Man accused of taking picture up woman’s dress at Fulshear H-E-B

police and Fulshear have arrested this man after they say he went into an h-e-b and took a picture of a woman under her dress the alleged incident happened at the h-e-b on FM 1463 in Cinco Ranch Boulevard near cross Creek Ranch community channel twos Robert Arnold live at Fort Bend County Jail with more Robert police tell us that man is being booked into the Fort Bend County Jail and he’ll likely face charges of invasive photography a state jail felony this arrest came today thanks to a sharp-eyed Fulshear police officer let me run down what police say happened they say this man walked into the cross creek h-e-b yesterday morning followed a woman around and then used his cell phone to take a picture under her skirt something commonly referred to as upskirting the woman didn’t immediately realize what happened to her nonetheless she immediately notified authorities they quickly went to that grocery store and were able to get the surveillance video which gave them a pretty clear picture of this man as well as the car he was driving that was put out then today according to Fulshear police one of their officers was driving around and spotted that car at a construction site that’s a stone’s throw from the grocery store when that officer went up saw the man said he matched the description of the man in that video and he arrested him again they have not yet released this man’s name but as soon as they do we will update our story reporting live from the Fort Bend County Jail Robert Arnold KPRC Channel 2 News

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