31 Replies to “LIES Timelapse Art by David Jien | Art Attack”

  1. i was amazed at the piece already, but when he broke out the hologram paper, i was astonished. stopped me dead in my tracks, he did.

  2. I really appreciate the detail that the artist put into this piece. All the detail, the fine lines, mixed with the bright paper cut-outs, stunning.

  3. Great Art!
    This is an invitation to see an artist theory that says the forward momentum of light forms the forward flow of ‘time’ within each individual reference frame. The wave-particle duality of light forms an interactive process forming a blank canvas that the individual can interact with turning the possible into the actual. I believe this is what we are seeing when we see an artist at work. We are seeing new light photons coming into existence relative to the actions of the artist!

  4. I just wow. Amazing. This normally isn't my preferable style of art, but man oh man. You blew my mind and totally made me reconsider my opinion. Kudo's.

  5. this is honestly my favorite one. The painting itself was so amazing and the music added such a great effect. I like the concept of the painting. Im about to watch the bonus video, because I want to know what it means!

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