Kung Fu Copywriting Secrets: Don’t Tell Me You’re Funny; Tell Me a Joke

Talk is cheap, basically. Anybody can say “We’re
professional, we’re friendly, we’re reliable, we deliver everything on time, we are
affordable.” You know, anybody can say that and your customer knows that. All of your competitors are saying it — whether it’s true or not. Saying it
doesn’t give you any advantage and it’s just
“blah blah blah!” “We are passionate. We are passionate
about pipe elbows.” “We are passionate about sandwiches.” These
are things, you know, like if you go to Google and Google in speech marks you
get these words in this order: “We are passionate about” — 68 . 1 million
responses you’ll get back from Google. People
are passionate about 68 million different things — and they’re not — you know they’re not.
Nobody’s passionate about sandwiches(!) So, if you are using
a lot of adjectives about yourself or your company and your writing; if you are
using “we are excellent” “we are professional” “we are exemplary” “we do this” Don’t tell me — show me. Don’t just say it’s affordable — how
affordable is it? Don’t say it’s big — how big is it? Don’t say “we are great” — show me a quote
from a customer saying how much they loved the experience. Someone
who is one of your customers talking about you. weighs ten times as much as anything you
might say about yourself And it’s not just in what you say — it’s the content and it’s the writing and it’s the marketing that you offer. Don’t say “we are experts in this” — write me a guide on how to do it. Don’t say “we are helpful and we’ll make
sure that you’ll not forget anything” — stick a checklist on your website. Don’t say you’re helpful — *be*
helpful. Don’t say you’re an expert share some knowledge — show that you’re an expert. Don’t tell me you’re funny — tell me a joke.
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