Live Graphic Design with Kelly Thompson 1/3

hello good morning everybody good afternoon good evening wherever you are I don't know we're here in San Francisco Paul Trani here next to the awesome Kelly Thompson we're gonna get into your stuff but first I'm gonna dive into what we have going on for the day but welcome everybody King King Royale and Helen Helen Helen that is cool Tim's in the house awesome so yeah we have a fun day basically waiting for us gonna be super cool essentially we have a full day of graphic design and packaging and branding it's really all the fun stuff which i think is cool over the next three days so we have Kelly for two hours and then we have some other amazing guests every two hours so you guys should just hang out with us all day long quite frankly because that will be like super fun and yeah so essentially how it's gonna start we're gonna have Kelly with us then we're gonna have some folks from farm design from 11 to 11 to 1 okay this is Pacific time which is awesome Erin and Christine and a rising up after that so again graphic design oriented stuff Steve wolf as well it's gonna be fantastic a fellow boss I don't know what you say austenite austenite felt nice yep very cool I don't know if you can pull up your site since I'm kind of oh yeah you're down escape oh here we go let's just go back boom Oh fantastic alright let's cut I want to take a look at your stuff cuz I'm gonna be your hype man alright I need this Murad and Patricia super cool stuff going on here so you can just go to Kay Tom got us we could of course put that in the chat or just googled Kelly Thompson is ops awesome and then you will show up right as I think you do have a lot of cool stuff going on here thank you it's always it's always tricky when you are looking at your own site with your own portfolio because I'm sure something is sticking at you like yeah I need to change that right there's like I don't know a designer that's satisfied with their port right or their site yeah and that's a good thing because I think when somebody's even when some of these sites out-of-date that's like a good thing because it's like hey you're working exactly frankly yeah that's my opinion but anyways this is shout-out to your work obviously lots of cool branding any of these projects like interest you I see all sorts of cool ins I know for me I really this first yeah I like to throw in some would click on so you drive and yeah this is exactly where I'd go right here just because I like the photography and hopefully we'll talk about this like even this distressed type mm-hmm you know I'm kind of interested you know is it is it a font is it like hand lettering or is it a manipulated font same thing for a lot of this stuff cool you know is this kind of interesting to go over like even for the next three days how did you pick the color palette like where does that come from yeah so anyways what's up Anita where you guys I'm curious as to where everybody is from out there in the in the chat pod out in the world I see somebody from Ghana which is awesome Romania in the house so let us know where you guys are from maybe you need some of this maybe you need some coffee this morning depending yeah it's 9 a.m. here but I love this yeah what else would you click on alright well I dig I would click on this for sure you know yeah and dive into it I think we can talk about this stuff all day long I think yellow can be kind of tricky yes right yep because you want it to stand out and if you want it to stand out on white do you add black because then it gets muddy right and it's a whole thing right it is a tricky one but cuz skaara is it's tea made from coffee leaves and so I don't know yellow I'm in a yellow phase also I go through color phases and I'm back in the sunny Austin so everything's yellow right now and but it's just super energetic it's a clean caffeine and so that's why I put the yellow in this case but um yeah I just chose to do the yellow but obviously if you scroll down there's you know more of the colors but um lemon ginger also yellow for the lemon ginger flavor cubes so yeah so this is so interesting and like a little bit of a gradient which we could talk about that there's a there's a fine line between horrible gradient and like a good gradient a bad gradient that's all about it's al it's a love/hate with the gradient you know it's like every three years of shifts I think it's like flat shadow flat shadow hang in the middle no I love it uh Egypt hello Saudi Arabia awesome Peter what's up from Egypt yeah India asaram awesome good to see you guys here very cool California of course you're just waking up for the day hello from California I saw somebody said Denver because I'm from Denver so that's cool shout out to my hometown so yeah we're gonna dive into this Argentina let's dive wait ooh you know what this is this this is the best compliment is somebody paused spider-man 3 to watch this so that's awesome so this might be related to the project we're dealing with yeah so paleo Nolan was somebody that needed a rebrand I think maybe three years ago about three years ago and they've done really well and they just acquired caveman cookies so it's pelo product it's granola that has no grain it's just seeds and dried fruit really yummy stuff you can kind of scroll through and get a sense of what the product is so I could pull up the before and after of paleo NOLA that might be interesting it would be interesting because it kind of sets the tone for what's gonna be happening for me yeah exactly okay and again limits I mean it looks like it's like it you know limited color palette like per product yeah Brown and then has something specific to the specific you know specific flavor I guess right you know with spot printing the less colors the better and I'm all about two-tone and so don t do CMYK and then it pops and I feel like it hallee on lemon in the house Neha from yeah India Morocco I love Morocco Vancouver something else I Edmonton AB in Edmonton yeah so do you have some of the yeah do you have some of the there okay good that's their old Brad I'm switching to your screen yeah so this is their old brand just to kind of so what I'll be doing today is doing a rebrand of caveman cookies that currently exist and kind of bringing them up to speed now that paleo Knoll has acquired them and just making them a little more modern so essentially what I did for paleo know I'll be doing for caveman today okay so this is kind of where Peter knows that you know the tired brown craft which was really successful at the time everybody started doing it it just got a little tired and so we went from this you know to this and it's much more fresh we look at this new one and while this is loading by the way we're gonna have contest today guys a couple things that's going on you can share your portfolio with us there's a button in the interface hopefully you're on Adobe and then also we have contests we encourage you to check out Project Felix which just released a beta yesterday beta 3 which is super cool it's showing that off so yeah you can click in the interface but I'll be talking about that later as well cool so yeah essentially just making paling all a little bit more bright interests and highlighting grain-free because it was kind of fading into the back so yeah they're a great company really on my product my favorite is pina colada nikohl all right it has dried apples and coconut shreds it's yeah just something playful fun bright you get the idea where are they based out of Providence I'm actually going to go to the factory and I'm doing a big month long road trip after this and I'm stopping there to finally see the see the people and get it Wow and what so now that they have the caveman cookies they're making them in-house and so I'm excited to see it all come together oh you so yeah that's awesome yeah cool exactly so keep an eye out for Kelly on a road trip yeah you know north-northeast exactly yes into Canada you dip into Canada do Canada Toronto Montreal kind of all of it and we saw that I don't know if anybody's from Toronto here but we saw Vancouver and Edmonton Thailand in the house boy what time is it in Thailand pannu thank you for joining us that's awesome I named my child yeah felix is not an actual person it's actually a project felix maybe it is also a person I'm sure people are named Felix it's not named after a specific person but if you want to it's a mathematician or scientist who work on 3d oh really yeah it's a tribute to scientists there you have it a tribute to someone a lot smarter than me at least which is not that hard alright should I dive in yeah what are you going ok so I guess I should pull up caveman to give people a sense of where we're at currently so caveman cookies paleo cookies with really unique flavors Maya North Pole new world we've got pumpkin maple cranberry you know all kinds of interesting things so I just I got all their assets recently and this an example of one of the boxes that they come in and you know I did a big questionnaire to kind of see what the client was liking what they're not liking where where what they wanted to keep in terms of brand equity what they think consumers have the most significance with I carry the most significance with when they see this on shelf because with the brand refresh I think it's really important to change it and make it look fresh but also familiar don't want to lose all the people who've been buying a product who are like wait why my favorite cookie box changed you know something nothing like oh this is fun I still like it but it's still I have that resonance with the brand mm-hmm so in thinking about it I kind of pull the elements out and distilled them down into the little pieces that exist and then you know there's some little fun t-shirt designs that they did and just a little piece easier in there and if you don't want to say like yeah even this looks good the fact that it's just put on white right it's a lot with your nice and yeah it's a lot going on but here it's like oh I still connect to the whole brand but it feels just a lot easier on the eyes right it's weird just pulling out the elements you can already you can see them clearly like okay I see where I'm going what if that's all you did right about this print I would never yeah so in looking all that and talking to the client a little bit about what he wanted to retain and where we want to go I made a mood board and just also some sketches in a moment but I can just kind of walk through while I why I pulled what I did and the intentionality behind it so a mood board you know look and feel it's just found elements nothing I created here it's just palette texture so all diamond basically this one I like the texture I mean I like how it's a geometric shape but it has a soft texture and the photography to illustration ratio is interesting I don't know if I'll use photography but I like how it doesn't feel like a splat of a vector and then the splat of a photo would you see all the time like I mean no offense um and even on that note taking into consideration the actual packaging do you have a window yeah that was part of the question so I think something that was really successful about paleo NOLA is the mountain window and that that's a huge conversation do you show the product do you not because sometimes the product when it's getting shipped all over it doesn't look awesome and depending on what it is so we're actually in conversations about the format do we want to do a tube do we want to do a box that makes it feel a little more high-end we want to keep like a gift box type thing versus this kind of box and yeah yeah it was just moving around on this but I can and before you move on you're like hey do you Melissa's asking if you work solo yes really I do I'm full-time my own thing out of my house and off so uh how long you been doing that for years that's awesome like shout out to anybody who does who's doing freelance full-time that's like a whole other animal yeah it is you're the boss you're the product project manager right and the designer and how you do each role is awesome impressive it's fun I like it autonomy is and then you're like hey I'm gonna I'm gonna cruise around you know the upper Northwest right you can just go on a month road trip and send some emails cuz Pakistan in the house Oman trail you actually will be stopping I'm sorry I'm like hey you're gonna be stopping at Montreal's like Ali Riza is like hey ya know come see me okay I would love to I don't even give my place you're going I am super open love to meet people so please follow me and meet up no more in the house good to see you buddy right on caveman cookies this is very cool so do you want me to walk through each thing yeah and then I'll ask you some random questions that they're asking perfect but I love the mood board you have going on yep yeah and I found this little guy love that his Tarzan suit looked like a cookie and so that was right I was like oh oh I did not see that I mean it's because I was thinking about patterns for each one because I asked the client do you like the motif of changing flavor to flavor like how his outfit changes because I didn't love that and he was like I'm I said are you open to new ways to show flavor and he said yes I was obviously thinking patterns and so I thought we could do some hieroglyphic geometric patterns because you it kind of mimics cookie shapes and sprinkles and seeds and nuts and then I saw this little guy and I thought that spurred a lot of sketches then which I'll go into the same kind of thing with just these textures over here I liked the kind of hieroglyphic caveman vibe but also kind of speaking to the ingredients of the cookies and texture same kind of thing I mean they're all a little somewhere I like the simple simple of this which I always like to include something simple more to kind of go back to and just try it on and not get too carried away with time soon as I can I'm saying I like I obviously like hand-drawn text and texture but I think again not going overboard with the hand-drawn is important I liked how they stacked and kind of nestled the letters and I think I want to do an exploration of the logo there also love this little guy um how he's like a geometric caveman so there's ideas here and then he looks it looks very I don't know like yoga ish right something like that idea it's like redoing the cave me not to be some like meathead but maybe will enlightened cave healthy collaboration okay cool and then this little guy it's not the style like but this icon reminded me of a beard in a cookie I thought we could make his beard be the cookie I sketched it there like I like how subtle like you're not gonna get it initially but then it hits you that oh that's a cookie right and I would tweak it but so when I find rude bored things that's just I scroll through sites and I just have an ongoing inspiration folder and I just scroll through I just keep everything in there when I'm starting a new project something different will spark me from the project and I'll throw it in and like that you know I mean I wouldn't necessarily pull this for the style but it sparked a nice icon idea and then with these again back to the two-tone color I think something that's not working for the brand is all of the all the colors there's kind of no contrast nothing pops nothing comes forward or back and so I want to tone it down with the palette and help get some depth going you know what I mean I agree I mean yeah because it's almost like it's too much because it's like sort of multiple tones and then a lot of the the rough you know hand-drawn style mm-hmm a lot of it exactly which yeah well clean it up but then also I thought maybe we do a little landscape to kind of tie into that the ingredients are from nature that was something really important for paleo Nola's like all ingredients are from nature nothing weird nothing you can't pronounce and sorry I always think showing some nature scene when it's true to the product is is valuable but again not getting to like farmy but yeah just you know thinking about it something in the background could be interesting I like it yeah so that's kind of what I'm thinking and then after I do a mood board I usually just dive into the logo yeah you just you just kind of start playing with things yes you wear ends up and some I'm good maybe some some things that don't work oh yeah I could I'm sure some of my sketches that's another thing I do oh here we go so let's check out some of these real fast thank you very professional we're talking I mean I this is I just do it really rough but it helps oh like the cookie beard right what if his face was ayres beard was a cookie and his face kind of because instead of putting in his mouth I like that and then kind of making the see a cookie with a piece out of it forgave man and having a nice mark with just the C but then I started thinking about all the layout so maybe the cookies coming in up from the top and then we have all the ingredients so with packaging such a small shelf there's three things it's like logo ingredient or slash yum factor and then product so that's kind of the three things I could think about and it's about in that order well it's just these are the levers you have and so you can dial them up dial them down and so I like it's amazing if you just want up dial on back what happens to the package so obviously this is the cookie quite dialed up and then what if the logos in the center what if the cookies in the center and you know we have a scene going on the background or what if there's some color banding I mean it's great these are obviously extremely basic but it's crazy just adding color about banding and what it can add mm-hmm so yeah I mean just to give people this is previous simple even as a designer like you get it too much into the details of something and here you're seeing it as a whole whole unit how'd it how's it all going to tie together what's you know the the read orders yeah yeah exactly yeah and people forget and so I find these extremely helpful exercises to just dial up and experiment with hierarchy without thinking like what does this look like and geeking out on the details yeah so that's typically how you'll how you will start as maybe do some sketches yes like I look at mood boards and I have cookies and cavemen or whatever the imagery is in my head and then I just kind of start drawing we get this a lot like Anita's asking what's the name of the young font and this is from oh yeah you need to go but like a lot of times for sure this was art it's called the rifleman oh it is a font yeah a rifleman the rifleman yeah so obviously this was already picked but I I do like it it has a lot of character but it's so legible mm-hmm yeah it's nice it's awesome somebody also asked like even like how did you even land this client how do you get these bigger clients to the point where you're seeing your stuff on shelves which is super exciting it is exciting um so pianola found me through google what yeah a lot of clients do I feel really lucky in that I worked for Theo chocolate for a long time in house and that's kind of I learned the packaging world and Whole Foods and just the circuit with grocery and patent signing for on shelf and so I have a lot of love and respect for my Thea time and shoutout to Theo chocolate if you haven't heard about chocolate yeah great people and so I learned a lot there and they just kind of put me on the map for packaging and so once I did that I just started getting inquiries oh that's so cool because I'm starting working for a company full time that's where you learn that's where maybe you're making mistakes but you're kind of doing on somebody else's dime you know like that's a crucial super-important time yeah this is how an agency works right right company works in dealing with packaging well it's cool because I come from a branding firm so I started there and I worked on tons of brands and so that kind of taught me how to run a business how to work for how to run branding firm but then I went in house and that gave me a whole nother skillset for work for operations for a company and thinking about what they need because when you're in a branding firm were just like here's the pretty design my like good luck working it and you don't really get a full understanding of what is needed to make operations run on a daily basis from A to Z you know so that Thea was extremely helpful in that way to really learn what it takes and what the processes are and getting on shelf and shelf sell sheets and websites and all that stuff so is the kind of a double whammy and I double combo that yeah what you're saying to firms the both sides because like as a company you're you hire out this agency and you've been on the agency side and then you've been on the internal side and now you're on the freelance side so the agencies calling you up or the company is calling you up as a through Google yeah I don't even know how to do SEO but keywords it worked for me I think okay so William wants the cavemen to be cuddly both like it I mean the beards a good start right yeah cookies I like this room yeah bada bing right I guess you have this idea sitting well I know I was like do my very professional sketchbook hey man I wasn't ready to tap into my new book yeah it's for the road trip and I keep it on the Marriott stationery alright let's get to work okay so I'm gonna start with the logo letters and just kind of yeah you and in terms of your mood board you just pulled that down from like anywhere and everyone yeah so like I said I have this folder that whenever I'm looking at blogs or whatever I just and I see something I like for whatever reason I just I can show you I it in here it's in Dropbox and it's called my inspiration folder right and mmm I have it it's kind of separated from boxes brands like when a brand does a really good job of showcasing it throughout web like the whole gamut I or just clever things like who even knows but for whatever reason I pull it in there but I have a whole packaging folder and just to give people a sense of like what's in there I mean I don't know I just pull randomly and it's funny because they speak to you at different times like sometimes I'm like why did I pull that but then for another project I'm like yes that's exactly kind of the vibe I'm looking for but yeah that's kind of what I have and things to make photography styles I mean lots of people are doing some cool stuff yeah it's so it's so cool man that's fun it's fun just kind of going through and taking a peek at your hard drive to be honest like this is how other people work I know I think processes so interesting cuz you always just see the final product and you're like but why and how tell me you know so I mean anyway are you using Pinterest is there a reason that you I'm not a Pinterest person because it's slow to load and I don't like all the I just like images I like to go through really fast rapid-fire and then I don't like all the links and I don't like things to be online I like them in folder so I can place and put them in my art boards really easily you can do with Pinterest it's just I've tried to get into Pinterest cuz it's probably better but I can just be old school it doesn't even matter like better or worse and there's no there's hardly any like if the clients happy you know what I'm saying like yeah right even in as you're working in illustrator people be like is it a writer wrong way at the end of the day it's like it's the client happy and is and can you scale it up to the appropriate you know what I'm saying right but I know pinterest for me just gets a little um yeah what's your stream on it I have much in there and I can't I can't elevate this piece that I put in the inspiration section to the top you know yeah yeah and I don't like that you can't crop in so sometimes it's like this long image and I just want and I don't want to pin the whole thing and it throws off the whole mood so with the mood board you can just like I've cropped into so many things might just more than one icon or like one thing that's another thing I don't like if you make Pinterest yeah crop it drop it learn how to crop it and then a so I'm trying I'm doing like the mood board where I want like a nestled version something like this so sometimes you know so it's like Oh should we is caveman one word could we do it too yeah like how is that type lock up it's kind of cool looks like chocolate chip cookies uh-huh like it and these are yeah obviously like that's kind of cool like then it's like caveman but then is it too much focus on the man what do you think about keeping the a the spot in the a the negative space you know thoughts out there world Oh Paulina hello Paulina um you know what I do I really like the inspiration that you took from that your mood board had some of the letters larger some smaller but it all fit together nice and neat huh ha this is a good question like in terms of like a read write I like the idea of removing that I think that you know what that does that's that honestly simplifies it for me there's less detail that I have to sweat and those could be cookies and that's what you're tempted to do so since we're redesigning this cookie brand that's any time you see a circle like that's a cookie I know right oh there's his belly's kind of round that's a cookie you don't you just so I like the yum you like exactly like you're doing good job yeah so I'm wondering if what if I did cookies in a different typeface and made caveman like let's just see um always like oh man I forgot I haven't loaded my typefaces on here uh-huh oh that's bad we can um I have them in my Dropbox but if you want to if you want to do that I'm gonna switch over just I guess I just launched it little straighter so this is also a good place to start obviously I can go on like B hands and by the way if you guys have a portfolio hopefully you're on Adobe hit that little portfolio button you could send us your portfolio and at times we'll jump out and just come on check out your stuff show us your stuff kinda is the idea um but another place to look and kind of get you started is if you go to file new this is an illustrator CC there's already like elements that you could start to play with through these templates that are given for free so I'm in Illustrator file new and I'm in the art section but I can also go into print and even in here since we're working on logos there's this logo kit you can see right here boom so this is kind of what I'll kind of look at and I think this is a great place to kind of just get some ideas so here's like even this elegant logo kit I could kind of at least start with as I start to dive into this particular project so oh this is imp this is controversial Anton is like what your font go-to place Oh perfect segue and Typekit I do love I love how the new type kit is integrating and it just it's so easy and it just updates I love it and it's the best no truly it's not a push oh no even in even in loading in this file like it would have said hey you need these fonts here's all the fonts from Typekit yeah or like where I did I wish that sometimes you could have the hard files just sometimes but in general and they do exist for what it's worth right we're not going to tell you where they are but that's a good pointer it out so I actually just redid my hard drive for this big month long road trip and I haven't installed on my fonts so what I'm gonna do what another thing I do is my fonts right you can go I've logged in and you can make albums for whoever your clients are but so I'm gonna go to the paleo NOLA when I made back in the day and just see what what I have and see if it sparks anything oh yeah so that's something I do when I just want to get a sense of a word and how it looks in a different style and so I don't want to go say I don't want to go through all the typefaces what's happening okay here we go so I'm just gonna type in cookie and you can kind of see what things are looking like okay I don't know why I say that or why I did this one's kind of cool like the chunky letters I like how skinny this one is so sometimes what I'll do I'll just fish oh you're just trying to grab that graphic uh-huh okay cool um you know cuz I don't know if I want to buy it yeah then that one's kind of cute with the seraphs but what happen I was trying to know HTML for something that one's kind of cute I got like the chunks taken out of that one this one yeah wait yeah that one yeah right it's Cookie Monster but I kind of wanting one oh this is kind of cute misses a lollipop I'm kind of wanting one that contrasts caveman something clean I think I'm not sure but this is a great resource for anything and obviously it doesn't have to be in that file so let's just say ma no wait all mono 8 fonts anyway so it all show I'll show you the type can equivalent oh if you want to start organizing that again oh yeah show me so again I did the same thing as just typed in cookies and I personally think fonts are need to go the way of photos and you know all those stocks are like Adobe stock yet it's not at some point you know what we're making you know two trillion images a year as yeah there's something ridiculous right it's gonna be finding the right picture and finding the over having it but right in here like if I wanted a slab serif I typed in cookies right here and then I can go by headings and then I like the ability to give me a font that has like you know sort of multiple weights is what I can do so that's kind of what I'd kind of refine it down to and hopefully pick something interesting like cookies this FF trader and obviously I can add it to my kit or I can sync or show my synced fonts but that's the short of it you know it's super easy that's these are like the font geniuses at Adobe by the way Typekit like these guys from I it's like hugely important like we don't just let anybody who makes a font throw it into Typekit it's like all these foundries and not that anybody can you know what I'm saying right right right they have this level of quality which I appreciate for sure you know and a way of sorting through which is what I was showing on the left hand side or the right hand side there so uh yeah another thing I just iterate and make a big mess so I hope with that so I thought I don't know um I well I like the way this is looking but caveman cookies under it's looking kind of small so what if I put a little icon there I'm just gonna do some exploring maybe we'll draw a new cookie cuz I don't know if I love this one that one needs more chips right now hi mom I want mostly chocolate and then I want the dough added yeah first I want an inverted cookie yeah we should sound like a thing you should be so you're aligning it by eye do you ever use the align tool oh oh man if my coworker oh oh it's Maddy I was like if you know you should ask my co-workers cuz to give me um crap about that all the time and then lo and behold it was a co-worker mm-hmm let's see you Maddy I'm staging a question so what's your point Maddy but I think that's a good point like right now we're just copying things out so no it's not gonna be a line that great yeah to speak to that I mean I'm all about aligning things at the end obviously it's hand drawn so if it weren't super clean you wouldn't want a line but I eyeball things probably until a little too late in the game as Maddy points uh-huh does a DM Maddy have a pretty keen eye Oh Maddie's got her okay cuz that's was like yeah oh no she's on it with the details she comes up after my files and aligns everything and so she's off to ever use the align tool and paulina I know you what did you say your you were gonna start a diet or something these are paleo I mean they're as prey as good as a cookie can get it's not that we're selling we're not selling caveman cookies right no stake in the company nothing but you can't pick a more fun brand I think it's super fun right yeah I haven't tried them yet I'm looking forward to trying them in the factory and he's revamping all I'm just gonna draw so yeah he's revamping the recipes to UM to take his own spin on it because he's really good at that so I'm excited all right so I want to I want to just take two seconds to talk about the contest that's going on oh yeah so basically we have a contest and we're encourage you guys encouraging you guys to download project Felix right and create something with project Felix okay and if you're on Adobe hopefully you are if not go there click on the lower right should be a button for the contest and essentially you're making something with project Felix keep in mind you don't have to know how to do 3d modeling it's taking a photo hopefully that you own right through the rights to share dropping it in say in the background comping together scene with say a 3d model and I can go through that whole process of how to do that but project Felix is and then all you need to do by the way as it will say if you click on that button is essentially share that on social media here let me just go back over so here's project Felix by the way literally like you know make a new file this is what you end up with right over here it has all the elements so like I said you don't really have to make everything from scratch it's putting all these elements together in a creative way just to get started and then you will tag it with the hashtag make it an experience but I'll just drop this in boom right load it in oh by the way this is the fancy new dark grey interface by the way which I love I've been waiting for this it's the little things that matter to me you know you know dropping in this wireless speaker let's put him right on the table right there sure enough there he is yes I can resize him you know all that good stuff shrink him down apply a texture to him so I can easily say sample just his helmet and you know or all of him and apply it to all of him I can also sample certain areas and apply sir oh yeah you're you're busy working you can't you just you just get down to work clean silver let's drop on a clean silver you know for maybe his body or whatever the case may be but basically doing that customization making sure the light source comes from say the background is of course something we want to do as well so create a light from an image that's all you have to do so I can make it match just by clicking right there ooh indoors did you see that it even asked me does the light come from the outdoors or indoors and I said indoors still needs a little bit of work I'll just apply this a little more a couple more places I want to see more metallic in here so that's why I'm dropping in more elements and then we see this little render up in the upper right but I can also take a look at the the actual preview you guys get the idea cool that's project Felix it's fun to play with I can manipulate it all day long I love getting involved in like a beta product like at the ground level because it's not complex like if you ever oh I love cinema 4d and we need feedback as well so not only is it awesome to you know start out at the ground level but it's not too far overwhelming but we want you guys it's made for designers it's not made for engineers you know that's the fun part 3d for designers which is awesome all right making a cookie Genet Matthews in the house by the way issues on the project Felix team so shout out good to see you good to see you here she's there maybe in the Adobe headquarters y'all can tell me why it strokes a different color when it's always the same color so what my work round is to expand the stroke and then but oh it drives me nuts so I would have to ask the team I asked the team hey hey hey old IRA I'm gonna make a list of questions now that I'm here by Adobe why that's what I'm talking getting feedback just like with few illustrator kind of I like the walk-up right yeah what are we thinking so do we miss the little chocolate chips yeah I think we do when it's reversed out because then it looks white its name ain't macadamia nut okay awesome in or a white chocolate nobody wants that Kyle says you need a cave in the logo okay okay that's not very doesn't really pump up the young factor for me okay you know maybe I like the idea I keep on going back to like the Zen cave man that is cool I'll work on a little him in a minute yeah and that will take more time but it it totally makes it contemporary saying hey yeah eating our cookies isn't gonna make you like this big caveman right get you in touch with the inner inner you oh yeah so another thing um in terms of where this brand wants to go is their try they do like the playful element for kids or they like to play foam and want to appeal to kids because a lot of kids want cookies and the moms want healthier options and dads huh right so they don't want to nix all of the playfulness I think having some little yogi guy would be fun yeah like this guy is fun but we could he needs to be updated you brought up the super interesting point detail no it's like it's the cookies are for children but really your audience is the parents right and they want something that the kids will relate to and ask for it but then the mom will be like wait oh it's like who's really what's in this oh I can pronounce everything yeah bye yeah and that's a huge trend I've noticed that's happening with packaging is the the simple branding of elements mm-hmm and just no confusion like this is what is information you know it's like the five ice cream for instance er right it's called or the Rx bars that three egg whites those you're doing well I really like those that packaging and that's kind of what we kind of want to do here cuz even your other examples and your mood for mm-hmm have this clean look and had a lot of them had like a fresh palate yeah totally super clean oh do this I will know I first of all need it how do we make crumbs you guys how do we make just experimenting okay let's try the beard one now making the beard cookie sketch okay cuz basically what we think is important is the caveman so let's do a version with him so what I do is just do a bunch of different logos and you know see how they're looking but then what oh nothing I feel bad cuz like everybody's getting hungry that's good we're sitting right here and look an open package look how good we're doing today yeah we can't be eating all the products all of our I'm like it's research we just down cookie do you is that part of the process oh man after my Thea taco days I had to learn to stop sampling everything thank goodness all my clients are getting more and more see and conscious but I do a lot of sweets for sure so I have myself so okay I mean this is a little Cookie Monster right like in his mouth what do we think about that I think I do want to try his beard and so no was it okay let's pull our little inspirations how are you this guy bring up a good point about the cookie kind of looks like I mean it's because product is the color but it kind of looks like a rock which gives you gives for a strong vibe and I love just the way that she's thinking about this right yeah and caveman meaning liked it rock cave mm-hm like it I like it okay let's try a version of just him and his beard and the cookie perfect and to say like we just talked about project Felix in the contest going on which is awesome you know and eventually get to the points like where we're actually mocking up this you know the caveman cookies in a bag that's sitting on a table that we could show the client what it looks like in an actual environment so that's how it benefits the designer trust me I want these to look we haven't even opened up this the hello pandas what do we have there it's cookies filled with chocolate cream okay you see that mmm delicious and I'm gonna be checking in about you know give you guys some more time but you could also submit your portfolio maybe you've worked on a related project but anything that you want to want us to see just go ahead and post that to the hashtag Adobe live hashtag and it's also in the interface and the lower right I'd love to see what you guys working on it's not just about us about you guys yeah okay nose ratio right keep looking at the sketch sometimes you do these little sketches and you like nail it on the sketch like how do I kind of like how these are brown inside kind of my chocolate chip cookies I mean just ya know bringing in color cuz I don't know how I feel about this orange but we're staying with it just to focus on one thing okay so if it's as beer do we need to separate does he need a mouth where's his mouth yes so a great question Kyle if you wanted create a portfolio talking about portfolio if you're Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber I mean all answer it yeah yeah boom nevermind I don't even have to Tim's on it I think here's about that tell me about the my portfolio thing so I know you you sometimes use dribble which is kind of similar to bands but if you have a Behance portfolio it's like super easy so that's kind of the evolution where do you start maybe you start with a project on on behance that you could you know tag others with or whatever but whatever projects you have on B hands can quickly become your own a portfolio as noted in the link my portfolio comm so it's all your project rolled into projects rolled into a fancy site with your own URL so you can do lots of customization there so it's kind of a fastest way especially if your behance user to get a sign up like ASAP all right he's looking kind of cute and he's getting there got to figure out how I want to do the mouth um are you do you tip are you – so let me ask you this are you working any differently than you would at home I am NOT okay I mean I would have my big mano I liked it I thought it'd be a little hard but it's kind of nice because you to different parts of your brain yeah that's John was just wondering if you used keyboard I notice you are using keyboard shortcuts but you're also using the menu oh yeah I'm horrible oh yeah what is it it's like that I'm using the mouse for your for their benefit so they can see you oh yeah that's a good question I do it depends on what the shortcut is but it's just muscle memory so I think originally when I started I didn't know someone's shortcut and now I know them but my habit my muscle memory is just to go the menu so I don't think about a lot of designers say that when they watch me work they're like you know there's a shortcut for that right I'm like I do right yeah well I mean in your butt and it's helpful for you guys right yeah that's why I'm thinking of you actually yeah yeah that's why for your benefit do you use a Wacom um no I always you know what I'm obsessed with and this is a shout-out to you is the Adobe capture that kind of changed my life I love it you hear that you hear that captured low cavity for the I found out I think I watched a live thing and I saw someone do that or y'all did it was the girl who did the desert stuff y'all did a nice video about it yes and I had no idea that existed and I use it all the time yeah I might use it today but I just draw if you draw if you don't know it's an app download it yeah and you draw you can draw whatever and then take a picture of it in Adobe capture and it sends it straight to illustrator as a vector life-changing and better than better than that's a great idea so yeah it is awesome it really is how long how long has that been out am i late in the game I just found out about a couple months ago yeah don't yeah that's all good but it certainly makes things super I just love that it sends it straight to illustrator already open all right Lindsay does a shout out as well yeah okay Lindsay good to see you and following her on Instagram she's a fantastic artist okay yeah good everybody's loving it I do want a tutorial cuz sometimes it strips away some of the nuances and I know I'm wondering I've been experimenting with how to capture most of it like get all of the little details because sometimes it strips it it's way better I mean it does a good job but I don't know how I can tweet that this Rose is looking weird I mean I don't I want you to like I'm trying to not distract no distract me there were some comments and they did like the beard like do you make the beard of e I like how it looks like a cookie it's all kind of it's all kind of working why does it change the color see I just I think it's a sea man I want to I'm sorry that's gonna be my soapbox cuz I use all the time as an investor but no I'm like look I'm dragging it it's it's only when I do a brushstroke – like if it's a color mode CMYK versus RGB pasady I notice you you aren't working with obviously with color do you start out with color I do I mean 90% of the time oh I don't know if these are big in that like bold enough all right Oh fantastic so here I am Adobe capture CC by the way which has patterns colors brushes looks so patterns by the way super interesting but shapes capturing it like we talked about oh let's get more or less detail I'm gonna get this let's just go ahead and click that button right there and then just click and drag to remove because that's what it's set to down at the bottom is deselect right and that looks pretty good go next I just want to point out that how smooth it looks cuz I think it tends to make things look like even better maybe I do its students in your pan cuz I usually do a sharpie but Obama took this array on smoothing on and smoothing off it's kind of subtle but you will start to notice this and then I can obviously sync to my creative cloud library easy peasy oh yeah looks like we already have somebody submitting something for the project Felix contests ok so again in the interface WI comm he tied it correctly and make it impactful contest that's how we're searching this stuff you could see his work super cool multiple 3d elements in here as well I like it this clock looks like he has a cut through the plane on the bottom which I can show how to do that and yeah looks looks fantastic obviously like rendered so good job a mouth chef Antoine Anton Anton awesome buddy I think that's super cool first time using it by the way yeah oh yeah I didn't even talk about the prizes I said enter the contest and find out the details but you could win a thousand dollars you'll get Creative Cloud you'll even get mentorship from like one of three Fant my design hero personally choice didn't Luke Choice Justin Mahler or Jeanette Liu that should be correct yeah it's on this item I'm sure that's correct but super awesome just the mentorship alone I think it's invaluable membership from you alright I think I need a separate event on his face from yeah I know I need to look him up I don't know he's done and obviously somebody asks about the the lighting and stuff you could tweak all that lighting all day long for each one of the one of the phases so it's more reflective remember you want to create a light from the background source as what you could do so make sure you click on that now you just use the yeah but you also cut it yeah is that the exact oh it's actually just the eraser and then well the pencil is cool because like when you draw so for example it delete deletes I mean it read does the line redoes the line yeah protip cuz I think a lot of people don't know that I didn't know really I didn't know that you could do that with a complete shape draw just a segment of that shape and then it kind of like snaps to the news sometimes yeah depending it can be really helpful so again if you have an element selected if you draw over it as long as you start on the line yeah and on that line with that shape exactly I mean you can kind of see like say we want to reshape his beard and if that doesn't work just so you know that is an option that should be turned on for the pen tool oh is it no it's usually turned on but if it doesn't work it's because just double-click on the tool and you can see what I'm talking about so hopefully that's clear Helen she was asking let's just say so sometimes I mean my you know I'm trying to do like my sketch where it's separate Oh like where it looks like a cookie fit into it but then the cookie bites are making his so you'd have to make it kind of like jagged yeah maybe I'll take his mouth I just love all I must say the pencil it's underrated yeah people like cuz you know people don't think to draw them at a mouse if you don't have a Wacom tablet but if you get used to it I think it's cool but see sometimes it doesn't work you have to like no I'm I'm a fan of the pencil and of course the pen but yeah I can't really learning curves a little more steep what a beautiful job William says thanks William uh so tempo arts asked if I'm a designer can someone tell me if I'm good I think you're just you're good enough buddy yeah you know what I'm saying it's awesome if you want feedback on something specific there is the button the we can review your portfolio so let me just switch over okay basically there's a button if you wanna do live comm you could just submit us a link to your portfolio and we'll check it out no question good man it's hard to compare yourself to others but like compare yourself to like last week did you get did you get better like what did you learn you know it's hard we're comparing you you've had 20 years of experience oh man if you see some of my beginning stuff you know I was cleaning out my harddrive right so I was going through all my schoolwork it's just oh yeah and that's what you want to see you have to be able to look back at your old stuff and it should you should say that right yeah back you're like oh that's awesome like how do you have you grown right it's it makes me feel really good it's amazing just I mean it sounds so cliche but doing something every day better that's been my goal lately is just learn something new every day really I love that I'm not saying that will always happen but like so much mean you get stuck into doing things certain ways like let me do something new and let me give just get better day by day and even just having this on that's why I love we do these Adobe live sessions little things whether it's the pencil whatever that you just pick up because you have this on o tempo arts is better than I am just turn 13 sweet dude so Ryan like we've done concerning brushes where do you get the brushes the brushes come from the brushes menu yep I I mean I have a bunch of fancy brushes but just like when I'm starting out I try and not get too bogged down with too many special things you can do a lot with the basic yeah and then then obviously we're fine I mean I call this like you know concept and phase exploring getting rough ideas going and then once you even like the concept going back and trying on different brushes and refining just to answer that question there we go switch over to me real fast just to show you where it is without interrupting Kelly but brushes men you go to that little flyout menu and then you can see all of these did you get them from here somewhere yes um go to brushes art cistern and arrows open pencil got it so and this is in so many of these little flap menus is like loaded with stuff that people don't realize or even there and then you can make some because I've I've made a couple here's one this is turn on a layer there's my there's like a candy brush that I made which is kind of fun so that's an artistic brush for instance and there's even this one that has multiple borders so this might look good for for some sort of lock up like if we're gonna do a rectangle this is a decorative brush and you can have different elements in all the different corners so a lot you can do I'm switching back to you Kelly oh no I'm just taking inventory of what I'm liking not liking what I wouldn't spend more time on so I advice I still like his original furry face like he's getting a little bit too big over here yeah so let's go back see what we've made Wow look at all my art board I did it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger alright so we have this little cookie element which is fun we have I like where he's going he could be really nice on the packaging you know that has a lot of that brand equity he's familiar but he's tweaked the brown will be a nice neutral color against the pop of all of our flavor colors so you know you just made that circle a little larger I did and then what else do we like I mean it's nice we'll just keep the plain text version of something just to have it with the reversed out or without the what are those little things called inverse who knows who knows the name of the little spaces like in the a in an e know speaking of brushes Kathy Webster good to see you buddy in the house and actually Kyle's gonna be here next week for a little project we have going on what are y'all doing in the same studio other side we're gonna interview him we're gonna try to extract as much from his brain as we can okay so we were here and now we're here I feel pretty good about where it's going yeah go ahead oh no that's salt somebody's ass is like it would you use illustrator over Photoshop oh and shared it all day it sure is like my best friend I probably use it for things I shouldn't but it's just so handy and quick and I like that you can scoot around in it I don't like how Photoshop locks you in although I get it's you know yeah oh I see that all the time like if I open up one if we open up one of your illustrator files you're gonna have like stuff all over there on the axle like artboard that's so typical of any illustrator files and all that stuff that's like the version of your desk right yeah um I love it and when y'all introduce multiple artboards then I never have to use anything else that changed my life okay let's see let's go visit back to our mood board and see what else we want to explore maybe start laying it into the packaging you win sorry Anton wins not only was the first to submit something but it's called a counter what the oh yes thank you I don't the counter space if you will the counter space I feel like if the cookies chocolate and I caveman will blend in yeah no for sure Helen we're gonna do a lot of contrast with Photoshop has artboards – mm-hmm it's not this quite the same experience array I mean it's yeah I'm plus you're working vector here it's really very right okay so I'm gonna go ahead and start bringing this into the dye line and start seeing i pasted online start seeing how this is going to layout and experiment with that the dye line huh how do y'all feel about the orange in him I don't know if I'm loving it oh we have to reverse this out or Pathfinder can I show you something else do you mind no show me I mean one way of doing this is are these just separate shapes yep so have you used this tool shape builder I haven't any mean tools click and drag to connect them it's kind of like merge yeah it's it does the equivalent of the Pathfinder so let's just like sorry select all I'll just do that oh you have something interesting going on but see how it see how it's like highlights yeah I'm dragging over there now that's pretty complex that's not easy winning those right when you put textures on stuff okay I just exit that it gets sometimes I don't add the texture till the very end because it's a lot for it to read and just makes things slow but okay let's do it Keltie Webster's installing project Felix awesome are you looking for brushes in it Kyle just check it it makes no Russians for that Helen loves the orange good to hear okay orange is a happy color she says but then you get all these yummy little pieces that look super real yeah don't actually write you I know you totally wanted those pieces they're doing it on purpose of course cool I like how you guys are using you guys use shortcuts I like it so shift em if you wanted to switch to the shape builder okay she likes it let's just bring him in and see how he does like look he already looks super just fun and prominent on the thing on the package so this is the front panel how big is this I actually haven't seen them in real life we're talking why isn't it up here is that a view you know how when you click on a shape you can see the size four dimensions mm-hmm transform and the reason that is happening by the way is because they're small yeah okay cuz I'm like it's I've never not seen it on my big iMac can I drag it into the menu um let me let me explore that this is not the size I'm wondering if you can customize the options bar which I kind of doubt but it's all I didn't know if you could drag it in like how you can do other things like drag these in no Papa yeah either way thank you for telling me okay do we want to do the alpine flavor I don't know I think I might have had enough blue what else do we have green rain forest I know this yeah I'm just I'm just reading comments I know so somebody's asking us to do shout out to Kelsey dolly ur calm down sure why not we got Bruce Almighty quotes what would you know I was wearing one more thing Oh about the toolbar yeah and that will throw you off Ryan as you know Ryan what's that buddy like that'll throw you off if it's smaller you're like weird my stuff that's happen in presentations for me like where to go right because I don't work on my laptop ever and so I'm not familiar you know you get in your your the zone of things in your like wait what all right okay just thank you tempo arts for submitting your portfolio buddy he's the 13 year old wondering yeah I want to check that out but feel free send us something our way hashtag Adobe live when you check out your portfolio also there's the contest as Kyle pointed out cuz he's interested after seeing project Felix demoed last year at max we're now at beta 3 so we want to get your feedback cuz it's made for you guys if it's if it's not helping you we're not doing things right we want it to be your product at the end of the day so what we're looking at Nate Galloway hello buddy I think we're doing quite well how you doing I'm doing well I'm just experimenting with color so like ya had to select a flavor at this point yeah well um Alpine is just the father in my art board so I thought let's stay consistent with that and so you know she has the two-tone going on and I don't know if I love that and so I was just kind of it's amazing what you can tell just by like dragging color blocks up and where things go and where we want to put the flavor name and so I'm just gonna bopping around checking things out where I want to take him just stop it we're just Bop it around we're just gonna bop around which I personally love the combo of brown and teal I know my whole I'm sorry I wouldn't tell myself no more teal Kelly like my whole portfolio is like bluh-bluh-bluh-bluh-bluh – I just so ironically I picked blue but I was tried to pull in the green and then I said no all right so let's talk about flavors so this is called Alpine if we were the flavor where'd we put it and another thing with her flavors is Alpine you know you don't know what that is well this is a good question for people actually literal flavors versus fun like kitschy flavors then they have a descriptor so she is she did a pretty good hierarchy where it's like brand product name and then product description hazelnut and carob but we were talking about this with the client kind of like what's better to have just call it hazelnut and carob or kind of that whole discussion and we went back and forth I think that the names are kind of fun cuz I just want advice an Alpine cookie or a rainforest cookie because it sounds romantic and really exotic but then I'm like ooh – OH – carob I don't know is there any any thoughts discuss this guy should we have I don't know just a not literal name right so like literal exactly rainforest Mayan new world I mean would you be like what the heck is that I want both I want to have Alpine hazelnut and carob what does that mean I don't even know no is that feedback or that you know that's me talking trash personally I want it to just be hazelnut in carob like idea I like the literal Ness I think we're in a day and age where like the honest and honesty and packaging right yeah it's get rid of the flood doesn't need fluff words and flood it's like honest packaging right I'm leaning right it's who's to say I don't know if it's as fun yeah so yeah dawn we're kind of working on the color scheme working on multiple things sure we're all over the place in Lant we're not even worried about how this is organized right now it doesn't matter so Serendip upon des likes the creative names Zack likes both Antoine likes the non-literal okay Zack brings some good points is it he did exactly what you just what what you just did is what he said nan are skewed non-literal named large literal name below right it has to be locked up at least yeah like so it's just right together cuz now that's a little separate and I think people could miss over what the yummy unique things I mean they're probably paying a lot for hazelnut soon it might get lost yeah expensive okay so back to the importance of just color for banding on shelf and what it can do just experimenting I kind of like the white volara yes I do I went to Riyadh Saudi Arabia and you remember she's recognizing you yeah I would love to visit Riyadh again we didn't an Adobe day there I'm so honored and happy that you remember that because it's super cool favorite experiences and that's something you also need to think about is as you start crossing cultural lines if that's going to happen with the product what are the implications oh yeah yeah that's a whole other oh yeah when we were going into Canada with the French speaking and translating and what things mean it's interesting and then you you type set everything perfectly to fit in English and then you do the French translation and you're like and it's like running on like German yeah yeah Kyle says the white looks super crisp if we're talking about colour he likes the and it does it makes it look fresh and clean and just easy so much easier on the eyes right now right so right now it's the hierarchy it's a little competing right I mean they're kind of the same size but I kind of love his beard going over the flood like historically people kind of go up top with the logo you know and then put this like further down but if you're talking read order yeah but uh I don't know I mean I think he's big enough that's so prominent right you get away with it yes I'm gonna do some experimenting that's a good point like Sesay says I just have to read this cave a woman would go nuts when cave women would go nuts when they see a cave man with those cookies that means I like that they use go nuts I know that's a business actually they have a great brandy no good I think the are just tired what do we think all right I like it straight because there's already arch and stuff going on in his beer right yeah um I think so there are our boards in Photoshop you asked about this right yeah first of all this is a render that I did in project Felix cuz I'm gonna render out a PSD this isn't even that great I mean there's more I can do with it but literally I've just went to this layers flyout menu right over here click and then I can create new artboard alright so once I do that boom that's my new artboard hitting Enter this is the size cuz it's that's how big it is but I can make as many of these as I want I can hit command I can actually this is a pro thing I can hold down the Alt key and click and I can duplicate that so I could have two different designs and add to this as much as I want and see what it's doing maybe like two years okay so you could see them off to the side obviously I duplicated with all the same names but they're all kind of like nested and all that good stuff now still it's not like illustrator cuz if I draw something you know this I'm gonna draw a black rectangle right right it doesn't show anything off the pasteboard if you right which I mean it makes sense for Photoshop but yeah and I can drag this this is what I like if I want this rectangle to be duplicated down and are in the next artboard mm-hmm or actually I should duplicate it well anyways if I drag it down it's gonna put it in the exact same spot as I drag it from our board our board which I like so anyway so Mike over to you so I really like the cookie bites so I'm gonna see what that looks like in his beard and if that works you know what I mean let's see interesting so tempo arts the 13-year old if you don't move saying that a good suggestion about like putting and this get is getting into details but like if there was a shadow below or if there was more even the transition of a shadow down here for a cookie was just a thought oh yeah you could there's ways to make it look like beard transition into a cookie and one of those might be just a little flash shadow which is good suggestion yeah thank you Terry yes tea Terry whites in the house he's Manning the controls immediately to my left and so it just a time check we have about 40 minutes Oh tea white will be up with our good friends what is it farm design Erin and Christine are gonna be tackling another project which is also fun but might not get you as hungry we're working on the project this is getting us hungry look at this I'm so proud of us they're not even open look at that I'm starving here's what I'm saying we lost his big see them alright the cook he had a texture on it and it didn't match him somebody asked about the layers panel yeah not not even sweating it Oh I mean only for dye line like in terms of working I just work on one layer but obviously when I'm making my mechanical print files if it's foil I clean it up and stuff but the dye night I put on a layer and I walk it but I do a lot of just locking and unlocking because it doesn't confuse me we're essentially recreating that's kind of cute yeah so Anthony good question just to do a a quick recap so caveman cookies is a brand that exists out there today it was purchased by Paley it was was it purchased purchased by required by Paley what's the Paleo NOLA paleo NOLA which has a different brand so it's like taking this fresh paleo NOLA brand and caveman cookies this old Pacolet packaging and tying it together making something fresh that's kind of the goal and yeah we only started like like an hour ago so looking good it's funny when you want to make something look messy and you can't that's when I get the pencil tool out and start drawing and what you could do with that even is did you know how you can adjust the fidelity of the pencil what do you mean fidelity like how smooth or rough it draws oh you ready for this yeah double-click on the pencil so if you take it to accurate it'll give you even rougher which might really you mean it'll mean firm more precise okay yeah but essentially but I don't know I I see what you're saying huh got it I think it's like accurate to like awesome everybody wants to draw smooth so basically you dragon yeah but if it was on an accurate it's kind of like how the pencil used to work it was almost too too accurate too accurate yeah I see yeah every nothing I don't really get ya is that weird that's not mean it's a good point sometimes I get these ideas and then you show it to someone who's not close to it and they're like wait what no that's good that's why we're so happy to have you guys here yeah cookies in your beard I mean that's what is it that's a weird I like the transition I I dig it but I love that's why we're here so Yadira just double click on the pencil tool and they'll give you the options and that will work for a lot of tools in Illustrator okay the legend you have any tips on how to make your designs more complex I would if I don't know if you're talking about adding more detail to your work that's that's something to take a look at if that's what you mean that's what I do is like if you take even something as simple as a shadow is it a gradient shadow is it a flat shadow is it a shadow with that's made up of lines and I think that's kind of cool like adding some shading with like a pattern might be a cool way to approach your design if you're looking at making it more complex or detailed texture yeah good this is a little weird I'll tweak tweak the crumbs but I'm kind of liking it yeah kind of liking it so just in terms of a general oh it's in it funny when you make something zoom out and then you look at your other thing you're like mmm do we need to work on this transition of the circle to his beard yeah I think it should be a little bit more organic oh that looks better right Wow I don't wanna they almost look like puzzle pieces they're almost too perfect like I just want them to beat Krotz just more messy but who am I am I this guy no I like it yeah I'm a because we mess with the accurate – I'm like why is this not dry well let's see so our you know it's good to kind of know obviously oh there's only like five well right now alright okay what else could be cool let's see so do we like the left or the right so far people do we like bites out or hold your eye let's see yeah what do you I know I know my opinion about things I like the ones with a bite taken out because it it it will read as a cookie so the thing is you need to make sure it reads as a cookie yeah so I think you need some element in there that reads yes cookie yes beard but also cookie okay so whatever element that is right you know but I love I'm I'm I love how clean it is that's the my overall thought yeah and we'll add more so let's take him away Oh Angela got cookie crumbs are jagged left left left Oh everyone no one to say likes bites out bites bites yeah everybody's saying left okay well then let's just say Edmund K the legends like why you say left everybody likes the bites though okay cool I think it's cuz they're hungry I get it now I'm hungry too I want some bites out of a cookie too all of these all six of them so the next thing we could do is start if we go back to a mood board something about the ingredients I guess I didn't pull any ingredients but in my head I want to show let's go back to the original elements where is it so they had some little like textures and some ingredients definitely want to incorporate that this kind of stuff around it so I think I might just start drawing I think that sounds like a great idea I love hearing all this live feedback I need this all the time I would look sometime and what if yeah this is so interesting what if the thigh is colored like Anita wants some coffee for the cookie arm milk oh sure that may be fun elements to find elements to draw in or whatever it may be what if the fonts colors like the skin it's interesting but the thing with my big thing is you want the name of the logo to be different yeah so like pops out but yeah so Nate just so you know actually you should be able to scrub back actually let me just double check depends on where you are but essentially this is being recorded that's where we started is with some mood boards and I like how you keep on you know sort of like referencing it because you don't want to forget like this is the cool stuff that I like right you know when it just jogs your memory we were like what was I thinking again cuz I think designing is switching a lot between focusing and focusing out like you want to go in and refine and do details but then you want to go back and say are we on point what's the hope you know are we like you said does this even read cookie like sometimes you can be like I'm so into the beard and then you zoom out like we're making cookie package see sometimes the pencil tool doesn't work it's a literally I'm actually your gonna do some is something like that I'd think you know do I need to do go for it alright while your yeah ingredients do I need what is in here hazelnut and carob okay this is so good so that's the packaging caveman cookies you guys could do a search on that you can you can draw we can switch to me real fast actually cuz this is what I would also do cuz I'm like you I don't mean interrupt you you do you're having perfect you're great okay but essentially you know I need to remember what like cookies look like or what's it what have other people come up with so I'll use I'll just jump into my library panel in Illustrator or Photoshop and I'll just search Adobe stock just this is an easy way to go like cookies or even cookie because we want one adjust the vectors so I can kind of get an idea of what people are putting together out there like that's cool there's the shading and stuff like this one okay so some it like I probably want to save this preview right to my current library cuz that's just an example of how some of the executed a bite taken out of it you know you get so close on something you're like what does this look like yes what does a beard look like or you're working on text you guys have our work on text and like spend so much time on doing this like type lock up and then you realize you misspelled something you've been playing with it all day long and somebody's like you know you spelled that wrong cuz there's a designer it's they're all shapes you don't even see them as words after a while right thank you I'm like my job designing not spelling yeah thanks do we know what care visits chocolate right yeah I mean I don't actually know where carob comes from I thought it was just I know I'm like how is it different from chocolate oh here we go wow this is I I like this one too I'm collecting resources of cookies and these are vectors that I'm searching on as you can tell because that's all I need right now well even 3d I'm gonna have to search on that later mm-hmm look what the cat dragged in dude good something's up for me oh really ha ha all right so this little plug for next you can come up here guess farm design in the house and like dude we're supposed to be hovering art director over a bird oh oh you're the best this is this is backwards I'm supposed to be bringing you coffee and look what you did so nonetheless we have farm design coming in Aaron and Christine are sitting right across from me and then we have about about 25 minutes before you guys are up yeah that sounds good to me yeah all right switching back taking a look I will say one issue with even these cookies is these are way too uniform in size for me it's not hardly natural in fact what would what would serve us well taking a cookie biting out of it setting it down doing a scan let's do it oh that's I just want a reason to like open up these cookies and take a bite out of it let's be honest yes thank you so much Tim super excited about your guys's project as well so let's let's do that without ya without making a mess I will do that your drawings and just even show some things on the screen and just kind of do some shout outs send us your portfolio review those in about 15 minutes and then also check out project Felix we want your feedback yours project Felix first of all everything that I've downloaded is now in project Felix so I have these the libraries panel in project Felix so this is brand new so this is beta 3 and I can use those as textures or as background but again project Felix if you create something in here send it our way enter the contest essentially to win what a grand I don't know Creative Cloud sure mentoring session from like one of three pros which is super awesome but feel free it's super easy to use I can grab any one of these elements since we're talking about packaging a lot I can drop in packaging right here and change the textures of it and everything so first of all that's quite large shrink it down Zoop and once we're in here let's just make sure create light from image right down there and we are indoors actually I'm gonna click outdoors because I have a sneaking suspicion the indoors might be darker maybe maybe not but I can always change that if I go back in click on it I can try indoors but either way sort of senses where the light is coming from and then Maps it you know to that image and then I can add materials and all sorts of other fun things so you guys get the idea that's how it works roughly and then I can render it out I could talk about a ton of new things in it by the way as you guys as we go along will be here for three days we'll get into some additional things like saving your views and all that fun stuff to start with good let's see were you drawing oh this is fun I'm drawing hazelnuts and style.i scarabs whose and then we're gonna use adobe capture it's on the hotel paper so might get a little Marriott we'll go in there okay who's delicious is it but is it paleo is it the yogi get this out of here only no crumbs I don't let leave no crumb behind that's okay all right we are switching over hold on one second so here's your beautiful illustrations that you painstakingly spent hours on right I'm all about just the fast iterating and then we're totally gonna get the Marriott and I would love it using Adobe capture as you can tell yep and you're doing great let's see do we want this moving you can see all my other ones see the one that you liked on my website I just did that one like right before I came and all the sketches are still in there oh nice saboteurs all that all kinds of stuff oh very cool okay I'm gonna scan options so the great thing is like this is going into your library which you could technically you could even share with other yeah and then we could be like hey I'm saying over the sketch will you work on the pattern for me and then you have somebody that just does hey yeah right I think so and just make sure you know your Adobe ID is the same logged in both places as the same Adobe ID and let me look go up to the help menu let's switch over just your screen yeah just again at the toy it always works good but I just sent up my lap does that look right yep and then libraries pop out and then these are your stock templates so it might hibernating me because my screen smoke cuz usually it just opens it up and yeah sometimes it will like it's here in Photoshop something yeah will pop open the library but it could be nestled okay cool so let's see what we have here I wish we could give away cookies I wish there was a way for me to just like hey Paulina here's a cookie and then your DVD ROM opens up and there's a cookie there is that a thing most people are like what's a DVD ROM that would be awesome most people think they're just cup holders well I thought that was a cup holder no that's a DVD problem DVD Drive a DVD Drive the consent so we shouldn't scan in the Marriott oh yeah the sessions sponsored by me very important all right yes so sometimes if I don't want to color them all and I'll just fake oh yeah all right Jeanette I'm so glad you're here Jeanette Matthews works on the project Felix team she does a lot of videos on YouTube so if you want to learn some quick tips tips about project Felix she does a lot of those I'm super smart wonderful person yeah so you'll output PS DS so you're really in Felix creating that stuff it'll give you all those layers oh my god I can't wait to see this I'm wondering if I should mix the hazelnuts with the triangles or not we'll see so in the triangles are just elements just design elements that you want to have yeah well so I mean I don't know i buy carob pieces and they come in little triangles care if it's chocolates one of those things that can come in lots of different shapes but I also like the little triangles from this little outfit but just something that something that reads chocolate chunk that's a little interesting mm-hmm maybe a little geometric okay so let's make some pads good job spacing that out so well – like the pattern because the even though spacing between the various objects okay another thing I love is the pattern maker tool I mean already it's like did all the work for me so I kind of think I don't know if I want it full I kind of want it scattered haha man nothing gets by these people by the way Oh what are they saying effects like hey Paul you're you you're at 18 percent power on your laptop excuse me let me scan well isn't so basically that would you'd use Adobe scan for text so there's an OCR reader will convert it to actual text that you actually take a picture of converts it to text so what makes it fantastic capture for fancy designers like us who like to capture things like cookies with a bite taken out of them I can't wait all right you can deselect parts all right next we'll move right along all right so so to say there's no auto trace setting what like what auto trace setting is best for in Illustrator for complex images like literally go down you're gonna have a choice between like black and white silhouette 16 colors obviously the more the more vectors added it's gonna be a lot more complex that's a big problem with it so another great thing that we could do even with our libraries is is also collaborate so you could share your library with me collaborate with me on your library mm-hmm and then I can I can drop the cookie in there I swear I don't think the power strip is working down below do you want some of mine here I'm a different oh yes so I know how we talked about adding in a scene if we go back to the mood board oh thank you so much but I think maybe it's taking away it's like crazy if you just it's just I started drawing a mountain or something and it takes away so much from the simplicity of it but Thank You Terry because what if we Illustrated each of the names like how they had his outfits what if it was more of a scene a tie-in to the nature element of paly NOLA and ingredients made from nature it could be cool but it could be busy so maybe that's something we'll explore tomorrow is how clean we wanted to go how illustrate we want to go but it will appeal to kids if it has a scene on it that's for sure but it might be clouded yeah that's a good point right that's that's what I think tends to happen as a designer you're working on something and then things get really like they start to get really complex and you start to decide what can I add what needs to be removed and sometimes you end up like sort of going full circle yep which is a super nice place to be yeah and then you usually end up using those elements for something that besides packaging because packaging if you I mean doing the Shelf test is something I think designers don't practice enough doing is printing it out to size and backing up and almost every time it's my most simple version but then I have all these yummy elements I've made for Instagram or the website or something so it's not all it doesn't all go to waste but maybe you just don't put it on the post should stand because it's lost you know yeah that's a good point that's great like but you can build it out make fun website errs on no mine or something with the shapes but yeah tambourine is first time here so welcome my friends I want to know who else's it's their first time watching Adobe live we hold them every other week we have video if I'm not mistaken coming up in a couple weeks and oh no sorry illustration coming up in two weeks and then in another four weeks two weeks after that we have video so we kind of changed up the subject matter but it's basically every other week so join us in a man thanks for being here you're an Aaron and Christine up next we have about ten minutes should I just closing thoughts or anything are you making it happen I want to I'm speaking about dialing in dialing out I remember grain-free was something that we need to put high in the hierarchy how it is on paleo NOLA so definitely want to put that in somehow I'm thinking of making like a seal or a badge or something that either hangs down or up top that becomes a nice little icon for the greenery that would I like it right that's a good idea yeah people want to follow you on social media like what's your you use Twitter I don't tweet I'm all about the Instagram it's Katie one one two three but I don't have a ton of work on there because it's it's mostly outdoors and stuff but I do post some work I post a lot of work on me on the stories when I'm working at my desk I'll just zoom in and take a video but yeah follow me and especially cuz I'll be on my trip and if anybody wants to meet are cool are you on Twitter at all I'm not okay I'm more a visual person not into the words but dribble Twitter I mean dribble Instagram very cool I'm actually just doing a search on Adobe live just check it out see if there any like if anybody has submitted any portfolios because again in the interface on Adobe is how you can do that and yeah we've had some all right while you're working I'll just review two of these if you don't mind yeah I believe I did where that's going yeah so uh so Kristen Reardon from Greensboro North Carolina sent this through so you could see her various projects like pretty pretty diverse overall yeah we could take the latest one that's probably our first thought say it's pretty diverse which is nice and we can dive into this you know presentation she does print work which again totally cool super clean feel free to add any comments yeah yeah and we won't like I wish we had some quality time and we will have portfolio reviews on occasion I think this is a good case of an exercise in simplicity you know overall things can get really complex and it's kind of like what we're dealing with here right you could add more to it or do you go a little less and I personally like how clean this is yeah click out what else wait for it design forward in Reverse how fun is that love to do book cover meet you will do one more let's switch over to one more will go to Madison's great photo hey it works Madison let's check out yours oh so she used my portfolio Seattle in the house again this is using my portfolio so linked from Herbie that's portfolios sheet it just turns it into this beautiful yeah exactly yeah I like that click on a little pink guy while we're looking at ok Oh are we time yeah I think I'm gonna switch back to you Oh Thank You Madison and sure enough Thank You Kristen for sending those through we'll be reviewing more as we go along beautiful let's we're wrapping up now so kind of like a minute I don't know if you wanna yeah I guess I could give a recap so essentially we are redesigning Cave me and cookies which they were here and um we're just simplifying it and giving it a brand refresh keeping the brain equity of our little caveman but simplifying it and headed in the direction of paleo no Lea Paleo NOLA the company that acquired them and just experimenting in the pack all right thank you so much guys more tomorrow so tuna the same time same place if you will next up farm designing a house you in a little bit in a second stay on this channel

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  1. Really inspirational to watch and learn from such awesome talents and hosts. Hoping I can make a live session one of these days.

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