Logo and Packaging Design with Ashley Hohnstein – 1 of 2

[Applause] hello everyone welcome back Paul trotty here with the one and only Ashley hone Stein for a very first time in the San Francisco office lovely having you here straight from Minneapolis city of lakes representing yes I've actually didn't know it's called city of lakes yeah it's good to have you here we want to welcome everybody in Chad Heidi and Anna good to see you Anna destiny as well Katie lots of friendly friendly names and faces in there Steven we want to give you a warm welcome also love hearing where people are from we got a full day today I want to thank voodoo valve for her daily creative challenge but today what we have on Adobe live as you'll see on the schedule here is the daily creative challenge and we'll be reviewing those designs during our segment as well so keep that in mind obviously graphic design with Ashley then we have the XD daily challenge and we'll be wrapping up the day with Melissa guitars doing some UX collaboration so a little graphic design in the morning UX UI in the afternoon is kind of how we have how we have this schedule going so yeah gonna be really fun welcome Steven from Edmonton Alberta Canada directly kind of like north of Denver which is where I'm from so cool good to have you here so fantastic what else we got we got lots of things we'll be doing just a random chatting win giveaway it's not so random because we schedule it but we also have just to do a shout out for the challenge you'll find the challenge tab or right up here Boop there it is and then it's all about creating it back to the future inspired image with Metallica neon effects pretty much wet voodoo Val just covered so that's gonna be fun to check out and I know you you have some experience doing portfolio reviews is that correct I do I love doing portfolio reviews okay you do it can you tell us a little bit more about yourself yeah I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Minneapolis I currently work at Target but today I'm gonna talk about what I do on the side which is a little bit more of my freelance work and I do a lot of lettering and stuff like that for fun so okay yeah it seems like you do a lot of like illustration and hand lettering and I feel just like looking at your portfolio you're really good with color too I feel that my color even on on your website I think this is like super super tight again especially home stein right up here calm and you can check out her P hands through the link and they've got a tab but yeah this stuff is fun mm-hmm yeah I wanna I wanted to learn all about this like this yeah okay and that's exciting so what products are you know using so mostly I'm gonna be working with Adobe Illustrator but I'm available to show some of my process was sketching on my iPad with Adobe sketch okay I'm kind of showing how I take stuff from mood board to sketch to actually building finished logos very cool so very cool yeah and I like I like what you've shown me earlier but just like how you take a project from the very beginning stays clear to completion in two days totally which is cool so check out her work again just like great colors like I want to talk to you about that when we when we dive into it well done and that's my dog was excited about is putting my dog on a green screen yeah huh well fantastic so check out her work welcome Chloe good to have you from Malaysia super cool cool feel free to ask questions as we dive into this yeah and what are we gonna be diving into today so today we're gonna be kind of walking through my process that I take my freelance clients through from start to finish so I wanted to start with walking through the brand questionnaire that I asked them which kind of helps us get on the same page and then we'll walk through some mood boards and some logos so most of the process on the upfront is with a freelance client that I haven't launched the project for yet but then we'll work on a hypothetical project which is fun because that means we get to do whatever we want large in packaging which is my favorite liquor um so working on some fun packaging for that so we just dive in yeah what's down so typically when I start working with clients I will take them through a brand questionnaire which is something that I build in Adobe Acrobat actually sold yes I'm excited about this so this is just a document actually built in InDesign but I just leave these kind of blanks there and then you're able to put in these like active text boxes so that I can just send this to my client and have them talked about yeah that themselves and then they're able to kind of spend some time with it and really sink into the questions that we need to answer before we can start really working on stuff so instead of them just emailing me and saying my brand is called XYZ actually can walk through and I would like to kind of read through some of yeah so the first stuff I ask is obviously like what's their name of their brand and if the name they're locked into because sometimes clients don't have great names I mean obviously naming should be like a separate fee but it is an example like the this client specifically had a modifier attached to her name so she was calling herself like Ashlee Hawn Stein blank I know it's just like I don't think you need to have that because it's brand yourself so I wanted to be able to talk to her about that we also walk through like what content and services they're planning on immediately offering and then in the next two years what would they like to branch into so just thinking like more future thinking hopefully helping them get excited about like the future of their business or company yeah and I think I think that's a mistake people make yeah and you can make that as a designer locking into one thing you totally think like long term mm-hmm you know what what other is you could it have been yeah so totally the next two questions are what three words immediately come to mind when you think of how your branch make people feel and what three words do you not want them to feel so making sure that like we want a brand to feel fun but not classic or boring and then that's like a good way to get my head and like a visual space because oftentimes your clients aren't gonna be like visually great either so what type of people do you want to interact with your content slash offerings obviously to us that would be like what's your guest demographic but thinking like how do you speak to your client in a way that they understand and more just like basic people talking are there any other brands blogs content creators out there that you love and admire in a similar fields both and what they do or how they look not that because we want to rip them off but because I want to know who they are inspired by can you hit a ctrl or command F to go fullscreen on that yeah just no command L oh sorry oh yeah oh oh well you can I do command + suite cool um so other brands and then this is my favorite one to ask them because they always have opinions are there any brands blogs content creators out there that you think do a bad job that's interesting yeah obviously like we're never gonna tell those people that we think they're doing a bad shot but I think like that way like like this client specifically sent me people that she thought like weren't like in the same field of ethics as she wanted to be in or places that she thinks were too fancy where she wants to be relatable um is there anything you absolutely hate visually so if you hate a specific color I know not to give them that color and if I do give them that color I love justify it I don't use I'm not used to seeing these questions here these ones are really good though yeah and then any other details you think that are necessary so just things that we didn't talk about very cool yeah so that's usually my first part of my process with them and I get some really good answers back I especially I love the questions that are like who do you hate this is really interesting yeah so then from there what I do is I will typically my mood board processes next so this is specifically a client I walked through this process and it was a baking company so I take all of her questionnaires and distill it down into this kind of strategy page so like what do we know that she wants to be where's she going down the road and then you go from the questionnaire to this is this your mood are we getting into them yeah okay so this is kind of like my strategy slide not strategist but I think that this is a good way to get echo back at the client like hey this is what I heard you say is this right so she can tell me like no you didn't we didn't get it right then we can talk about it or else we can kind of hopefully we are on the same page and then these yes and no words are there like things we are and things we aren't so yeah and then from there we go into mood boarding so again these aren't what we're gonna work on today but I wanted to show just like the breath of mood boards I like to provide to clients so this one was kind of this idea like handmade playful and familiar and I like to give them words that help them kind of attach some emotions to it yeah the next one was vintage bold and fun because she had talked a lot about kind of liking retro scripts and stuff like that and then the third one was a little bit more fancy where artisan crafted in heritage because she was a baking company so just kind of thinking like Oh like do you want to feel like you're crafting all of these things yourself so I think that that gave her a good range of things to pick from that all kind of lettered back up to this like strategy yeah that's good and so sometimes depending on the client like sometimes you'll it might not always be like three concepts no like it could it could literally just be one you could know exactly because they have a maybe they have a clear vision which means you kind of have a clear vision and I just mean like this is the mid board we're going with mm-hmm yeah I think it could make you what do you think do you think you look indecisive as a designer if you give too much like or is it to I don't know like I'm just I could see where you could think that but I think for me I like to approach my client relationship those collaborations so like really I want them to feel like they're involved in the process so I feel like by getting them options for things and like really making sure that they're really structured and everything that I'm proud of like I would never put a mood board in front of them that I like that right yeah I don't want to work on it like all three of these felt like they ladder it up into like ideas that she was been talking about so yeah yeah it totally works yeah but yeah I just I sometimes think that because sometimes even in presenting like say a logo sometimes designers there's all many almost too many options yeah like you don't know what you're doing and something's not being communicated yeah and you don't have this clear vision is even though you have three concepts here they're all they're all very kind of similar and consistent and I think they also have kind of your style in it as well cuz we were just on your site yeah and we see these like similar colors and stuff so it's a good yeah it's good call yeah how you deal with how do you deal with clients that don't have answers for those questions that's hard I think like that was usually when out hopping a phone call and welcome through that stuff more cuz like luckily most of my clients that can just send them that questionnaire and they they already know what they want to do but if they didn't know what their dad get him on a phone call yeah I don't talk through stuff and like maybe would be more of a collaborative drawn-out process for like instead of them saying these are the three people in the field that I like maybe I would be like here's a bunch of people what's what's resonating with you and do a little bit more of the research myself yeah first we can draw out of them yeah usually having like an X like a discovery like phone call with them just to see if it's even a good fit at the beginning too sometimes I prefer to do most of it over email and that's all see cuz I work full time so this is all happening at night so if I a client wants to talk it's usually like hey I can talk after five we're on the weekend which sometimes we do and most of the time we just do email and it's actually fine okay yeah yeah so typically after this mood board process my client would hopefully select one of these and then we would work on a couple logo options I think what this mood board process also does is it eliminates the risk that I would go down a path that there excited about so if I provide all three of these to them so she picked this one but if I spent an hour crafting like really fun type like this and then she's like not my thing I hope you like that sucks I spend a lot of time on it so I think it like that helps getting down a path really clearly of like this is what she's in – yeah I have a thing Anna asks a good question what do you find your mood board images Pinterest so that actually it's a good segue question Anna's sick so on cue and good job so basically this is my normal process so now I can happen to what we're gonna be working on in the next two days so the brand that I wanted to start working on is a gin packaging brand which is fun it's not a real client so that means we get to come up with the name ourselves and come up with the mood board ourselves and we get to approve it cuz we're our own client so typically what I do is I start on Pinterest to look for mood board images I have a lot of boards already obviously that have a lot of pins on them and I started pinning the SEC Adobe live board a couple weeks ago or days ago but typically what I'll do is I'll open up pins that I like and Pinterest has a really good recommendation system which I really appreciate so I'll open tabs for each of the images that I wanted and then I can go down here and find similar images or things that are kind of in the same aesthetic area that I'm going for and then that way it helps to grow it a lot faster while still feeling cohesive yeah so I'll do that oh one of my favorite tips for finding images that I like is going to dribble and finding your favorite people in dribble and clicking on who what their likes are oh yeah yeah so kind of like creeping other people's likes yeah what what inspires them huh exactly so I feel like oh I really love someone sauce all and I love it oops what you just gonna have to see your passwords real fast yeah so but you can go here and see like my likes so you can see oh oh okay so then you can see what I like so hopefully if you were liking what I was liking it would feel similar to that if that makes sense and you can do it so my thing with my hands where you can see the things that people appreciate it and kind of just go through and that's a good way to kind of grow your visual reference board faster yeah you do it so basically I mean all resources yeah snag the stuff begin I like this like again kind of going down this recommended based on that design recommend yeah based on the people and maila their likes totally so like like this typography and then hopefully what Saul suggested down here is similar like constructed typography so it looks like we have some other Pinterest fans getting shot as well Anna Arianna that's fantastic yeah and I think that's a good Tim we could talk about that at some point too it's like when you can learn a lot of course you learn a lot even more from your failures over successes but when you haven't resonated with the client and when would you fire them that sort of thing as that happens that's good then you kind of got it hopefully figure that ahead of time that yes not a good fit totally I think when working with a client like it's good to have like how many runs of revisions and all this stuff that you need built into your contract with them so if you do run into stuff that's like we're getting off track and we're doing things you have it out I think your client needs to respect your time and what you're doing as well it's not just a one-sided relationship yeah so yeah so these were the pins I started pulling for this June packaging that I'm excited to work on with you guys um so what I do then is I pull them all down into the scrap folder looks like all its crap I just put the Z in front of it so that it sticks to the bottom size kind of pull the images and then what I'll do is I'll pull them into a mood board file so typically when I'm making mood boards for clients I will be making a couple of them but today obviously we just made one but I just literally dragged all the images in and kind of just sort them with things that they match lights to kind of just start physically building it and then eventually I'll distill it down into like a nice concise board so this is what I kind of worked up for today so really colorful which is fun because sometimes clients are afraid of color but basically when my thought is what does gin brand is that it's kind of focusing on how like flavorful gin can be and how it took a kind of more of a fun liquor um I think a lot of liquor packaging is really serious probably cause it's for adults but there's a way to make it still colorful and feel kind of like a party instead of I don't know making it look really serious and fancy just because it's a historical beverage or something yeah so yeah so it's like the approach again it is it's a fun drink you're gonna have it you're gonna have a good time yeah why why take it so serious exactly so I'm kind of trying to pair this idea of like serious typography with like playful illustrations and color blocking and stuff like that so it's very cool is this the is this the mood board you kind of came up with are leading toward okay contact yep so fun yeah especially with gin you know botanicals and things like that of course yeah so um juniper juniper berries right yes that's not any forever to think of that term yeah so they're kind of two different names I've been playing with so the first is Jamboree so that's kind of the idea of like it's a big colorful raucous party and then of a thing and then the other one was high jinks which I kind of liked the pun that's inside of it even though it's not spelled the same high jinks gin and then when I was actually looking up like the origin of the word high jinks apparently I was actually old drinking game called hey jinx which kind of felt interesting so I've been just kind of sketching with those two that's interesting so this is spot and again just it's a jet again yeah you're making and what was the first so high jinks what was the first one Jamboree yeah so cool there's any questions excuse me hi drinks will get probably lots of puns I saw a pond earlier about Jim well there are some questions around you right her I like that it is Julian hipper the month of June oh yeah clever cool into it so yeah cool so we could such over to my iPad and talk about sketching oh yeah yeah yeah we can just turn that on so this is fun yeah kinda again covering Jim high jinks Jamboree totally we might even create a if you want to you know always like create a poll or have people vote as we start to look at your stuff will be interesting but yeah we'll take a look oh no what are you in I am in Adobe sketch so which is actually one of my favorite apps for sketching I don't like sketching by hand because I'm pretty sloppy so um the iPad pro was kind of a godsend when it came out because then I can sketch and kind of do layers instead of sketching and being mad that it's not perfect right away and then moving on from it so this is really my nasty first board right I just go through and just draw whatever is on my diagram to kind of feel what's working so a lot of again like the Jamboree idea oops you have Jamboree over here and then playing uh with high jinks and kind of as my constructed type that could maybe have some end lines in it yeah and I'm not thinking too much about the bottles just yet cuz I want to make sure that I find a logo that feels right for the brand that ties into the mood board before I really dive down trying to like figure out the whole process at the same time so yeah so what I do from here is I'll start kind of picking out ideas I like it'll make a more cleaned up sketch so typically tres over some of the messy stuff to kind of get to cleaner versions when I used to sketch with my sketchbook I would literally take tracing paper and like tape tracing paper over all of my sketch doesn't I go like 60 before I go to something but obviously where you have the undo button yeah so I don't have to do that a million times yeah oh and you can also add layers and adjust the transparency my god totally yes and then from there what I'll do is I'll start making notes of just like what I really want these things to look like mm-hmm cuz again like I do a lot of hand lettering but it takes a long time to get to a finished product so it's more fun to kind of just like write notes of what I'm thinking it'll look like mm-hmm so that's very cool excuse me yeah team is asking about the clients budget and stuff like that which is also do you ever like even in this first exploration phase you kind of you you you kind of have the price thing all squared away oh yeah before I even like touch pen to paper I have a contract signed I'm 50% down so I never start work without having that deposit on the work and all that stuff no that's cool they don't care how much they have to spend on a project I apologize so team is asking when they don't share how much they have to spend or how much they spend on similar projects um typically what I'll do is if it's a project I really like I'll cost it out and I'll say like let's discuss so it's clear that like there is some wiggle room but I will never offer like but I can go down yeah don't ever do that yeah but cheaply I'm good and you you can always start high and go down but you never start low and then go up exactly yeah actually this sounds more expensive now right yeah yeah that's good and I think so if you haven't joined us the past couple days I know and I mcnaught talked a lot about that she kind of went over the business of like Instagram and stuff like she got into some of those details so hopefully people have been turning us all week because she went into that and like even it might be even based on your client whether they're if they're a target or like a big corporation it might be you know as opposed to a mom-and-pop place you might not gesture of writing yeah I just play know people that have different rates for different sized businesses yeah so they'll have like their nonprofit price their small business I and then their their price and then their big corporate price yeah so really that way you can adjust for people's needs versus always saying like you know what I always need my big corporate price for everything when it's a start-up that's literally one person that needs help yeah yeah I saw somebody asked what app I'm using again so this is Adobe sketch so it's free up on the yes but then you'd have all the fun brushes and stuff which is nice yeah you're just kind of going over you had the rough sketches thank you so when over rough sketches and then I went over them with just a bolder brush to kind of give it cleaner on what I'm thinking so with this specific kind of lock up I'm thinking that the type would be bold and friendly with an illustration in the middle that's kind of the juniper berry which is the main flavor and Jen but because of that mood board being really colorful like could you add confetti with it and make it kind of just feel more like a party we're sisters elegant botanical and then that illustration being hand-drawn I also number them an order preference I know which ones I want to work on first this is my favorite one oh nice um the second one is using that hijinx name so is there a way to get let's kind of like blocky typography with an inline kind of playing with like doing I want the cross bar on the J or not with clean lines and then for that distilled gin type on the bottom I wanted to try to work on like an extended classic serif not a not a slab like it's drawn another kind of lock up one down here that's like got a clear shape defined by the name more of a graphic illustration of the Juniper and secondary typography and maybe the word hijinks can be the letters are all different color that's fine though and then this last one um kind of a more arched typography that kind of how do I make it feel a bit more interesting like it's a little bit vintage but still friendly by using like softer just yeah so yeah I knew it I think you've you've thought of like a lot of a lot of different options still within like this you know kind of based on like mood boards yeah thing I will say I do bring my mood board in so I can think about it as I'm that's not a different layer because you can import an image as a layer so then that way kind of hop back and forth and kind of talked about like here's that like kind of extended serif idea that I like yeah so I can talk about it so looks like Basilio mentions Gemini do you know Gemini I am better than I you are a Gemini yeah yes Gemini is already out its Gemini Gemini project Gemini is drawing up working on cool I'll show it to you later that's fun string yeah Gemini excited for Gemini yeah but yeah so do it come back it's like it's call most like sketching ideas or illustrator drawing sir okay I think I have heard of that actually like in one yeah so you you get similar results and then you know you could do so much more yeah that's cool you've what you've been basically doing in here is using that what you probably started with the pencil yeah now you've kind of moved on to the mark the thin mark what is this one well it says you can download I download a ton of brushes okay very cool I use different ones for a different thing yeah so just what feels right I think I because sometimes when you're doing that more cleaned-up sketch if I do too thin of a line then I feel like I still thinking about it as like a pencil and if I didn't want thin typography it's hard to figure out what that lack of is actually gonna use and how much like when you'd you like an archetype you need the word and the letters to be thick enough to actually be legible through that mm-hmm so my house turn is trying to find like something that doesn't vary based on pressure oh yeah that's good probably but still have some weight do you ever do you ever just start directly on the computer and not sketch sometimes even if I don't stir on the computer I have little my sketchbook here hold it up to the camera because I think it's it's almost too finished if you start directly like on the computer you'll get lost in the details a little sadly even if I'm not on the starting on the computer I'm usually if I even take my iPad to work with me but I'll do like tiny dinky little sketches just to like block out lock ups even before ok if I don't have time to do much of sketching so let's check out some of you might we're gonna use this go let me see if I can find what I can show is that is it is it ok yeah if we look at all your personal notes yeah just put it on all your the pages that has lead pass words yeah here's all my passwords we find a page I can show I know I have some oh here this is old but um I did like that a AIGA command X competition at the National Conference a couple years ago so I had to do like it was like 24 hours to do packaging so obviously don't have time to scout so even if I do the sketches like again really shady fun I think it kind of gets at the idea of it or like here's me trying to like make like some sort of like monogrammed lock up with the name but yeah so even if I'm not don't have time to do like there's a detailed sketching process like it's at least like I'm thinking about it yeah good you made cookies so there's a lot of little pot leaf illustration oh that's funny yeah so anyways I'm well thank you so much for sharing that with us yeah totally on the oldest should we switch back to your iPad you want to sure that's what you're gonna jump to still fantastic yeah that is very cool yeah so that's kind of way sketch process now um I think so you're still playing with like two names I don't know if we should get like a let us know what at what point maybe we have everybody decide like yeah not though not what you see on the screen but after chatting win we'll kind of dive into the naming of it I thought cool is done in a chat Edwyn right now welcome back everybody it's time for chat and win so just say something in chat with you would love to hear what's your a Gemini I am so let us know what is that a Horace but do you call that what do you what is your what your sign it's my sign so tell us what your sign is we want to know your sign in chat just say something I'm a Capricorn and we will draw a name at random and you will win some fancy stickers 100 free stickers from sticker meal so that's what we're giving away today any capricorns out there or any Gemini's we got a Libra Leo Virgo we have a Jin sign again congratulations to Lucia for menti congratulations Lucia for mentee you are the our winner of chattin wins you're gonna get 100 3×3 die cut stickers from sticker mule so we'll contact you through Behance so look for a message from Adobe Live and congratulations to you fantastic so what I'm trying to do right now is upload my sketch to my Adobe Creative Cloud Files your what okay good stuff between what I really like about sketch is that I'm able to kind of take it from my app to my computer really easily mm-hmm so it's just loading is that on Wi-Fi so that's what some of these apps allow you to do is obviously sync and I want to also remind everybody of the the challenge that's going on as well and that's what they design feedback countdown is on the other side of the screen we have that challenge tab and it's all about creating it back to the future see right here the future inspired image with metallic and effects so that's what we'll break for next in about 56 and minutes looks like there it is yeah test it yes there's two different ways to get your sketch from adobe sketch which is one of them's like you can literally open it in the program which is like magic cuz you literally just say like send to computer and it pops it open because i'm taking this from like a photoshop file to a logo file i thought that i would just upload it to my creative putt files which made more yes so working file this is good I kind of want like yeah this is fun are you just gonna play with both of these for a bit yes I think well let us we should do the poll I want to know what people like better cuz I really hard to decide on naming especially when you're not like a copywriter yeah but um I'm gonna work on both logos but I'm curious how people are both options both naming options with logos but I'm curious what people are liking better to do a poll so okay we will do a poll for the name of this Jin this playful Jin it's either gonna be Jamboree or high jinks so so anyways so what do you start with as I take that exact sketch and I bring it into my adobe illustrator file and I'll typically put it on a layer by itself called sketch so I remember not to work in it that way I can also dim this and really use it as kind of like an outline tip start building structures off of verses trying to go side by side so fantastic Thank You Tim's faster than I am Tim posted a straw poll okay thanks Tim I'm gonna vote on this too this is it okay so that's you can see click on that link and that's the the poll – straw poll so you could either pick hijinx or jamboree just pick one actually should pick the name of the the gin the bread very name is what I should say and this is hard I couldn't decide I was like hoping that when I was sketching it last night I was like hopefully one of these like feels better like normally when you start sketching it like one feels right yeah but I liked how both of them could work I'm so I'm kind of leaning toward hijinks yeah I might try a version of this logo that I really like in high jinks – woof woof by the way so far keep voting by the way but high jinks does have a considerable lead huh that's funny yeah so typically when I start out doing and will probably end up doing some custom type work on this I do still look for like fonts that I think are getting out what I'm hoping for so I have these kind of like more like extended sans faces um a couple different it's also a sans I guess technically bus got more of these interesting like feet on it yeah and it it it feels old like yes a sign was painted that way yes totally and what's fun about like that was fun too the one across from that that was fun yeah so like what's fun about these though that I always like is even though it's um filled older the second you start putting it in like really funky colors it starts kind of getting at that like I don't know like more modern feeling yeah I guess yeah you like have modern modern colors yeah so can you kind of get that juxtaposition I feel like that's always something that I like a lot and my work is like juxtaposing two opposing ideas it's like vintage colors with your vintage type with bright colors it's not something you usually see I like it yeah and it just plays up that playfulness like the colors that you just had there or very ugly and playful so yeah um what started yeah let's do it mm-hmm let's design away so yeah I think I I'm gonna start working with this conglomerate typeface which I think actually I did download a bunch of font um from the Adobe Typekit which was fun because I notice that there's like these like collections now which is fun a couple of them by designers that actually know that like it's like their curated collection of funds that they recommend for projects so I kind of downloaded some of those and it's actually a lot of good faces in there do you ever use there we go Adobe fonts formerly type kits that's what I wasn't talking about okay yeah yeah cuz you're yeah that's the thing I'll kind of font the font packs is that you're referring to yeah perfect yeah look I think Ted carpenter had one that I really liked that was like more nor it went but they don't look that well the other thing that's kind of fun let's see damn just gonna show this house oh yeah yeah fonts I be calm if you get a font packs you can get some you know and again I'm I'm like I'm surprised we haven't had this sooner you know what I'm saying like yeah I'm all people are always trying to like pair fonts and there's that whole situation and here they kind of already did that so you know it's like scribes of you're like if you wanted some old-school one but yeah like tad Carpenter is that the build a brand no let's pry not that one yeah what was that one it was what there was a couple really cool ones in there okay so we could activate that immediately from that screen or we can take a look and see yeah these are good ones on there I like oh yeah okay that's good good yeah there's that shackle channel to hold okay yeah it was just a good mixture I think those ones are good for pairing with each other you know like if you want to have a brand like you obviously don't want a pair like to like mismatch serifs so yeah it's like good to give you here's your serif and here it's like a script that would work really well with that yeah so I thought that was really interesting I like it's very cool so I just took that font that we were kind of diggin the conglomerate and just kind of placed it on a type on a path kind of over my sketch to start playing out like how does this type work with this type of a lock-up that kind of a thing and can you I think I think it I get asked this a lot if you don't mind um what if you wanted to put that text on that curve if you wanted to put that text on the inside of that line how do you do that so you drag this top like the middle line over yeah I'm sure I get it obviously this Jambo so obviously you don't need to be smaller just just so people know cuz I think that's like yeah people are amazed when they see that and it's like so easy yeah um something that I like to do so if I was just doing it straight up on a circle so chamber so here it's the exact same thing so it's centered on the top so say you wanted to have something opposing down here obviously if you hold it in its not gonna be a complete circle like it's kind of how did you duplicate that did you hold down the shift key or something or command C and then paste in place okay got it and then so technically it's a different it's a different circle one on top of the next but boom there it is but soand it's not like a complete actual circle badge like it's kind of distorted because the knife is different so what you can do is you just drag it out to match then we're not playing off that and then I drop right you were an illustrator Pro love saying this is your go-to yeah for sure go to yeah cuz I move I do mostly branding work so this I use this more often than anything I'm usually an InDesign to make decks so yeah so I kind of I'm liking where this types going yes I think although we're still we're still torn on the name don't let that stop you I think hijinx would work here to see it's a little bit shorter but I liked I actually like Gymboree how wrapped around it more personal advice hahaha works that's all liked hating so the apparently hijinks was originally hijinks and I just over time changed so I'm gonna keep using Jamboree and you were also telling me earlier hijinks the drunken game is a drinking game from like the 18th century like if you google it's like a bunch of etchings of people sitting around a table and it was basically some sort of game that if you didn't win you had to drink the whole drink some college drinking games that I remember um so what I'll do to kind of build this round oblong oval in the middle is I'll probably use the Pathfinder tool so I take two circles and then kind of connect them in the middle by connecting the anchor points so that's how you'd make that inner oh yeah some two circles and then if you take the side anchor points and kind of make a rectangle that matches all those anchor points you can kind of get that oh you could do like a rounded rectangle throughout corners you totally could do that too which I just love how you can select a corner and make it rounded with the internal control totally yeah like this is awesome yeah you can also just select certain parts of it so you can make it a shorter or taller yeah you you do your thing we want to welcome everybody let us know if it's your first time joining us today would be cool I really appreciate you and want to say hello to you it is Ashley's very first time on Adobe live so we appreciate her hanging out with us and sharing her skills a lot of her stuff she's like top secret what she doesn't work she won't really tell us but she's she's a force when it comes to branding and decide and so you can also get start on your own design that's what the design feedback countdown clock is all about check out the challenge tab there Chris Young cheers to you Chris first-timer welcome Miroslava oppa rev cheers to you my friend I'm gonna be drinking a lot of coffee there's a lot of first-timers there and do a toast birth person and I love how in Illustrator you can actually preview fonts that you haven't installed yet is amazing just FYI that's cool Ashish cheers to you and I love watching your work I actually just love watching that font change just let's do this for two hours cuz this is tricky because it has to be luckily it has to be yeah this is good yeah and it has to be legible like how much personality do you give it verses that is so good so Oh slow clap Caitlin says Jin Marie I like that too chamber that's pretty clever huh so you can filter your Adobe fonts here which is nice so that if you I don't obviously have as many that I have in my whole computer so then that way you can sort the ones that you downloaded for your projects listen to me quickly and then there's the fine more at the top just so people know about it find more these are fonts that you don't have installed yet some of them you might have installed but yeah user that's how your phone probably its height download them yeah that's cool you got it and then so you could you could still sort through the filters yeah so you could say hey all the Adobe fonts out there give me the same source lab Sarah yeah of the thousands of fonts that are out there I see you insert my way to see house I'm looking for a sans right now a lot of them we're not even through the ACE I know you can in you know I like what I like where you're going with this like the thin thin look you could actually sort by the thinness – oh really yeah I think it's more like a medium or a regular weight cuz I want to have something that contrasts with this top face because if I made it the same weight it probably wouldn't read in the same hierarchy cuz the brand name is jamberry but like the actual product is crafted genore barrel crafted gin I'm not sure which one I'm going to use to sweat yet um there's a so there's adobe font called gin okay that's really nice I didn't know that you could preview fonts that you had installed yet that's really nice is it kind of hard to envision it in your design mm-hmm you're not area I agree so you can do it yeah destiny you can do it by the thinness you can do it by the width of the font as how you can filter them serif sans serif like all the different properties I still like going to I think one thing it doesn't have is I like going to the website because you could sort by fonts that are gonna be more like a heading font decorative versus paragraph text font they probably might be easier to read so thank you Gary good good tip you can type gee when the list is out to could jump to the Gees if you want to but we're just kind of thinner playing around that one's fun that one is cool I don't know if it fits like there but I almost want to like put that aside and we're gonna save that yeah can I say like this and this together it's like they're too close of font families yeah like if you're gonna use this you might as well just use a lighter weight of the top one yeah so and the thinness of that the thin spots are almost start to disappear totally and which is like a logo that's not agree I think we'll just stick with a cumin for now so so cuz she's just so you know so in terms of in terms of turning your text in words on the path how to mirror it so it's still reading left to right I don't know but basically it's that lot if you see that line there he's gonna be able to drag it you just click and drag and then you can flip it and turn it any way you want from that yellow I get you out of the jam yeah yeah eventually it works and Anshuman again yeah choosing the font that's a difficult process you know how do you I mean it's a lot I think honestly like the way you choose the one is you just try a bunch of them and you find that work you try you try a bunch of em you get get it really really mad see an illustrator you leave you come back right and then you're like oh no that's what were you need to go so yeah and honestly like I have a hard time with fonts actually like finding them and like making sure that I like them and that's why I've started doing a lot more custom type stuff just because I'll take a base font and I'll start modifying it to get to what I wanted in the first place hmm so yeah yeah so this one here from now I want to go back and I think draw this and my iPad eventually I think for now we can jump over to this hijinx one cuz I wanted to do more custom type here which might be fun to work on together into this so I'll first do when I'm drawing like a custom sands like this is I'll drop in some ruler lines so everything's got the same height and luckily you can see in this word you have a lot of like letters so like the H and the I is like pretty much the same letter rotated mm-hmm yeah so most of these we can build off of each other which is fun and there are there is a font out there that does have those lines in it totally there's a lot of them it's just fun to build stuff no by all means like do your do do your thing yeah but I think that's like a good call I like how this the hijinx this word is I don't think anybody's gonna have a problem spelling it in terms of a brand I think it's good just like have have something that's easy to spell totally and is hopefully available all against yes right yeah that's the UM that's the luxury part of not actually this not being a real thing is I don't have to look into like if this is legally available but maybe it's Oh high jinks the agile yeah well it is also made up so that's okay right yeah so I put a square behind these because I knew that I wanted my letters to be kind of based off on the square whether that's right typographically or not yeah so I'll build it with just different shapes and I'll probably flatten it yeah Heidi that's a good question how do you how do you get your clients your freelance clients how do they contact you how do they I'm pretty active on social media right so I think a lot of my clients come through just like networking with different people there yeah I don't really do much else besides that like my freelance hustle like really isn't that insane cuz again like I work full time so my clients are pretty limited that I take on I don't want to be super busy so they're usually reaching out because a friend of a friend knows them or something like that like it's all kind of like word-of-mouth and it's the right amount of busy for you yes that's good I feel like everybody there's always somebody looking for a graphic designer cuz they were working on some something their own side hustle or whatever happens so I I agree Kerwin when it comes to your least favorite letter to illustrators in the letter R I like our you know I don't think it's a tough one this whole thing I'm kind of hoping the stream ends before we get haha it's hard you got to figure out that balance of the top curves hours fun cuz you got the you have the little leg that's only one with the leg that's true yeah so when you work on type and outline mode I think it's easier to kind of make sure your spacings right with things yeah versus being distracted by everything else going on and I can make sure like I'm trying to make sure that this in line is centered how often do you build this like typography from scratch versus modifying a fan's very it varies based on the project and what I'm going for LT it's 50/50 like if you have a short timeline I could sometimes it's fun or to modify a font because then you have a better base I think because this is kind of so straightforward because I wanted to feel really just mean I'm hoping that it will be an easier one just to build yeah and again it's it is that a lot of these letters have highly similar elements yeah thundering was a basic studio I would love to know your actual name or we could maybe that is your first and last name but if rose from Mexico wants us to design a mezcal brand that's also fun I think when I was on the phone preparing for this they said that we recently did a mezcal brand I don't know where I was with but there might be one because I'm in Tibet I do I think out of a lot of the sort of the bottles out there alcohol bottles I think mezcal and tequila have fun bottles they're likely the most fun cuz Monali dabble in like Day of the Dead and some and just some fun colors and totally interesting shapes and stuff so into it well so I don't if you guys caught that the eye is just the H rotated I love it just very convenient um when it comes to the J I wasn't sure if I wanted to add a top bar lunch will probably draw it both ways um I think if you got a top art actually make it kind of tight where the bottom wraps back around uh yeah Hugo I don't know if you know who did the mezcal Brad what what designer I don't know that was sprite on vacation I feel like I haven't been here for a little bit yeah I was on you know saving the world Oh Oh si has to go to bed now all right well thanks for hanging out with us but we have somebody from Saudi Arabia wow that's awesome what time is it in Saudi Arabia just kind of curious has to be pretty late haha what kind of bops what's that what kind of bops do you listen to when you're designing that's Connor news no Connor I have a do you know that Connor I do I know that Connor Connor yeah and that's tailing my intern hightailin um I he's saying buffs because I have a playlist on Spotify called lady bops that like it's just literally every all my favourite female pop songs I'm like yeah deep dives back to like elementary school like through like last week I was still updating it it's like lately list lady bops oh thanks for chiming in Connor that's awesome I just like I just like calling you music bops that's a good word lady bobsled I like Taylor Swift and it's all sorts of things I think I love Taylor Swift off of it which is maybe a cleaner perris Katy Perry's on there a lot of Carly Rae Jepsen Robins my favorite okay Robin interesting yeah that's good not a lot of deep dives I'm with Jay here when I start the Jo doing pretty well though that's weird I think what I'm gonna do instead of trying to build the Allies I'm gonna build it as a stroke and then just bulk it up until it okay I feel this is I want to see you I'm totally interested in yeah plays out sometimes you get down a road when you're doing custom lettering any like oh that's no not gonna work destiny Simmons loves Robin as well so you got some Robin so good chance lady Bob's playlist Heather likes it I love I love people's like like they're guilty they're guilty pleasures totally like of everything and like especially music guilty pleasures yes so fun for sure um I feel like after college a couple years ago I was noticing people are kind of mean about people liking like top 40 pop music so I started trying to kind of just like own it yeah and being like they're not like but it's probably music for a reason if you like yeah don't don't try to be like him too cool for Taylor Swift yeah or whatever yep okay so I'm gonna skinny bop bop Derrick's actually that's a song who sings that I'm skinny Bop it's a song enough um trivia so we built this J outline so now to get the stroke to what I want I'm gonna drop in a guide I know how you I I have a thought on how you should do this J by the way okay that is probably no good just do so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bump up the stroke till it touches this lines and hopefully it'll work better than what I was doing before cool I think that feels good to me so obviously now it's going below the baseline so I'm gonna do is I'm going to turn it into an outline or expand it outline it like everything else it's kind of weird but kind of always do Sam that's good offset path is another way to do it mmm offset that refer to take it's just basically what you yeah it's difference a different way yeah well I think I like that J with those guys what is I don't know what is my guilty music pleasure mmm my guilty music pleasure I don't know taco what is it you should probably know Paco is actually also known as DJ pac-man who's our resident DJ right over here he's spinning the tracks on the ones and twos that you're hearing that electronic whatever music in the background which is typically what I listen to when working yeah that type of stuff I liked so with iTunes used to be able to see like the song that you had have played the most oh my god yeah which was always a good gauge to be like what is that song yeah I forget what mine was cuz I'm a big person we're like a new song comes out and I love it and then I only listen to that song for a week yeah which I think people think is insane but it's like no like that Katy Perry song that just came which one well I don't even know what does I don't know never really over it's really good and I'm not a huge Carrie Perry fan by only even listening to that song for like a week so I'm sure that's well very high on this list yeah okay cool something I figured out the day finally oh good job Derek Poisson Singh's son skinny bob davie metal I'm into it I'm into like there's hardcore I'd be into like the softcore music I'm into the not hardcore stuff the Poppy metal and stuff well yeah Fall Out Boy like I wasn't a Fall Out Boy I'll be lovely followed by was my jam in high school and of course we are big fans of brand new in this studio you know brand new I do yeah and the war on drugs is another popular one that we will listen to after this dream so again I'm basing all these off of squares just to kind of get that's like blocky thing going across I like how you're using you're definitely using previous elements you already had created types look type will get screwed up if you're not you know if your sizes are off it's something it's just gonna seem off so yeah and crossbar it's just connecting the tool corners excuse me Joelle loves brand new awesome well you're a friend of ours so we love brand new in the studio yeah we have them on repeat constantly this is all just kind of like my first messy base layer so obviously this is not great yeah and what this like point doesn't match with anything else we're doing yeah it's like how do you you know manage that you're gonna round it what I'll probably do is can you show people how to round it yeah I can so if that's like the look you're going for you could go through to your strokes panel and change the corner to around Boop yeah that's much better yeah I mean you I don't know what you I mean that's better than the point I feel it's definitely better than the extended point cuz that's weird um two different ways out fix this so this diagonals not exactly lining up even between these toes is either problem so I would also sometimes add a second point no actually half oops I may be the mono line is kind of squared off mm-hm and that's a way to get it centered so that's a little bit better spacing now probably confusing I'm gonna find it so that feels a lot better so you don't have that super sharp point if you didn't want to add that super sharp point also what I also do sometimes is say that this was perfectly spaced and you're still getting that point once your what is a no-no um so pretend this is perfect and like you're stuck with this sharp point anyways when you're gonna make it when you're making a local you're eventually gonna expand it anyways so sometimes I'll go through and chop it chop it because you feel like most times when I'm making locals there's like a level of like finessing detail that comes through afterwards like you're never gonna just outline something and be like it's done it's good so that kind of fixes it to I think knowing how wide this is I kind of like Rose out with the squaring off yeah I like I like that extra point in there yeah something I already had it done there delete that one I think that something without that feels a bit more mechanical too and I feel like this one's kind of like this strange like a little bit more constructed feeling type yeah hey jinx we're almost there we're almost to that bad letter though oh no you're not looking forward to that he's gonna know you're like figure it out I'll probably build an Euler to the J where I do the outline and then hope that that works fine so ah yeah could that work sometimes too if you find a similar font you can put the S behind it and then all you do is you follow like the general flow of it and you just make it look like your type anyways yeah yeah yeah I mean I I think I know how to fix this try to find a line through hmm actually you know what so again in say just okay so this is good I'm just gonna while you do that oh yeah Mike so again just this is in Illustrator none of the other apps have it but basically I'm going in to find more and then I want to filter probably since this is a decorative phone I can go into decorative swashes distressed or regular that's where it might be whoo there's already like that's kind of fun like there's that I let's how that one earlier liked that one yeah that's kind of neat oh here's a serif version but anyway so just kind of showing you this booth here and then what I'm doing since I did find more I can go ahead and activate it and bring it in then here's another one sometimes I'll favorite them like the ones that I'm downloading and then I'll of course my favorites but anyways this is where time it's you start to lose track of time I feel as soon as you dive into looking at fonts like hours go by like what happened to my time oh yeah I was like looking at some fonts those kids go oh that's fun too welcome I want to welcome Heather and Gary and everyone let us know if you have questions we're diving into some more complex letters I feel yeah at this point right we were rocking and rolling I think they'd the H is so easy you know yeah and this is where like normally if being good and I'm not switching concepts cuz I want to show you guys how we do this this is all so weird you too thick I'll come back to that later let's yeah no there's and there's nothing wrong with it like I mean I that's what I love about it he'll be alive I like it when people yeah you're really working you're really like people really like screwing up things and gig finally getting themselves in a jam and working your way out of it as always like super fun to see yeah let's pump you want are we doing on that second point again Oh Meredith I'm sorry you having that problem with activating fonts I don't know why I don't know why it's not activating in Illustrator but usually when I activate them my favorite them so they don't go to my favorites menu just so I can find them I think half the time it's not only finding the right font but remember what that font name is so I like what is that what do they call that crazy thing yeah say like I never remember yeah for now don't think it's great to the bad one I know I'm trying to like I know here's a good one so what's that one called it's kind of looking at some of these fonts we have this one properties panel phosphate is the top one okay let me grab that one I can take a stab there doing it once but if I can't do it I like the idea of taking phosphate as a base and then you can kind of half trace it half add your own shape to it and then you have the proportions of the s right yeah I feel like when I first started I always thought that was cheating but it's like no it's just a solid reference point if you're tracing that exactly and passing it off as your own that's a problem that is a problem but if you put it underneath and you're just like this is a good guide I just got them for that like non-stop um just to kind of cuz it's what the shape is just a tough letter cuz I do custom lettering but I'm not a typographer like I think like there's definitely rules I break and I'm approaching it from a branding perspective I'm not well you know you know its type is it has one job it's just conveying for me you're just supposed to be able to read it yeah so I think as long as you can there we go sorry about that oh there we go you could read I read that yeah mess we're done thanks I've nailed it nailed it I'm gonna first try I just trying to like block off that first chunk crappy one kind of hope it works uh I don't know if you can talk about this but Kirwan's asking about like working for a large company versus you know your freelance clients that's super fascinating it's very different I think I can talk about it in terms of like generally should be how different it is because I think even when you compare like freelancing or corporate to a like small studio or an ad agency like I think everything has its own culture that's actually pretty good that's good we're gonna try the stroke thing that we do with the J now oh yeah um I'd say when you work in a small company or by yourself you're wearing a lot of hats when you work at a corporation depending on what that corporation is you're a specialist I'm really proud of that us I'm looking for done I I'm really impressed – Wow maybe I just need to talk more while I design and I don't get in my head about it it's not perfect everyone but it's close I like that you work you know you work at Target and I can get working in a big corporation yeah helps you understand how big corporations work so when you're dealing with them on a freelancer basis like you have you totally get it the nuance there's like all these layers of management and all these things that you have to be like you totally to understand how things work yeah I I encourage everybody should have corporate job and then freelance and find what if it's free but it's something there's both are awesome totally you have the best of both work because you know totally that's funny because um I always say like when you if you want to work somewhere corporate like make sure it's for company love cuz it's hard to work corporate for something if you aren't in love with the product because you have to live and breathe that product every day versus if you work at an agency you're switching between different clients a lot yeah that's true yeah Chris I was thinking the same thing Chris said you would use circles for the S but I think you nailed it already like so far you're on the total right track you can use circles for an S the problem is is like that top and the bottom balance is slightly different like the top curve is tighter and the bottom curve is more open and with a circle it's hard to get to that you keep doing your thing like Ariana says that came out great thanks it's kind of very good did you know you can add you can add multiple strokes onto a line you know that really can I show you yeah it's amazing how do you do that so go to your appearance panel OOP and do the flyout menu add new stroke and then increase the Sun go to the stroke beneath cuz it's stacked but go to this one maybe change the color and make it make it bigger so I was like the instant one inside one can be wipe the outside one can be black or whatever but just to kind of show you inside white I change another one mm-hmm oh do you haven't even seen it deflected Oh oops a new stroke it's like why is nothing changing that's so odd yeah so it's the one that are up higher yeah exactly just leaps that traffic to the white oh oh I know you could do this yeah that's really bum so so and this is really good like anything cuz you pick a script font you know house response you want to stroke a script font and it doesn't come out right it's good to I can show you in this tutorial so let's say I want to move on to other stuff because I want to show how to do different things but what I would do from here is I probably wouldn't make another layer on top of it and draw an actual outline version of it so then that way you can clean up some of these really awkward areas and yeah it's like a weird point that's generating so I'll use that stroke tool similar to how I use like my sketches oh and I'll just erase it afterwards so let's move on to something else cuz that was a lot of type building haha so no I like it so but with that appearance panel you can have multiple strokes multi-leaf ills as well like so many things I don't know you could do that that's really nice for in lines honestly cuz in my type is like the hardest stuff to do because you get into weird spots like this for like if this was trying to point to my screen if you added lines here and drew this as a stroke then you could add the in line and then you would know exactly where it went mm-hmm first is having to guess like where these little special points go and stuff like that so into it all right um let's move on to maybe this one another hydrant where's the pole at is hiding still winning violence yeah I'll check it again but let me refresh this yeah thanks looks like my guess is winning winner looks like pretty much our winner is high jinks yeah you know for your votes like by double but again it's your it's your stream that's a fake client though do whatever we want working in white which isn't helpful this is another similar kind of layout with an illustration that I would compare it back to this one the difference here is I think that's when I would want to do a hand-drawn illustration and over here we're gonna try doing something else more vector-based to kind of get it like a juniper berry like Laurel cuz junipers much you flavor Jen with so type on a path again to kind of get hijinx in there okay it was cute it kinda looks like pine and blueberry it totally does yeah so it's like a fun one to make little illustrations for so let me pull some of those references when we start working on stuff yeah well I had no idea what they taste like yeah so let's pick up I think that's like more heavy sans wonderful over here but it might not be friendly enough and it feels a little bit sporty or something like that our new kind of thing also kind of thinking in the back your head about color yeah I want to touch on that eventually because I think like this you don't get like the full vibe of it and tell you good the color going yeah so that's what I was just blocking stuff out let's try to get this one done quickly and then we can start playing with color come in too and just so you know we have that design challenge going on about less than about 12 minutes we'll would be reviewing those desires Rita just asked what's the logo for it's not for a Jake Big Jim brass djinn brand not Jim brass right try gin gin um not a real clients that means I get to do what we want so what does we're doing a poll on the name so just kind of jumping in and checking out all right yeah hello hola wet well I'm saying your name quickly yes this is will be available on demand as soon as we are done you check the replays tab just hang out with us hang out so I'm liking this Sofia prototype because I think it feels friendly don't like the J mm-hmm so probably will change that yeah and they'll probably modify it a little bit and make the corners more rounded cuz I want this job that's friendly without taking away from the legibility of it I think we can start tweaking that right now I dress casually boom honey you're gonna do that yeah always do that I don't so you don't lose your arch I just love looking at people's illustrator files cuz they're a mess right now I mean that's okay they just get messy and notice I'm not even working on a page like once I didn't want to show concept I'll start pulling them on the page but for now I'm literally just working in all the besides stuff sometimes all even you couldn't even turn off that our board outline oh really yeah how do you do that view I think hi dartboards Oh like a really like I don't care I'm not working on a page that's cool so oh yeah and group um I know what I'll do is I'll go through and try to figure out like what corner radius I like I'll usually do a different corner radius for the outer corners versus the inner corners so let's just select the outer corners yeah using the direct selection yeah Mariana's working on a logo – this is very helpful she says oh so happy great happy Rodrigo wants to know what's for it's fake Jibran people are just supporting us yeah um so I selected all the corners separately and I'll just play around like what feels good you could make it totally round II boy but I think I like a little bit better one just feels like this like 0.1 so just a little bit softer yeah um I'll pull these guys to just well it's actually a bit more hard to tell from far away promise it feels better hahahahaha it's one of those things you you changes the designer that nobody else is look how much better that feels and that's nice like it shows you like the are the radius number as you're going so you don't have to I was just gonna go make sure it's around the one so this guy I'm just gonna select the bottom half of it and see what it feels like to kind of pull him up into ya line with his friends so it works I've been my spacings kind of off yeah just kinda just saw it so I think it works if we had more time I probably would make it more of the just use my blob brush to show this I can't probably make them off NJ ooh which I think could be fun but I don't want to mm-hmm so that's a detail to get into later exactly so I just want to get to a point where we're happy with the mark right now so we can start playing off color and talking about how that could make it feel Chris wants to know how you how you get those little control points on the inside yeah so if you have the direct select arrow which is the white arrow which is just a drag and select those and then you should get little dots yeah so I usually need a lot you can actually change it from just a rounded corner to a channel corner and all sorts of things where are those should be in your options bar you select the points well maybe it's down there somewhere yes I've seen it before but yeah you can change it to different like you can make it so the corners just like angled off yeowch is nice for like kind of more vintage looking type so I'd especially recommend only doing outline corners on letters like n because if you do that same radius that you're doing on the outside on the inside here you're gonna pull it in that's gonna block it in more so you're gonna want to do more small okay radius to see the legislature yeah same with like a queso anytime when you get to like those really tight corners you don't want to be doing the whole thing at once yeah anytime there's that sharp corner cuz even even this one was kind of exactly that's a theme I might go back and tweak that ready yeah I can see out like ho I don't like any of those they turned out luckily you can always go back and edit them so might get even less get your designs in love to see well so here are the two side by side so left is what we modified and right is where it was so it's not crazy different but I do feel like you can feel the softness of those characters more whereas here it feels really sharp so I think we're gonna keep that one so we'll keep that guy and now let's add in some secondary type to kind of close up the mark and then we'll add icon in the middle hygiene this is a perfect name if I just pulled this up dictionary probably dictionary.com boisterous fun is what hijinks means that's like sounds like a good time uh-huh it's not I lost everything in the neighborhoods I should save it so make sure you're saving at finals I see girl oh so sorry Oh like where did it go um here we go sorry these are just some fonts I've installed on my own that I'm probably play around with um I was wondering what value serif might look like here so it's a little more of a vintage feeling serif and I was also gonna try that's a virya which again like warm up into just there if that's a little bit more lobbed in well that's a technical term I like that I like the rounded corners cause it kaya kind of matches so not too many there are different typefaces but this one's like more it feels like it's been run through like a letterpress or something and this one's just a little cleaner which i think is gonna work better like what we're dealing I'm gonna show people the corners are all fast interested so just drew a shape right as you can see here once you have that drawn I currently just have you know all the corners selected but right up here in the OP this is where I usually go options bar corners and here you can see the chamfered and then the chamfered and then the inverted rounds and obviously there's even different types of rounding this is interesting absolute versus relative I wonder if that would solve that problem yeah ha interesting but anyways you can see the obvious yeah yeah that's what that angle one it's nice because that's something that can take a lot of time if you're going through and like chopping your letters to get that look to be able to round them off yeah with that exact function that's nice I'm gonna I'm gonna just try this really fast ah let's go with home Attica you're wrong that's Brella two years yeah it's those points that yeah it's pretty much kind of what you were doing but yeah you were actually yeah the way you made it look was was even better great you did it even better so again not a real project so we're just making words up maybe two old feeling you might want to do something a little bit yeah so that's one I think cuz it's a little bit hard a little bit more friendly well still kind of having that like old-school but I was going for oh I'm into it yeah so let's regroup this there are different weights yeah so now we have a nice little spot here to work on like a little illustration guy less than two minutes to get your designs in that we will review shortly so check out the challenge tab we are working on metallic and neon effect designs back to the future style so this is mental icon I started kind of working on so now here we'll talk the reference plan for juniper berries so the juniper is like the main herb used to flavor gin so it's really cute thankfully mmm-hmm so we'll just take this into illustrators we kind of have a reference point obviously we're not racing and the style will be very different I think it's nice to kind of have something in there versus switching back and forth totally um fortune a once know what font this is it's called Adel PE I think that it'll be fun I guess it is so yeah very nice clump so annoying that's kind of about these blueberries and like these come mix between like pine and time I feel like we'll just build a little mark based off of that into it oh this is gonna be curious how you build that the little sprigs sprigs yeah I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it just yet I think these are good for the center berries I think what I'll do is I'll lock them into place and I'll probably draw this whole thing over it and then cut it out okay Oh Wilton's asking about my questionnaire which that's a good question so there the questionnaire that I showed at the beginning of this dream like wondering if I charge for that part of that brief so I do I consider that part of it like I would never build that creative questionnaire without actually having over like a contract with the client I wouldn't do that part free and be like this is what I would do so you know that's always interesting like what like how far get you far for discovery yeah it depends on the client because if it's a if it's a potentially like super big gig you might you might want you to do some of that stuff I think that it wouldn't be completely out of line no like to ask like is there a fee for this because this goes beyond just pricing and project scope identification so there are ways you can build this like sprig that feel like geometrically perfect but I kind of want this to feel like it was geometric but still kind of hand crafted mm-hmm so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna chop it so it doesn't actually overlap actually first I'm gonna duplicate it or group it yeah group it I'll make a copy somewhere copy it and reflect it so I just have they identical one going the other way and I was trying to line up this like lying right here directly in the middle there's a little mark so now I'll chop it just by eyeballing it to see what I think feels right there's our little sprig icon which is pretty good for a first pass and then what I'll do is cause again like I want it to kind of feel like it's handcrafted maybe it's a stamp that's curved into something but obviously I don't have a stamp maker here we're going to outline everything in group and then mess with some of the thick's and Thins to kind of make it look hand-carved so I'll do is I'll go through here so Sam just so you know we have Ashley today and tomorrow so we're gonna get this done in two days yeah so tomorrow I'll come in with some finish a finished logo and some sketches for packaging and all means you're in the beginning that we can talk about how I got to the finished logo versus just like being like surprised it's done none of you get to see what it is so so rounding off again some of these corners inside of here I think is gonna get it a more friendly look you could also like knowing that the little Juniper kind of like they come to peeks you can go through and thin like hand-select these corners and make them a little bit thinner out the tip that's one pretty good yeah it's very nice and even though I've already neared this guy over here I'll probably still just duplicate it again I do a lot of back and forth duplicating cuz a lot of my stuff I do a symmetrical so instead of going through on hand tweaking the other one I'll just replace it again color into it you also we can review some give some design feedback we don't know we don't have many but there's a few that we have we'll go ahead and review yeah why don't we review for right now it's looking really good though by the way I really like it that's direction before we jump off completely yeah let's take a look I'm pretty good I think there's things out weak about it for sure but I think for like a first pass I try to be forgiving with myself versus like immediately be like ooh a lot of stuff might change I think it feels good I think we have a couple cool options for logos here mm-hmm so am I gonna hear anything you do like a hand Illustrated one yeah so yeah very cool well awesome actually that is amazing and just you know working on we're doing this reviewing this design challenge so we invite you to share your photoshop design with us it's Back to the Future inspired image with metallic neon effects yeah and then we were working on smart objects so join the community of course the discord which is what I'm looking at and this is where the community it really comes to life which is little so to continue the conversation even beyond these streams yeah it all like happen this year so just you know I'm reviewing the design feedback right in here it's a voodoo Val was kind enough to present nice these daily challenge and you can see fart Emmaus which I'm gonna give bartemaeus the heart eyes that looks amazing yeah that's cool it's like intense highlights I love the intense highlights yeah and again that's just like an added layer and pride plate with the blend modes they're totally works really well yeah good background excellent job excellent bartimaeus okay let's take a look whoo that's fun can there's a little reflection in there too yeah that's a long it would be cool if you could find a way to work color into that cuz kind of like you see all the color of the lights on the strip like is there a way to get like other hints of color besides just gold and the type fun and the best thing you could do if you if you're feeling like a little lost or something that's not right just like you're doing with juniper berries go back to your reference like what does Grover look like yeah in these settings and it's just studying from real life is like the best thing you can you know but that's looking really cool I love it it's fantastic that that might be it for the yeah daily challenge they might have already reviewed these yesterday but here's some stranger things text they were working on duster like I work on that's a pretty cool yeah yeah nice I'm excited for what season 3 watch the preview yet but I really like the first seven seasons yeah I haven't watched it either yeah it's crazy singing watch all those kids have grown up that's like the fun thing about shows our kids is yeah Wow fantastic so continue to submit yours will be on in discord by the way just kind of reviewing the various designs that come through also with our next guest will be doing that as well just so you know because yeah we have about 15 minutes or so um so I thought what we could do here is start playing with color obviously right now it's done back in my mode but um typically I'd get these a little bit further feeling finish before I jump super in the car but I think it'd be fun to look at today and talk about that um so I actually do usually pull my mood board in when I start playing with color because I think it's really hard to come up with color from scratch and I actually get a lot of emails from people asking how I come up with my colors usually that I my dropping it because other people are really good with color I never would like exactly pick something up identically but like to get like the tones to get something started I'll always eyedropper yeah yeah why not just even when even when somebody does try to actually copy something directly it never ends up exactly like how it was first of all like what fun is that anyway yeah totally so again like I think like taking something that feels maybe a little bit vintage and starting to play with bright colors with it can be really interesting so I'll take the eyedropper color and then start tweaking like I want that to feel a little bit more yellow kind of bright and citrusy I like the blue because again like that juniper berries but maybe it goes into like that really trendy like royal blue that's happening everywhere right now I've got gonna be in Iran to the trends huh like I didn't know there was this royal blue trend happen I don't do so much right now I think it's a thing yeah so we can look at a couple that are just straight up to call their explorations and then I know that this was one that I initially wrote in my notes that I wanted to play with what if the typography was a couple different colors so maybe this goes to Kevin Worth's wondering if you thought of changing the J hijinx to a G I have I think that's clever but I also personally I don't like puns I kind of like when the pun is worked into the like I like that there's the gin sound and hijinx and I don't want to make it like totally hitting you over the head with it so yeah the J was kind of like a little bit more subtle even though we all obviously recognize that mm-hmm I like I like it I like what you're thinking though Kevin that's like totally a good idea and I think that's why I liked the word high jinks honestly because it has that chin sound but I think the G part just makes it like really there yeah and it's it's fun when you do change when you make up a new word chances are that's gonna be available across like social media and all that stuff like that's oh my god totally yeah so maybe for if we had a real client they would want that because and it does make it truly more ownable mm-hm something that people recognize so yeah so I'm actually really liking adding color to this one it's kind of wild to me I love all of these it's really a life like I want to use all the like all that use all these commodities like they all of us great fantastic really well um that's cool they're all just so nice yeah I think like what's funny to me is like when I was looking at it and black and white I was kind of still beating myself up in my head like I don't know like not great yet but then the second you add color to it it starts to come to life a little bit better which is really nice so I think this is a good two color exploration boards but like let's go crazy let's go crazy when I use by the way we do like pun you we like but I didn't mean the roast you I'm sorry yeah I don't know but like that's also chats job to be there yeah you guys can come after dinner like we we love puns we do and believe it but it's also like when to use it when to know like I like you what you said oh you don't want to hit somebody over the head with yeah something like yeah you know it's better subtle ooh you know what actually be not are you doing oh you change the car okay good yeah yeah let's just go so like incorporating more of that actual juniper color which i think is a little bit more a good way honestly for me that I get to my vibrant colors because I feel like I have a hard time picking them out here mm-hm and I'll actually go into here and I'd this is a better visualization tool for me to get to like that vibrant color that I want but yes do do you ever use recolor differ use recolor artwork and I haven't figured that out yet can we can I show you cuz it'll be really fun as soon as you get something let's do it with all these top ones okay let's pick a couple colors you know so how do I start it just select both elements like everything yeah okay we go now go to edit yeah edit colors and recolor artwork now so these are the two colors you can also click to the edit the edit tab there and now lock it down by the way is one thing I do lock it and those links links them together now we're just rotate it around and you can just say I love so that's cool then you can go you can take it in and out yeah and since they're linked together it keeps that same saturation or brightness okay yeah super fun that's good too yeah that one so because I do put new now when I get over this one after this science I don't lose it okay I want to try that on this wild thing let's be good yeah so um I'm just gonna put a rainbow and even if I don't think it's the right thing for the brand cuz I just want to see how it kind of turns out when you're playing those mm-hmm colors that's a good Lucia brings up a good point just talking about blue and yellow together makes you reminds her of IKEA but it's good to think about that stuff because like those brands are out there and they're gonna totally yeah ideally like and there's couple there always we do it we're playing with lots of colors but I love brands that have been able to like own the color which is hard to do or even a combo like that combo they own that combo now oh my god yeah it's an equity Inc to them yeah okay I'm excited to do this hahaha I love it love I'm gonna use this tool all the time you should look at that okay so I like to do this thing that I call twisted primary colors which is like I'll do like a pure red yellow and blue but then I'd slightly twist it so it doesn't feel so primary okay and I feel like this is a good way to do that cuz you could literally set those colors and then just but you could just twist it and then you get just like a slightly different rainbow well that's fun so marina thank you for joining us by the way this is a personal project creating gin a gin logo yeah branding to see and then Miguel is asking the inspiration for the middle graphic so that is actually juniper which is the main herb that flavors Jen so that's really fun still swapping the colors but more nuanced so that we can still kind of use a color in the background so we could go to like I'm multiplying or something oh yeah looks like it is what's happening there we go oh yeah so we'll change these yellows to something that matches totally Derek since they're RGB colors do they does it convert to your CMYK doc are you using RGB unit you're nothing really you're using CMYK yeah I do switch back and forth sometimes I am in CMYK color mode some up here and then I'm picking CMYK over here I will say that like when you get into the Edit colors and recolor artwork it's really good if you do it helps you pare it out in colors because it gets to be important I just are picking colors like the printing and all that stuff like you have 15 different colors maybe you only want to make sure all your Reds match perfectly totally you can pare it down that way in it's so nice that's nice especially if you're like working with a freelance client that you're in charge of figuring out production ready files but you can like make sure that everything's in the right place I really like this I like what you're doing here yeah boy that's pretty subtle that's cool safe like stuff like that like a good way to get your client to do something fun without being like yeah just so you know we have Melissa Katara's up at well that that's at noon we also have XD daily creative challenge happening in about 10 10 15 minutes as well so full day planned super fun having Ashley here I like that fun yeah it's not super legible against the blue summer's gonna drop the tone of it just so it's more legible when you when you're thinking about this like as a label like are you thinking that blue the the the light blue will be actually on the label totally so it could either be that or is the light blue a holding shape that's the logo goes inside oh so if you wanted your label to be something else like could you ever is it a little flag that it sits inside of mm-hmm so that could be that too so I think there's a lot of different ways to like deploy a background color oh look at the Hat no flag that's actually really cute there's something with this that feels really like Scandinavian which I kind of like uh-huh I kind of wanted to try the subtle color shift here to Vegas it was kind of distracting on all the tall letters to have them be different maybe we'll try the opposite maybe a little more purple yeah that fits good that's nice that's subtle yeah and you can always like it incorporate like a little another oh you can make you could do more accents here okay just add red of some emphasis to like the product its height mm-hmm I love these little these little tips these little things like those little I feel like these are the things that make a logo feel more like thoughtful and like a story versus just like here it is use the type and and sometimes things just need to be grounded or encapsulated or something like that add these elements to like yeah make it it makes it look more finished something fun you can maybe do here to get a little bit of form as you could you do that contrasting color on half the berry yeah that's what I was thinking if it's a hot it's a drop shadow or like yeah maybe it follows that curve I don't know you're the designer there's a couple there run things you could do to kind of make it feel interesting well film yeah that's a good question as well like could you do these logos in Photoshop yeah you technically could I don't love the type tools in Photoshop I will say use Photoshop and logos if I'm doing hand drawn elements um and I do use live trace to get into vector because I think that you're most of the time your client needs something that can scale and like a raster file won't be able to scale infinitely versus this you could scale up to use a sound like a billboard or something super a tiny tool so I think like if you're gonna use Photoshop for logos you have to be really careful with losing used for sure yeah I do feel like everything starts in Illustrator whole-exome vector illustrator and then it and then it's like hey other apps take care of it yeah dude you'll make it animated and after-effects and go back go add your cool stuff in Photoshop or whatever I like it whatever you need to do one now just kind of into you I'm really liking this logo it's making me like hi drinks better because that's definitely team Jamboree hahahaha when all of you made me think differently haha I really like these colors this is making you happy color can be tough but it can be tough like that I love that all these colors as it as a youth like as a unit I like all this stuff yeah yeah does anyone have color suggestions or things they want to see yeah any any other ideas again Maura we're a team here routine love they love to hear from you if you have any other suggestions oh I did want to try roughening this logo a little up a little bit so using just to kind of make it feel me be even more hand-drawn like could we let's just take that tight Rapha looks wild but if you drop the settings low enough you can get to a place we have I do want to show two more oh we do designs too let's do that because I'm not getting anywhere here you got it all right thank you so much for hanging out with us yeah again wanna want to highlight you as a community appreciate you this isn't discord check out the challenge tab but design feedback Guardians again this is from sorry about that Girard cool that's a spooky-looking person yeah but I love how like organic these highlights are yeah it's super organized like that's picking up so much color from the background I think those chrome kind of like Back to the Future graphics work best when it's really absorbing everything yeah from the space around it yeah good job and it does kind of blend into the background which is good because you have this big fat type that's huge yeah and it's a good use of color so Gerard you are fantastic let's throw a little hey buddy Xanadu ants this is from animal Xanadu that's that is fun very much Pride Month for sure to it into it or over 80s I technically we're doing Back to the Future kind of like back to the ad is kind of super fun yeah I love it well great and good job using like appropriate fonts and stuff for sure want to use like a serif font no or something like super stately and then throw it in chrome so these on this on that note these are a Derek by the way in Photoshop but yeah I think that makes sense when you're doing that many different effects um lettering like you'd like you wouldn't be able to get like that like more natural photo like effect in Illustrator without I'm probably slowing your program don't like too I saw somebody suggesting desert colors unlike a grace I think we should try those cuz I do jump into rainbow chrome non-stop but I think like a more refined palette it would work really well here to you so if we went into like warm neutrals there that's cool I think I'll be kind of like a muted blue for the juniper that's nice – oh that's cool makes it a whole different vibe because now it kind of feels like house lounging everything you're doing yes he does look it has a more or obviously like earthy yeah it doesn't like I mean again it kind of goes back to your your mood board and everything all those words about you know what yeah those are kind of dieting your color choices I think that's a good thing to like you don't just make the mood board and walk away from it you should always go back to his like a proof point so like color colorful handcrafted playful yeah so I think it's delivering I think the colorful ones obviously deliver on all three a little bit better I do think this still feels playful and handcrafted I think so too it definitely says like kind of like more a handcrafted yeah so I guess each design is playing up different words totally which I think like it's good to deliver that range to your client yeah cuz I think sometimes the client might say I really want something that's minimal and we're fine but they don't know exactly what they want so it's good to kind of test them on that and show the throw of them like the one I'm like hey this one's more refined like do you think that's what you really want yeah and I'm I like the your questionnaire you did put in there like is there any colors or things that you don't want us again people it's very personal so good yeah well played because you don't know if a color means something to them and their life whatever reason well we're kind of coming down to the end thank you so much Ashley yeah we kind of need a sign out this is fan a stuck outside and we get to kind of revisit this tomorrow and yeah I'm excited to work on some packaging concepts I think tomorrow we're gonna try to do like two or three different layouts and try to figure out what we like and we'll need your help with that too as well as our brain trust of designers and our directors but stick around we have melody suburi up next she's gonna be kicking off the daily xD creative challenge for today so thank you so much Ashley check out Ashley Hohenstein you can click the info tab and stalk her on social media and all that fun stuff cool thank you so much Ashley thank you everybody stick around

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