Landscape Photography | Mist Can be the Difference Between a Good Image & a GREAT Image

25 Replies to “Landscape Photography | Mist Can be the Difference Between a Good Image & a GREAT Image”

  1. Nice walk. Just careful with the gas fire direct on ground with high grass. You know, improvise a barrier/rock bed if available, an upturned frying pan or at least clear patch. Enjoy the videos.

  2. #AskTH How do you use the histogram to shoot great pictures? And how do you organize your pictures when you come home with a camera full of pictures?

  3. Love heather in early autumn in the Alps, if you have yellowish grass, the contrast is insane at the golden hour. If you like trees like that, you should definitely go to Australia. The eucalypts, especially mallee growing eucalypts (multi trunks) are gorgeous as a composition subject. Tasmania in particular is a favorite spot of mine, or the Australian Alps with the snow gums.

  4. I love the pace of your videos. It's such a nice break from other Youtuber photographers (who I love too), but I get the feeling that you really savour each and every image. Really reminds me to slow down in my shooting and just appreciate where I am.

  5. The three trees @7:22 look like it could have been a rad shot. Was there a reason that the one tree was used?

  6. Really enjoy your videos. I shot Medium Format Film but it does not matter with your vids. You inspire.

  7. Finally catching up after my trip to Yellowstone. Your leaves were turning a month early. Here it is the end of September and it's in the high 80's with no sign of Autumn color. Global Warming Weirdness?!

  8. Just got to the last bit of your video, where the fog had just vanished . . . my wife walked in and said 'he looks knackered'. πŸ™‚

  9. I really like that horizontal photo of the tree. The bands of clouds in the sky combined with the tree and the heather make for a really solid shot! Solid video as usual!

  10. I was sitting home, making excuses about the weather and after watching this, I'm moving my bottom to the beach to shoot shoot shoot! Maybe something will come out of this. Thanks, Tom for the motivation! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Tom, I'm looking for some outdoor hiking trousers and was wondering what ones you have on and do you rate them? Strange question I know, thanks

  12. Another good video, thanks much. May I ask a question? About how many photos do you take when out photographing? You see so well disciplined, keeping your camera tucked away until you find "the" shot for your location. I struggle with taking far too many shots, and believe I do this due to my uncertainty of what I'm capturing. Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Again thanks so much for producing such good content.

  13. Hi Tom, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure there was a great comp. In the cave, during the first part of vlogs. I recognise the tree in the cave and the beautiful colours on the background rock! That was one of the best pics I've seen of yours on an early vlogs. Am I right? As always love the bids.

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