Landscape Photography – Chasing the light along Hadrian’s Wall

and I’ve got those 360 degree views all the way around. Great day of landscape photography hello here we are again on another landscape photography mission. Today’s plan is to head out quite far up north from where i am now to Hadrian’s Wall and it’s a place I’ve been meaning to go to for quite a while now but it’s just sort of place I feel needed to be visited when the weather was good. So the forecast for today is looking pretty nice so I’m going to get out get up there and hopefully capture some nice images and a nice sunset at the end of the day with some that golden light on that wall so I’ve got a fair journey ahead of me so let’s go So I have arrived and I’m set up already just capturing a quick time lapse. It’s still very early in the day the Sun is high in the sky so it’s not perfect photography conditions. It is very very windy though I had though upgraded my sound system today so hopefully the wind won’t be as much of a noise as it has been in the past. I’m gonna capture this time lapse then I’m going to go and have a little explore. I’m not too familiar with the area and I want to find a nice composition for that sunset time so I’m going to take a couple of hours just to have a walk have a little explore around and find those killer compositions for later in the day This is Hadrian’s Wall built by the Romans and it is absolutely fantastic it’s a must-see place a World Heritage Site that you have to come see like I said I’m going to enjoy a nice walk it is beautiful. I’m gonna have a good look around and that hopefully when the wind dies down later and the sun is nice and low in the sky start getting some really nice shots definitely definitely going to be some photo opportunities around here. Right do you recognise this tree here [It seems safer to appear as your slave rather than your equal. You know for an infidel you have uncommon clarity of thinking did you tell me nothing of yourself for instance your name’s Aseem what does it mean it means a great one that’s right it is the tree of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, an absolutely classic film and it’s the bit where they just arrived back in England and they go from the White Cliffs of Dover to this tree here in Northumberland in the blink of an eye I have got the camera set up for a shot it’s a very very clichéd shot. It’s been shot a lot so it’s nothing it’s not going to anything particularly original which is why I’m not actually that bothered that I’m still right in the middle of the day it isn’t perfect photography or landscape photography conditions at all however I am going to make the best of it there’s nothing wrong with shooting cliche shots like this I really don’t think there is because if you are professional are you selling prints these shots sell, they just do so it’s good to have them in your portfolio so that’s what I’m going for today but it’s not the perfect time like I said so what I have done is I have put the 10 stop and the 6 stop ND filter on the front of the lens to get 16 stops of exposure reduction, what that is allowing me to do is to go for a very long exposure just to try and introduce some interest and start to bring in a fine art feel to the image the exposure will be about five and a half minutes so it’s very very long and i’m at F/8 just because i have my foreground interest is a bit of a distance away and that works for my exposure time in the bulb mode so i should get some really nice movement in the clouds and that will be very very smooth and then i’ll have those hills leading me in either side, and then a bit of the rock too, just behind me leading me into the shot as well so it should end up quite an interesting shot I may experiment with a bit of black and white or a de-saturated colour again just increase the interest and try and make it better than everybody else’s shot who has shot this scene before so it’s a really really nice little place so it should work out to be a nice little shot even though like I said it’s right in the middle of the day so I am at the highest point of Hadrian’s Wall and I’m stood on the wall itself and I’ve got those 360 degree views all the way around being very careful to not fall off this wall great day of landscape photography as always even though the weather has turned against me a little bit it’s still been a really great day I’m gonna get back down there is some real good interest just down here I’m hoping to get a nice shot of a little tarn down on the bottom that has a cliff got on the sides i’m going to try and get that hopefully the weather will come good for me and just get a little bit of light down on that water down on the rocks to really give that image some interest so let’s get down there now So this is a composition I was talking about when I was at the top and it’s of this body of water here and those cliffs to the side. I just need this light that’s starting to come good here to come across and just cast some rays down on that water and that will increase the quality of the image by a massive amount it isn’t exactly the composition I would have wanted I would have liked to have got a bit closer to the water but that’s not been possible because I’m a 70mm to get me closer to that water and then I’ve got the cliffs kind of leading me into the image with some of the fields and the sheep in the foreground that’s not particularly leading you in but it does sort of add another layer to the image. I’m at F/8 because I don’t have anything close to the lens I can maximize the sharpness ISO 100 and then the shutter speed just to get the exposure right. I’m just need to wait a little bit be a little bit patient and just hope that this light comes good as we get closer to the end of the day the cloud has started to break which is a really good thing I was starting to get a bit worried that wasn’t going to get any color in the sky towards the end of the day and I know I keep saying colour in the sky but it is one of the big things that can really bring some quality to your image and this image here is definitely one of those images right what I’m going to do is do a time lapse and I think I’m happy enough win this competition that I’m gonna stay here until sunset, because the sky is starting to come good. The Sun’s gonna come down behind the hills in the distance and put some about yellow light on to that cliff face I just think it’s gonna work really really nicely I’m happy enough with the composition it’s not perfect but if I get some color it really I just really is gonna make that shot so I just think it’s worth waiting for. Right I’ve changed my mind a little bit I think I’ve had the best of it here so I’ve got the time lapse there was the light threatened a few times I’ve got some nice live streaks coming through on to the water there but I’m going to start heading back towards the car because what I’ve decided is if the Sun does come good i would like to actually get Hadrian’s Wall in the shot because that’s the story I want to tell for today and this composition at the moment doesn’t have the wall in. So I’m gonna start walking because I did pick up a little composition earlier on and I think if the Sun and the colour in the sky comes good that’ll be a really nice shot too so im gonna head now to that location for sunset Right the ligth is changing all the time now and as the light changes, my composition changes as well because there’s so many different options that be working up around area and it all depends of light I had one shot down here, let me show you that just down here and it was nice when the Sun wasn’t quite out so it’s a competition that kind of incorporates this old fort here and the wall here then when the Sun comes up that isn’t getting lit up by that golden light and this Hill here is kind of going into silhouette which doesn’t quite work for the image so then I moved back up the hill here to try and get some of the wall here there’s a little bit of an old building here as well…..and it’s just absolutely frantic….. Look, bag there camera on the tripod up there. Absolutely frantic. Great fun though Right after that frantic couple of minutes of the lights changing I’m not sure if I got something or not we’ll have to see that I was running around chasing that Sun pretty much but I’ve come back to this composition because I think this is probably my favorite when the light is not there which isn’t for the moment so this old Roman fort and camera there and then you have hadrian’s wall itself here and working all those looking into the compesition with the wall leading you in one side and then this path kind of leading you in at the other it should be an okay shot if I get some color in the sky which I don’t have very much at the moment but it is starting to come and like I said it’s very changeable so anything could happen at this point I’ve gone for F/11 and bracketing because i don’t use ND filters I’m bracketing to get that big dynamic range out of the image I’m at ISO 100 and varying shutter speeds for the exposure and the bracketing so it’s the kind of shot that really needs some color though I’ve talked about color all day this place it is an incredible place but there’s so many compositions but it’s just a sort of place where moody shots don’t really work with all this man made brickwork and wall it just comes to life when it gets that beautiful golden sunlight on it and that’s what I want from the shop today at least have some color in the sky it’s been another great day of landscape photography I’ve worked really hard today I’ve been up and down capturing shots here and there I’ve got some good time lapses in there I’m really hoping this last shot comes together with some colour in the sky but if I go away without getting the perfect shot then I’m still gonna be happy I’ve still got some good shots in the can so it’s not a total bust today I’ve had a great day getting out and about again and Hadrian’s Wall is a stunning place well worth a visit. Please leave a comment down below and let me know you think and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already for lots more landscape photography blogs and be some really good real world reviews coming up soon as well so i hope you enjoyed it i’ll see you on another one very soon I’m Adam this is First Man Photography….at Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland Out….!!!!

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  1. I spent a couple days out there when I visited the UK a few years ago. I love that area so much! Great photos man 😀

  2. Great video as always, I live about half hour from this place and it is one of my favourite spots in the north east

  3. Another really interesting vlog Adam, many thanks for taking the time to post it mate.

    I don't know whether this has been brought to your attention and I hope you don't mind me mentioning but recently some of your processed images are showing a "halo" on the horizon lines. It may be that you are over sharpening slightly too much and the halos do detract from what are otherwise really decent images.

  4. Cracking vid, but I'm a little confused. U say for the final image that you don't use ND filters but for the tree you used a ten stop and a 6 stop ND?

  5. another great video adam not only because you were in gods country but great enthusiasm that is what its all about . since subscribing with you and a couple of other I feel my photos have improved massively the lights the key. keep it up adam .

  6. Adam, I love how you keep working to get your shots. As a Photographer I do watch other photographers on Youtube and there are some truly amazing photographers out there doing some awesome work, You have a dedication that just keeps going, you are an inspiration thank you for all you do for photography.

  7. Thanks Adam, I went there as a kid on a school field trip but that was forty years ago,I love your time lapse can you give me the settings you like to use.

  8. What does it mean when you say you're bracketing? What are the pros and cons to ND filters? I love your videos and photos! Keep up the good work!

  9. Love it when you shoot in front of the sun and capture those ray of lights… love the vivid green grass…

  10. I like the tree shot but personally I think the exposure was too long. No detail in the sky and no real movement just hard lines. Enjoyable Vids though!

  11. Great stuff Adam – it certainly can feel frantic when you're trying to race the sun (and clouds) and finding that right combination of light/composition. Thanks for sharing your art!

  12. Another great video. you make this look easy. I tried to give the vlog thing a go at Dunstanburgh castle the other day and I swear I have 70 takes of me just trying to say goodbye

  13. Loved the video, I have stopped at that car park on my way back from work but not had the chance to explore. Your video has motivated me now. The 'fail' image was still good!

  14. Another great vlog Adam. I look forward to them. I learn a lot and now I want to great over to your neck of the woods for photo ops. 🙂 Keeping them coming.

  15. Hi Adam, Glad the light came good for you in the end, lovely shot, I also really like the tarn shot, it's frustrating when you cant get access to the ideal spot nevertheless I think the height you had held the composition well.

  16. Stunning location Adam, with some interesting compositions. Definitely a great place to explore, not just for beautiful vistas but fascinating history as well. Love the solo tree image, great choice to sick the ND filter on for the long exposure, also loved the black and white edit. The final image was also gorgeous with that warm golden light. Thanks for sharing mate!

  17. Yeah, spotted that scene in the movie.   Wondered how they managed to walk to Sycamore Gap on the way from Dover to Nottingham.   Also how they brought the Scots down to fight for the Sheriff – guess he sent a fleet of buses up the motorway!Live in the US now, but born and raised on Tyneside, so know the Wall pretty well.Just found your channel.  There are quite a few great vloggers posting on here from the North of England these days, and I enjoy it very much.   Not much old history around here, but I do shoot at Gettysburg quite often.

  18. Hi Adam, another great video. The audio is lovely – what upgrade did you do to your equipment. You also inspire me to get out and do some landscape photography.

  19. Thanks, I enjoyed your video. It's good to see the work put into capturing a shot and watch you selecting your composition. I would like to know which lens you used.

  20. Brought back some memories, I walked the full length of the wall a couple of years back. I was on my own, in the dark on that track at 10:00 minutes, got spooked by a couple of guys in the trees when they turned off their lamps. Good video again mate.

  21. Some great images there, especially that final one. Very inspirational series of videos Adam, been a pleasure watching all the back catalog.

  22. Hi Adam. Was in this area just last week, walked from Steel rig to rapishaw gap. It was a family walk on a windy, rainy, sunny, warm then cold day. Got a few ok shots along the way. My favourite so far is my sycamore gap shot. I took my shot from more to the right of the gap using the rocks at the base of the hill as a lead in with the sycamore tree on the right hand third and one of the smaller trees as foreground interest. Light was not great would love to go back up and get some better shots under more forgiving conditions.

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