Lighten Or Darken Digital Art (Photoshop Tutorial)

let's take a look at how to lighten or darken an image using Photoshop cc so you may want to lighten or darken an image to make the print quality better because computer art tends to be a little bit brighter on screen and a little bit darker on print because your screen is projecting light whereas your print is absorbing light so more often than not if you have a piece that looks really good dark on screen it's gonna be way too dark when you print it so you're gonna have to save a copy of that artwork and lighten it a little bit there's a few different ways to do that depending on the effect that you want with your image open in Photoshop you can click down here to make an adjustment layer and you can choose levels this is one way to do it more often than not the auto button works pretty well but in this case it really washes out my highlights so I don't want it to do quite that much so I can move this middle slider to adjust the mid-tone point we can turn this effect on and off with the eyeball to see the before and after and now there's a slight brightening of everything and if I print this chances are it's probably going to come out a bit clearer let's take a look at another example here this is another piece that happens to print out too dark when I print it so let's take a look at another way to make it lighter we'll add an adjustment layer again well select curves curves works very similar to levels except you get this curve here we can click Auto same thing it does a little too much so we can move this little center point around till we get the point that we want that looks pretty good there you can lighten or darken it with this top node here if you don't want to go too far because if you add too much a dark or too much of light you're subtracting you're eating away at your color and removing from it you also have to be careful because you might see some areas here that looked fine when they were in a dark area but now they really stand out like this cats but here there's a way to sharp of edges on it and I would have blended that I know and it was going to be a bit lighter you can see the crease and the tail here too this is something I should have blended but on the original looking at it from far away you don't really tend to notice that stuff so you have to watch out there you may have to go back in after you've lighten something and correct a few areas there aren't going to be very many cases where your image is too light and you need to dark it's usually the other way around but of course if you want to do that you could apply these same principles in Reverse let's take a look at one more way to lighten or darken an image what you can do is you can select all by doing ctrl a you can copy ctrl C and control V to paste that makes a duplicate of your layer and with that duplicate you can go to image adjustments and then shadow and highlights that's going to give you control over the range of shadows and highlights so you can make the darks lighter if you want to and you can control the range that it covers and the radius it's really I have to play around with these settings here you can make the highlights or the light areas darker if they're too light this may work if you have a washed-out photo like you took a picture of a sky and there was too much light in the sky and i find this really handy the mid-tone point can be controlled and you can add mid-tone contrast this really helps to kind of punch the colors up in a piece we can go to okay check out her before and after you get an entirely different effect here it makes some of these areas that were too dark more visible without washing out the whole piece and it really makes the contrast on this pop-out you can of course reduce the opacity of that layer and find a blend between the two and more often than not I find myself doing that so that's how you can lighten or darken an image using Photoshop cc if you found this information helpful take a quick second to like this video and share it with your friends on youtube but on Facebook and don't forget to click the subscribe button to see more of my new videos as I release them thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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