Landscape Photography | When The Conditions Are Against You

good morning everybody how's it going as you can see it's a pretty dull flat boring lifeless morning but um unfortunately at the moment I am NOT afforded the luxury of flexibility so I just need to get out whenever the opportunity arises and these so happened to be the conditions I've been given so although it's nice to be out it's going to be an extremely tough morning we're gonna have to really work hard to get get any images this morning if at my expectations are pretty low this okay hopefully it'll make me look at the landscape in a in a slightly different way yeah it's going to be a tough morning but and stay positive and see what we can find this is tough really tough one of the most challenging shoots I've been on in a long time they're starting to become a bit of life in the sky he's just it's just nothing going on that catching my eye or you know interesting me I know there's a there's some drawings up there and I've taken a couple of shots of them before but I don't really want to particularly do this type of photography at the minute I want to look for more artistic intimate details and it's proving exceptionally difficult what I've decided to do is get the 76 to 200 hours and start looking for patterns of stones but the problem is a lot of them because they're not sunk into the sand they're moving so every time you find a nice pattern you set up a composition you just wait for the tide to come in the tides actually pushing them away so I'm so excuse me it's extremely difficult extremely difficult so inspiration has finally grabbed hold of me and I think I've managed to find a composition and actually get shot that I think I'm gonna be pretty pleased with them unfortunately just as I started started filming the the waves have just moved the stones so I quickly took a bit of b-roll to show the composition I was looking at and had this stone here and this one is just now sunken clustered together and I was the only way the composition was gonna work was to get down low and really emphasize them so what I've done is remove the center column from my tripod set it as low as I can now I know it's gonna get covered in salt water of seawater and I've salt to m4 this okay I can give it a good wash and a good clean and it'll be alright and for the image and it needs it you know so I have to do it's at all at the end of the day but what I'm focusing on is layers so I love how not only I love how the stones of the contrasting against the sand but I was then using the tide to lead you through the image so I was waiting for for a wave to come in like this and then shutter just then as it's receiving and what it does is create a leading line back into the image and what I was trying and trying to do obviously this is a little bit of luck and just persistence was to try and get a little bit of foam leading you back into image but also have another wave breaking so on the top third of the image I had another point of interest now I managed to get a couple with that and actually halfway through shooting the way through this stone so ended up with just being one stone so I got a couple of compositions to choose from but I think I probably prefer the one with two I don't know I don't know if it takes away the simplicity but at least I finally got something to work with them what I noticed actually is if I can try and what I might do now is to find the stones Arrangements that I like it's just slightly push them in sink them slightly just so it gives me that little bit of time to to work on the composition and get the right some movement in the water because otherwise you're just fighting a losing battle you're just gonna get set up and by time you got set up to cut some of the waves come in there's a wave receding everything's ruined but nothing works so you know she's just trying to be a bit clever about this finally you go that there's a few of you cringing right now a spite of my tripod getting a this cupboard and abused but um it's at all it's meant to be it's meant to be in the sea it's meant to be used as meant to get abused his sir you know producing my art for me so it's got to work hard for it yeah I'll pop up my favourite one from the view I have just taken just now let me see that so I tried to get a couple more shots but unfortunately the tides come in just that little bit more now and it's just a complete layer of them of stones and shingles so it was impossible to get any nice arrangement and isolation of stones on just sand so I wasn't really working and by time I was able to work something that the waves had moved the stones and you know just with this wasn't gonna work out it just wasn't meant to be so um I think I better call it a day to us because time for work so you know yeah it's been a real challenging one this morning but it just goes to show even when the conditions are against you and you're lacking a bit of inspiration I haven't been out much lately as you know so I think that has an effect on on your motivation and your inspiration it can make it a bit difficult so it's important just to try and push through that and and hope for the best and things will start you know start to work for you again yeah it's been nice to get out and I've really enjoyed it so thank you very much for watching and if you have enjoyed this video please consider subscribing and until next time I shall see you later

14 Replies to “Landscape Photography | When The Conditions Are Against You”

  1. Excellent image Owen. Thought seawater was a no no for carbon fibre tripods; well mine says as much? Have you found any issues or just ensured you wash it down with freshwater as soon as home?

  2. Owen, your perseverance is inspirational. The last shot is impressive. But I wouldn’t feel like facing up the cleaning of your tripod; it seems to spend quite some time in the surf!

  3. I don't think I could ever put my camera that close to the surf. Nice image from your efforts. Thanks for sharing

  4. Looked hard work mate, but your efforts paid off with that final image – that was really different and worked well 👍

  5. I must have an over-fertile (or furtive) imagination but the shot at 0:50 looks like Mother Nature's fallopian tubes.
    They make interesting shots for me as you lose all sense of scale. Is it islands taken from a drone or an unlucky haggis that drowned. Interpret as you will 😉

  6. It is the night before, and I am planning a sunrise shoot. I set my alarm for 3:30 a.m. Alarm goes off according to plan. I lie motionless. I quickly come up with a hundred reasons to stay in bed. I hit the snooze button. 
    8 minutes later I do it all again.

  7. Tried this myself yesterday only had 1 rock to work with and your 100% right one of the most frustrating shots to take either to much or to little or nothing but if you don't try you can't make mistakes and learn from them I guess . But what you got works well done 💪

  8. It’s a tough time of year Owen and most of us suffer during the summer months, however I thought your images worked very well and so kudos to you.

    See you next week 👍

  9. Well done you, great shot and if I could get a shot like that every time I went out I would be very proud.

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