Maria and Mike Kanellis give Miz a photography lesson: Miz & Mrs., Aug. 13, 2019

How you guys been?
I’ve been good, really good. How was the Renaissance fair? You’ve been stalking my Instagram? No, I’ve been stalking Maryses instagram. So we had one day off, we were like, let’s
do something, let’s get out of the house. And then I said, I’ll surprise you and
I took her to the Renaissance fair. I had the most amazing time ever. Did she? Yes, she did. You don’t sound- [LAUGH]
See that’s the difference- I just don’t know if that’s Maryse’s thing. That’s where my mind would go too. I think she really enjoyed it. She might have told you that, yeah. Wow, she enjoyed it. I know when Maryse is having a good time
and when she’s not having a good time. Maryse does not have a good poker face. Hm. See for yourself. There’s the king of the entire festival,
came up to us, welcomed us. Yes. That’s me looking cool. That’s us in a carriage ride. Did she look sick? [LAUGH]
She’s having fun. Maybe Maryse was doing it
just because I liked it. I need to do something that
I think Maryse will like. Look at that. Is that portrait mode? What do you mean? It’s a portrait, yes. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] It is a portrait. Make the pictures nicer. What do you mean? Like, it blurs out the background
and- I don’t understand. Okay, you want to stand over there. No, I like this pose. I don’t. There you go, look at his face! Look at that, that’s really clear. Yeah.
What’d you do to the picture? One swipe. That’s it? That’s it, focus on the face. My God, can I try this? Let me see.
Yes, you could try. I don’t have to do a stance or
anything like that? Or get down on- No, no. [LAUGH] I mean, if you want to,
I guess you can. Look at that, that’s,
wow, my mind’s blown. [LAUGH]

52 Replies to “Maria and Mike Kanellis give Miz a photography lesson: Miz & Mrs., Aug. 13, 2019”

  1. Maria I wish you the best I hope you and your unborn baby is ok and of course your WWE #1 couple Maryse and Miz

  2. Does ur company have any clue what there doing it ruins any storyline u have going by showing them.nice outside the show

  3. It’s nice seeing Maria like this. Reminds me of her old WWE character even though she does the heel role so well lol 😂

  4. I was waiting for Maria to get the fire in her belly giving Mike kanelis the big flying slap for losing the 24/7 championship but no segment on them

  5. Next chapter: Miz will be thrown to bin by Shane McMahon's cronies proving to him that he is just a potato, or maybe Shane McMoron got thrown to bin by Miz.

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