Macro Photography, my first attempt using a reverse ring

hello everyone photographer Andre designs here with a new youtube video and today we did some macro photos that I've taken recently alright so let's get right over to my screen alright alright so as you can see on my screen here we have an ant I was actually service in my car and I had the camera and I actually bought a reverse ring for my camera well not for the camera for the lens the Tamron 28 to 75 millimeter lens and I just reversed it actually and yeah I go really close to these insects and get some nice photos of them it's not an easy task let me just go to the first photo that I took I believe this one was the first one as you can see it's not in focus that one just the leg as you can see here right there so it's not easy but it's fun and if you practice you'll definitely get get how to shoot it alright so I'm gonna start editing these images cuz I've created a macro page recently so I am going to be flooding that page now with macro shots so I want you guys to check out that page as well and follow me on that page alright so let's get started to editing so what I've just done was to crop the image as you can see the settings right here so for each of the images you're gonna see the setting right here so if you want to see the only thing you'll not see is the aperture because it was done manually so I was shooting at 5.6 and sometimes seven for the aperture alright so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna click auto and see what author looks like Auto looks good I'm gonna come down here to the da's option D haze just right there and then I'm going to pull up the shadows a little bit shadows and then I'm gonna go to clarity just a little bit of clarity to it and then texture that's a new feature that Lightroom has so yeah so that's basically for that image so I'm gonna go on to the other images now what I'm gonna do also is to just delete the ones that I don't want so I'm just gonna set them to delete so just reject by pressing X on the keyboard reject so I want that one so I'm just gonna leave it I don't want this one it's not in focus this one is not in focus either all right I'm not sure what's happening to those but yeah this one is just a box ID that one is not in focus that one I saw this is a flower that I took as well I think I like this one so I'm gonna edit this one so I'm gonna go to auto then I'm gonna go to D haze then I'm gonna pull my shadows good and I don't think I need to do anything else that one this one is not in focus all right so I'm just going to delete so what I'm doing right now for some people you may have to hold on on shift and then press X and it goes to the other or the next image while some people I'm not even sure why it's later but sometimes I can just press X and it goes on to the other image and sometimes I have to press shift X for it to go in to the other image so let me zoom up on this one and see this is a good image but I don't think I'm gonna use it should I let me just crop it and see what it looks like I'm just gonna crop it in the center here so you can crop your ma your macro photos so you don't have to worry about that I'm going to buy a macro lens it's kind of pricey but I'm gonna buy one as a light macro photography all right for some reason this is a nice image but I don't like it I'm just gonna go onto something else I wish it was in focus a little bit more alright these are some flowers again don't think I want to use any of these that one is not so good this one looks good well this one looks more in focus let me just reject this one zoom this up alright this one looks better so I'm gonna click Auto as you draw and then I'm gonna go to D haze a little bit right there then clarity I'm gonna add like 10 or 12 clarity then we'll go to vibe Bronx just a little bit of vibrance then I'm gonna put it in the dead center like right there just like that good all right so I'm not gonna use this one so just going to move on to something else this one is not let me go to one to one and see what it looks like so no that one is not in focus to move on to something else so you have to take a ton of photos in order to get that shot and that's basically why you've seen so many of the same thing this one could work this one could work I'm just gonna click Auto all right I'm not gonna add any history I'm just gonna DA's is bringing up too much dark I'm gonna there vibrance a little bit all right no vibrance all right so I'm not gonna do this one I don't like this one I'm gonna move on to something else I was trying to catch a fly there but it wasn't working or well for me I might do a behind the scene of how I actually do the macro I'm gonna think about it so this is a fly I was trying to get and too bad this was the best shot out of all of them this one but I'm not gonna use it so I'm gonna hold on on alt not alt control and in backspace to delete the ones I'm not to use good so all of the photos that I was just editing well going through those are only the only four four images I can actually use these four images all right so luckily I was shooting for most of the entire week actually so I have some more here so these are I did these on the 17th so obviously this one is gonna go this one this one so I actually found the the nest of these WASC under my house yeah they have a big nest there alright this one looks ok what about this one no this is a nice one yeah you don't really see a lot of images like this but I'm gonna say I think I like this one I'm gonna say that I'm gonna edit it let me go to develop and I'm gonna add some clarity well no I don't need any clarity I might just add texture to it good and then a little bit of D is be about five K's then I'm gonna move on to the others see if I can find in me other one there I was actually using a flush as well oh this one looks good let me click Auto man check out this detail could you imagine if I was actually using a macro lens and also getting the focus properly how this image would look much better I think I was shooting at 5.6 for this one I don't think I need to do anything else to this one let me just add 5% of clarity or maybe 20 and then I'm gonna add like 10 texture and two all right nothing else for that one it seems is that this one has more oh no it's the same thing I took a million shots as you can see well you can't see it anymore but I took about 200 shots this the when I was actually doing this man look at this me now I'm thinking if I should go with this one our go is this one you know what I just need I'm gonna go with I'm just gonna stick with this one yeah let me see what this one looks like is women in I am gonna buy a macro lens I promise I'm gonna buy one because I love I love these shots I'm gonna click auto on this one as a matter of fact you know what yes I'm gonna save this one I don't I don't think I need to do anything to it I'm just gonna leave it like that this one I was actually focused in here this is a nice image as well but now when I delete it now this one is awesome yes now this is the shot this is the shot I'm gonna click Auto then I'm gonna put some texture like 20 texture then for the clarity I'm gonna put like 10 D Haysom for the 100 DJs for some reason I'm not seeing where it's making any adjustment ok it's actually making adjustment okay good so I'm gonna put 50 for the DJ's and then I for the shadow I'm going to do shadows 65 look at that that is so beautiful so should i crop it let me drop it maybe like that maybe I shouldn't crop it now I'm gonna crop it that's it that's the shot let's look at this one no so this one nah wow this is an interesting one but that's the buck I know I don't need the buck as a side all right this one is another one of the Wow this one looks awesome let me click Auto and then I'm gonna bring up the shadows I'm gonna put 20% of D here oh that's clarity well I couldn't let that stay I'm gonna put 25% of T here's then I'm gonna bring up my exposure a little bit more so about right there should be good then I am going to do contrast like right there so look at that that is beautiful I want to crop it so bad but no not gonna crop it you know what I'm gonna crop it I like this I like this I'm gonna crop it Dorothy what it looks like like this cuz I still want to get this with the integrator mmm that's a nice shot I'm gonna keep that one alright so that's a no-no I'm gonna go with that one neither not one well I love these shots I actually went out on the road to get some other shots I think it was the same day or no I don't think it was this day and I didn't really get a lot of shots so I say you know what I'm gonna stick with getting shots from who but I'm still gonna take my camera with me when I'm going out so I can get some awesome shots even when I'm going on my photo shoot I should think about bringing my ring with me as well so I could get some common shot alright so this is a spider so I'm gonna crop this should I crop it let me just pick gonna play with the white balance a bit temperature let me see I'm gonna find like a gray area no that's not agree wait you know what I like this color more I'm going to bring in a little bit of the temperature to maybe about right there should be good I'm gonna go to D haze and then contrast I'm gonna crop it I'm sorry I just have to crop it cuz I love the detail in the middle right there and yes I love this shadows I need to bring out the shadows some more and then texture alright that's it for that image I'm gonna move on to the others now so let me just see this one so that's a no that's a no and alright so what happened is that I was eating a mango and I threw it outside and what you see now is the worst on the manga and I think I got some flies that day as well like this one look at that let me click on our toe and see what it looks like bring up my this looks I'm so happy right now I mean these look these look awesome like maybe I could rotate this like that I think I got some other images that are way better than this one we might get to them bring up my shadows a little bit and then DJ's if I find any other image that is better than this one look at the detail man look at the detail you see why I love macro photography I need the details so I'm gonna crop it like right here oh I could rotate it as well oh wait how do I rotate the entire thing without you know what I'm gonna bring this in Photoshop so ctrl e and I'm gonna see if I can actually rotate it in Photoshop so I'm just gonna create a new layer and then ctrl T what's happening here and then rotating like that and then I'm gonna stretch it wait what's happening here okay then let me try let me check something here there is an option here for me to let me see something let me do that alright so I'm gonna do that instead so what I did was to take off the option that will they start the image can you imagine if I could actually get the shot without part of the wing gone I could even Photoshop that what now I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna do it I'm just gonna leave it as is this might be a long video but yeah look at the detail man I love this so I'm gonna save it i'ma just merge everything control s and go back over to photoshop I think there should be enough way for me to rotate it but I don't know to do it in in life but yeah so those are the two shots so far this one it's awesome as well but I don't need so many of the same image so I'm gonna delete the others wow look at this one but I wasn't focusing on Worst no I don't like this one well it looks good I like the contrast but there must be another image there that looks this one is closed welcome to this one I see I want one that has the head in focus let me see no that one is not really in focus you know if you notice that some of the images are dark I was actually moving the flush around just to see if I can get better lighting alright this one now I wish I have one that all right know the reason why I'm gonna buy a macro lens as well it's just to so when I'm doing the shots everything can be in focus because I think I was at seven point one for this one but I think if I go up a little bit higher I should have everything else in focus but I want to get a macro lens instead of shooting with the reverse ring so this one looks good I'm gonna crop it in a little bit more right here then I'm going to add some shadows to it alright that looks good then I'm gonna add 50 D haze oh that's too much I'm gonna do 35 then I'm gonna add some more shadows to it I think I need some more light so highlight right there contrast just a little bit then I'm gonna add some more exposure to it maybe about right there I'm gonna add some blocks alright that looks good it's gonna move on to something else so that one is also focus wait this one looks good wow wow look at that so I'm gonna press out of that one bring out my shadows I'm gonna crop it to right there bring some white in it clarity a little bit texture nice I'm gonna add texture to this one as well because I didn't have any textures to it texture looks good good all right so these no I was shooting if you notice right here it says to wait I don't remember if I had the flash oh yeah I was doing after my flash so this one says 250 for the shutter you have to keep it under 200 so you won't get the block thing right there unless there are some settings in my camera I need to adjust so it goes over 250 boy this looks good I'm not even gonna keep this one I love this one let me go back up here you know I'm gonna delete the other ones now so I can go back to the other ones the other one that I that I kept see alright good so let me see which one looks better this one the the body is not really in focus but this one the body is in focus and also the head so you know what that means I am going to have to edit this one let me go to auto then I am going to bring up my shadows like I have to crop it because we have right there right there that's a perfect Steve nothing is wrong if you have Vinnie acting at the top there I'm sure I'm gonna keep that one though I'm gonna keep that one alright my video is getting super long I really don't want to have a long video so I think I'm going to skip over these other ones these are just some flowers yeah these are some flowers I took as well I'm gonna go on to let me see there was another insect here I was trying to get and it wasn't that easy at all he was all about the place I don't even know what insect this is but it wasn't easy at all to get him but I think I got a few shots of him are off it yeah I think I think I didn't get any shots good shots of it actually this is just a leaf but I was trying so hard to get photos of him he's very small you know so and each time I tried to go close to him he moves so I didn't get any shots of him really good just – but these are just flowers I this is a fly yeah all right these are some other audio zombie and it's only as well Oh see I found another arm yes I think this is a this is a spider I had a really hard time getting shots of him let me go back to it I think that's the only those are the only shots I got of it because it wasn't that easy at all but let me oh whoa I just saw something what's happening to my Lightroom it's moving too for us all right I think I got headed to detail shot here oh no that wasn't a good one man it's not easy sometimes I think that is in focus when it's not actually in focus I think this is the best shot out of all the shots god this is the best one so I'm going to edit this one then I'm gonna drop it cuz he's super small though which is why I need a a one-to-one macro lens cuz I think I'd get better shots well I'm gonna get like a 2x so I can get smaller objects like these smaller insects like these alright so I'm going to take away some of the vibrance a little bit and then bring in the shadows some more add some texture alright that's it for him not gonna do anything else for these other images I am going to delete them yeah so guys if you want to see more of these macro shots I have a lot more but my video is getting too long right now I don't want a long video I have a lot more shots that I can share with you guys so just check out my Instagram page this was actually on the 22nd yeah that was today so just check out my macro page I'm gonna put the link in the description and also on the screen and you can see all these other marker images so yeah you'll be seeing macro images from me so thank you guys for watching and stay tuned for more videos bye bye

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