Kinetic Typography in Motion 5 (Basic Tutorial)

hi hello everyone this is Mandy and I'm going to demonstrate how to make kinetic typography like the one you just saw in Apple's motion 5 in case you didn't know Connect Aparri is another way of saying moving text this is a very basic tutorial to get you started with kinetic typography in motion so we're going to start by opening up motion now I'm using version 5 button ugly versions the user interface may be different the start choose motion project preset should be set to broadcast HD 1080 frame rate of 29.97 fps n t SC duration depends on the project but I'm sitting in mine to 20 seconds click open when you have the proper settings in the top right corner so the default view setting is 100% but one hours up fit in window click the render drop-down menu and choose best quality if the computer is running slow set the render back to normal make sure the safe zones are on now can really get started let's use the rectangle tool click the icon here or press R on the keyboard whichever works for you let's click and drag from one floor to another until a rectangle covers the whole work area skip this step if you prefer the default black background one more thing before we get into the text this is just so the white doesn't looks like blend let's go into library filters stylize scroll all the way down the vignette click apply click on inspector this size is fine at point seven six fall at point five blur amount of six darken at point three two and saturation at point three click on the rectangle layer and click the little arrow next to it there now we have a beautiful vignette this will also help focus on the text let's start using the text tool again click the icon or hit the T on your keyboard click and type your default color for fonts is white clashes with the white background we have so let's open up the HUD here's the heart icon to bring it up click on the white box and this will open up the Klan box choose the color eggplant beautiful choose whatever font you like to use but here I'm going to use meloria if you don't have it you can easily download from you fonts calm the slides looks just right a 171 pixels hit the Escape key on the keyboard to exit the text tool these little handles allow us to transform the text we want to move the text to the middle yellow guidelines will help click the text in the exact middle that's good business where the fun begins using Muslims 3d camera we create the whole moving concept of kinetic typography so let's create a camera a prompt will pop-up nephew like the squids in 3d or sheep as 2d we're on the click switch to 3d as you can see on the layers to our left a camera hasn't added connect typography emotion is basically creating a camera and twisting the 3d and then using the motions record feature let's do that in the top right under the render and field drop-down menus you have camera controls therefore but we're only going to be concerning ourselves with the pan camera and dolly camera buttons clicking the pan button and drag the left and right we'll move the camera left and right clicking the dalek button and drag them up and down we'll zoom the camera in and out feel free to get a constant to the buttons before you begin recording with the camera layer selected click the properties tab and use the position settings to move the camera increasing or decreasing the x-value will move the camera left or right increasing or decreasing the y-value move the camera up or down increasing or decreasing Z value or zoom the camera in and out with all three set at zero you are in what I like to call absolute middle let's add the second word half with the text tool again we're going to open the HUD and change the color to eggplant with kinetic typography it's easier to have each chord on its own layer and that's why we didn't put everything in one text box on one layer have should be fine at 171 pixels now let's add a and a hole on their own layers set the size to 110 pixels or both the next word eternity we're going to set the color to Palm with the size that 143 pixels put it right under a hole now we have enough text to get recording going let's zoom into the text you can use either method that I described to you but I'm going to use the properties tab on the left I've got my camera zoomed in at negative 1288 pixels go down to the timeline and move the other layers to the right like so you can select more than one layer by holding down the command key we want the layer spread out so we'll take a staircase hold down the command key to deselect the bottom layer move the other layers over and repeat now we can hit the record button move the playhead over to our happy ins pan down using the upper right hand corner camera controls or the position settings on the left so that have is down the middle of the screen repeat this step with the other layers until eternity is in the middle move the playhead and repositioning move the playhead and reposition click this little + micro-fine class on the bottom to zoom into the timeline this will help you place the playhead more accurately once eternity is in the middle click the record button again to turn it off hit the HOME key on your keyboard to put the playhead at the gang of the timeline hit the spacebar and play what you've got so far looks good right what's that you can see part of the black well this is an easy fix just click the rectangle layer and click and drag the blue dot down good that's pretty much it for this tutorial all the fancy smancy effects from here on is just utilizing the record feature and rotating the camera resizing the text again this is a basic tutorial to get you started play around and have some fun there's so many possibilities with this I hope you learned something new today Mandy out you

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  1. Your guide was a great help in making this video, I was a complete novice/beginner when I started, hope to put more of your instructions to good use in the future.

  2. Great tutorial. It's just taken me only 10 minutes from having no knowledge of the program to making my own kinetic typography clip. Thanks for the clear instructions!

  3. Amazing tutorial +MandieMoustache   ..Just the help i needed to start working on some lyric videos!!Thanks alot

  4. I really like this tutorial, simple to follow and you speak clearly and don´t mess around with stuff thats unimportent.

  5. You know there is such a thing as turning CAPS LOCK off….very annoying to read. Besides… all caps means you are shouting on the internet. Not very nice.

  6. yeah… but how do you attach the vignette to the camera? simply dragging it?
    excuse my beginnerness!

  7. Hey MM, just got Apple Motion 5 last week and yours will be my first tute to practice with. Aces, Mandie.

  8. You do this by pressing the button the bottom right of motions window, which looks like 3 triangles. Does this help?

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