industry and that what I have to say I guess I want you to know that I'm still learning I'm still trying things but a lot of things have worked well for me and I wanted to share those so I've had a few questions and I will address those first and one of those one of the first questions was that they would like to hear my opinion about the role that social media plays in my marketing strategy and what I use some of the challenges that I encounter with social media okay so social media is a huge part of business these days and you know if you not on social media than you lose a whole lot of potential business but which ones do you actually get onto especially for digital art I am on multiple avenues of social media and some work better for me than others and one of those is obviously Facebook and probably a lot of you have come across me on my Facebook page I'm still building that as well I only started that back in I think September last year so that is a great conversation area for me to post things so Facebook there's a lot of interaction back and forth I can kind of get to know people that are on my facebook and then follow me I can interact and I can sort of see them a little bit more so I do love Facebook for that but to be honest facebook is pretty terrible these days for getting your getting your work out there because of the new algorithms and everything that they've bought in and sometimes needing to pay to boost posts and you probably will have heard people say that if you pain then BAM as soon as you paid post following won't get any reach and I think there's some truth to that but what I've noticed is I do boost posts particularly when those things like if I've got a workshop running and it's the only way for me to get the word out to a particular area like England us and for me to boost the post to that particular geographic area makes a lot of sense it helps me to get the information out to the people that it's needed so when I boost it then that that boost will work and I pay money for that boost but then afterwards the next couple of posts might be a little less in reach them I you might find that those next couple of posts are you know you look at your region you're not getting anywhere but if you continue to put posts up that create lots of interaction and that people can get you involved in then it's not a long term for so don't stress too much about if you're needing to boost posts don't stress too much about losing momentum on your Facebook page I do it probably once every couple of weeks and after a couple of slightly to head posts the next few are fine and they get the normal momentum that that a post would get um but that's the thing with the way facebook is a lot of the time you need to look at maybe paying and utilizing the reach that unfortunately yep they're figured out and plates and pick businesses pay it was free for such a long time but not as good anymore via the other thing that I use our beheads which is linked into Adobe and I found that really good now for digital art and for even graphic designer and things like that if you use beheads it really helps to get your work out to potential potential businesses potential art galleries things like that so instead of it being like a peer-to-peer thing it which it is as well so lots of other digital artists are on there and they see your work it's not so much the general public but yeah I galleries and things I've had an art gallery contact me or a couple of art galleries actually through my behance folio and asked me to exhibit which I'm sort of looking at the moment so that's a great space to put your work up and you can actually also put your work there and put things like behind the scenes and information about how you built your work so it's a really good way of presenting your work and it's kind of like an online CV instagrammed I'm trying to build up and I'm still working on it if you're out there and you're on Instagram and odor complaints to cram link on my on my website but story out Australia and yeah have a look at that because on Instagram the way they work that is elope little behind-the-scenes information snaps of things that I'm doing to create an image little videos behind-the-scenes 15 second videos things that I don't post on Facebook or elsewhere so I try and make sure that I mix up what I'm posting i'm not posting the same thing on all the different social media networks because if you do that then if you got the same followers they get bored with it so Instagram is a space where I can just post yeah lots of behind-the-scenes information finished images as well but it's it's kind of an interactive visual space and photographers that works really well because it's it's visual it's photos and tagging is essential I'm still learning the best tags and I'm trying lots of different ones but I most of the time with my post I get about 30 lights on and on an image or on on something that I post even a behind-the-scenes picture so that's pretty good for me at the moment but I think I don't know I have to check 500 followers or something so there's nothing it's not big at all but I just continually get it out there and put it up and it grows as long as it's growing and it's growing weak leave and that's the important thing you don't want your social media to get stagnated linkedin is another one that I'm on and for that I find it's great business to business social networking so I am able to connect with potential businesses are in in the education field and speaking and sharing I'm able to connect with the right people so building those connections is helpful I don't post a lot of statuses or updates but here and there I do but the main thing is that networking and planning connections and that can be great if you are really wanting to I guess connect with with those businesses and with those people that are going to get your work or are going to get your business or income and 500 pics is also a place where i post quite regulated the way that I use that's a little bit different I know some people have had a lot of success with 500 pics and I know a do some bling is one that has had a lot of success with it and people have recognized and seen his work and contact him through that so there's that sign of things but I use it as a bit of a gauge on new images so if you're wanting to see my newest images before actually release them on my Facebook page I hope from place them on 500px first and that gives me a bit of a gauge on whether they're going to be popular whether they're drawing people whether they're connecting with people and that often yeah I just see how quickly people respond to it and I like to I like to see that because it helps me think in the future I got help mr. Lee with that image I've already done all the work on it but it helps me to think about my future images and what people enjoy and what works and what draws people and it helped me to plan those images so that they can be images that not don't just make me feel good but also really reach out to other people I'm connect with other people so that's a gauge so easy as a gauge Twitter or not very good at and I'm really trying harder to to get on Twitter and post I don't know in Australia I don't think we use Twitter as much I don't find it as popular but I know worldwide obviously to it is a big thing so call of that I'm working harder on Twitter but please don't expect to see a lot of insights by looking at my Twitter page i think i just i need to work on that so it's one of those things you know I guess you focus on the social media that works for you but it's still important to spread it spread it out because there's different clientele and different potential customers and people that you can connect with through those different outlets flickr I've got some images on flickr I've used it a bit perhaps I think in the past maybe it worked better for people I put it on there because I know that it does I come up quite high in the SEO searches so so that helps too yep to put things on flickr actually helps just in your searching and people finding the work so that's a good way of getting it out there too and its high res so that helps too all right so Google Plus again I use it a bit it it's good for the SEO it's good for search engines to find you but I had a bit of an issue with Google+ a while back when they changed it and moved it with places and basically wiped all my data so I've been a little reluctant to get a lot of information back on there but it is a good space in terms of getting a good ranking with your website and linking in with that YouTube YouTube is fantastic if you're up for making videos which obviously I don't mind doing and yeah if you can you build up a following on youtube then that can also help because people are wanting people want to be able to watch things that help them I think people want to be able to watch things that help their business that entertain them whatever it is so having a youtube channel just helps to build that and to build into people with that they're having to pay for you know detailed tutorial so I try and put up on my YouTube kind of quick tips and different things that help people that they can watch quickly so not really long tutorials I find their long tutorials work better for people to download it and decide to pay for but the short to Torres work well now the most important thing that you can do for in terms of social it's not really social networking but it is is your blog so website and I really make an effort to try and blog at least once a week and sometimes more often and it doesn't matter what it's about it might be something that's interesting to people in general digital artists apply for something that's interesting to my clients it might be a lot of behind-the-scenes to do with my images so having behind the scenes photos video you know how I actually put together something really really helps put people to understand what goes into creating an image what goes into all the effort that goes into it so recently I've done a few blogs that I know have reached a low people because you can see it in here you need to make sure that you're keeping an eye on your analytics and seeing what your how your website does and whether it's attracting people to it and even you want to make sure that the time you put into it is he's working for you and that people are finding what you're putting on there and so recently I read a blog post about what is digital art is a photograph digital out and that had a lot of people coming to it and talking about it and I even found there was some um there were some forums overseas somewhere I think that someone had posted it and there was there was a bit of conversation about it and I didn't even know like I didn't even know that it was out there until I saw the traffic coming in from that on my analytics so you if you write interesting information then hopefully people find it and they any share it out there and you share it through your social network so you share it through facebook Instagram all those things and then people are attracted to your website so your website if you can get if you get your website happening get lots of data lots of traffic and then in the google rankings it will go up so the more that you put on there the more you post the more you write about the more that it goes up on people are searching for you and when you're writing right right carefully so that the words that you're using are sort of things that people search for I always like to link to businesses that I'm working with I like to actually put links into businesses that I'm working with and so that those crosslinks will actually help in the SEO and in getting more traffic to my site as well as a more traffic to their sliders well so you should really focus if anything you really need to focus on your website and then the other social network so pushing your website out via those of the social networks is really important I had another question that was asked and it was about how do i market fine art one of pizzas to clients that are prepared to pay thousands for portraits and weddings and don't understand the value of one piece of digital art ok so i come from a wedding and portrait background I've been doing weddings and portraits since 2001 officially when my business started so I really knew when I when I got into this I really knew how to market weddings and portraits and compared to digital art it's not too hard because the big thing is people looking for weddings for wedding photographers people looking for portrait photographers and what you need to do is get get your work out there and when they see it then they come to you and then as long as you've got good word of mouth and everything in it's relatively easy to transition them into book ah digital ow what is it people don't even know most of the time when people ask me what I do I have to get my phone out and show them because I can't even explain any work

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