Landscape Photography / Going Telephoto In Wiltshire

4 a.m. this morning 4:00 a.m. ah such an early start it's so worth it now walking longest path now towards Martin so it's a fair walk I've driven to the top of or hill up and we'll check which is just the little village along from Pusey and I'm hoping from a higher vantage point I'm gonna take advantage of some of this mist the mist is all down in the valley a better Pusey and from the top of wall hill somewhere along the ridge walking back toward myself I'm hoping I'm gonna see a composition where I can utilize the long lens pick up some details and mist possibly a wide-angle shot for my portfolio I'm looking at looking for a wide-angle grandest develop uz so what better way to capture Pusey Wiltshire for that matter in signature mist it always seems to get on these cold crispy early mornings just look look behind me you see the mist if we look back to us Swindon it seemed the blue white out if we look back towards museum you can see the mist all down in the valley it was incredible alright I will crack on up this path just believe I'm not sunrise is only in sort of 45 minutes so it'd be nice to find a composition ASAP go ahead [Applause] just like that hello's gone it was a bit of a mad rush I'm honest a little bit lost walking around aimlessly I've managed to find a spot that I've photographed before behind me is a tree I'll put the shot that I took a while back I'm stood on right on top of Martin Sale hill looking towards the Sun I took a I would say it's probably seven or eight stitch pano Suns coming up what is up now it's a very the lights starting to get quite hot so I think maybe the grand Vista is quickly gonna diminish in terms of shooting I've had the long lens on I was at around 70 mil and I was focused infinity pointed right the Sun and I went from left to right a couple of times just to make sure I got the shot that I wanted my hand in front of my lens before took my first shot so I know when I go back to Lightroom where the section of images are yeah what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to pick out this incredible miss the miss is rolling in it looks insane so hope you like the pan oh and I'm a better crack on because I'm gonna not only am I gonna miss the color I'm gonna miss my misses missed found another composition I've got a really tight now I found a filled with loads some nice lead-in lines just growing some sort of crops and you got a little clump of trees on the left a barn which I've anchored on the bottom right-hand side of the frame and then you've got a road going up right-hand third right from top to bottom some lovely mist rolling in and out but f11 a third of a second my exposures increasingly getting faster exposing for the highlights area like that and there's a sort of orange red sort of haze in in the sky it's like very vibrant green down on the bottom goes slowly goes into what whitey mist and then turns red some really abstract for a surreal very countrified yes that's shot number two I was ISO 100 as well always ISO 100 and then why we as loggers even mentioning what isoing is normally 100 so you know I'm just gonna continue to pick out try and pick out a little bit I think there's another image in the shot I've taken now I think if I was it about 150 mil I think if I pinching a bit more and try and highlight some of this mist that Sun is coming up and that's that Miss is not gonna hang around forever although once the Miss goes and that Sun gets harsh I can then pick out little fleeting glimpses of light streaking across the field so all is not lost where I've moved round from where I was at for probably 100 meters around the top still looking towards beauty and funny enough I'm still looking at that same composition that you've just seen because I've moved round even though it's the same shot it's some a slightly different perspective and looking at the scene now it's very flat and this is the only field in my view that is or get streaks of light and obviously the lines going away from you it just looks more more appealing so I'm just debating whether to cut the sky out completely and just focus on the field because now there's no mist although that I do like the hazy lines the layers in the image did disappear into the to the top of the frame I haven't got any sky as such in the image it's just a tiny bit the top it's all fields so I'm just debating where to bring my horizon whether to cut down zoom right in on the field or whether to shoot slightly more similar to what I've already shot I don't think it would be as good because there's no mist so I'm just waiting now for that Sun to reappear from the cloud has just gone behind a big bank of cloud and hopefully that light up the scene a bit more in terms of other images at the moment with the cloud covering the Sun I could just set see the Sun that left the scenes beautiful as it is in gorgeous and peaceful now the telephoto lens I need I need them shafts of light coming through and I'll get them over to the left now this is why it's so challenging with the telephoto lens opens up Matt opens up lots of other doors we've got to be quick you got to look at your scene think oh there's a shop and take it you can't you can't dilly-dally with a telephoto you have to get stuck into it take your shot while it's there because there there are and what they are more intimate scenes and the intimacy fleets in and out anyway we're gonna persevere I'm in no rush got plenty of time it's only probably half 5:00 in the morning so certainly no rush I'm getting light long no no I just don't I don't quite know where I'm gonna go with this shot it's very similar to what I've just taken there's some lovely trees on the left as well they've got a bit of haze and mist I might try and get over there and take something slight different or you might just see another under the shot the same as the second one who knows either way I'm I'm enjoying using this long lens this is a classic case of act fast I've got a big bank of them fog and miss rolling through my scene I've switched compositions 1108 from the second iso 100 imax about 190 meal I've said this big banker cloud mist coming through so so weird this real sort of isolated pockets of mist and cloud annoying annoyed unknowingly annoyingly that would have been ideal over the previous shot I've just searched I never mind never mind I've a road come in across from my bottom right cross diagonally to the tops or left-hand third so I'm using diagonals again and missed in there sort of mid to up words there's some sort of hazy layers in the on the horizon seems quite flat I must admit the seniors quite flat but I'm using them real rich greens I've got a polarizer on as well and a three-stop that's soft Missy soft grad like I said I'm using and using the surroundings I'm using the myth the fog I'm using the Greens to lift the shots because there's no there's no real initial life very overcast now and flat I think I've pretty much done such a nice spot could be all day but I think I've probably got the best best out of conditions there's the Sun is obviously up it's very harsh and it's picking out little pockets of light is getting increasingly bit more difficult and they're few and far between now so I'm I'm really happy what I got the pan earlier I think will turn out quite nice I think it was about seven or eight stitch so that'll be good fun trying to trying to put that together and I took three telephoto shots think it's three yeah two very similar and the one I've just take what I've just took is and a separate composition completely and they're all completely different for me this is I'm still sort of learning the craft as it will in terms of telephoto I'm finding it very exciting it's very addictive and like I said it I could be up here all day just taking pictures using telephoto lens I can't I gotta get home see seal it with and I'm back off the Bude today so I spend a bit of time of kirsty and the family before I have to shoot home back to pude I'm at home on my own all week so I can be microwavable dinners and dinners at mums I think but now yeah thank you so much for watching I'm feta ninja this is Martin SEL here overlooking the veil of Pusey don't forget to Like share and subscribe and as always comment down below let me know what you think of the images and I will see you on the next one ciao

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  1. How strange! Spent this evening shooting Martinsell and come home to find you in exactly the same spot! Awesome images as always! Look forward to seeing you in another Wiltshire vlog again soon.

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