Live Bridge Page Funnel Build with Heidi Anspaugh

hey everybody happy Saturday I thought that I would film myself building a new funnel so that you could all could see how it works and I'm specifically creating a funnel for the one funnel way challenge I'm an affiliate and I have a bunch of great bonuses that myself and my partner Sheri Barker have shared in our Facebook group which is called from zero to launch and if you're watching this on youtube I will definitely drop the link there and I wanted to walk everyone through the process of building this funnel it's actually pretty simple and I will also share the template that I'm using which is one I got from another click funnels affiliate who I bought from her name's Alex Elliott she's a fantastic example of somebody who you know just decided that she was gonna go full on balls of the wall being a click funnels affiliate started a Facebook group called 6 fam which was six-figure affiliate marketing did the one funnel weight challenge in february/march which was the same group I was in and quickly grew her group he was like from zero to 500 within a couple weeks now she's at about 2,500 and it's been like five months so she's killing it doing great and I've been following her example starting my own Facebook group creating my own bonus stack which i think is really great and I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna build out the funnel for this so one quick thing when you're creating a bonus stack you want to really think about what you have to offer that's different because initially I was doing what a lot of people do when I was just sharing everything that I got from my person I bought oh if a from which was like massive library of 54 share funnels templates for real estate dentists you know personal trainers you know the click funnels mastery course and these things are great but I think they can be confusing for a beginner especially somebody who doesn't know a lot about digital marketing who's maybe brand new to click funnels all that stuff is distraction and so what I wish that I had had when I started one funnel way challenge was like one-on-one support you know direct coaching from somebody resources that would actually help me finish my funnel you know access to ask somebody questions whatever I needed to so that's why the challenges that sherry Barker and I put together absolutely focus on this so I'm going to go ahead and share my screen and show you the process of building this funnel I'm going to use my template from Alex Elliot which I think she got from Kevin Stephen who was another you know big-time guy in the affiliate world here's my buddy Alex you could see her smiling face in the video I'm pulling up the edit page I hope I didn't go through too fast through that I realized that even seen the inside of click funnels might be new to people but basically I just went into my entire funnel list I'll open that up just in case people want to see it so do you have a pre-existing list of funnels that I've created or that our share funnels and if you go into your account at the top of the screen under click funnels menu click on funnels you can see everything that you have and if you click on a share funnel from somebody this is where it will load unless you don't already have a click funnels account in which case if you don't you'll be prompted to sign up for one and this is a pretty cool insider secret this is the only time that you'll be offered the chance to get a $19 a month click funnels account the basic account cost $97 a month which I know is a little intimidating for a lot of people it's a lot of money still feels that way to me sometimes but this is also why I became a click funnels affiliate because it pays for my account every month all I have to do is sell one funnel wait challenge or get a couple people under me as recurring click funnels account holders and it's paid for so it's pretty great so here's my all my funnel as you can see and I already have this one open so here's her hook right here how would you like us to hold you by the hand as you launch your first or next funnel I like this because it doesn't exclude people who have already done the one following challenge and maybe want to come back and do it again which most people do I've done it three times granted the last two I was mostly there to coach people who signed up under me to really like keep my head in the game but also like every time I watch the coaching videos or watch one of Steve Larson's lives I learn something new so and I will definitely we'll keep doing it because every month I pretty much could be creating a new funnel and it's great to go through the steps that Russell lays out and actually do them myself and I think that keeps me sharp and keeps me aware of what beginners are going through so yeah I'm gonna keep my hook here now I need to create a video I think this is really important alex has a video here I'll show you a little bit of it by clicking the preview button but she does a great job she talks about her personal story her experience with the one funnel way challenge so let's play a little bit of it that's her signature hey guys what's going on she goes right into her story how she found out with babes just talking about her doubts right away great logical argument right there only $100 yep that's when I started to this is completely true okay so you get the gist she just already gave like a million dollar argument for why you should do the one funnel away challenge and it is only a hundred dollars and by the way I can tell you that everything she just said is absolutely true it is like getting a marketing degree in 30 days it's massively valuable so I'm going to record my own video sharing my story with it and I'm going to pause right now cuz sorry I thought my son was up okay so now she has no bonuses are emailed out within 48 hours of signup I think that's great nothing I needed change there but since we are talking about email I will have to add my email autoresponder settings and I think I'll go ahead and do that now to show you what this looks like so I already have mine connected here so I use convertkit I believe I already have an IFA challenge sequence I'm yeah I do so subscribe to forum I should be able to check that so I have a quite a few here you can see clip funnels affiliates coppy cipher that's my my copywriting funnel I think it's this one so I will check on that later but now it's connected so people do click my button to sign up they will get an email from me but let me just show you real quick if you don't have this all set up that's the preview window I'll show you where to go for that you would go into your account settings under your profile photo you click on domains I'm sorry not domains actually I'm getting ahead of myself here because we will talk about domains click on integrations and then you know you can already see mine is here but say you use something else like Infusionsoft all right I think you have to click on a new integration to see all the possibilities yeah so here you go they've already got one for a weber which i know a lot of people who do affiliate marketing use and love active campaigns same thing here's mine convert kit and get response Infusionsoft is all these email autoresponders already in here which is great MailChimp so that definitely helps I'm just gonna click into the one I use to show you so it'll ask you to give a name so this is giving me a warning saying I already have this integration set up which is true and then you have to put your API key in here now the way you get that is you would go into your convertkit account or your Infusionsoft or your MailChimp or whatever they all are pretty much similar if not the same go to your account settings and you will be able to find the API key and you would just click add integration so with that done I'm just gonna go back here so go join the challenge button is key so we want it this is when people click we want them to go to your affiliate Lake right so we got to make sure in this case alex is using a pop-up so what we'll have to do is edit the pop-up I'm going to reload so we can see this should pop up any second now come on some reason oh there we go you have to actually click the button okay so this is where I would edit this part and make sure that that's going to my affiliate link so in order to see this in this funnel I have to actually go into luckily they make this really easy there's a pop-up section you can show the pop-up and then I can go in here and edit so I want to edit this real quick the next challenge we know that is beginning August 5th so just updating that real quick we have a timer in here so this will start automatically all you do is set the end date so we want to set it to August 4th because that's the last day people have to sign up before the next challenge starts I believe the time it ends is actually 9 p.m. Pacific I'll check on that and then you can kind of do something interesting if if this expires and people come here too late you could send them to a different URL so I think what would make sense for me you know so just send them to my click models working day trial URL because that way they still get something you're not gonna be left hanging with nothing so I could get this one of two ways I could go to my affiliate settings but I think the simplest way is just to go back to my dashboard if you scroll down here it'll have your 14 day trial if your late link right there all you have to do is click it and copy it so then I can go back here into my settings and you want to paste over the hashtag or it won't work so there that's set that if someone gets you're too late they'll at least be redirected to sign up for a clickfunnels trial so that could be a potential affiliate Commission for me a recurring Commission and you after I like to hit save after every step just to make sure I don't lose anything I mean you could wait till you've been working for awhile but why take chances as I say and so yeah this timer should start working look at that I already have a a typo extra H okay that's fixed so now this 8400 99 in bonuses that was Alex's you know summary of what all are about it bonuses are worth mine will probably be different so I'll have to come back and change that but also I am using something called a rotator link because I'm splitting Commission's with my facebook group co-host sherry is that this is something cool you can go to a site called click magic I'll just show you this and you can create something called a rotator link and I will actually rotate through my affiliate link and hers so this is great if you like start your facebook group you end up hiring admins or moderators to help you or just bring friends in and the way that you guys get compensated is through your affiliate link so it only makes sense that you both can set that up so to hear some that I've already created this is our ofa challenge link I am using a domain that I already have my group is called from 0 to launch so I have a URL called 0 to launch club and there's my link and sherry and mine affiliate links are both in there so I'm just gonna copy it can go back here and be ready to paste this in here so this is where you know this is a bridge page funnel so the first page is all about sharing my bonuses you're gonna see my face Sherry's face if people can connect with us it's really important to show your face and tell your story so that people will connect with you ok so it has to submit order so this is actually not the place then where you would put your URL but I'll show you where you do that you just go into settings general and so I already have my this is my direct link which just goes to the Olaf a page but I want both Sheree and I to get credit so I'm gonna put that in there and then click Save so it'll course be important to test all this after it's created and just make sure that everything is working correctly so this also know this is for the free 14-day trial so this is this is smart this is like yet another place that we can put our 14-day clickfunnels trial trilliant link I have one created again that has both sherry and mine links in there and so I'm gonna put that in right here there we go so that's all set and so this is where I list the bonuses so I already have this kind of I started to fill it out and then I ended up using a different funnel and changed it up so because I'm now working with sherry I got to put her name in here too let me make sure I'm in the right you have to make sure we like it can be tricky with text boxes sometimes you want to make sure you're in the right one or you can actually edit the text I don't know I kind of want this to stand out more so I'm gonna go ahead and bold it so this is the text box on each of these sections by the way is this is all stuff you can edit if you've never done this before you can edit this link you just basically hover over it and we'll give you the options you can click on settings if I decided I wanted a different font change that change it to Roboto actually I do like that better I could mess with the margins but I don't want to change things too much right now you can make that bigger I want this to be more centered now okay it is okay so some of these things are already filled out and I don't need to change it so one thing I'm giving away is this promo funnel template can I have another one so I don't need to change this gray page you're on right now it's called a bridge page it'll forward you to my affiliate link for the one from the way challenge I'm gonna say are because this is a group funnel here and I plan to give another one away plus one Heather okay template so that sounds a little awkward I'm just going to say another I don't know I can always play with this copy later another nuts another I think this would look better centered so I'm just going to go ahead and do that yep so the way Alex has a set up is she's got like some bullet points under each bonus describing it so I'm going to chain since I'm sending to and I say both bridge page funnels okay so they're getting to now Alex gives away this resources page funnel template I'm not I'm not playing to do that is because it's a cool thing but it's something you can get anywhere see what this looks like if you like just gonna grab this link so you can see real quick so this is great if you're an affiliate marketer it has a little bit about you she's got a pop-up here this is like an opt-in so people would sign up for her list and then get trainings and stuff so she's got kind of like a short sales letter reasons to become an affiliate marketer her top recommended free trainings I think these are all things that she got from other people yeah like Rachel Lise Spencer Meachem she's these are her affiliate links for all these peoples trainings you can see it's pretty it's pretty smart and then she's got our affiliate links for these books so good if you just need like a basic page but we're not going to do that right now I'm gonna put in the bonuses that sherry and I developed together so I have that all in my note text edit notepad right here can I go back and find that okay and actually I forgot that there we are doing special special giveaways for the first 20 people basically like our VIP bonuses so what I'm gonna do is clone this cuz I want to save this part but I don't want it here at the top I'm gonna clone this and like our special VA VIP bonuses you I want that arrow but not sure how to get it back there anybody that yeah okay so that's cool again I can play with the font the size any of that so our special VIP bonuses that go out to the first 20 people who sign up I want to clone this because I like the bullet point thing so I'm just going to end move this one up here and I like the arrow thing too so I might use some other icon here I'm gonna go into settings so I can find that what just to go away all right well this is stuck on the headline so we can always add that later okay so I'm going to list our VIP bonuses right now find this so the pad that's queued up and ready to go before so recording sorry about that oh here we go and actually I can kind of copy and paste exactly how I have it here because it's got these cool green icons so we'll see how this looks in the funnel did not seem to want to be copying for me oh there we go so Heidi will write a customized five email welcome sequence for your completed funnel for free um telling the value which a lot of people do it's cool to change the color I want to make that color red so it stands out more so for the bold color we're just going here and change that to red sherry will design 1e cover this is very valuable because anyone who's doing the one funnel weight challenge will have to design it covers and a lot of people get confused about how to find that box your access to both of us something we're giving away so basically people can access us through boxer which is like a walkie-talkie app leave us a voice message or a text message and we'll respond within 24 hours so anytime someone as you know pressing funnel questions they can access one of us so to make this manageable we're gonna split up those people so I would take ten sherry would take ten just make sure that we're not going crazy you know trying to answer everybody so again I'm going to bold that and then we're doing a pre launch funnel audit which consists of funnel design and copywriting review this is something we offer already a la carte in our group but we're offering it for free as one of our one funnel weight challenge bonuses VIP only so I want that bolded alright so that part is done I need something any kind of to bridge these few sections so I'm going to clone that and bring this up here and say something like oh but we're not done yet everyone who signs up with us also gets I'm not sure if I like that as all caps there's kind of a oops hmm well let me fix that space um a little trick for fixing the your sentence case in this case I want it acceptance you can go into word microsoft word don't ask word it's weird that I don't have this at the bottom here I usually do but I guess when I closed it it completely closed it and removed it from the doc okay so I'll show you how to do this it just saves time you have to retype everything okay it's being slow probably my old laptop so just highlight that you go to this and change it to sentence case so it's right here the big a a little a oh except that I want it title case actually where every thing every word is in cap starts with a cap but it's not all caps so then I'm going to paste this back here put that in here okay it gets a little confusing that this is bolded so I want it to look like this down here does not seem to want to unbold for me I'm just gonna save it here now just in case I lose anything there we go okay so it's not bolded so this again is explaining what they get here with these templates and I'm gonna replace this with something else because I've decided not to give that away I just want to make mine as unique as possible yes here's something that's unique to me so because I'm a funnel copywriter I'm giving away 2000 copy templates so I have one for like the full sales funnel itself the template that I use for this is work that I get paid to do by clients okay and I like the little arrow instead of the bullet points I think I'm gonna actually replace all of these with that it'll let me there we go I'm not going to do it in every single one here but at least at the top I think it just adds an interesting visual element helps it stand out so this is my little spiel about it yeah we don't need this because we decide to get rid of it I'll just you know delete that so don't need this but I think I'll move it down let me see how this looks here well I guess what but Alex was doing this funnel is she's using it to buy these sections I only have one so I don't need this so when I move this up for $97 value I think the belly on this is actually higher oh maybe not I'm gonna give away all my templates for free I usually charge about forty seven dollars each or more like for a mom welcome email sequence template HR it's 97 so actually I'm going to leave this price I think it's good sherry it has something similar so I'm going to say OFA resources list you again am i well I could copy it here this is Sherry's creation she has this great list of resources that are really helpful during the one funnel weight challenge such as people who will design eat covers or software you can use to do it yourself so you get her free resources page with all the links and sources you need to get through ofa you covers design mock-ups final strategy tips / activity hacks so this is a great thing I'm gonna say the value is 97 actually we have all these listed in our Facebook group right now so I'm just gonna check on that on my phone I don't know what's going on but every time I open facebook on my desktop ever since I updated my OS it freezes so I definitely don't want to do that while I'm in the middle of showing you guys how to build a oh F a challenge funnel okay so yes here we go I have a welcome message in my Facebook group that has like my bio Sherri's bio and we list all our we have a bunch of affiliate links like here's where you go to sign up for a clickfunnels 14-day account 14-day trial here's our one funnel weight challenge bonuses and like a bunch of other stuff so that's a good thing a good tip for the wise it's good thing to do now for some reason it's showing the old one okay well I'm not going to worry about that now I will go back and fix that later in my group this one Chinese copy tear down video I'm gonna call it a funnel copy tear down this so people are really clear this was my mentor Alex's idea of something I should offer Oh actually sherry is going to offer her own so this is basically both of us walking through the processes that we use like when we design a funnel so for me how I write copy for client funnels and I just did one so myself kind of and explain why I was choosing copy I chose and why I replaced certain things so this is Heidi's copy tear down video is showing you her exact process for writing or improving sales funnel copy so you can do this for yourself next time and separate out these two sections since this template allows us to do that so easily and it looks nice so now this is like – video so I got to make that clear and wallah do you see like if you've never designed a file before a lot of it especially if you're using a template it's just copy and paste and then where things can get more difficult is just customizing like all the little tweaks if you want things will look perfect on some of the techie stuff of like adding a domain you know anytime you have to go outside of clickfunnels to do something not complicated it's just you might not know how to do it the first time so it helps to have somebody walk you through that so this massive clickfunnels sheriff from the library this is something that a lot of the big affiliates give away but like I said this is overwhelming for new people I think nobody needs 54 share funnels if you loaded those into your account you wouldn't be able to find anything you'd be overwhelmed as most people don't start out with a 297 dollar deal where you can have unlimited funnels so I'm not going to do that so next I had this section I'm gonna move this down because I think actually now I want this bolded I don't think this is the most compelling offer I think it's good I just think that I want some of our other more unique offers right at the top so I'm going to just move this down and I have to move down you know several several items they'll have to make sure that I don't get confused okay so that's down there but now I got to move each of these sections individually let's kind of remember where I was that goes there okay so far so good you you you can just drag and drop everything so it makes it super easy but you know just know that sometimes things get lost – oh I have to move these down as well these dividers I think what I'll actually do is clone some down here because it's a lot to drag let this clone this and then move one up a simpler way to do this so I'm just going to make sure I put it in the right place all right and then I just need to add the value alright here's one more I need to move had three bullet points except now I got to put the divider back and the last thing is the value and we can just delete this extra divider because now we don't need it yes and so you can see this drag-and-drop is super easy alright so I just did a bunch of stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and save so I don't want to lose any of that um I think I'll probably end up changing this to use a different icon just so it stands out more I'm gonna have Cherie of course look at this because she is the funnel design master I also think there's a little too much white space in here so I'll see you yeah it has a big top margin we don't need that so yeah you just go in there top margin fix that up right quick you it's too big space there of course we'll have to check all this on mobile when we're done to make sure it looks okay so maybe you want some space okay it's a massive share funnel library oops kind of grab something oh so another thing want to add under here okay actually this we know we're not doing it so we're just going to delete this and I want the OFA email swipes in there next right under the OFA funnel templates because that makes a lot of sense so to get these promo funnels templates and then they get this email swipe and I need to delete this I'm not sure it's 1997 value I'm going to move that up here all right now I got a pause alright I'm back I had to take a little break while my son got up from his nap and now he's playing so I'm gonna get back into this and hopefully finish it up sure I'm connected here yep okay so this is very complementary to the above offer which was the free OFA promo funnel template but I don't like all this white space here so I'm going to shorten this up and so we have two email swipes this is from a bonus I got from Alex one is to remind opt-ins who didn't buy to complete their own a registration to get their bonuses another is one to deliver the actual white label bonuses to your one funnel away challenge customers so got like a canva template for that people can use so we're gonna keep this this fast start funnel video training course I believe this is something that you can get free through click funnels but for total beginners it's nice to have these two are Alex's bonuses and I think they're cool but we have enough of our own that I want to include and you definitely don't want to overwhelm people so I say just keep them really targeted to your ideal customer I think for Sheree and I it's it's total beginners but also people who are like service providers cuz she and I both are people who are coaches and consultants people who are you know anyone who could have a business that could be run on funnels would be a ideal customer but I'm just kind of thinking of the people we already have in our group and also other affiliate marketers so one thing we're pushing is there's a really amazingly accomplished clickfunnels affiliate named Doug button he famously went from a negative bank account I think he was in the negative like $500 and trust me I've been there too making six figures just solely through clickfunnels affiliate sales I think mostly the one funnel weight challenge but also just click funnels recurring monthly sign ups so he's like a big inspiration in the affiliate world and he just updated his sales funnel mastery course which is of course that teaches people click funnels and more importantly how to use sales funnels in their business so sherry and I our affiliates for him and but this is his free course so we're promoting that as one of our bonuses and make sure we've got our little arrow and then so this is another Alex bonus clickmagick Quick Start Guide it's a guide to using click magic and again I think this is really cool but I don't want to confuse people but what another thing we want to make sure people know about is our actual Facebook group because it's completely geared toward supporting people through the one funnel way challenge both before during and right after someone makes sure people know about that yeah I'll just say like membership to our private Facebook group and then I'll just include this description so I'll have to update because I changed the name a little bit I was calling it the post one fell away child support because that was before I we had started another one and I had new people in the group but now that I do I've got people at all levels of one funnel my challenge people who just went through it for the first time people have done it numerous times people who are just affiliates for it and people who are about to do it for the first time so get access I'm gonna say get access to our free support group right now it's called from zero to launch we're gonna change the name from just zero to launch but we can't do that yet because Facebook only lets you change your group name once every 30 days and I just changed it to include both my name and Sherry's name so so this talks about everything we do in here so now I got to make sure that my number here adds up correctly I'm gonna save this so and I don't think you you guys didn't see this before so this section is just copy and pasted directly from the one funnel way challenge funnel so this was taken I think it's just screenshotted from what's on there to this list everything you get in a challenge it comes from click funnels and they of course a sign of value to it they teach us that people like to see the value of what they're getting and then you show like what a massive discount they're getting so this this is an effective sales technique so all this stuff and now we need to kind of add up my stuff actually I'm a bit since I'm doing this everything ending in seven I'm going to change this for consistency to 397 and this is what I actually charged for my welcome email sequences on funnel Rolodex if you haven't heard of it it's a service provider platform specifically for click funnels so every service on there is related to click funnels so I have a bunch of copywriting services on there people have funnel building services there's a lot of designers on there so if you are looking for somebody to create your Ecover that's a good place to look there's funnel strategist there's just all kinds of stuff it's actually a great place to get started if you're looking for new clients that's where I got started in my funnel copywriting business but also I think you need to get off there at a certain point because it becomes a race to the bottom you know everyone new people come on and they're like offering these huge discounts on services and so it becomes very like difficult to get people to pay what you want to get paid so that's all it's a great service just wanted to share that little spiel about it in my experience okay so I'm adding up the value of all my bonuses here and I'm gonna get Sheree's feedback on this so we might change it but what I the number I ended up with was 4834 so if I add that with the value of Russell's bonuses it would be a grand total of seven thousand nine hundred and sixty not too shabby so all this stuff I think it's probably also languages that are taken from clickfunnels official one panel way challenge page I'm going to keep all this all my bonuses are free if you jump in before it registration registration for the next challenge and so yeah you're driving the point home again they're getting all this stuff just by signing up under you so you're giving them reason to pick you so we have this countdown again and I want to change the date to make sure that's all right I got to move my face so it would expire August 4th 9 p.m. Pacific and we want to do the redirect again so I'm going to redirect to mine and Sherry's clickfunnels 14-day trial link again this is our rotator link so this means how the rotator link works is you know when someone goes to this link one time I get and they click on it and by one time I get the affiliate sale the next time sherry gets it and just rotates back and forth between our links which is great so I'm updating this deadline and p.m. Eastern I'll have to check on that you know what let's just go look right now I think it's just one final way calm it'll tell us the exact last time you have like how late you can sign up I don't know if it's 9:00 p.m. Eastern or Pacific so let's see you can probably recognize a lot of stuff this is the exact thing that we have in our funnel like this do you accept maybe I'll copy that too now let's see no no if it says the deadline is let's see if they have it all the way at the bottom they might well this is clever too it has a little you have the option of either digital or both physical and digital you know I definitely think we should funnel hack this I don't think we have it in our current funnel because it's an older one let's see what it says yeah okay well I'm not seeing the exact deadline here August but okay here it is 9:00 p.m. Eastern okay so that was correct I may have to change the other one trying the challenge now it's gotta mix this should be good because we already added our link up here in settings set action yeah open the pop-up so the pop-up will go to our link so we know that's all good include a ton of testimonials in here if we wanted to we could add our own from our group which I think we have a couple or we could ask people to give us some so that's more social proof for us we could always replace this with a photo of me and sherry if we wanted to not sure if we're gonna do that and then they have a final thing do you accept the challenge so I think what I might do is replace this section with exactly what they have I'm able to where you have the option of which plan you want to sign up for and this should be easy enough to do because I'm gonna do the default oh and yeah so this only appeared I think when I click join the challenge so let me see oops I just reloaded that's probably good because I can see if that's indeed true no I think you get this you don't have to click on the button to see this okay so what I'm gonna do is screenshot both of these and add them as two images see if we like how that looks you know we might not also I have the problem here of it was showing the Pinterest buttons I don't want that so I got to do that again and then all all I need to do is add these links these buttons here and then I'll have to go back into my affiliate account and grab those specific links because now they offer the digital version which is only a hundred dollars or the version where you get the box and that's one hundred and nineteen dollars so I think what I'll try to do is add that under here so what we want to do I think is add we want to add a row make it two columns no I'm not sure if it actually did that let's try again oh I see add new element okay I first need to add a section make it wide okay just built a section so now I can add a row I can add my two columns okay so now I can add an image here see if this works at one here as well and you know you can see this is not the most elegant way to do this but it'll work so now I just need to upload those screenshots I just took and see all the other images already have from previous challenges okay let me grab this one and this one so I can see that one that has the Pinterest icon I don't want that okay so this is the digital-only now add that in there now I'm going to add the other image here which is right here okay now I'm going to add these above here but I'm just kind of building it down here so then I would click on add element which is gonna be a button there we go and I'm gonna change it to look like the red ones above it could also just another way to do it would just be to clone this because that looks more like theirs or you know I could just work with this one so I'm gonna call this digital-only and copy what they're doing okay I need to pause again okay so I changed this I copied the exact text they had here get the digital version kind of a different read so maybe I want that other red let's see so you go down here to background color to change the red you can see what that one looks like it's the same to me and then we're gonna copy the text they have here as well get the physical version now change the color it's red okay I'm gonna click Save there so now since I am copying this style it's interesting I wonder if okay so these are they do let you click the button so I might need Sherry's help to figure out how to do this or maybe it doesn't matter because they need to click here anyway to add one of these so I'm gonna go into my affiliate account to make sure I can grab those links and I'll have to go back and create rotator links out of them let's Sherri and I would both get credit I'm gonna make a note for myself in my notepad here okay Heidi's digital-only Bertha I think that's the only link I need to grab because right now the rotator link we have is for dissolve is achill so this is basically if we want to give them the down sell option which we might not need to do in our funnel honestly because they're gonna get a bridge page over to Russell's page anyway but it might be nice just to have those direct links to so here we go and I want to go under three days summit because that was the original version one final way so here we go I should be able to grab each of these links will see that how that works hmm that's interesting it does not actually have individual links or digital-only or one from away challenge I guess that's just how they show you what people bought okay so I just have the one link well that's good this simplifies things so actually I don't need this in my funnel so but I think this was good that you guys at least saw a demonstration of how you would add a whole new section if you wanted to but I'm gonna go ahead and hide this because it turns out we're not gonna use it here I got to move this you can see so this is pretty easy to do you just click this little eye and it will hide it so now it's like it's not there okay so we're not using that getting rid of it this is all that we have in our funnel now and you know we'll also need to change this so this is Alex's old link which is three and thirty I'm going to change it to mine which is gonna be zero too much and for the URL I'm just gonna have my main domain cuz it's not really like its own business I could call it something else related to my business but might as well have my actually link actual domain since I have that and then I'm gonna want to edit this right now it's Alex's let's look at it we might be able to just keep all that it's very important if you plan to run ads to your funnel that you have Terms of Service so we could kind of we could copy her language but we'd have to host it somewhere and because right now it has her company so I would just need to post this somewhere and make sure that that's all ready to go so I'm not going to go through this now but it has language down here stating that I am an independent clickfunnels affiliate this is important we're gonna keep that this also says this is not part of the Facebook website so that's all great stuff to have so again like you could add your own testimonials in here get some video testimonials from people and that's great to do and that's my son yelling like a cat okay so now I'm kind of just doing a final check of the content obviously I'll go record a video and put that in here you know another thing you can do that other people do in there one final weight challenge funnel is include like a little bio about themselves or maybe even like a quick sale letter which we could do I don't know if we will will share and I will talk about it here's our list of everything we're giving people that all looks good thank ya okay just want to make sure I have like the right amount of spaces everywhere these are all these little things you need to check now this we actually need to change because we change the value to seven nine sixty so I'm gonna change that oh yeah this is where you want to check all the little things you might miss when you're putting it together okay so I checked everything felt pretty satisfied you could add a step here if you wanted to like create an other page for your like privacy policy or something that's one way people do this oh yeah right here I think I will add that because it just makes it a lot simpler this will be like another page and I can just put in all the privacy policy and then just link to it so people won't necessarily see this page they'll just they can link to it so I'm going to go back and fill that in another thing I want to make sure I check is I want to change my funnel or my domain because I already have a domain called it's here to launch club and that is perfect for this because it's going to be connected to my Facebook group which is called from zero to launch also you have the option of changing this so I'm gonna say oh if a challenge funnel 0 to launch I can a suit you know change this part the actual funnel path so I'll just call it at zero to launch like that I can pick my domain here and I might have to remove this domain from another ofa challenge funnel I created favicon I think right now it's clickfunnels which we can probably leave head tracking code this would be like if we were using a Facebook pixel I'm not gonna change that right now Drive account I know this doesn't really apply to this because it's a bridge page so will be paid any commission through clickfunnels so actually yeah let me just remove that test mode I'm going to turn this on because I want to test the funnel right now and make sure everything's working correctly close windows to avoid confusion so now you can see my domain is in here I accidentally clicked on that so what I want to do is grab this it's in test mode I want to open up an incognito window load that up you should be able to get a whole preview so yeah here we go here's our funnel of course we got it swap out this video but I didn't change it so that's correct this is what we should be seeing now here's the pop-up so I'm gonna see what happens when I enter my email I just want to double check that I'm in test mode since I'm actually going to go through the process of signing up which would if we weren't in test mode would actually charge my credit card so yeah I want to go back here so they give you this fake credit card number to use when you're in test mode this is a great thing to know about if you don't know this already and so when I go to sign up I can enter that and then you just enter any expiration date just make something up as long as it's you know current so I'm going to go for the full version oh I think I yeah okay well it's not letting me okay I selected it I see so and then I have to click next step so you know mine's all gonna pre populate here email address so this is where I add the fake credit card weird that didn't copy correctly okay let me go back to that other window grab it again sorry I'm losing windows here this is kind of the problem with having a bunch open at once came back to here so it paste this in enter any expiration date make up a code click next step okay one all right I'm back I gotta take another break to help my son well guys we're in test mode we entered the fake credit card info sure Russell I'll take your one-time offer upgrade this is $37 for funnel audible so my total price is 156 95 it should be pretty sweet if we got that Commission right hitting submit let me see what happens now I'm not sure if since we're in test mode that will actually go all the way through to the Thank You page but if you want to check to make sure it did we can go into the back to the funnel steps and click on stats I believe see what's happening here still says submitting I'm not sure but I think now something happened now I think it may just sit there because it's in test mode so you can see though from the stats that we did get an opt-in and it's not gonna show up as a sale because it's in test mode but this does show that it's working so good we are so I'm just gonna exit out of this the cool thing is you can see my this is actually Sherry's affiliate ID because I recognize it so our rotator link is working going all the way through words another thing I might be able to check is if I got an email no no email yet but I think that's because I have to go into convertkit and set up an outgoing email so that'll be another step I'll do later I can go over that in another video to show you how you would connect an email to this um I think we might be able to see some things under automation well I think this is actually for if you had action etics which is clickfunnels email automation you could have it so an email one out yeah so you can customize outgoing emails from clickfunnels but since I already have my email autoresponder added we don't need to do that so another thing to check is the publishing tab to make sure everything there looks good it gives you options like if you wanted to embed this somewhere on a website or add it to your Facebook page that's actually an interesting option I wonder if we can embed that to our Facebook group but there's a wordpress plugin so if you had a wordpress site oh I see it just adds a Facebook page okay so it's giving you the option to add look click funnels tab alright think I want to do that so I'm going to exit out one other thing I want to show you this is an important step before launching and obviously I have more to do before launching like create the video and create my outgoing email so that people do click on this but they will get the right email it'll get some follow-up and that's also how we'll deliver their bonuses so that steps gonna be very important but if we go back into edit page mode and I'll have to you know set up my privacy policy and disclaimer there which I will do so another important steps before launching is to make sure that your SEO metadata is updated because otherwise they'll see something very generic like or they'll see whatever data was added by the person who you got to share funnel from so I think if I go into the here and click settings this is loading very slow bear with me I think what I will see is Alex's metadata so yeah click on metadata yep Alex Elliot so I'm funnel way challenge you what I'm just gonna add some well maybe not there okay I'm gonna add some extra branding in here zero to lunch with Heidi yes BA Cherie Parker and because we do want to change it to zero to lunch I'll do that it's already got keywords in there it's all great I'll put myself as the author and yeah so Alex put in her former six six fam logo which is great it was what she originally called her group but we're gonna want to change that for ours and Sherri created an image for our group so I'll just see if I could find real quick or you know you could just pick that one oh I'll do that one just for brevity to show you later we might want to put our group logo here our Facebook group um kind of exited out but you don't have to click Save or anything in that window yeah so you can see that you can see with the what it looks like one final way challenge it's got our long title down here but I think that's okay and then I would just click Save up here and so you do this with every page we only have the one page so I think we're good to go and that's it we've got a working funnel I hope this was helpful guys it's you know it's what kind of slow so I could talk through everything but really I could have gotten all that done in probably 30 to 60 minutes it's not hard it's the little extra steps that you might not have thought about like you gotta create a video if you need an image any images that need to be created that you want to add but usually with a bridge page funnel they're not too complicated so we'll just hit preview again so we can look at our beautiful finished work and that's good like my URLs showing up correctly oh I just saw an error we have the wrong date in here so I'm glad I just looked because I might have missed that so I'm gonna go in real quick and edit but yeah you always want to look at it on desktop numerous times in on mobile and have friends look at it because you're always gonna miss something so I'm not worried about this because I'm gonna have sherry go over all of it she's a funnel design expert she has more of that design eye than I do so I know that she's gonna make this all beautiful and perfect and it's gonna be a true group effort so I'm just gonna change that one little thing I can find you that it goes down here at the bottom okay that dates correct but I think we had another one down here oh you know what I believe that was actually in the pop-up oh no it's right here here we go so we need to change this August 4th because just remember even though the challenge starts August 5th you have to sign up by August 4th let me change that there we go all right save I'm happy with how this looks we just have some last little tweaks and I hope that was helpful and I'm gonna include this the chaerephon to this below in the comments so that you can grab it if you like and happy funnel building go get your one funnel weight challenge affiliates it's easier than you think you just need a funnel you need to promote it so go forth and make some money I'll see you in the next one funnel a challenge

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