LEGO Hasselblad In Stores Soon!? + Digifilm DELAYED!? | Photography News Dump June 2018

Yahtzee Hello everybody News, I’m Alex. I’m take Today there’s a month of June my mother Judah news. Yeah The first big news of the month is that Instagram has unveiled a new video streaming platform to rival YouTube Wow This platform is advertised as instagrams answer to lung for medical video content but the creators being able to post anything from 10 seconds to 10 minutes as long as it’s vertical that’s Gonna be shot videos play fullscreen and there’s no wasted space This is something I’m sure everybody has been asking for that’s a little debatable Josh But it’s definitely something that I’m surprised didn’t come out sooner, but I guess on the time I saw Josh And I wish we did. Yeah, we could be the millionaires. They could have gotten this platform Yeah, my recap decap TV TV Personally, I’m a big cinephile. So vertical video fully astounds me actually, but I guess we’re gonna have to go on it We actually posted a video on there already. If you want to follow us on IG TV, the link will be down below Yeah, Instagram is dad DK tahg. Yeah The same stuff both ways. Yeah. Yeah. My story’s nice P keys in it from al Masri to sponsor Alright, so our next bit of news is something that we posted about six months ago. It’s related to that It’s along the lines of digitized film now Josh. Can you think of anything along those lines that kind of fits that? Relations. Oh Well, it’s digital Yes, come over So according to a recent update the sheikah has entered the tooling stage, I don’t know what that means They’ve also released pictures of a work like look like prototype of the camera I also don’t know what that means from these images. We got to say that the camera really doesn’t look at that Alex no, no Mean at first glance they’ve also released a promo video with a guy shooting the camera on the street showcasing all of the digi film We’ll put a link in the description if you want to check it out yourself Yeah, it has a nice like video quality, but the other one did yeah, very nice. Very nice Looking really like the vibe that trying to go for I guess I can say how I both not a huge fan of the look Of the images a lot of chromatic aberration and basically all stuff that you can get the filters Apparently my opinion the grungy mocha looks a little bit too forced there. Keep in mind Alice they’ve also stated that they’re not actually satisfied with earnest in this video at the stage and they try to make it their mission to Make it better So I guess that’s good. Oh, yeah, it’s a good it’s a good thing Yeah, please. Yeah know how much they got a change from what they got I think maybe the saying that because they received some criticism because you know so many people have invested in this and it like it’s already Backdated so, you know what people want to see is a really high quality stuff, you know As I said before the estimated delivery date was April. Well, maybe yeah, yeah actually said it like May or April. Yeah Yeah, I mean, yeah, and it seems we’ve been July they are at mr. Mark Yeah, but usually a lot of independently funded projects, although yeah, it is quite a big company. They still meet a lot of delays I guess this project is really no exception Yeah, well, then what they’ve said it seems they did some static scary things to work mechanically and with you know Trying to perfect the design. I had to make it bigger So yeah Obviously that first initial assumptions or measurements just didn’t work out so having to fix it these things look pretty hopeful for this project Yeah
like I actually do want to say what they come up with in an end because what was saying been saying that the images were Seeing now. I Feel like that. They’re pretty close to what they’re gonna be Usually usually when they believe something that’s pretty close to the end like we really hurt but it does well It really sets a really nice person in to try new things in the photography market. Yeah I really hope that does find its market. I think we just love it Wade Yeah, we’re not the market, you know fingers crossed and hopefully move sailing then going forward and then we’ll probably see To be honest though, it would be interesting to have seen a new 35 mil camera be brought down, you know That would have set the market on fly out that’s actually funny that you talked about the 35 millimeter film Alex because a company named Newman a Minimun eminent lab has recently launched a Kickstarter for an instant back for 135 SLR and Rangefinder cameras to be honest, it’s one of the more exciting Kickstarter’s that obtainable and longtime Cool products in question right now. It’s instant Meghan. E35 And apparently it requires no major modifications to your current SOR. Although you will need to remove the original camera back They do mention. However that not every lens camera combination has been tested which I’m not not really expecting them to yeah Crazy doesn’t make sense to do that to every camera but they do this the cameras that are compatible with this instant Magne 35 That’s quite a big list. And I think most of the wipers are on there as well It’s catching to that like a Omani way the film back. We’ll use frigate insects square film It’s great for accessibility because you know, that’s the cheapest Overall I think it’s a really cool project and it’s a need in the market where you know current instances fail to offer sufficient focusing Like the Fuji insects, that’s just a point-and-shoot. You can’t focus on that The lens is just so much better connection settings for your camera, which is a quite different to usual Polaroid The product is expected to be delivered in January of 2019. The Canon copy that we saw yeah is a bit about 214 Australian dollars 2014 show at the current the current Current exchange rate is My Polaroid camera and would cost me Yeah, I don’t know. I really think it’s a good cause and if I would pay that because they need it for manufacturing Yeah, I guess like keeping us in film alive and painting the toilet extra 250 14 15 $14 Yeah, it’s great for a photography in general exactly Put a link down below and your if you do like that kind of stuff. Definitely. We’re not a sponsor Hey, but if you want a sponsor I select FL hook link down below Ha ha ha Fuji from XA you I’m welcome to this converter is chunky something That is a chunky there is the quite creative Lego Hasselblad that has been created by Lego built up Helen sham Helen make sure this isn’t a sham It actually took two hours That’s too much time it was made of Over a thousand okay, that’s best six. It was a thousand one hundred and twenty pieces. That’s a lot of patience This is a lot of plastic to make a replica of the hasselblad 503cw Murim and she is hoping that one day it becomes part of the official Lego kit. Yeah how cool it babe? You got a target and you can buy yourself a little medium format camera They have to build yourself in at least two hours with the fast piece I would love to do that and that would be my kind of later It has quite a few features and you can really take some real photos with the church block So if you weren’t expecting that the features consist of a mirror don’t wind up a frame counter as well as a shadow button which is probably the most necessary of them all will add the link down below and sir when you Lego and loving Photographers can check it out and obviously it sure has some support because the more when she gets the higher chance and you’ll see it In store someday and maybe we could even do it true if Haha ideas further shatter yeah So we both think this is a pretty great concept and definitely bring back a nostalgia of playing with Lego as get with the Nostalgia of taking photos as an adult exactly Yeah, mix it together. Yeah. Yeah love this idea. Hope it goes all the way as as well Yeah, same so kinda ending in sex, but everyone’s trying to press it that market. Yeah Yeah, it’s good. And like I was just going to say do you think it’s been a boring month? I think there’s been quite slow. Yeah, it’s been it’s been a little bit Of month anyway, if you did like the vid, this is the end of it ya Know give us a like hit that button down below to be notified about Patients more about me here all the videos, you know, we have sort of many good ones Yeah, and stay true proud new videos coming soon and stay warm. Stay not sick. Stay mock Sick don’t hang around or film videos with this bag. Don’t do drugs stay in school because he’s gonna get me sick Catch up

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