Making A Short Film – Introduction

Hello, my name is Gustav Nilsson and welcome to Here you will be able to
follow me and my journey in creating an computer
animated short film, going from a script, to a finished film,
with all the steps in between. Before we dicuss how you can
actually follow the making of the film, the most important
question is of course: “What is the film about?” It is about an insecure
maintenance robot who helps an old man
escape a hospital to see the sun one last time. The running time is estimated
to be about 7 minutes long and it will be completely
computer animated. You can read the full
script down below so you know exactly
what movie I am making, save for the actual ending. I want to keep something secret until the finished film is
shown for the first time. Now let’s talk about how you can
follow the making of the film. On the progress page
here on the website you can easily see how far the
film is from being completed. I just launched the site,
so currently it is at 0.5%, or in other terms
2 out of 473 tasks completed. To see which these tasks are,
simply scroll down and you find the complete list of
eveything that needs to be done in order to complete the film. The tasks are sorted into different
groups for an easier overview. Simply click on them to expand. When clicking on
anything in this list you get more information
about the subject so you can learn about it. I will also post regular
updates on the updates page where I summarize how
everything is going and show you the work
I have done so far. I would be very happy if you wanted
to share your thoughts here. Tell me what you think is good,
less good, propose improvements,
ask questions, or simply talk about anything and
everything related to the project. So, I hope you think this
looks fun and interesting, and that you will check in once in
a while to see how it is going. Thanks, and see you around!

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  1. I wish you good luck in this project! But will you also be making more tutorials? The video on drivers was by far the best video on the topic I have found and would love to see more content like it 🙂

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