LENS Wireless

when you hear a gas detector alarming
somewhere on your work site what’s your gut reaction do you ignore it and carry
on with work as usual do you evacuate just to be safe or do you approach the
alarm to investigate without having information about the hazard and what
happens if you’re the one who’s in trouble but no one is around to hear or
see you need a gas detector that easily connects anywhere you are and shares gas
readings and alarms with peers nearby so you can respond appropriately in the
moment with LENS Wireless you will see alarms and gas readings from any
connected Radius BZ1 or Ventis Pro-series instrument in your wireless
group now when gases reach dangerous levels or there is a panic or man down
alarm your instrument will display the name of who is in distress and why so
your team can spring into action using peer-to-peer communication you’ll have
the reassurance that someone nearby has your back rather than depending on help
from miles away thanks to LENS Wireless workers can
truly stand together even when they’re hundreds of feet apart experience the
power of the connected worker and be ready for the moment with LENS Wireless

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