Landscape Photography…Aberfalls

[Applause] so this evening I'm left on a bed fault I'm sweating like a pig it's really warm didn't expect it to be a two-mile walk he that uphill so we're not too bad Yeah right behind me now was a before so I've come up this evening to get some waterfall shots yeah it looks pretty good so I'm gonna head over there and check them out a competition here all right at the bottom Falls here bottom and I like the whiteness it all of them I'm not gonna get one shot a whole wall of fault what am I too late and it's a client as shown if you jumped in of the fall perforated for one probably gonna call see what part of you get on the other end I've also wear looking at the waterfall so he keeps his scale the wall Feeny and aligned by Nietzsche so yeah I'm mad there's a briefs on the bottom back so it's quite interesting I'm gonna head down to the fridge and see if I can get in there so this is a nice conversation I've come across here I just like the years nice stonework going down towards the bridge over there and so I put these stone pad right on the edge of the frame so it's taking your eye right down to the bridge I've put this tree here which will go on the left of the frame and just by the bridge there you've got these fantastic trees and right behind it there are waterfalls coming down unfortunately there's an all light it's evening whatsoever but I definitely would like to come back and there have some light on this at some point because it would make a beautiful shot so yeah this is my next composition which I like and then I'm gonna head up there and see anything on that so I've taken a few shots coming around the other site now there's not many shots you can actually achieve with it just because the waterfall is so long it's very difficult to get a shot so the best I've done here really is getting my daughter and the sister within the frame just to give you the scale of the waterfall but yeah not many compositions at the moment really as far as every different one that's a bit of light certain things will pop out I think that's the best I can do if it stops raining I'll probably take the drawing of play of it backwards and see if I get any wide shots of the whole Falls yeah they look fantastic so I think that's it from Upper Falls Weaver sleek from the drawn up hopefully got some different kind of shots of the waterfalls from the top looking down hopefully that all the works out yeah quite an interesting place like I said before not finding like so many too many compositions to be honest I definitely think I'll come back on a nicer day there's a nice golden night I think that would be a little bit better than things just tend to pop out so yeah so that's it for this vlog from a pet force and thanks for watching please to subscribe and until next time bye [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Wow where is that and why have I not been haha high on the list now. Can’t wait to get you up Yorkshire in a couple months

  2. Excellent video Jason. Really nicely produced and some fantastic drone work too. Great to see the family out with you again. Keep them coming πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Nice work! I particularly like the "scale" shots with the falls and humans showing the size of the subject of the shot. Keep up the good work!

  4. loved the drone shots there jason.lovely waterfall but dont drink the water,go down the valley and sample aber falls whiskey!

  5. Liked the vlog, I've just got back from Llanberis a good week for images I got some of Caunant Mawr falls in Llanberis & the quarry …back in Nov. all being well…martin

  6. It does look difficult to find a composition there got some decent shots tho Jas. Spray didn't look to bad either great vlog and a good reference video too. πŸ‘

  7. You have my sympathy here, although the drone shots were fantastic, as ever, its really difficult to get big falls captured on camera.
    About six months ago I did a little project entitled 'Waterfalls in the Middle of Bloody Nowhere', which usually involved several hours of hiking through the mud, rain and snow sweating my unmentionables off to try to scramble down into a steep ravine to take largely unimpressive photos of waterfalls shrouded by spray, thicket and trees. My response/excuse was also 'I need to come back in better weather'.
    Believe me your shots are masterpieces compared to my noisy high contrast two dimensional disappointments.
    Already looking forwards to an autumn trip to the same falls hoping for better light.

  8. Absolutely superb Jason and well done for another fantastic vlog . Another on my list of places to visit.

  9. Some good stuff despite the tough light mate. It’s one of those locations that rarely gets good light as it’s so tightly up a north facing valley, but at least you had plenty of water moving. Very enjoyable πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ BTW, why not get in touch and see if we can fix up our coastal wild camp?

  10. Fantastic photos brought back happy memories of my first and only visit when I was a kid and we were on holiday in Prestatyn. 😊

  11. Wow! Images are amazing as is the location. Definitely need to go back when the light is better just as you said still the pictures were awesome. Thank you Jason

  12. What a lovely waterfall, and yes it needed those figures in there to show a sense of scale and of course your sister and daughter has a lovely reminder of a beautiful place where they have been…Well done!

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