12 Replies to “Lettering Logo | Typography basics & beginner tips | Graphic design”

  1. When you watch the video to learn how to to letter like Meg… but than you not even how to letter, you even learn other cool facts about Affinity

  2. Hey Meg, a new camera is way better than a intro haha – Awesome video! I'll play the kerning game now ✌️

  3. Hey Meg they would beat your design up on The Futr.
    I don't know girl that L looks king of like an E or a C.
    You should submit that and see what they say…….LOL!

  4. Nice to see you back! Awesome video as usual, and thanks to your new camera now we can see your live commentary in a full glory 🙂

  5. Awesome :3 did you ever try MagicaVoxel + Blender combo? Different rendering, adding rain/water and other effects 🙂 it's really cool

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