Leica M10 – best Leica of all times for street photography ?

hello youtubers it’s awesome to see your
smiling faces once again Cris here with the Cris photography channel I am back
with yet another video I haven’t been filming a lot lately I apologize for
that but I thank you guys for subscribing we’re now over 400 people
subscribed to this channel which is amazing I’m sharing and sharing as we
know is caring and today I want to share a little bit about this guy right here
this little puppy the Leica m10 I got this landed to me by a good friend
of mine I only have it for the weekend so I will do this sweet and short all
right let’s dive right into it Okay so Leica m10 beautiful beautiful beautiful
little beast for those that don’t know Leica is a very particular specific type of
camera that has a very specific public and clients and there’s a very selective
type of people that would use Leica the reason is that it is not necessarily a
technology type of camera it is more of a nostalgia type of camera in terms of
design they simplified it a little bit they made it a little bit simpler you don’t have the continuous single recording and so on here you just have
the start and stop so that’s way simpler you have the exposure time that you can
set or you can just put it in auto mode okay one cool thing they did is they
finally brought back the ISO dial back into the camera so now we can just lift
and twist the ISO dial it can be set to auto which is what I usually shoot with
but you can at least access a little bit like Fuji does you can access the
settings right away which makes it more enjoyable and obviously on the camera
it’s a rangefinder style camera so you choose the distance
through the viewfinder and that doesn’t change now in terms of viewfinder I have
to say I prefer this viewfinder I find it bigger I find it more precise
more neat and it’s also simpler to see what you’re shooting to focus on what
you want to focus I believe this camera is finally a
digital Leica that’s worth having because like I said the form factor it’s way
faster has a bigger screen it has a live view and all those are awesome features
that I do enjoy having on the Leica camera I’m going to go out I’m going to do a bunch
of testing and we’ll see how it performs I’m going to take photos I’m not going
to edit them and we will see how it looks so let’s dive right into it okay
here we are on the streets and let’s go we’re going to check out how this little
M10 performance this guy is like we all know a manual rangefinder style type
of camera it’s a Leica M so obviously there’s no autofocus I’m not here to
talk expert like I already told you I’m here to do a quick little on the street
type of shoot today we’re kind of lucky because there’s clouds but it’s not
raining yet have a Summilux 35 mm I’m going to do a bunch of tests now so come
with me let’s do it so on previous models like the m6 for
example which is by the way my favourites
Leica camera and the m3 we could see how Leica was so pure in their design and it
was still very compact and they would still use this you know the sleek type
of camera that Henri Cartier Bresson so and other big photographers were using and they
then went into the digital world with the m8 m9 m240 they were a little bit
too thick and they started to be a little bit too you know too big and that lost a
little bit at least to me lost a little bit of its you know Leica feel now
having the m10 in my hands just the feeling of it is a bit back to the m6 so
you have that feeling of compressed solid brass quality camera and the
photos that come out of it I have to say they’re really good 24mpx
and honestly very very very good quality I mean it’s Leica yeah let’s go take some
more shots – let’s do it see the beauty of Switzerland is that we
have amazing landscapes I mean check that out you know what I’m saying like now
we’re talking yeah yeah you guys don’t have this in America so you should be
jealous we’re an Orbe right now the big city of Orbe 5,000 people live in here I
mean 5,001 with me I don’t live here but still here I am. Back to the
Leica M10 so I added a little thumb holder here I’m gonna be roll this
because I have it also I’ll show you in a separate video that I did but this
little thumb holder right here instead of the viewfinder is actually very good
because I remember with my 240 I had to literally grip it here it’s fine our
hands have five fingers they’re supposed to you know be able to hold things you
know this movement like this but if you have a little thumb holder here it’s
more comfortable this camera has been landed graciously to me by Todakin
you guys can go check his Instagram I link it down below I haven’t had a lot
of time to use it yet because well I just got it for a little weekend so I’ve
been doing a little bit of testing here and there you’ll see some photos during
this video but overall it really is sturdy I really enjoy the the quality of
it very pure design of Leica which is black with the little red dots which I
personally would remove to go street photography because it’s a bit more
discreet oh yeah and then one thing how does this compare to other modern
cameras because obviously one thing people want to know is does this compare
to I don’t know let’s say a Sony or a Fuji xt3 or some other cameras because I
normally shoot Fuji film honestly body-wise it’s very similar
but we’re talking M series cameras so you’ll have the manual focus you will
have the manual wheel everything is basically manual, I mean you can
still go ISO Auto and you can go auto exposure and things like that but at the
end the result is the Leica feel I cannot stress that enough you I mean you
saw in the photos I did not process those I did not touch them up those are
the actual photos that I took with the camera and then that black and white is
the Leica feel black and white so how does it compare again it doesn’t compare
so if you guys want to buy a modern quick autofocus camera just go for you
know whatever you want to buy it like a Nikon Canon Fuji Sony or whatever you
like but this is more for people that want to take their time I already said
that in another video but what else you want to say about Leica is for people
that like the tradition of it’s for people that like the the feel the look
and yeah okay so we’re back from the streets I really hope this helped you a
little bit if you’re thinking to buy a like m10 and I will be putting more
photos at the end of this video some more samples so you can see by yourself
these are untouched I did not process them in any way shape or form so if
they’re a little bit dark a little bit under or overexposed I’m sorry about that
I’m going to go now and do some more shooting with this amazing camera I hope
you enjoyed this video if you have any question don’t hesitate to put it down
below in the comments I urge you to subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet
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smiling keep shooting and see you soon bye folks

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