Kinetic Typography – Zero Punctuation

Here’s a fun game, next time you’re at a party,
talk to a stranger like you’re a video game character going through a dialogue tree. Yeah
so i just bought a new entertainment system for my living room. Tell me more about your
new entertainment system, It’s really nice it’s got bang and olufsen speakers. Tell me
more about speakers, em they’re the things that audible sound comes out of. Tell me more
about audible sound. Uh, it’s an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a medium composed
of frequencies within the range of hearing. I’m done with talking about your new entertainment
system, Tell me more about your living room. During one conversation Eric goes tell me
more about vampire society, and the dude goes, there isn’t one really, see we’re not ripping
off vampire the masquerade. But in his very next line he says, I wouldn’t expect a half
blood to understand. Oh ok, no society but there is classism, do you wanna go back and
maybe write a second draft. Every vampire story has different rules of course, in the
dark universe for example, the super secret weakness of vampires is bullets. And cunningly
the security guards of the world all carry guns. Having figured out that your achilles
heel is any kind of physical damage what so ever. So dark is strictly a stealth game.
Such is the aversion to bullets that Eric cannot carry a gun himself. So do the maths
here sonny

5 Replies to “Kinetic Typography – Zero Punctuation”

  1. This is pretty well done. The only real feedback I can offer since I'm not any good with graphic design myself….Is that during the "dialogue tree" bit, it's "your" speakers, not "you're" speakers. I know, that's pretty much nitpicking, but that's the only useful criticism I have. =)

  2. really awesome! makes for a great visualization, pretty much as good as ZP's own videos. i wonder why this doesn't have more views.

  3. Would you ever share a link to the Motion file used to create this? I'd love to see how it was put together on the backend.

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