“Kim Jin Ho – Family Portrait” Couple Reaction

Hello, my name Is Max!
Hello, my name is Sujy!
How are you? Today, we are reacting to a Singer from Korean but we do not know who he is. His name is “Kim Jinho”. He’s singing a song called “Family Portrait”
Why we’re reacting to him today? He won the community poll! Yes! He won the community poll as you can see below! We had five new singers. And as you can see he easily won! He receive more than half the vote! I want to say a quick thank you to “Ignatius Chua”. He told us some information about the song. I think the song will have English subtitles
so we should be able to understand it! So now I am not going to tell you what I think the song is about, let’s watch! Let’s get started! Damn he has a deep voice! I think someone said in the comment that this performance was on family day on that episode. There is some contestants who sing with their father some with their mother and some like him are alone singing today. Oh…Nice, interesting! He’s in the top 5 of the singer we ever reacted to, I don’t need to hear more to say that! That’s what I thought his faster die when he was young. His mother raised him, it was difficult, she really sacrificed her life to raise him. . I don’t know if they have other children. She give up her
life so he can have a good life. That’s what I understand from the lyrics. I have said that a lot recently, maybe it is because of new headphones. He is in the top 5, even top 3, of the best singers we have reacted to. His voice is deep which is very interesting. Soul, Ballad, Country, a little bit of everything.
His speaking voice is so deep! He is able to produce some softer and more… darker
sounds… almost in the same sentence! It is really rare. I think that Koreans singer
usually don’t have a speaking voice like that. It’s so deep (his voice) and when he stand up his shoulders are straight up like a strong man. His speaking and singing voice are very similar. Not different at all.
– He can produce a very soft sound also. Also, sometime his lips are like this. I don’t know if it’s when he’s producing the soft sound but his lips are moving like this when he is singing. He was changing the position of his mouth, I don’t know if you guys noticed this? He was singing like this sometime with his mouth, I think he was trying to do a very nice sound but I am not sure. Also, the part when he put his stomach down (like that). Very interesting!
– I feel like it was one of the most powerful note (when he move his body down). He was producing the sound with his body, it was painful. He was trying to show everyone through his body the pain that he was feeling. Wow, I couldn’t stop the video! I don’t feel like it was right (to stop the video). The performance give me instant goosebumps, after 1 second I had goosebumps! When he started the first note… my god, no need to sing anything else, I was already a big fan! If you want to participate in our next community pool: We will put 5 songs from him or 5 different singers and you will choose which one we will react to! That’s how the community pool work! Either 5 songs from the same singer or
5 different singers. Maybe we are going to have have different type of community pool too. We don’t know yet! You need to subscribe and maybe hit
the notification bell but I’m not sure! You’re going to receive notification on your phone every time we have a poll. It’s easy it take less than 5
seconds to read the question and 1 second to answer the question. If you’re lucky with the vote you’re going to have performance like this one. That
was unbelievable! Ok, thank you! Thank you very much!
See you next time!

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  1. English & Korean CC: 이 비디오에서는 자막을 선택하실 수 있습니다. 원하시는 분은 설정에서 자막을 선택해주세요
    Our Immortal Songs 2 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTsUnWTuL566cFXPDa8hllymtCQzhKwjT

    Thx you for watching,

    Max & Sujy

  2. I'll let you know on the notification thing. I've never seen a poll. lol but now I've rang the bell, so I'll let you know. The great thing about music is everyone can have an opinion and everyone can be right in their opinion. I've always had a preference more for the female voice and really don't care much for the bass or baritone, Elvis was alright. lol I use to have recordings of Elvis rehearsing, he was actually really funny and easy going. I wonder if they are on my old labtop? I still have it. now I'm curious

  3. Beautifully sung but most importantly a very moving tribute to his mother. I ran into him while looking at great male Korean singers and this performance was among the most mentioned. I know you've reacted to "The One" but the best one I've found of him is a duet with another performer who is of the highest quality. I'm not sure it's safe to react to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4T9vaPVo0Y

  4. Instead of just poll, can you list down your top 20 songs. Some of us might like to check out some of the lesser known singers because of your favourite song/singer list.

  5. i love kim jin ho's voice too

    i want you to watch this performance

    this is my favourite performance of him

    you have to check it out

    kim jin ho – my love by my side

  6. Hi Max & Sujy,

    Just two suggestions to increase subscribers and to get new viewers to watch these vocalists that you have featured in your current reaction video channel :

    1. React to the top 20 kpop groups. They have a monstrous fan base there esp Blackpink, BTS and Twice.
    2. Best is to react to newly dropped comebacks.

    Hopefully the subscribers of kpop in your channel will get to see these vocalists ie Sohyang, Dimash, Morissette etc in action, and fall in love with them. Oh by the way, Ailee is considered a kpop star hence most kpop fans will know her pretty well.

  7. …this is one of the most beautiful soulful and heart-felt performance and song I have ever heard! Heard it so many times and it still touches me deeply in the heart! Such an incredible performance….

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPoRgIzXm5o (M/V version)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En8XcjARrb4 (lyrics version)

  9. 한국어는 영어로 표현하지 못하는 고급지고 섬세한 시적 단어들이 많다
    번역이 아쉽다
    번역이 더 잘 되었으면
    큰 감동이 전달 되었을텐데

  10. 억지로 눈물 짜낼려고 하는거 같냐….이런거 리액션 하면, 개돼지 한국 유튜버들이 금방 시청자 10만 따리 찍어줄거라 예상하고 선택했겠지….노래에 깊게 이입하는거 같지도 않고, 표정이 가식적이고, 가장 중요한 가사 자체를 흘려봄. 그냥 전형적인 케이팝 리액션 영상 올리고 돈 벌려는 개수작…..이런 영상에 득달같이 몰려드는 한국 네티즌들도 똑같이 한심하고.

  11. Pls react to Kim Jin Ho's Saldaga.
    Start: 1:16:41
    End: 1:25:16
    This is the only place with Eng sub.

  12. Absolutely the most emotionally impactful Korean singer song I have ever heard.
    Tears are still flowing.
    Unique recognizable voice whose low tones are so sweet and pure and then those powerful belts…all almost simultaneously… Park Hyoshin used to be my favorite… until now

  13. ㅅㅂ 진지하게 보고 있었는데 중간에 에브리 바디 멕섬 틱톡 광고 나와서 진지하게 못봄 ㅅㅂ…

  14. 아… 아쉽다… 거름과 웃음꽃, 피우길… 이런 비유법이 제대로 번역되었으면 좋았을텐데… 거름이란.. 아무리 더럽고 남들이 기피하는 것이라도 영양소가 되는… 그걸 '깨끗히 모아서'…. 굉장히 애쓴 번역이라는건 알겠지만서도… 최소한 '꽃같은 미소'라든가…

  15. one thing that was lacking is it cant be traslated into english with what actual lyric depicts. second im just curious if you were overacting or truely got emotional. somewhat awkward for us tho.

  16. 요즘..거의 한국 노래을 영어로 번역 하던가 하면 가사 가 거의 엉터리로 나오던가 … 이해가 1%도안된다고하지요 그러니깐 유튜버 퓨티파이가 욕을 한거다지요.. 음

  17. 한국문학을 번역 못해서
    노벨문학상을 못받는다고
    하는데 반대로
    한국에만 있는 단어로
    아름답다 자위하는거나 마찬가지지
    나도 한국인이라 우리나라 문학
    좋은 글 많은건 아는데
    그걸로 자위질하기에는
    세계문학에 한국문학은 안어울린다.
    한국적인것이 세계적인거라고
    말하는 사람은 평생 노벨문학상은
    꿈도 못 꾸지
    한국문학으로는 노벨상 불가능하다.
    그냥 처음부터 노벨상을 노리고
    영문책을 준비해야한다.
    나는 프랑스에서 활동하는
    중국계 작가 샨사를 좋아하는데
    측천무후 한글 번역본 보고
    한글로 번역했는데도
    우리나라 작가들도
    생각을 달리해서
    노벨문학상을 노리고
    세계적인 책이 나왔으면 좋겠다.
    제발 천재들 외도 한번 한다고
    생각하고 노벨문학상좀
    중국 일본 색퀴들 씨부리는거
    때문에 허파 뒤집어 져서 그럽니다.

  18. 나도 어머니께 방금 전화드림
    40대의 아들을 아직도 걱정하시는 어머니
    어느세 나 역시 아이들의 삶에 거름이 되는게 당연하듯 살아간다
    아이의 세상은 나의 세상이고
    나의 세상은 아이의 세상이다
    이는 영원한 삶이 아닐까 생각한다

    나의 단점들도 배우는 아이들
    하지만 노력으로 나의 단점은 줄여나가고
    이것이 세상을 바꾸는 방식인 것이다

    술은 맛이 없다
    하지만 누군가 그런다
    인생은 술보다 맛이 없어 먹는다

    삶은 험난하고 버티기 힘든 세상이지만
    어쩌면 우리는 작은 사랑을 전하기 위해 존제하는건 아닐까 생각해 본다

  19. '당신의 웃음꽃 피우길'
    이렇게 여운있는 가사가
    And make your smail again
    이렇게 번역되다니.. … 역시 한글의 우수성은 어느언어도 못따라온다

  20. 가사가… 영어로 표현하기가.. 최대한 으로 짧게 잡아도 조선500년 역사속에… 가장 슬픈 강점기를 걸쳐.. 근현대사를 걸쳐 할머니 할아버지 아버지 어머니.. 그리고 나 와 처 까지 흘러 현재까지 우리까지.. 부모님들 고생 하셨습니다. 낳아 주셔서 감사 합니다. 그냥 간만에 눈에서 눈물이 줄줄 흘러 내리는구나.. 어휴…ㅜㅜ

  21. 나를 꽃피우기위해…..그리고 나는 다시 꽃을
    피우기위해 달리고 있네요.이것이 당연하다고 하는 당연하지않은 사랑의 릴레이.

  22. Hi Max & Sujy. You guys deeply into musics at every reaction, so I enjoy and thanks for your works so far. Singer Kim Jinho written/composed this song based on his real story. His dad was passed away when he was early teens and his mother raised kids alone without remarriage. My mom did same thing to raise 2 kids after lost of my dad when she was just mid 30's. In our parent's generation, lots of Korean moms didn't remarry after lost of husband or divorce and raise kids through self-sacrifice of enduring hard works to support family. This song makes me crying at every seeing & hearing

  23. Just read from a Korean's take on this song. The Eng translation gives a feel of sadness of parent's sacrifice. The actual feel from the Korean is that of guilt ridden sadness having receive the sacrifice from his parents. That is why everyone is crying.

  24. 남성분은 우리말을 어느정도 이해 하신것 같습니다. 반면 뜻을 잘 이해하지 못하실 경우 옆에 계신 여성분과 같은 표정이 나올 것 같습니다.
    여성분은 가사보단 멜로디쪽에 중점을 두시고 시청하시는 것 같은데 남성분은 한국어를 공부하신 분인지 잘 모르겠지만
    가사가 전하는 메세지에 중점을 두시고 시청하시는 것 같다는 느낌을 받았습니다.
    한국어는 다른 나라의 언어와 다르게 감성표현이 풍부한 언어라 시를 표현하기에 가장 좋지만 배우기는 입장에선 매우 어렵고 까다로운 언어입니다.
    우리와 같은 감정을 느끼신다면 남성분은 한국어에 대한 조예가 상당히 깊으신 것으로 생각됩니다.

  25. 안타깝다 영어로 표현 안되는 한글 감정 표현의 디테일이 아마 가사의 내용을 100% 느낄수있다면 누구나 눈시울이 붉어질것인데

  26. 잘봤습니다.^^ 김진호의 가족사진은 들을 때 마다 눈물이 흐르네요..ㅠㅠ feat.콧물 ;;

  27. I feel the exact same thing that you are describing about this truly amazing performance. It is so emotional and wonderful – and unique ! I have watched and listened to it for a few years, and I knew vaguely what it was about, and even though I did not understand the lyrics (I haven't read them) I still get very emotional every time. If you are interested, and it is quite interesting and very emotional, there is another show he is in, in which he is a featured guest with other unknown singers who sing his songs (and from when he was in the SG Wannabe band), and the other singers kind of imitates and try to sound like him, and when they sing this particular song – it gets very emotional when he starts to sing, and he actually really pushes it. Let me know if you want to see and maybe do a first time watching and listening reaction to it.

  28. Okay Max and Sujy, I am posting my reply here as you requested. There is a TV-show called "Hidden Singer", in which there are totally unknown singers that has a similar voice that can imitate a well-known singer, and they stay hidden in each performance until the audience has had a chance to try to find out who is the real singer. As I mentioned Kim Jin-ho is featured with his (and his old band SG Wannabe) songs in that episode, and this is after they opened up to show all the singers. In this you will find they sing "Family Portrait", and all I can say they do a nice job, and I think there is one guy (with a big mouth – you recognize him right away) that actually tries to challenge Kim Jin-ho with on those long notes, but when Kim Jin-ho starts singing at the end, it is going to blow your mind away for sure as he puts in power and a lot of raw emotions, and put the guy in his place. You even see the audience react to it like "Woooow…", as they are amazed. I am pretty sure you and Sujy are going to love that performance 😊 Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di2WfLAeWtA

  29. 피우길이 어게인으로 번역되니까 외국인들은 잘 와닿지 않을듯.. 정말 아쉽다 마음에 와닿는 부분이 정말 많은데

  30. 웃음꽃 피우길 이부분이 영어로 그냥 어게인 으로 표현돼네요.. 진짜 가사가 너무좋은 곡인데..

  31. 저또 울다가요…진짜. 한국의 시와 한글의 말뜻을 다 전달라기엔 어느 나라에도 없는것 같아요. 이 아름다운 시적인 뜻을 다 말 못해주는게 아쉽네요.

  32. This is better. Different beginning and translated ending at the final picture.


  33. 이거 진짜 군대 있을때 일병 시절에 들었는데 부모님 생각나서 울뻔한거 겨우겨우 참으면서 들은 기억이 나네요 근데 군대 전역하고 취업준비 하느라 부모님과 떨어져 사는 지금 들으니 못참겠네요 그냥 눈물이 터져나옴

  34. 공식 뮤직비디오를 보는게 오히려 의미전달이 더 쉽겠어요. 리액션 영상 대부분이 이것에 영어 번역본이라 아쉽네요.

  35. * SG WANNA BE (KIM JIN HO) " 라라라 “

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPoRgIzXm5o (M/V version)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En8XcjARrb4 (lyrics version)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrTqgSioDQc (Live version )

  36. 그는 전형적인 한국인의 외모와 한국인의 성격, 한국인의 목소리를 지닌 사람입니다. 전형적인 한국남자의 모습입니다. 십대에 가수를 하고싶었는데 아버지가 반대해서 가출해서 가수활동을 했는데 그가 성공한 후 아버지가 돌아가신것 같아요. 절친과 아버지의 죽음을 겪으면서 많은것을 깨달은듯 보이며 지금은 병원의환자들을 위해 노래하고 있다고 들었어요. 그래서 목소리에 진정성이 있죠.

  37. “시란 번역 과정에서 잃어버리는 무언가…” 번역의 아쉬움은 있겠지만 노래로 가사의 감정이 전달 되었을듯.

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