Mantra Copywriting

They key thing for me was confidence. I always
felt like I had built my business through guesswork and I was very good at my job, the
creative side of my job, but that the business side was just a mystery and everything I was
doing was just haphazard; a guess. So confidence was the big thing. It’s been great from the start meeting other
creative business owners really because they come from all different industries, all different
levels and they’ve all got very similar challenges so that makes you feel more confident because
you know you’re not the only person going through what you’re going through. The two
days in Arran were amazing, absolutely amazing. Taking two days out of the business is something
I’ve never done in eight or nine years and, again, on the second day it was like everything
just clicked into place and I kind of knew what I needed to do when I left Arran. I made
some really big decisions about the business on that second day that I’ve since carried

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