Make A Cheap Macro Lens For Your Phone

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  1. Hello there! We've made a ton of videos for taking better photos with your smart phone so check out our playlist here to learn a ton of more tricks you can put to use right now:

  2. Or you can look on Wish for a free one and pay 2 bucks in shipping. That's cheaper than a pack of bobby pins and even most cheapo lazer pens.

  3. really don't get this when u can buy cheap macro lenses for less than this here . lenses aren't expensive whatsoever now

  4. if you also have an old series EOS from 1996, some EF lenses are great for zooming in, problem is though, they're quite heavy.

  5. You can get macro lenses from amazon for about 6-7 bucks for some listings, and you can usually get it near the checkout at your local Walmart not that expensive

  6. Am I the only one wondering why he casually used this against a stack of $10,000 instead of a just using a single bill?

  7. Here's a pro hack. Instead of buying a laser pointer to destroy and cobbling it to a bobby pin for a "poor" man's substitute, just buy a clip-on lens made for this from a Chinese seller on eBay for one or two dollars.

  8. Just checked; the supplies used here cost more than the clip-on macro lense you can buy from china shops such as aliexpress for $1

  9. A cheap-o plastic lens for your phone should cost you the same, and be specifically build for purpose without fumbling around with bobby pins and tape, unecessarily generating more electronic waste with unused stuff.
    In fact, you can buy a glass lens kit for less than 2 bucks on eBay.
    But in a pinch, I guess it's not a bad idea. If that's the purpose, you can also use plastic lenses from small torchlights, among other stuff.
    Also, please drop the "professional looking" bs, please. It's borderline offensive, and completely false.

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