Mac Vs PC In Graphic Design

hey everybody this is graphic designer roberto blake and today i'm going to talk about what is one of the most controversial subjects in graphic design the Mac versus PC argument now this is an argument that is a little weird for me to be doing a video on because if you've been following my videos you know that I use Mac and PC I don't really have a preference for one over the other I enjoy them both which makes me the odd man out in many cases as a designer because people have got this polarizing idea that you're either a Mac or PC when the reality is you're either a designer or you're not the tools that you use are almost completely irrelevant for how they apply to your specific career pathway your daily workflow your you know means frankly you use the tools that you have and that you need and that you prefer and that's the end of it those things have no connotation on your professional level as a designer that's the truth however the truth has very little bearing on the reality and the reality as you know as someone working or aspiring to work in a visually creative field is that perception is reality and as designers we're all about perception and we're all about manipulating perception to our advantage in this industry perception is reality and there is a perception associated with the tools you use you know from watching these videos that I advocate Adobe programs and a group and I do that because for what I do they're the best tool that I have available to use in the industry and they are industry standard and they're respected there is a perception that if you use Adobe tools that you are more professional and more talented than someone who uses another tool like QuarkXPress or CorelDraw however that is not strictly true you can use that or you can use pen and paper and be a superior designer than someone who claims to be an Adobe suite master Photoshop master whatever you saw that I did a video on the fact that Photoshop is not graphic design and I addressed some of the unauthentic and unrealistic connotations in the industry that associate graphic design specifically with Photoshop Photoshop San amazing graphic design tool and something that I think every graphic designer at some point should learn to utilize just for their own benefit but it's by no means an end-all be-all the same is true in the Mac versus PC argument there is a connotation and a stigma within the industry that if you're a designer you use or favor or prefer Mac's if you're a professional designer you use or favor and prefer Mac's if you're a successful designer you use in favor and prefer Mac's I'm going to give you a brief history listen on how all of that happened once upon a time before Steve Jobs left Apple the first time Apple was at the forefront of producing tools and applications and hardware for people who were different hence the phrase think different this was a tradition that still continued on some level even after he'd left the company this is why we have products such as Final Cut Pro GarageBand logic aperture etc these are applications that were developed specifically around the idea that creative individuals people who worked within the creative services industry people who worked within media industries people who wanted to make music make videos make images were more creative they thought differently they had different needs they valued aesthetics and thus they were Mac people and at that point in time this was true however that was mostly true of a decade ago enter the early 2000s in the early 2000s with the invention of multi-core processors and hyper-threading pcs were performance wise competitive with Mac's and with regard to Apple's policies with customization of some of their products etc pcs were more accessible and cheaper with regard to individual component upgrades which is ironic because when Apple started in the garage the whole idea was to be able to choose and build a computer as you see fit that's how Steven Wozniak and Steve Jobs really got started and that was the running philosophy of Apple during the era that was built on the hacker ethos that's very different than the Apple we know today where you get an Apple product and you're not really encouraged to upgrade it yourself you're encouraged to utilize the Apple store and Apple Genius in some cases you can't even remove some of the parts this isn't a batch on Apple because again you guys have seen my videos you know I use an iMac you know that I'm going to buy the new iPad air I used Mac's throughout all of college I use them when I used to work at the ad agency I you know have used Macs for a very very long time and I also know the history of Apple and the history of Mac's and why things in our industry are the way they are so just kind of bear with me as I walk through this the idea that Mac's were better suited for designers has some legitimacy in what they were back in the 32-bit era and prior to the early 2000s on etc etc and that was true however in the early 2000s and later 2000s in the era of 64-bit applications processors that handle them the move from Apple processors to Intel based processors inside of Mac's and Mac utilizing the same components and hardware vendors as pcs the differences between the two in terms of their internal parts and guts disappeared almost completely this happened around roughly 2004 I want to say so for the last decade or so in terms of the internal guts of the machine in terms of processing power etc there's been no real discernible difference between Macs and PCs in terms of their ability to produce a result that is a fact further evidence of this fact can be found on Adobe's website by you doing a Google search for Adobe hardware performance white paper in this extensive document Adobe highlights and points out that it developed its applications as any good programming team to actually be the same regardless of what platform you're using it all comes down to your hardware specs at that point and as I've already pointed out a lot of the Apple hardware is provided by the same vendors as PC hardware the individual components you know are the same and if you build your own computer from scratch then you can pick components they'll be superior to anything you buy on the shelf whether it's an apple or a PC so it really doesn't even matter at that point if you're building your own hardware up you can build at a lower cost something better than anything you can buy at a higher premium that is also just a fact the exception to this is probably the new Mac Pro and I'll do a completely separate video on my thoughts on that because it's an engineering marvel when you really think about it but again not really relevant to a graphic design conversation because in truth it's really more of a video editing machine for 4k video than anything else again I'll just do another video on this max vs. pcs so Apple knowing for a fact that it has an educated consumer base had to differentiate itself somehow and it did this by touting its clean user experience and also highlighting the type of individual that is more likely to utilize a Mac versus a PC based on the tasks associated with them and you guys will remember this as the Mac versus PC ads of the early 2000s now this is interesting because in reality people who work within the creative services industry as designers video producers audio editors a lot of them do utilize pcs and they do them just fine and there are a lot of cross applications that people use on both Mac and PC such as the Adobe products and avid and reason so again it really doesn't matter what a hardware platform you're using as long as the hardware specs are capable it's just a matter of preference and with that in mind Apple focus on user experience instead of just an aesthetically beautiful machine which again hardware nerds made care about how their stuff looks and if it runs that's great but they will care about user experience they'll care about clean interfaces things being easier to navigate etc when those are in various incarnations has been plagued with user experience issues depending on on what your personality is so you know it's one of those you could take it or leave it however I will point out that if you know what you're doing you can take a Windows theme that is set up to have a Mac OS experience and interface plug that in and voila your user experience is now exactly the same as it is on an apple without the cost associated with it so again if you know what you're doing you can recreate a user experience based on a UI and that kind of scheme very easily or you can have somebody do it for you for five or ten bucks happily and you're done if all you care about is the difference in the user experience of the Mac OS interface that is a quick and simple fix if you care about the aesthetic beauty of the physical Hardware well that means that the value that you're placing on it isn't specific to on you being a designer per se it's just that as a person you value the aesthetics of your hardware and you have that consideration and that's fine that's a valid choice it just doesn't dictate whether or not you're a professional it just says something about your individual personality that's it if there's no real difference anymore between the hardware performance the specs and the end results that you can produce with a Mac versus PC and some of the only differences or preferences in software or software that's only available on a Mac and if we're willing to agree that the primary software graphic designers use arm such as CorelDraw and the Adobe products is cross-platform why is there the stigma of professional designers or designers in general should be using Mac's art directors creative directors and advertising executives who have been in the business for the last 20 or 30 years are primarily the reason that this thigma exists and that's not an accusation so much as an explanation the reason is that these folks have been doing this for a long time they've been doing this professionally for a long time they've been under the gun to produce results in one of the most grueling stressful industries that there is so they have to make sure that when they make decisions on purchases that they're going with something that they can trust this is a concept in advertising referred to as credibility and brand recognition people started out in the advertising industry any more than ten years ago probably have their best and first experience with graphic design hardware on a Mac whether it was a desktop Mac or a MacBook that was probably their first experience and it was great and they've been relying on it ever since when you're in a position like that you have to rely on things that you know are tested tried and true and have always delivered for you so regardless of any evidence presented to you you're usually going to stick with something that you know from personal experience has worked and you're going to recommend that to your protegees and even if you don't your protegees are going to see that you've always done something and you've had success in emulating and modeling you they're going to replicate that success for themselves by adopting your habits behaviors and mannerisms they're going to become your apprentices and disciples whether you intend for them to or not and that means that if you're a great photographer and you've been shooting on Nikon your assistant is probably going to want shoot on Nikon to their car I'll probably want to do that for several reasons they'll know that they can go to you for advice when they want make a new purchase they'll know that they run into a problem that you're in a position to talk to them about it because you've been using this before etc so it's a valid consideration industry pros like Terry white and Scott Kelby primarily use Apple products as well and so when people are learning to become graphic designers and they're reading books by these people they tend to realize and look them up and realize hey these people are using apples and they're using Macs and you know what I keep hearing that professional designers use Mac's maybe I need to be using one too maybe the next time I get some money I go ahead and I ditch PC well again this is the reasoning behind that it has nothing to do with the actual legitimacy of a Mac being better or a Mac being on the next step up in a professional graphic design workflow it has to do with the fact that they're just higher profile individuals within the industry whether it be ad executives whether it be supervisors art department heads creative directors on you know product evangelists etc that just happen to use that product and prefer it because of their own personal experience and their own personal reasons or other things they do they're not even industry specific that just allow them to get more from the Mac ecosystem in the Mac environment it could literally come down to the fact that some people who are graphic design professionals use Mac's for no other reason than the fact that they were iPod users and they've already tied all their applications and all their music and all of their videos to that ecosystem so it just makes sense for them to invest into it it's no different than me with Nikon I've invested in Nikon glass over the years so even though I like a lot of things in Canon cameras and there are things they do better I continue to buy nikon products because I've already invested in the Nikon ecosystem so it only makes sense so again this has been a very long-winded conversation but it's a very involved topic and there is legitimately no real advantage to using Mac / PC outrightly it comes down to your workflow there are things that will be better for you depending on what your circumstances your need your investment in other hardware or software might have been your own experience in terms of what applications you learned and that will be what determines whether or not it's more appropriate for you to use a Mac based computer or PC windows-based computer there are legitimate reasons to do either or both and they don't say anything about you as a professional they just say things about how you work and what materials you use and equipment you have and what you've invested in and what your personal preferences are whether they be on the technical side or they're on the extent aesthetic side whether you like something that's packaged and ready to go or whether you like the freedom to customize build and upgrade these are personal choices they're not a reflective of one's capabilities outside of specific criteria that being said I continue to operate in both worlds there are things that I prefer to do on a PC windows-based machine and there are things that I prefer to do on a Macintosh based machine and I think that that's okay but I'd like to know what you think if you have anything that you want to contribute to the conversation feel free to do that in the comments below or make your own video in response this even though they don't do auto response videos anymore or what have you but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys understand some of the advantages and differences between Macs and PCs and that's really just all about you and what you think is best for your situation I like this video if you liked it don't forget to subscribe watch my other videos and I guess I'll catch you guys next time thanks for watching

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  1. Apple has final cut pro, not because they thought different, but because they legit stole Adobe's Premiere source code… They wanted to control it all, adobe said no (and was the only thing keeping them afloat), so they stole the source code and made a competitor program… Why does no one seem to remember this?

  2. I agree to the past decade history of creative applications and hardware limitations. However, software gives opportunity. Mac caught up with pc hardware now windows caught up with UI design. Who's better? Depends on what you do. If your in the real creative industry like film and games, a Mac isn't worth it.
    If your in design you can benefit from a powered pc with great graphics cards but they rather have everything look sleek. I prefer power and function, especially we can script our own UI and additional features.

  3. Went to a UX workshop and was the only PC user in the room. I felt really left out. I felt that because I had a PC I was not up to their class, and I did not get the memo. I find Mac expensive and gives people a sense of elitism. I use to be diehard mac person and laugh at how hard PCs were to use. Once I got into film/video and 3D that all changed and I saw the power of silicon graphics computers and other PC used at my university at the time. I have been using PCs for so much cheaper. I wish Linux took over because it is so much safer and less ram heavy and modifiable. The gamer computers today are less expensive than macs and can do an amazing job with graphic design work.

    At the end it is the artist that matters not the computer. But I prefer PC.

  4. I dislike non-convergence. Apple products seem to promote exclusivity and non-convergence – both in terms of software and hardware.

    My girlfriend's Macbook Pro only has one lightning port, iirc, which she can use to connect her Macbook Pro to other devices. This means she has to disconnect the charger to use a thumb drive (via a USB converter cable), or something like that.

    To me, it seems as if Apple is indirectly marketing to sell the (rather pricey) lightning-to-USB multiple-port hub by having an insufficient amount in the first place.

    Things like this bother me, so, personally, I am not a user of Apple products.

  5. That was very informative and clear. You do videos exactly about things I seek knowledge (designing+computers) but haven't found anywhere else. So thank you and keep up the good work! 🙏😊

  6. Halt on Corel Draw. It crashes too much xD Inkscape does the same and crashes less, other thatn that corel ain't bad.

  7. I think some older folks in the industry are just stuck on Apple. Back when Apple used their own processors it really was better for that stuff and you often hear Mac is better for graphics and video editing and that is just a persistent theory from years past when the G series processors for Apple were better, now that they are on Intel..Intel is Intel and a PC is a PC, making it run Mac OS doesnt make it superior nor does the Apple logo, its still just a PC so spec for spec it is apples to apples literally…and Apples are kind of a rip off when you compare specs these days.

  8. now am work imac Retina5k it is lot problem for motion graphic and 3d but edit ,color correction good ( fcp , Davinci resolve )

  9. hi am Graphic Designer past 10 year Editing ,color correction MAC is better , Motion graphic, vfx digital design work PC is better BCAZ Maya, 3d max corel drew working good performance PC

  10. Great video, loved it. Very impartial, I appreciate that. Granted, my PC makes the mac pro look like a wastebasket, for only 1200-ish dollars.

  11. I tried switching to a PC. I purchased the i7 surface pro 4. Windows crashed the first night. Battery life was 3 hours. I'll never attempt switching to a PC again.

  12. i think it all comes down to reliability. I grew up a PC guy and used to talk crap about macs until I eventually got tired of building and buying High end PCs just for them to last 1-3 years performing well. Macs are built WAY better and there just a lot more reliable and smooth. it just saves me a lot of headaches. i still have a super high end pc but if youre a designer, and needing a laptop Mac is gonna be the best option for reliability.

  13. Great explanation, thank you. I'm in the process of learning the Adobe creative environment to enhance my profile as a freelance writer. I currently use a Macbook Air with modest specs but leaning toward upgrading my PC desktop with another PC desktop. It appears from your presentation a macbook/PC combo shouldn't be an issue.

  14. I´m a fashion designer student.And i use programs like photoshop and InDesign, is it better Mac or a PC?

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