Logo and Packaging Design with Ashley Hohnstein – 2 of 2

hello everyone welcome back good to have you here Paul tranny with the one and only Ashley Holmes died here we are Dave dose mm-hmm and yeah we're gonna dive into some fun graphic design branding and we have a full day planned as well it's been really fun working with you I think you're like you're obviously a really talented design thank you so this is really fun fun working with you guys yeah you're awesome and I'm glad we have you big thanks to valve for daily creative challenge which has been great day eight and then we have graphic design with you for two hours another XD challenge and then we have 12 to two little UX collaboration so little UX UI little graphic design with us and you because we could always use your help I think it's been helpful don't you think just kind of italy getting everybody's input on yeah I think I actually changed my mind on a lot of things I thought I was gonna do based on audience participation mm-hmm so that was kind of fun yesterday yeah today yeah and I don't know if you could just like do a quick and obviously there's replays for the want a replay tab but I don't know if you kind of want to give an overview and earlier yesterday I had different things yeah so yesterday what we were doing was working on gin packaging so we spent some time right away in the beginning of this dream talking about mood boards and how we put those together and then we jumped in to local designs so kind of sketching on the iPad and showing how I do overlays in Illustrator to kind of get that stuff yeah awesome yeah I think it's a good way versus just trying to like and you're you're playing with two different names right yeah so thing with jamberry which was my favorite and then hijinx and then we did a little bit of a poll and hijinx one and it actually worked a lot better as I started working on logos too and I think leaning into like like the gin sound that's inside of because virginia packaging kind of made a lot of sense so yeah although i really do want to point out just real fast because you did spend some time on that Jamboree that one is very nice and i like that i like the words big enough to where it wraps around a lot better than hijinks yeah but I just you know just I'm into it so yeah so well done yeah I did spend some time on this once basically where we left off was we started playing with color on this logo that was kind of about like a 50% point so yesterday I enjoyed San Francisco and then headed back to my hotel to work on seeing if this could work uh-huh so that Jamboree layout I kind of tried working out with hidings but I just didn't like it as much as where we landed yesterday I like that font though like I think you yeah so we're using the same font so what I ended up doing was let's see so there's kind of where we were yesterday I felt like I was just kind of falling flat for me it just didn't really have enough personality going on just what kind of man so what I did was I took that font that I really liked from the Jamboree and I applied it here I think it's got some nice like a vintage notes while still feeling modern yeah I also went through and I updated the mark so what I did here was I looked at the reference image some more and really tried to focus on getting some really fine points on the tips of the juniper branches and I used the roughing tool to kind of make my circles a little bit less perfect you could of course draw them with like the blob tool or something but I felt like this was a good way to Stu I don't know they seemed an exact effect with just how did you try that again you just do this how did you make it irregular um the roughing tool so I can show you guys that actually so if you just draw like a perfect circle and you're like I want this to feel just a little bit more hand-drawn or a little bit more imperfect you can go into distort transform and go to roughen so obviously too far yeah but if you really lower these are super low I've changed the detail and then make it smooth yeah smooth does okay you can just get a little bit like a wobbly circle very cool so no it just feels a little bit less perfect and kind of just yeah cuz I was really trying to go for this I kind of stamp feel with this it would be it would be too perfect as they're perfect circles exactly which is kind of where we were yesterday and I just felt like it was just it's nice but I think I could have a little bit more personality yeah so these little details that matter a lot Shawna Shawna Lynne good to have you here what typeface that is for her yes so this top typeface is called conglomerate and I paired it with a different sands that's kind of straightforward but if you look at it it's got some really nice like kind of caves and a little bit on the side to kind of have a similar feel to the top typeface without matching it perfectly and this bottom one is called forma DGR or djr my girl so I think together they feel just a little bit more a little bit older you know what's something I just okay so this is yes you changed the words there to write small batches I did so this is something so when I started doing sketching for this like of course it was a hypothetical project so I didn't do a ton of deep dive on to like what information goes on a Gen package and I figured that was something I could figure out for today so when I started doing a research on this I just literally do what I was googling last night looking at reference points to see what copy needs to go on to your actual package is really important so I realized that putting gin in the logo didn't make sense that's a fun bottle though wow that's really sad Wow yeah so pulling before I had like Jen in the logo so I changed the secondary information on the logo to be about the process that the distillery would potentially use versus having Jen be in the logo so that it opens up the logo tomorrow possibilities for different spirits down the road okay I'm turning generate product name okay but you will need to add Jen in there somewhere yeah yeah on so for sure so they'll be on the bottle copy but not on the logo copy okay cool so here's where I kind of landed with the logo so we can put it side-by-side with where we were yesterday and I put in one of my favorite color ways that we were working on together yesterday and you can just see that the one on the left is nice butts just really straightforward and the one on the right just has a little bit more vintage feel a little bit more ownable kind of what we're going for based on our mood board so yeah it's looking so good and it's fun seeing these little tips like just varying the color of the letters I know Marnie that's just like some good that's just some good design right there you know what's fun I don't know if I would have thought of that but it's nice having that like in your back pocket thinking about hey I can I'm gonna add a little bit of color make it look a little bit more interesting yeah just by varying the coverage that's how you get like nuanced design choices that kind of start making it feel more special and fun um so then what I started doing last night was just playing with more color which was really fun because I really I'm leaning towards something like this bottom left one mm-hmm that's just really playing up those crazy colors cuz again like this is about like making spirit packaging fun and playful and not trying to make it super old-school and fancy so yep does it so what Tim says is the text leaning to the left what would text the text him yeah Kirwan's this kind of looks like it I don't know I'm trying to think it looks okay to me but yeah it's one of those things were like even if it it might be perfectly balanced but visually not that one yeah actually I think it's totally fine by the way yeah but sometimes you have to cheat things and they might not be centered but you visually said that's what you do the H look slightly lower than the ass oh yeah it might be that's probably because I know is typing it on a path and I adjusted the kerning within it but not I'm crying okay I get what they're saying now who it is good eye good eye yeah so we could adjust that a little bit actually is Tim Sherman yes okay it's the German end of my thing like he's like it's really he's like exact with like very particular I appreciate that though yeah total it was definitely like a little detail of things I was looking at what we all we make a good team you know we have chat we have Heidi Tim their calves eshwara welcome everybody that's more even so sometimes those things will drive you crazy too if it's a little off yeah I got I can't just say it yeah so we'll make sure whatever when we end up picking up we'll use that perfect one awesome so what I started doing was just playing out colors yeah they're diggin the colors really likes that color to yesterday so I started playing with ways of editing color within Photoshop where I just started or with illustrator where I just started with this first one I just started playing with that color wheel so I really like to have this one kind of blended it so yeah that is really cool well thank you for checking out the Ashley's work our work we also have portfolio reviews today just kind of want to remind everybody of it but basically you can see the portfolio review tab submit it through that form there and we will again you can see it right here check portfolio review add it right here and we will review those in about like 80 minutes just so you know so that's gonna be really fun and thank you for helping us with that and reviewing portfolios so you learn a lot I do I learn more from mistakes and things and just like even perfect portfolio so it just cuz if you you we review all types it's called a situation so um so yes let's talk about what we're gonna work on today um if you could switch over to my iPad alright yeah we can switch over to your iPad just gonna say I really like though so you kind of played a lot with those colors okay so we're back on my iPad so back an Adobe sketch so what I was doing yesterday was kind of showing you guys how I do cleaned up sketches and sketch over them so a similar thing you can do with packaging sketches or something where you're trying to figure out how collateral could work cuz I just kind of drew a stock bottle shape that I liked so it's just this kind of big rounded bottle with the colored cork in the top and then what I did was I added a second layer where I started drawing layouts over it to kind of think about how I would want the packaging to come to life and match with the logo so while the logo feels really classic I think that I wanted the packaging to feel a little bit more contemporary and playful so I kind of came up with a couple different ideas I think we can work through today so I'll change the color here so I can gesture while I'm talking so this first one would be taking a type layout it's a bit more straightforward and then adding in like big blobby illustrations that maybe mimic the large botanical illustration kind of thing to talk about the flavors in the bottle the second one is kind of riffing off the classic thing by adding in more illustrative touches to the typography and then maybe adding a fun like sticker seal at the top which I think could be really neat yeah like could you put in that juniper berry branch kind of falling down the tab um the third one is definitely close to the first one and that's using Bluffs but maybe it's more organic shapes and then adding in these like little confetti dots and like different patterns to kind of get at like the playfulness cool and then the last one I wanted to try was like a tab hole shape so if we put the logo inside of a tab to kind of give it a holding shape then you can do different contrasting colors on the background and maybe the type hierarchy here is a little bit different or maybe we try using a script for the word dry and then Jen can be a little bit bigger hmm so this is interesting because it sounds like you're gonna there's a lot of playing around that's gonna happen on this bottle oh yeah they're all different stuff so instead of focusing on like of course if the distillery was launching like three different flavors you probably would focus on variations on one idea mm-hm but I thought it would be more fun to play around with different ways you can make the same mark work on different packaging because I think like if I was working with a client I would likely do a first round that's focused on logos and the second round that's focused on packaging and do two to three versions each of those so yeah cool so like I guess we'll just we'll assume that the löwe got approved right yep there's no changes no changes yeah let's get started so I'm gonna upload this into my library PDF just so I can drop it in to my illustrator like I did yesterday with my logos very cool just a reminder we'll do chat and win in about 15 minutes we're just gonna give one lucky person some free stuff the other thing I think they're gonna play off around us today what you were helping me with was the idea of like Adobe dimension so this is a really awesome 3d rendering offers so what I did last night was I just downloaded a plain rendered bottle just to start playing with how that could mock up but then Paul's gonna be working on how to actually apply graphics so it looks even more realistic yeah that's the plan and then and then do some really cool things in the 3d yes I'm excited about yes so um so what I did is I just pulled in one of my logos from last night just to show how I you can change out things on the top so I just put I like the top cap here is black but what I did is I drew a vector object does that covered it perfectly and because it's black if you use the color transparency effect it picks up all that black and tints it to the color I'm using so you can really change out different ways to mock up your stuff without having to photoshop it too much because I'm not super hot with Photoshop um same with this label down here I just kind of drew a vector shape over those label and just multiplied it so I think when I use it when I use illustrator like this to mock up bottles it's mostly for myself to kind of just make sure that I'm visualizing it they were we're presenting something out to a client I probably would make a little bit more cleaned up but this is a good way to work on it versus just guessing over here and hoping that it looks good on the bottle it's nice to have it yeah very cool gonna guess that my file is here now yes so here's my sketch I was able to just transfer it from my iPad to my computer which was really nice and now I have these guys as reference points right in my illustrator file very cool and I am bringing that into also in dimension into dimension so while you're designing I could probably show that I'm doing the rendering right now excuse me pick up the logo that was adjusted thank you to Tim for pointing out that my logo was crooked hahaha actually do appreciate it cuz that's what that's why I love critique so because you point out that stuff it's hard to notice everything if you're working at a vacuum by yourself yeah exactly yeah well the other thing I did last night was I did all that gin packaging research and I kind of wrote some copy I'm not a copywriter but I kind of just pulled like what information I need onto this an illustrator a little bit bigger into a notes file just to think about how that would show up on pack so top hierarchy pieces just the logo the product name is dry gin and then this is like a nice little description I noticed a lot of gin packaging's talked about the floral notes and things like that so I wrote a break gin infused with juniper berries and other botanical notes legally it has to have the alcohol per volume and the milliliters and then if we wanted another copy piece just add a little bit more visual texture I thought we could add in an established date so yeah into it so we'll go back to our other working file and grab the fonts we were working with because so we'll start with similar fonts that were in the logo to put on the packaging just for a sense of consistency but we might introduce a third font or different weights just to kind of make sure that it feels complex and then I'll grab the mood board to you just so we have that as a quick reference file I like to make sure that before I start a file all the references I need are in the file just to kind of ground myself so I don't have to keep digging around so I'm gonna move quicker yeah you just have everything yeah everything in that one document leaked all over the place yes okay so we got a mood board our typefaces are copy mm-hmm good hello an attender from india good to have you here all right I'm gonna pick up which colors but what colors are you guys liking in the chat I'm liking the ones that are more rainbowy like I think I like this one and this one a lot I almost want to see it I want to see I want to see you like as you start to develop these labels mm-hmm what it looks like because like oh I think a lot of these were like rainbow II colors depending on the label cuz you're gonna have those other elements that are very rainbow II in which case it'll be too much rainbow Oh totally you can go over the top with rainbow very quickly I did want to grab some of our neutral ones from yesterday love's easel oh I love that as it will unit unlike all of them let's grab some of these just like a reference point even though it's not the right logo yeah let's just start there I'm gonna take this one too so we've got this big file that's full of a lot of references for what we need so everything's right here versus having to flip it mean a bunch of tabs while we're working seeing a lot of love for blue well we have a teal vote Wow cool awesome let's get started so this was the right lobe Shana likes the far left with the greenish yellow mm-hmm for the for the rainbow well this is the logo that's the right balance that's what I did too so I don't constantly accidentally grab the bottle as I put the render on a separate layer and I locked it just so we can start messing around so let's start with the blue ones I think that's one of those more straightforward palettes but this will be a good one to lock in information on and then if so if that's the finally you should drag that into the car Creative Cloud library yeah identical to the other one okay you have that so I go to New Orleans Samoan likes it says it's awesome so you're gonna work on that you're working on that way if you need a break I can show ya dimension why don't you show that right now so I can start popping in some I'm tight well fantastic so happy to have everyone here today so I am actually in dimension as you can see and like Ashley said it allows you to kind of like you know Photoshop allows you to create compositions and things it doesn't take photographs this will allow you sort of composite scenes together 3d 2d together roughly it's really nice to starting out with the starter assets because you have all of this stuff already in here like ready to go so you can grab your own bottle and drop it in in this case what we have is we shared a library and here's the bottle the same bottle you're using I can drop right in here as it loads up we'll see it there it is fantastic you have these tools off to the side the top ones are for actually manipulating the object and we got like into more specific details and selecting things and then this is the lower sort of like padding around and moving around the environment you get really used to using the shortcut keys after a while so it's gonna be one two three and then n for the horizon tool which you actually don't need that much but again just one two three and there that's what I have I love this I love the fact you – I think you dropped in this one yep the ungrouped one I'll drop that right on that label bring it in there it is hold down the shift key you can make it larger or smaller and as you create graphics by the way mm-hmm like if you do create things whatever I can have multiple layers by the way oh cool so and what's also fun is I think you made me through some of your research we can have a a a Matt versus a gloss effect so we wanted a pattern that had a little bit of like glossy something so you could almost like do like a mock-up of like a spot gloss yes that's really cool yes that's fun super easy what I liked about this is because I just started playing with this last weekend um and what I liked about it is that it was really like easy to use like it's not like as intimidating as if you're like rendering something and I actually found that bottle on Adobe stock oh so they actually have different bottles that you can kind of pull in oh yeah yeah so that was cool it sounds like I really want this specific type of bottle I just search for her like liquor bottle gin bottle spirit bottle until I found one that kind of had that plastic cork top cool okay good yeah exactly right um it's just kind of got this where I'm on it like that so you know that's the short of it what I'm gonna do though I'm gonna do some I think I'm gonna do something pretty cool cuz I want to I want to do a render of this and load this up into like Facebook how it does that 3d yeah with photos you could actually do that with dimension that's really cool so so we'll be able to like look around this bottle looks like I need to change the liquid oh yeah that's the thing it was it's nasty so you can change it what I was doing is I was changing it to white and dropping the opacity to like 10 so then it's like it looks like it's a clear liquid but it's not completely like clear as glass okay so you still get a little bit of like object in the bottle okay cool oh here we go so you can you can actually so this is very similar to like layers this is like super handy cuz like you said I dropped that down I can find that liquid layer and deal with this this is there's the brown that's what I gotta change I can just I ever probably remove it entirely yeah so there you go actually you know what I can mom I should be able to delete there we go I just took it out come he's good to do a blink bouquet yeah it's still gonna be shiny like you're not gonna be able to see the clear liquid yeah but so oh man if you like that some more but I'm gonna switch over you're complete so what I'm doing over here is I'm just starting to pop in all of the copy so nothing's really super thought out just yet but just trying to think like what information needs to go there so that we can start figuring out like where we want that to go and a hierarchy so we've got the product name big and then again that's like secondary like description of like the flavor notes in a contrasting color so I'm probably not gonna like it and then I was trying to think like I haven't spent much time designing on this just yet obviously but this just feels if this was all this copy might be kinda boring so is there a way to kind of put these mm-hmm number type secondary call-outs and little icons yeah I mean I like that yeah what else tomatoes things so far I would like to there could be too little berries when we had totally yeah and establish I think they won't pull that establish type on there just cuz I think it might add a nice little layer of texture sweet pinch your question um yeah so Danny well just so you know yeah in in dimension I can actually know the size of this label and particularly by the way yeah but it does it does show you just FYI just answer the question right over here I select the label so you select the actual object to go to label and then right down here we can see the size in centimeters that's cool so that's roughly what it is I was I wanted to kind of see if I could change the change it from metric to inches when I'm working with type on a packaging wheel I'm usually using it in point type so area type is when you've got like the box so like when you change the box it would flex with it mm-hmm but typically after I figure out where I want my line breaks to be I turn it into point type so then I it's more of an object versus a giant box now I can Center it a lot quicker and it's gonna be making all this relation it was based off of the air exact area of the data versus and that's about use of the type okay hello Steve from Hamilton Ontario awesome level of the bottle design so far thank you we're here to make you happy see so let's work on these bugs for a little bit sweet another kind of a centered not great like the numbers and our primary font that we're using that's the conglomerate typeface but I'm gonna see what it looks like if I change the secondary info to our secondary title I think this gives more prominence to the numbers oh yeah so that's a good tip to Steven have a Slav ski says you can double click on this little you can you can double click oh wow see this is what I love about doing this type of stuff is there's just things and I've been using illustrator for like a decade they never knew that and you just yeah it's gonna change my life hahaha so thank you so much thank you well that's that's a little bit oh it looks like we have some fireworks behind us like seeing that that means it's time for chat Edwin welcome back everyone good to see ya we'd love to see you say something in the in chat some English words that we can read so we know there's a human at the end of that keyboard and we are gonna give one random person 100 free die cut stickers from sticker mule just to say thank you for joining us so dudes up skies what's up I would like to win maybe that's what you want to say oh you said English words which I appreciate the literalness of that yeah one person that did that is Danny well Danny well is our winner that's amazing cuz that's my best friend yeah Wow no your best friend just 100 a stickers from sick reveal that so happens he didn't tune in yesterday and lucky to sing today and he gets the sticker that's awesome very cool design your own Danny good man and by the way you can get 10 for a buck I think through this code so it's gonna be able account for slash Dobby live 19 if you didn't win so make your own again choose use Photoshop use older dimension yeah print up stickers slap them on random people's laptops mm-hmm like yours that's what Danny is gonna do to you is gonna print up a stick so much mom awesome cool um so while we're doing chatting when I kind of figured out these bugs here so I made the numbers more prominent and big I made the kerning a little bit later and then I made that secondary information and the more of the sans typeface that's limitless display like yeah and I centered it and what I did was I just straight-up duplicated it for this one over here so that I didn't have to mess around in the exact same placement yeah so please remember to contact so you said the the the the alcohol volume that's a different that's like Helvetica no this is that what does a forma DG are Mike okay so it's that second Tuesday we're using that kind of has some nice little concave so these are these little details that you have an eye for yeah that just they make a difference yeah because I mean you could do it like let's just put it like Gotham which I love Gotham but just feels more straightforward like it's nice but it just feels expected mm-hmm this feels like just a little bit more special and interesting you know and it plays off of the same things that are happening with this typeface yeah exactly so yeah kinda that's slightly irregular but it's not as display like yours yeah exactly so right now I just have these kind of outlined we could probably try to match the same weight that's happening with this mark bump it up a bit which i think is nice the other thing is we were talking about needy these could be like be so much of the berries so what if they were solid blue they're kind of like I feel like that goes with our like big color blocking we've got going on that's nice too so what what what is that can you tell me they I kind of need to have a color can you give me the RGB color of that of that blue and we've got 67 83 160 and Paul's just snagging that for the rendering that he's working on on his face yeah it might not be exact but I can fix that yeah so that was great you probably have a CMYK graphic don't you drop an RGB one no well the great thing is is like we can I can change it well its artwork 3 so just switching over we're both sharing this this library this is the logo in fact I'll just name it since we're collaborating right on this particular file so right up here this is all I did is I went to collaborate yeah so you can do this with whatever yeah coworkers if you happen to have some or whoever collaborates and we both have editing priveleges and I kind of want to keep this color I'm gonna just drop that color in there just because I might need it for some reason but then I'm gonna remove this like that oh yeah saving it and then right over here we have just like these to kind of separate it out that's my mom but honestly for this background color I'm just gonna use what we have in dimension right here so look at that it updated automatically – I love that like an automatic update think it's like always magic when you come back and it gets fixed yeah yeah it's so it's so nice yeah so anyways that's generally how it works I feel like I need to shrink this down and you'll probably have more edits and we can add as many layers as we want but this will just be my simple yeah I'm hoping once I get done with this layout on my screen I can just drop you this whole thing and then you'll be able to do a whole knock up of you know that on yours so I'm actually really liking where this is sitting hierarchy wise so I think I'm gonna start playing with this kind of background idea that I had so again like we're looking at this idea of big blobby illustrations that kind of mimic the botanicals that are we're talking about in the logo and maybe something that's just more leafy anyways it's a couple ways you could do this you could like go on your iPad and actually draw them like with your pencil and be organic about it and then go and like Auto trace them or trace over them with vector today I'm just gonna use the blob brush which is my favorite two one yeah blob blob brush I feel like it blends a level of it like adjusts it enough so it's not super messy but still isn't perfect yeah so blob brush is just where is it it's right here yeah might be hidden so behind the paintbrush tool now what's the difference between the paintbrush and the blob brush it's the paintbrush you can apply different brushes to the the paintbrush is a stroke blob brush is an actual shape than it may yeah which is yes it actually makes this whole complete shape yeah yeah nice so what I like to it the blob brush is like so say we're drawing our blob and we're like let's delete out the inside well yeah well like right here it's a little bit weird if you draw on it again with the exact same color it all becomes one shape stone yeah I love this it's like you feel like and you don't yeah you have one shape it's so nice okay so let's draw a couple of botanical guys so you can do some big blobby circles which maybe will actually bring this back and use that for the blobby circles and then well maybe make some big blobby like leafy things so I'm gonna pick up a different color bringing this kind of drawing kind of weird blob shapes I'm drawing these on the colors in the logo right now but I think with our current color scheme they'll probably become like more uh either a darker blue or a lighter blue and be more of a tone of the background because I think if you were to throw in these full-on coloreds they're gonna feel really overwhelming so and you are basically drawing some junipers right yes so kind of a blob personal oh I caught it in the low bow so yeah so again I know you made a quick new layer just to put these on I like to keep my layers different for packaging so now we've got our packaging layer our render layer and the blob layer which I'll of course have to sync once we figure out where we want these placed on the pack so let's start with these and kind of see what's feeling good if you don't want to draw a bunch of different circle clubs you can always just rotate them and then you kind of get a different feel versus duplicating the same shape over and over again because then it kind of feels really says to me I'm gonna go and pick up the background of our packaging layer copy it and I'm gonna use that as a clipping mask on this layer cooking mask it's now it's perfect to the bottle so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna make a new layer and I'm going to pull all of my type information off of this back layer so that I truly have a layer that's the bottle label the bottle illustrations and the bottle graphics let's take these you just change the color is color there yes I I drop it and because the Sun multiply mode it set it to multiply which actually works really yeah exactly a happy accident yeah pick this one up too so they say you've got some about some shapes happening on the label that isn't oh it's not distracting from the type cuz you don't want to put an illustration on the back of your lay well that's gonna distract I like make the type hard to read so let's play with the placement if you double click and go into your clipping mask you can work inside of this layout to instead of just having them on a clip and reclip it over and over again so I'm just working here and making almost like an all-over pattern on this label so they're rotating the shape and like using different parts of it I'm able to only draw two shapes and get a whole unique label background and this is a case where you said this sort of a spot Sheen what did you call it it's not gloss spot gloss yeah so I could do that like for me for my purposes once you have that like that pattern not clipped just give me the whole thing drop it in the yeah that's something the Creative Cloud library and then I can do the spot gloss yeah cuz you could even do like thinking of like more technical packaging things spot glass and stuff like that is fun if you wanted to do like a black on black effect so say you wanted a really moody label cuz it looks it kind of looks like that's what you're kind of it's sort of emulating almost right oh yeah it's a bit more Navy but like black on black would be you could do like a matte glass a matte black label and print gloss over it which is cool it'd be expensive but again this is a fake client yes unlimited budget they do the black so I love I just love your use of colors okay cool so I kind of like where this is at um he's definitely more things you could do here to add a little bit more personality to the package they both focus on that for a little bit so let's go to our layer I'll make these so they're easy to follow along type illustration label right there so we're gonna type label a layer for a little bit so maybe is there like a way to add some of our juniper branches to these icons to make them feel a little bit more special mm-hmm which would be kind of fun mm-hmm see they're flanking Martin likes it says ooh this is really nice thank you and people liked the idea the glossiness that's cool so typically when I have these objects flanking stuff what I'll do is I'll group them and then recenter them because I'll typically eyeball where I want them placed but then that way you're able to get a perfect Center it's looking good I'm excited about this I'm excited what I have to show you today that's really cool that's fancy yeah you guys don't get to see yet we get some fancy stuff coming up yeah so let's say let's stop here on this layer so then you can get started on your stuff but what we'll do is I'll make a couple quick color versions I like this blue where it's at but I do want to try maybe a pink one or green one and one of the rainbow ones so what I'll do it usually is I'll take my one packaging idea and then like knock it into a couple different colorways just for fun it's got make sure you'll knock all your layers your artboard oops and since yeah okay in your your logo is gonna be different colors I can give you my exact one that I'm doing here okay people do that and then give me the give me that pattern back there yeah and duplicate this I'm gonna outline everything just in case there's like a weird fun conflict that you have to deal with and you just did a smooth move there too by the way though you duplicated the artboard yeah so click and then you held them option option and you do have to make sure that this button up at the top is pressed because that says copy with the art copy the contents with the artboard yeah that's what's hounding I think we're Disher yeah I also am very fast with shortcuts so I quickly unlocked everything and unlocked all my layers using keyboard shortcuts okay yes I did that so that way I was making to command option to you command option too that's all stuff that you just get faster I know I loved like and it makes it it's fun for us to watch like watch you work yeah I was watching a little bit at the stream back from yesterday was like oh I click around fast no okay so what I'm gonna do so Paul can get assets for the libraries I'm going to send him he's got the color already so I'm going to send him a version of this yeah you can draw on clipping masks and drag that in there and then I guess I know a version of my layout oh yes please outlined and groups so then that way he can drag it around wherever he wants but my layout won't get messed up yeah so I thought you don't trust me I will trust me I won't yack with that thing look I changed it all coolest now he has though so you can start working on the rendering and then let's clear out some different colors I think of these two rainbow ones I like the deeper one a little bit better because it gets a little bit more at that it's fancy spirit but it's not too playful so let's go into our layers so the first thing we're doing is grand drop of the illustration so we can focus on the colors that we want to use on the package so the label will be this cream color and if you are just joining us just so you know I'm with Ashley Hohenstein she's designing a gin branding for gin basically as you can see here high jinks and yeah it's a day too so this is actually our final day in about 45 minutes we'll do portfolio reviews as well we have lots of things going on just FYI so I'll just hang out with us hang out with us Bruno let us know what you're saying and I don't know what language that is but a Spanish I assume or something but a key is Spanish but everybody's so fancy with these other languages and I just know English okay so what I'm doing right now is just taking the colors from this logo and I'm popping them into all of the same type hierarchy down here now we've got more of a rainbow layout which is fun and I like to make sure the colors are balanced so it's not always just the same color um people make this green email yeah so we'll lock that down and now again this clearly doesn't work anymore so let's just play around it and see what works Portuguese Wow awesome it's Portuguese so maybe what we can do here is keep this blue color clear where the blue overlaps with other things it's kind of hard to read still which of course legibility is critical when working on packaging yeah unfortunately people like the font don't like the font it's a cool fun yeah happy I came across like they might have been in one of those like font packs that we talked about yesterday so so I think like cuz it sounds more of colorful I'm gonna change the placement of the illustration to kind of hug the artwork versus go underneath it so I might change the scale a little bit so the concept doesn't always work exactly the same in different colorways so sometimes you do have to adjust stuff more than you're anticipating you could there is also the symbol spray breaking if you will you can turn shapes into a symbol and then use this spray can to just kind of scatter them all over that's cool that is a thing but yeah I'm getting this squared away – does the logo feel like it's sitting a little high Heidi's wondering I think it does and I think that's part of like it's being hugged by these new graphics will probably lower it a little bit and that means we might be able to pop something in here – yeah good call appreciate the inputs very into it yeah that feels so much better I think I'm actually gonna make this holding out a little bit tighter because we were doing that more of that the illustrations hugging everything is just gonna feel better if stuff's just a little bit more centralized what happens okay look smaller I'm still rendering this bottle that's why you probably hear the fans kissing it sweats nice working in like I'm for a tree thought that looks really cool oh thanks Emily oh wait I got something weird going on but I will fix it small see cuz look at this little weirdness right there so okay so while you do that cuz you're gonna tighten that up you gonna tighten this up right now so that would be I guess we've all kind I guess switch switch over to yeah to mine and see what situation is so and even just to take it back a touch a couple things going on just kind of want to roll this back very interesting interesting what is happening I'm just gonna remove a couple of those so that's all I have so basically here's all the assets that you gave me we have this label you drop it right here or sharing this Creative Cloud library dropping that on work innings that's an interesting like I'm just like a reflection I wonder if it's reflecting on the bottle or something like is there some sort of like reflection okay yeah application or like layer happening so weird and it's this this background make sure that is turned off I'm basically you get different properties for different materials so roughly roughness metallic just making sure there's not anything like too crazy going on there but nonetheless it actually might turn out different I'll know for sure once I render it but let's grab this pattern now as well drop in this pattern on right there scaling it up holding down the shift key and this is what we want to be like embossed we're gonna adjust it so right up here it's beneath the actual label and if I go down right down here I can adjust the this is where I make it glossy so I just crank up the metallic nosov it right and maybe bring up the Roughness this is kind of what I'm going for and again we're still will still figure out what that is from there we render it as a PSD once you render it this is really awesome here's the render here we are in Photoshop and this is nice because I can I could I just did a quick render so I could spend more time somebody asked earlier if you get shadows or adjust the lighting of course you can there's more I can do with it and I can do lots of edits even in in Photoshop as well but this is what you get check this out I'm going to show you this really fast when you render this PSD you get these different these additional layers yeah so this one becomes this depth map becomes the most important one you turn that on you save it out right we'll just call it high underscore depth right it's all about the naming of this named it high debt and then we'll save this one as just high we have our two files they've named the exact same thing one just once just underscore depth then we can go to I don't know I think this is kind of fun because everybody can see it let's you know go to Facebook because it can render these two files and all you need to do is take those actually we'll make sure we get the right ones these two right right up here grabbing them both dropping them in and Facebook recognizes them as files that go together based on turning vention so wait for it it's gonna determine come on oh that's my problem oops sorry it's closed that it is uh again you got to get the right files here are these two they again they have to be named the exact same thing one of them is just underscore depth and then get rid of this junk and then I can drop them in and it will compile them into a 3d photo that's so cool which is nice so we'll see it load up it's even cooler on their phone because it's gonna you know use the accelerometer and we'll tilt it but you can see that this is this is what it looks like we're kind of looking around the bottle that's so fancy anything fancy bottle I'm gonna spoil your last name wrong H Oh HOH HOH n s TI n but we're not we're not friends on Facebook so yeah there you go fans feedback to you um so I made a couple tweaks to the layout here to make it work better with face more pretty like flanking illustrations so I stacked dr gin instead and i kind of played with the scale still not super sold on a spacing but i think that the illustrations feel better here yeah so i think like when you do stuff like this like obviously maybe not obviously like it's really in your face so we could try a version where this is maybe pushed the illustration as push it back a little bit more mm-hmm just kind of just still got the color relationship but and i kind of excuse me i'm what do you think about you know is all of this like more of a lock up so if is dry gin larger I almost want you know this whole you know I like it to fill the area and totally you could do that cuz I did see that with the booze packaging a bit to this idea that like the logo and the product information is all locked up together yeah versus looking like logo product information mm-hmm and the big thing is all about like look at your layouts in like terms of reads if you have two things that are close to the same size you're you're not gonna know which one to focus on first totally so have that hierarchy and that's what that's what people make that mistake you know have the larger the primary and the secondary in this case primary dry gin secondary hygiene tertiary you know those other details yeah actually that's a really good note I think that like how this all locks up together makes a really nice shakes really good yeah yeah it's kind of back to that original shape that you wanted yeah yeah it's just great that circle which actually kind of leads into like the second idea I have which is this idea of like integrating more like line breaks and smaller illustrations to kind of make more of a solid mock-ups I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start working on a second packaging concept without the blobs but take this same type aa feel it's working really well for me so oh we forgot to totally play with the cat okay which I was really excited about I think those little details I always like my favorite part of designing so you have this capped color that I can change you could actually make this blue you could I'm just I'm doing what you're doing I'm just doing it in a dimension where could you pink oh that looks nice so any wants to see the green let's do the green on the top one I like using the green because I feel like that gets out that botanical thing I got you dogs nice yeah those are fun so that's kind of one packaging concept so they'll be one of my options and then the second one I'm gonna play with is deleting this and then what happens sometimes by itself that does too yeah so what happens if you really play up this idea that it's like a pillar of information and kind of add supporting graphics you lock it into place yeah you're very good at that as well it's fun kind of clear now and it's something I forget to do like even yesterday how you yeah you just like adding these little details to kind of can't encapsulate it all right yeah cuz I think that helps guide the information a bit more too yeah I think what I'm gonna actually do is go back and grab that shape that I really liked yesterday I'm not gonna change the logo but I think there's ways that we can incorporate this where is it let's just giant I'm pasting it in a lot so two things I was kind of thinking you could kind of close off the bottom here and square it off let's see where is it so you could square this off and kind of fit everything in this but sometimes that comes like a tombstone I think I try to do this a lot but people always think it looks tombstone ease I think what I might try to do is keep it rounded on both sides and maybe curve this established type to mimic what's going on here and then whether you yeah I mean yeah you do your thing just you work it so anyway because it naturally makes that shape already so yeah I'm curious to see how what you do let's play with a different color for a while to go here I think pink can be really overwhelming for clients I think what I'll do here is I'll keep this a neutral color and maybe make this a color do this for now that's gonna mess some stuff out that's really nice yeah look at that look at how different this is like yeah you know just a different feel but I mean doing it there's so many different options I think the green helps play up the botanical thing yeah I kind of want to break the border or something break which border this yeah like would it would yeah there's just so many different ways you can go so yeah I don't know I'm just yeah I'm just thinking design is fun let's focus on figuring out how we want this logo to look right now okay yeah Jessica Craney rounding the bottom edges of the tombstone what she kind of did so you have a pillow shape now I think she does meeting like literally good yeah I just found it yeah just don't make somewhere friendly definitely yeah I don't see a problem with the tombstone I flick every time I show something that's a nut-shaped people are like I think if you the moment you call it a tombstone people will have a negative and I'm like why not be spooky yeah something wrong with it yeah I got the same color here is this watermelon flavor dude Alberto that does look very wow that's a good note I mean to it look like for refreshing you know watermelon gin don't know how Southie I would drink it I love watermelon I think there should be more watermelon drinks right why isn't that more of a mainstream luckily like the season where I feel like everyone that does like special seasonal flavors I feel like watermelons the flavor right now I mean do it it's a friendlier toonstone yeah I'm liking this lockup a lot right now this is a little bit tight to the sides it's not perfectly centered yet oh man I'm gonna go back to my file from yesterday and grab this rounded guy already so that I don't have to completely start at zero with time when I'm gonna I feel like I always go back and just grab different reference oh and you're gonna do that with 2019 mm-hmm yeah I think might help round it out just a little bit more friendly it's not the top I've got a pretty big jump so I'll probably do that here too you gonna do establish just to make more nope I've also said it you see me yes TD he has TD before I've seen that but I smile II face I'm into that so I'll make this just a little bit sure yeah that's looking cool what does everybody think is there anything else we needed that's cool I think what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna tighten these up a little bit so the whole idea here is that everything's kind of locked into a circle so sometimes it's helpful to tighten things up even more more than you would if it was completely open your logo is smiling totally branding and smiling I kind of am into a little bit lighter I almost want to see like some other I actually think this is great then we can keep iterating and iterating which will be really fun yeah we can definitely do that cuz I've said more absolutely oh that's nice to know but that looks like a nose it does maybe it's too far that's funny um something that might help actually here it's deleting the circles because I think the other thing that I wanted to do here is play with the idea like dividing lines so what I'm gonna do is pop in some lines that are the same color as the background color so it kind of feels like it's cutting through it love it and then we'll do another one here stop it with the pro tips you're so good with these little it's gonna make it more details like yeah it's the fun part for me yeah okay so I think that's helping a lot um you know make this a little close to the edge okay Kerwin likes it Thanks so cuz these are kind of wide spaces I'm gonna turn these into more wide call outs so we can do is to grouped sometimes that group things so much that I have to unnerve them for like ten minutes hahaha oh yeah look you fancy pants I love it I love this idea so this way you can kind of get a wider call out well usually what I'll do is I'll draw a box that fits this space that's a stroke and then I'll Center it inside the box okay this is another like one of those things in Adobe Illustrator does that you don't learn yeah it's nice selected everything okay there we go so what you can do when you one likes enter something within a space no lock a bunch of stuff here cuz I just have too many shapes going on oh that's good too Kirwan's like maybe the center stroke right here does that get thinner or does it not connect all the way or yeah maybe it doesn't touch the top and bottom yeah I think like those types of details are all things that can help drive your hierarchy or also try to figure out like what are those notes because then hopefully whatever you know whatever language you figure out with just this one line you can apply the different skews or different products and like different like applications like if you had a website that had like a browser header bar like whatever you end up doing here could maybe be like the difference between like home and about so you're really establishing like a branding system when you do this okay so back to that tip I was talking about so to get this centered in this space perfectly it's pretty close but I don't think it's right a drought box that fits that exact thing and make it an outline so I can see it then I grabbed this information and then if you hit option and click this it makes it the key object the key object I think that's the other way it makes it so everything is centered to that shape oh yeah okay which is really cool cuz like if you were just to do let's make it really bad so if you were just to do this the whole thing would move mm-hmm but if you hit option and select the thing that you want to Center inside of then it stays which like changes my life because I do so much like centering that is cool and essentially it's the line to you I saw you click on that just make sure it's aligning to the selection yeah yeah so again what I'll do here is I know that I want my copy to be 715 minutes milliliters I'm just gonna duplicate this over versus drawing it again just come to the center I am so I've made a rookie mistake and I didn't Center this centerline that's rookie oops actually I think works which I have this little bit closer here because it's kind of like you have like an optical border around it so you don't want to really Center things because it's gonna fall off the edge so I'm still gonna do what's the name of that mean font I really likes the same fun this guy is conglomerate conglomerate yes so we're going to Center this the right way and then duplicate it over here to make the same call out but for the milliliters meaning yeah there we go looks good cool I definitely think this divider kind of helps with that layout idea and then my hope was that by dividing this then we could bring some of these work a little straight of assets down here so what we can do maybe make like a secondary mark that's just the Juniper down here to really drive the idea of a flavor home Julianna you don't have to use option to do the center anymore you know let's go hold it you have to do option click and then it's selected so you have to hold it down okay yeah there's probably a lot of ways to do that that's just a shortcut that I learned so this is just kind of making like another little illustrative asset down here so now you're kind of changes to light pulling that illustrative language down the whole tack yeah so I love it like it's really fun it's trying those two loving it less than 20 minutes get your portfolio's in we'll review those shortly sighs change us to multiply so it picks up a little bit of the shadings ups make it feel a little bit more rounded yeah so it's not good to me so then what I usually do is I will go through in our group each kind of section of information and I'll Center it all inside of here just to really make sure everything's yeah so it jumps it around quite a bit actually looks pretty Center at least visually yeah looks pretty good Tim will know Tim will tell us if it's centered Tim will find time like it's off to pixels so it really was off a couple pixels but something about this I don't I love the pink and all the pink and red but I think it's not cueing gin cuz it's not cueing that sent her flavor cue so I think what I'm gonna do is I really like the green layout will you reply yes I might do a version of everyone oh you didn't get this one oh yeah I was just playing I was just clear oh yeah so let's yeah this is the watermelon gin curious so he says I feels winter holiday yeah that's the other thing it feels kind of are you in for like Valentine's Day no this is something where like color can really get tough I also want to figure out something to kind of put in this red area you know it's not just blank cuz again like we're really playing with like color and craziness here and do you have like junipers kind of sticking out from behind yeah no you couldn't either do something where like it's the illustration that interacts up that shape yeah or it could be like a this is like a label that sits on top of a pattern which would be another fun way to do different like techniques with printing you think you could like even like emboss or bevel up that whole label and sync that so it feels more tactile let us know if it's your first time here in English and chat or if you've been hanging out with us we we love the legal relationship with people for the daily challenges we have various the discord groups to chat on as well too so people know the blue Tim likes the blue red combo mmm the one that we were working on before I like the other green the green does say more like juniper to me I feel yeah more I'm not sold on using it or in this background color by definitely liked it more for the sticker apart and we can always use edit colors oh yeah yeah I think this is working better than the pink one that pink and red is like one of my favorite color schemes right now but I just don't think it works for this product okay I want this to almost be like a peppermint schnapps or something mm-hmm so let's play with Oh this was one that we wanted to do that tab on which I would also feel really nice with this going on so let's do that okay there at the top yeah but first let's change the color so what if this was the bright green lock it going here and kind of in the girl shape so I think like typically these are used to literally hold the cork in place it's like also a good way to add like secondary branding you know it's so I think what I'm gonna do is make kind of this a juniper berry branch like running down what if actual juniper berries were inside of that alcohol that goes beyond branding no that's like tea though or if it's like you're steeping it for too long to get all mushy yeah it's probably not a question that I can answer there is a there's a pear brandy that actually has a pear in it so I need to make this kind of longer branch situation here so what I did is that is a duplicated two on top of each other and I'm just gonna select these ends and hope that it works which it does so that's cool sometimes when you extend stuff that way it doesn't work exactly but I think here it doesn't it kind of still feels handcrafted this is what amazes me about this so this is the pear brandy I'm just gonna I just think that's wild cuz like how did they get the pear in there how did they get the pear in there that's weird how do they get the pear in there what that's very strange yeah it's very strange so let's go back to this tab this is actually really small all right Beatrice is brand new loving the tips and speed and exactly I agree I like it the speed at what you work and I'm really liking this – this is cool I'm into these colors this like blue and the granny will I'm liking this one do you think so I wonder I feel like you know what I mean there's a lot you can do with the background yeah I was wondering if you had a thin stroke around the whole thing mm-hmm like it was a space and then a thin stroke so you could do this whole thing could be green where did that come from yeah that's really nice too I like that better cuz any kind of I think plays up the hierarchy it's too much yeah I like that so let's finish this thing up cuz I think it's too wide right now I wanted to make it feel like it was kind of pointed I think it's too much so I think what I'm gonna do is shrink these in a little bit maybe third yeah I like that there we go that's feeling better so I think what I'll do here is change this to our dark green color blues to contrast and then you could do all different sort of like edge treatments to this so I think what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna make it into a little banner mm-hmm yeah love it so it feels like a little flag I feel like these are the things that I always look for when I'm buying like fancy alcohol cuz I always wanted to feel really considered yeah that's cool I like that might actually be looking better to contrast it from the main label yeah that's funner okay yeah yeah exactly that's called what do you guys think of this is this working it's working for everybody I think um I might combine concepts a little bit it's I think I'm gonna do a version of this that kind of picks up those normal tone on tone blobs and maybe go back to that blue-collar way because I really like a blue-collar way a lot Christian says it's great Ashlee know either love it how about Thursday okay so let's swap some colors here for ease of color changing I'm probably just gonna go ahead and all in everything just sound to worry about selecting it all okay and I know that I have an active version elsewhere yeah everything's out we'll do a paint order let us pop this logo in place which same size do you type in less than 10 minutes person so I can guess us feeling really cool work it work it everybody's just impressed with how fast you go that looks good I like it thanks everyone I think I'm just really impatient I just really my mind is moving at like light speed half the time cool so I think that looks really fun we can change this top one to pink sumon asking a question would you send send too many options to the client so this is definitely like how far I would explore by myself yeah so I really I had four ideas that I wanted to tell you around today but I probably would have in my contract with my client I would say two to three options um I would maybe show them one color per but make sure that the color is different per concept so that if they like option one with color too that there's like a better range because I don't want to just show them like here's this and blue here's this and blue unless we'd already agreed that those are the brand colors yeah so yeah and it just picked by just varies again I like if you if if the brand has already kind of really defined then you might not even end up with that many options totally like or you could you could you could find one that's perfect in which case you only present one like this is your one totally I used to like the idea of presenting a secondary design the one that they say no to but the problem with that is they could actually pick that one yes so don't don't do that yeah I only show things that I want to make hey Abraham how you doing today do you like this design now this is fun too so many different options yeah I like each color combo you come up with I just I like I don't know which ones I like the best but it's definitely different feel like that even this darker color like that feels refreshing this kind of minty whatever yeah but this is fresh too I don't know what that pink mm-hmm I definitely that contrast are the blobs with like a really clean type oh yeah there you could block this out so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my background shape here and paste it on my illustration label and make it solid and make it this dark blue color which is unfortunately a multiplet so let's take these off multiple no this will be cool then yeah so then you're kind of blocking out that background from your type information which is just another way to get better contrast over your design and get your client to agree to a crazy pattern okay so now everything's one thing it's not blocked out which is nice so yeah I got really legible you can also like do a contrast in color here which is fun it definitely makes like I like that I mean you did yeah like sometimes that pill shape is almost too striking like okay I like this yeah yeah goes here Dale what do you think let us know just joined us I still like it it's fun it's a good one Jessica likes the transparent and until shape good cuz that's what you're working on right now yeah kind of contrasts with this a little bit too much I think we're gonna darken it again this is a fun tip to if you hold down shift when you drag the colors they all kind of tint together like they move together oh I like you ties them together yeah then that way you come down like a slightly lighter version without completely know that we've done the shift key and shift and drag a little bit Wow yeah that's addressed just what do you think you do everything you want some time Rachel Thomas we got one sale great she would totally buy it give you my Ben Momo yeah I think what I'm gonna do next so much very different type block up because both of these type lock ups are pretty and you're different cuz this one's locked into a pill shape but maybe one that's part of Ewing you intimate from this distance too bad yeah cuz it feels different yeah and another you know in terms of presenting to the client showing this like on the shelf next to other gin bottles mm-hmm would be good yeah I feel like like the mint one especially with like probably really stand out yeah for sure so yeah you definitely wanna do competitive research to make sure like what category norms are and what differences you're gonna want so you can stand out a shelf or just make sure you belong on shelf so you're not reading as a different type of alcohol packaging oh yeah that's true the interest says the packaging is really working awesome Diane agrees cool you know loves the green in the blue it's cool go through and just clean us off you have we have like about a minute before profile interviews just how long you'll still have what self time to come back and visit this bad way may I try to be like a left aligned layout I don't see how that could work it's kind of hard when you have a logo like this though might not work just doing the left justified yeah you have to make sure there's like a really clear separation between this and your product information if you're gonna yeah this let's go pick up our numbers from here with the divider lines Sirdar thank you for joining us I'm just playing around different ways to get a different hierarchy move in just kind of working color it's not right yeah it's it's a it's a tough one you know it's just so easy if when you're doing with the bottle to the center everything I mean yeah it could be nice maybe it is still like a centered panel but the information inside of its left aligned it could be interesting and oh yeah very cool the law read this one last comment for the left line person maybe create separation hue or line with the logo portion that's sorry yes you could literally hello Ramazan Ramazan so you couldn't literally separate this yeah really that's a really smart suggestion Thank You Kerwin good that's super girly yep this is this is fun to do this one's already like shaping up as well yeah wow so many good options hmm like I like your suggestions we also like to see which what you have going on as well which is why we have portfolios portfolio reviews today stock does say zero zero zero zero zero so let's go ahead and if you're ready yeah alright we're gonna launch into portfolio reviews welcome back everyone good to see you we can see you there's a blue tints of your faces now with us on but so we have portfolio reviews now so this isn't working okay there we go air is breathable how you doing we're in the space now have you been to space before I have not yeah there's lots of lots of lots of little dots and stars and portfolios out here as well so let's just pull that up there we go helmet that's right we're in space and we have the fabulous portfolio of Michael macness from Brazil so this is awesome graphic designer and we will be reviewing two portfolios starting with Michael's oh fo sho these are cool so we'll dive right in it so Michael I don't know if you're here with us if you are it's fantastic I wish I could read this but this is this is very strong to begin with yeah that's a really awesome mark that actually is really somebody what I've been doing at the Juniper but looks more perfect yeah that goes floral that's smart yeah that is a smart design that's so nice and this looks like a mock-up too but it's really clean mm-hmm that's nice I think I can actually click on each one of these yep that's ball yeah these are some nice mock-ups yeah I'm very cool I was really afraid of using mock-ups like how you've been like a year ago cuz I felt like it like wasn't fair or cheating or something but like I really recommend people look at them like if you don't have like the budget to shoot something it's a way to make projects look better yes totally yeah you're like if you have a client that doesn't have a budget for fancy printing like this is a good way to make your projects just kind of stand out the way you want them to be seen yeah they're cool in this case like all of the mock-up templates have been used all of them they're like special fabric on like the inside of the buttons yeah right there like all the Mokpo he's not afraid of them like I was that's that's nice it's nice detail it shows that you know how to think like a system like I appreciate that that this isn't just like the logo slapped on this everything the exact same way yeah like it shows that like he's been thinking about like patterns and like horizontal lock ups and even different colorways which just makes the brand more diverse and in depth than just again like pop in the local and everything yeah oh he really did everything this keeps going wow that's good and that was a thing that was a whole thing that happened but that was a Pescados to Val so Michael great job yeah we'll look at a couple look at two portfolios we have we have time and the other ones jump out Ajay one you got like that mark a lot Lima and Carvalho ah that's pretty engineer architecture um some sort of built a market interiors yeah it's good love the gradient on there yeah that's cool that's pretty cool I almost get the sense of like a lion here mm-hmm which is kind of cool I was like buildings and a rooftop and stairs it's a good way I like building it's really hard I think to do branding and identity work for like construction we've dads in construction and I've wanted to rebrand them for a while but it's so hard to even think about what to do that's interesting and I appreciate that this is really like illustrative and fun and well-designed too even though it's love it and and then this break down presenting this to the client so it was a lion taking an acceleration these like crests yeah and throwing us like Swan for various reasons the colors this looks fantastic it's nice I love that clean gradient like I I swear I think the more you work as a designer like subtle gradients Hantz yeah just little little nuance makes it look so good and the fact that this text here is isn't black it's obviously a grey just such a designer thing to do and it just makes it look so elegant that's all the first things I learned it's like a never to you it's like a really pure black just because I think even if you just drop it down 5% a little bit more color into it it's a good way just to make it feel more special and consider than just that like 100 percent K yeah exactly especially when it's like big on a page like beat you know be a little more subtle than that totally that's oh oh this is fun looks like we're in there yeah that's a nice mock-up yeah that's really actually grilling that looks real that's cool fun I will say I think these are business cards so I'm guessing that either these weren't produced or maybe he didn't print them out beforehand because I feel like that typographies are really small for us oh good point so I think like that's a good point of like before you order stuff like always make sure you're able to run and get a test print somewhere mm-hmm that's really small good yeah good point as in point size yeah good point fancy stuff yeah so this would break down this text right here is gonna break down sure yeah and luckily that's something you can usually figure out with printers like I think a lot of people are intimidated by doing special printing stuff but most printers have rules that they're happy to give you and tell you like hey I wouldn't go smaller than this it's done like then yeah this is cool that's a fun one too it's wild what you can do with mock-ups yeah I'm open fancy very cool very professional into it I like the explanation at the beginning of this one I'm super cool we'll go to this latest one really fast yeah that's cool that's some illustration chops right there like the distressed look makes it seem like old school yeah that's fun yeah I really appreciate how much he takes his brands and like makes a true language out of them and it isn't just that logo pop on everything cuz this you get like a true vibe and story out of it that's really nice this is fun sandwich good colors you know Thanks nice integration yeah yeah cool look at the size of that sandwich they look pretty big that's a huge and so huge yeah very nice very nice Michael you've I don't know if Michaels with us but exceptional work I'm pretty good like overall like it has a whole unit it's nice like a good number like it yeah I feel like each one is very clean and professional like yeah it's a good range of work to like I think it's really easy to become pigeon-holed and be that designer that always sets the mark that feels the same okay Michael's choosen like shown that he can do a full range of work yeah but it's very much branding oriented I'm going to come to him for brain for a company and so yeah so clients know what to expect consistency with your portfolio yeah that's right I'm following you fantastic work these are amazing let's go to our next one now shall we yeah it's over to Raphael Raphael ramirez from tijuana web and graphic designer so we'll get more variety of work some experience for a bit which is cool I always like seeing like ad I had what you're trying to do with this are you just like do you want work or do you not want work are you working full-time you're just showing this off you know if you're like actively looking for work I'm yeah I'd put that down in in behance yeah but here already we have quite a few yeah quite a few more projects that's pretty that is cool I think I did a good job figuring out like the right balance of like flowers coming through while still maintaining legibility yeah exactly that yeah we think that's really important because you can either accidentally keep it too minimal or you don't get that effect or cover it up too much yeah it's good that it's nice that is that is really fun great work any other one which one you want personal it's personal identity let's scroll up a little bit more what's this faking day channel that's fun I was like I hiked with the icing that's cute yeah cool I think what do you think I think here we could play with the colors a little bit yeah I'd be curious to see like what happens once you starting integrating like less outlines and more flat shapes and colors it might be a good way to get some more push and pull on how you read the logo yeah a little more push and pull and like different areas cuz obviously all the colors like a right here had yeah create more balance throughout the whole thing uh-huh so yeah do you think this logo I like the logo should this be thicker yeah that's what I was just thinking like they don't seem to match up like cuz that could even be like instead of focusing on like the outline illustration like if that was like a solid bag I feel like that would read better yeah we would like match the type better cuz it's a hard tough match like type style and illustration style I think if you're trying to make them work together as a unit you do need to try to make that connection a little bit stronger yeah yeah I agree so yeah I think it needs to be a little thicker let's make sure it's like a YouTube channel that's fun yeah what like this – I like that swirl at the top that's fun mm-hmm this gets a little tricky like you're kind of breaking that border that's that's a little tricky but I could've just even closed up that little spot though I guess useful yeah you fill that in with wafers yeah I almost want to see a little swirl right there at the bottom yeah it would have been cool if they think it's like it's this.k like you could have literally taken this k and looped it around okay and made that like one big flourish okay so maybe I'm coming from the K maybe it even connects right here exactly oh yeah I like this I think you could have unlike the way that the thick's and Thins are applied to the typography versus that top flourish mm-hmm like it gets to like smaller points on the top one like I think they could be little bit more chubby okay but it's a cool idea I like I mean I like this one over even the they're responding back yeah I think that frosting big you just really you start to question the relationship between the two pieces a lot yeah but good work for sure I do like that that flourish feels like um a cupcake topping yes to which is kind of cute I like how it's it's just an abstract baking frosting yeah you know it's not as literal as the other one actually yeah I see you know bag first one yeah Alex I'm sure oh that's cute so it's like a nice like clean fashion mark yeah but then still paired with like pops of neon color and let me okay good okay so this is a Mexican footwear brand established in Tijuana go zone which means joy and Spanish okay no that's cool I think it works cuz you have that balance so like so it's a footwear brand so it has to feel like it's fashion it's clean but if it means a joy like bringing in pops of colors and like that little hammock mark that kind of feels like a smiley face yeah yeah it's really cute that is cute good exercise in in minimalism well yeah the color countess is telling a lot of the story too you know rather than over designing there's some nice little subtle highlights to yeah it's a cute mark yeah cool that's way inside it's a really good balance to like take that classic mark and pair it with so many graphics and still have it feel like something that you trust the quality of yeah I can see you making something like this I really like this one yeah this is a really nice system this is a good exercise and like extending brand collateral and again like not just popping that same logo and everything yeah yeah he was like splitting it here you know doing that stuff yeah and exercising like minimalism into it that actually might be the logo there but I like is it and there could be just dots I was thinking there were just dots and I kind of like that just that fun and playful that's cute man great work into it what other one shall we check out up to the top I'm curious what this one is now see Annika Cienega actually start up and click out of this scroll down it's a restaurant Baja California Mexico new flavors yeah flash professional prod products family friendly brand okay cool and I like like this little detail like that illustration a lot yeah and you can already see how they're breaking it apart and using it on the back of the card and kind of using as a separate element from the logo which is nice it's a cute illustration – that is cool this is great great job with this project by the way and I love how this is laid out mm-hmm there's definite art to that on the hands like how do you integrate like background colors and different features that the project – all kinda has yeah and I appreciate Raphael like wrote a description for the product sometimes we see those and honestly you're over but this time you're kind of over the whole project don't you feel like you know playing with it so much you just don't want to even see it again you're done you got paid for it yeah so it's really hard this last like push to show it off but it's like thank you for spending the time I love this homey warm feel of that like mustard yellow or gold or whatever nice yeah it's a cool system whoa if you could get your client to print you custom plates like that haha that'd be nice they're cute yeah and this is a lovely touch like the yellow nap table yeah if you could get that to happen mm-hm yeah this is really nice we get it we get it you're good Museo love music by the way I'm thinking like I had to like you have to probably give your client a style guide or something like I like how they use the actual typeface and talked about how they're using it like I think that's a really smart way they like connect the two pieces of information that's a very like Museo slab you use this first red lever face it's like this is like really clear like I'm using the typeface that looks like this yeah for that cuz you have to consider like your client is probably gonna have a style guide and maybe their friends gonna help them next time than maybe it's not a designer that's super yeah game so it's however you can make that information really clear to digest it's really smart good pairings – yes fun and even though yeah I guess it really doesn't matter but it's I like the ratio that's being shown here like this is the primary color for sure secondaries yeah didn't work I'm so impressed with you guys so impressed let's appreciate that fantastic so we have probably about five minutes just FYI well I'm just gonna look at this personal branding this is fun too I'm impressed that that's able to read as an R yeah thanks yeah that's cool I almost want to shift it over or like what if it's like down there mmm yeah if you've got that like hard cropping kind of a thing like it would be cool to play with that on the actual like piece of collaterally yeah exactly like that's on the edge yeah well there's like Rafael's in the chat hey hey you got cool work you are amazing yeah this is for that girl red cup like you have your colors square it away you obvious like know what you're doing and in an awesome portfolio and then we have these logo logo deals like it is wild to be how many logos people do yeah like you that's cool see that's also 2014 when that's their newest one look like 2017 2018 that's a girl you've been working yeah yeah love it yeah I love it love it love it cool yeah that one's nice too yeah awesome good good balance here this yeah they would the thickness tie igniting and you do this same thing yeah really smart good eye yeah I'm stalking you now Rafael you were fantastic Rafael and Michael and an excellent job by the way Michael that's a really cool yeah cool mark as well yeah I don't even have to read graphic designer down here it's like this says it all yeah we get it you're good you're good at what you do you know the view and I'm super impressed and we're all so impressed what you do I don't know if we want to kind of like wrap up kind of what you're yeah where this is at I guess we're down to like the final final countdown yeah in a bin again thanks everybody for the suggestions I kind of where we ended up here that lines so small that like I want it to broke at home yeah I want to go into here because we Sonny I think the same person mentioned color blocking yeah so like if you went clear if you drool like maybe a blue that's slightly only force multiply the same color over the top like that does a nice job separating two if you don't want that same hard line so I think it's cool yeah that's a good way to block it out too I realize yeah there we go much better let's see how far we can get on this guy so what's nice about a layout like this too is that like right now you have extra information so if you had a version that you needed more information like you've kind of already got a system plopped into place where you could keep adding more descriptive information which is nice so even if you're currently on doesn't work with something like this I don't always necessarily kill it and which is good because you might want to add some fun language cuz it could be like 45% alcohol by volume like a hundred percent delicious or something made of data yeah that could work or you could even nexi more you could integrate some of those let's go grab one oh we already need to be limited on time you can go through and grab those a little fun those are those design elements element from other concepts thank you Tim yeah we'll have the XD daily challenge coming up soon here in about five minutes and also I think we're gonna be doing portfolio reviews were fun we might be doing those on Monday as well as I look at Gus and he's not paying attention to me is that right portfolio reviews on Monday do this Monday cool just in case yours didn't get picked there's and there's always opportunities sounds fun everybody did it such a good job this is freaking awesome I want this to be real gin now so what I'm doing right now is I'm gonna try making like almost like a fake little bush of Juniper at the bottom here so maybe instead of doing like big blobby illustrations maybe it's like yeah like they're peeking up from the bottom mm-hmm into it so again like I'm using the same branch I probably would draw two or three of these and just play with rotations of them mm-hmm I was doing it for real I think this is a good way to get a concept across quickly usually an honestly show it might cut my client this like at this level because they're not gonna notice the level of finish mm-hmm they're gonna be more focused on the information and the general vibe at Lightspeed it's not making mistakes cute yeah I like that too which is a nice way I think to tie this top color down to this bottom color to like if you're gonna be introducing a collar like you want to make sure it's moving through your whole design that is cool yeah please like you should post this work I'm really happy with it okay yeah Ashley you're fantastic it's been so fun hanging out with you and just to like it just kind of going off of all your instincts you have as a designer is like so good son yeah we really appreciate you everybody give Ashley a warm thank you we appreciate you we do have a melody up next for the XD daily creative challenge but we can find you Ashley home Stine on various social medias and of course to your website mm-hmm yep I mean if you just google my name one of the only Ashley home stains in the world so easy just find me on Instagram and Twitter and stuff like that yeah and I share a lot of work there too yeah we're so we really appreciate it when thank you so much we love you and everybody stick around thing to say again we'll be up next with melody thanks everybody

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