well hello again wish they'd done it chief are in the National where is it Rob National Trust Park Hyun Suk so today after my bit of a dreadful attempt with my ear my wide-angle Zeiss distagon 21 mil last time with my with my seascape photography l thought I ought to have another go so as they say practice makes better so Kim's trying all green and lush it started shimmer rusty rusty lighten that there's some kind of nice light shining through the trees bit dappled we've got these ferns there's a big foreground show it's gonna make quite an impression as well so let's have a go let's see how this turns out and that's how I develop my wide angle throughout this woodland walk not gonna do any seascape today I think it's gonna be woodland so try and make some order and chaos so to speak get on with it f9 I'm on 50 frames per second and ISO 400 so I'll get the shutter speed there because there's a little bit of wind not too much and as I said I've got my zeiss distagon 20 1 millon and it's manual and I'm gonna cry a focus stack cuz I've got these lovely ferns in the foreground which one I get the detail and I want to get all the oak trees and I've got a nice decoration here as well so I'll put that up on my lens here now so you can see what I'm getting up let's turn that onto video and there you have it this is what I'm trying to get as the calm composition so I know it's as I said before you know it looks good on the camera looks good on the live view let's see what it looks like when I get it back on the computer for post-processing two second timer as normal to stop any camera shake so focus on the cream egg and show some of this green lusciousness beautiful lovely so we've just found these weenie little tiny butterflies in this Nature Reserve and I just on the off-chance my husband's just pointed them out and they're so beautiful I've just got a caption so I've changed my lens to the mat macro it's an opportunity not to be missed so it's got to be done us in it so I'm gonna try if I can put it on video on this on the macro lens as well but let's see what we can find go creep up though on them very very slowly very carefully I'm gonna see whether I can get this one I'm there the live stream it's a can there we go there it is look at those colors big absolutely magnificent now I'm gonna have to get back onto the camera now because I don't want to miss it so here we go let's have a go I know I'm getting over it sighs if I do that easy oh so please I know I could have done seascape but look at what we're missing look at this and I've tried to do a handheld focus stack again so we'll see how that processes sometimes that's a bit of hitting this but we'll see we'll see these flown off this one this one's the female I think the one that's the pretty blue one is the male they're so tiny we can see by the ups just blown up it's me trying poke it that was not going to do any favors hops Kym's rapid okay round up its coffee from my father freely so we've got a typical English summer here bit of feather in the firs re not feather bit of Heather even in the foreground or the pink lovely luscious flowers coming out we've got the ferns they're acting as another layer and you've got the trees standing out lovely against the sky so yes typical summer's day I thought I'd catch and I've got my circular polarizer on just get those wispy clouds defined a little bit more against the blue sky so that's been turned out to make the most of that plea this will turn out lovely on on 125 frames per second I'm not going to focus stack because I've got a good depth of field with f-16 and I'm on an ISO 250 little bit wind a little bit shaky so I'm going to use the two second timer again and I'll probably take a couple of images just in case once bit shaky they're not going to have the best of maybe three which one ever ones the sharpest so always take a few images just in case one doesn't turn out you can't see the actual quality in the picture until you go up there large on your screen so why not take a few and there's less risk of getting a low quality – setting Tyler touchscreen job done do it again just to ensure just to guarantee hopefully she's a bit kind of shaky on this round and I'm hoping it's just push that in a bit just see whether and I've got obviously my eyes eyes wide angle 21 mil distagon so let's see how that goes okay so let's see whether we can see some more beautiful butterflies with my macro so you getting the best of both words worlds today a bit of macro bit of landscape a bit of wild Apple quite your money's worth today you you you you you you


  1. Looks like a fabulous place with a lot of choices for photos. While you have that tripod, you can see if you can hang something weighty from it, which should make it more stable. (Daysack or similar)

  2. Keep making the videos Kim, I like your style. However I would echo the other comments: take the strap off and spend some money on a good Gitzo CF tripod with no centre column so that you extract all the sharpness your lens has to offer. A 200mm Macro lens gives much more room to manouver as well. Constructive I hope?

  3. Begun following your journey enjoying your videos, agree with Colin Jones lower the centre column and get rid of the camera strap look on amazon for peak design they have detachable clips to allow quick release of the strap.

  4. Enjoyed the video, I keep intending to do more macro photography but never seem to get around to it. When you're on the shaky ground fully extend the tripod legs rather than raising the centre column also, your camera strap flapping about in the wind isn't helping.

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