Macro Photography | Water drops on dandelion clocks

in this video we're gonna be photographing some water drops on some dandelion clocks hello my name is joe wood and welcome to my youtube channel it is dandelion clock season here in the UK and it has been for several weeks dandelion clocks are a great subject to photograph particularly for macro photography they look great when you magnify them and also they are readily available to most people did a few things for this video we have some bingo clips and my specimen holder link in the description if you want to get hold of one of those I have my backgrounds these are custom printed backgrounds that are printed out for myself we're doing macro photography on a little key ring I'll take these everywhere with me now I believe is the first time off beaches these in a video so if any questions about them let me know in the comments below we have water glittering we have some plasticine and tweezers and a syringe okay those are the quick little tour of the things we will be using for this particular shot now the first thing I need to do is set up a dandelion block seed and one have to do we're going to use my specimen holder I'm gonna get a little bit of plasticine and the reason I'm using plasticine is if I want to add more than one seed to it it's easier just to stick the seed into the plasticine than Easter too I manipulate this crocodile clip let's do that with that done I need to get a single seed of my dandelion gonna grab a clump then use my tweezers and grab the dandelion seed I'm gonna stick him into the scene but now that's done what I want to do is before I set my camera I want to make up my water solution now for this we're gonna do a 50/50 mixture but I'm tipping some water but then I'm going to pin some glycerin well the glycerin will do is it will help to stop the water from evaporating too much in it also I think it just gives a better round shape the important thing is with the glycerin is your water drop is not going to evaporate as quickly as it would do normally that's the main reason why I'm using it a good shake up now I've done that I shall fill up my syringe more than enough I've got my camera now again it's the 650d with the canon 100 millimeter macro lens now in the last video we did with dandelion plugs we used the 50 mil and extension tubes it doesn't matter which one you use okay and what I'm going to do is I'm going to set my lens up to be one to one magnification all right so I'm in manual mode okay and I want to choose my f-stop for this I'm gonna go to start we've we'll use F seven point one into the live view I'm going to do I'm not going to move the camera or the focusing I'm just going to move my subject back and forward until it becomes InFocus am I in subject is going to be the water drop on this dandelion o'clock that's looking okay there okay so the next thing we want to do is the big orange and we want to put a water drop onto this dandelion clock but do believers well with the glycerin it helps it to stick a little bit better okay so now that I've done that I need to refocus again we'll just go to reposition quite a bit in focus there I'm going to set my exposure we're currently at one third of a second exposure and I'm going to take a test shot we've got a little bit of camera shake in there and that's because the mirror is coming off and it's shaking the camera as it do it so so what we're going to do to combat that is we're going to go into what's called mirror lock-up mode now please consult your camera manual on how to do mirror lock-up mode or to come into the settings then mirror lock does not work in Live View not on my camera okay self-promoter live view when I click it once you hear that the mirror locks up you wait for the vibrations of the mirror lock-up to finish and then press it again it takes the picture and you can use this on multiple scenarios landscape and you can use it on astral photography is quite often it's used on to stop the camera shake in this case we're using it because my floor boards are very bouncy all right so now we've got something that we are you know being around where we like but the background is boring so that's where these will come in okay so what I'm going to do here now is I'm going to go in back into my live view and I can hold up some backgrounds see what I like let's take a look at a different one look at this one that one's okay look at that blue the blue is like okay so now I've introduced a background got to adjust my shutter speed to compensate for it's a little bit darker so now one eighth of a second I'm just going to hold it there I don't need to use a stand it doesn't matter if I move and in fact sometimes I do move the background because you want the background we blew it anyway I'm just holding that there I'm going to click once again to lock up the mirror and then right a few seconds for the vibration to finish and then get it again for taking exposure but there we go beautiful wouldn't you agree I'm going to take a few more pictures now with different backgrounds which I don't think you need to see that so I will show you the pictures of the different backgrounds you can see my reflector and video lights in the drops if you try this at home you won't need to deal with that issue but these can be removed in Photoshop and when you're doing this you don't have to hold it like that you can hold them in any position and the ones I created as I'm showing you on the picture they have difficult in different sections you've got some light spots dark spots basically a grunge texture with color over the top though we've got some great images there but you don't have to stop there what we can do now is I can take another seed and I can pop this back there look I think I am using my live view to see in real time how this is affecting the image I could say there that it's it's overlapping a little bit I don't want it there I'm going to bring it down a little bit there we go so now we have some out of focus clocks in the background again I've got two but a refocus because every little knot you do will send your block out of focus okay so now again backgrounds I'm going to put my shutter speed to 1/6 of a second okay and let's take another picture game mirror lock-up and again you don't need these backgrounds you want to try this I'll just grab myself some of my can and paper and I can just put this in the background and again I can go in for live view but I can just move it around to see what I like okay so you can see you there you can use anything as a background let me lock up again and exposure well there we go they can see there you can have a lot of fun we're just a simple dandelion clock and a water clock they can use this method for refraction photography that's where you have an object's in the background and the object goes into focus with the water drop now something I'm going to do on a separate video so don't overwhelm you with this single video with so many technique so that's how you can do a simple creative water drop photography with dandelion clock I absolutely love dandelion clocks they are great subjects because they're easy to get hold off and they're great practicing on if you give this a go at home I'd love to see the results join the macro world Facebook group link in the description below post your work and look to sees so I'd like to thank you for watching this video and again like comment and subscribe if you haven't done already and as always I'll see you on the next video now the seed itself we are not going to be photographing just the stem and the actual of the umbrella problem believe that I've got me Cameron now what's particular lens cap off and again because I'm in a studio environment I'm not using the UV that again I am then going to dip into live view if I had a card in the camera but we've been to live view yeah I've been doing this unless the year and a half and I still forget to put in recording before pressing record on the camera

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  1. I have been enjoying your macro videos. You do great work. On this video I have a technical question. If you use live-view the mirror has to be raised, otherwise you could not use live-view. Therefore, I believe, there is no need to raise the mirror. In fact, I have read that using Mirror Lock Up may create some vibration when the shutter opens. In live-view the shutter is open and the exposure is initiated electronically, so there is no movement at all. So I think you may have made a mistake in your live-view vs mirror lock up comment.

  2. Great videos…. Can you tell us what you use to stick the seed into? Is it some sort of clay or?? Keep up the great work

  3. fantastic Stewart, and to think you live just round the corner from me, macro is something i have thought of doing for a long time, and you have made it more appealing with your instructions, thank you for inspiring me.

  4. Hi I found your video very interesting. Love the idea of bakcground card. How do you make them? or were can we have them print! thanks you

  5. Do you have a video or instructions available on how to make those background cards…….think they would be a great tool to have around!? Thanks…………

  6. Hi…great shots. Did you puchease the backgrounds or did you print them yourself ? Any link if purcheased ?

  7. Hello Mr. Wood
    I am an adventurous Macro Photographer… I am interested in purchasing your “Clip” and also the Background Cards…does the purchase of the Clip include the mini tripod?

    Thank you sir

  8. Just discovered your channel, great tips. I like the specimen holder but not available in UK and triples in price to import!

  9. very inspiring!I had Nikkor 40mm but it got too close to the motives and subjects!is the 85-90mm still the best macro lenses overall?

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