Kala Utsav 2016 – Tamil Nadu – Visual Arts e-Project

India is well known for its temples and sculptures especially the stone temples and paintings are famous in the international arena the go crowd solicitous Thumba man tapa the statues of gods and goddesses truly make us forget opposites among the vividly chiseled puzzling and enigmatic statues of nearly thousand years old stone temples Yanni's are of three dimensional wise it was forwarded in such a way that he only has a lion's head and an elephant body these Yanis decorate stone pillars towers and temple halls temples in Tamil Nadu were constructed by using fired bricks before ninth century during the period of parantha Cachola an article Chola temples were constructed by black stones since some specific period in the past these Yanis have been holding prime importance but among agenda and budva sculptures they were no your lives on the other higher in worldwide reputed temples like madurai meenakshi amman temple Trichy sri rangam oreganata temple the ravana carbon jump okay sure a temple kanchipuram a comparation little temple Rameshwaram castle is one of the temple and driven normally uh normally our temple etc these URIs have take precedence there has been an argument whether these your lives or imaginary figures just as many research reports state that Genesis existed on the earth before many yawns it is also believed now the these URIs would have definitely existed in extincter l'amore of continent vale of eternal predecessor slate yaii with lion's head has been feigned a similarly y only with goat's head has maka really aren't with elephants face us Gaja Yali in some temples soldiers sitting with weapons on these your lives can be witnessed there is a belief that these animals in true sense would have been used in wars these yawners with rolling eyes and reefing teeth or positioned in such a way facing all the four directions in tower branches are deterrents tangel prepetition where a temple as a separate true for these urls this row is termed as your knees row in thousands of temples constructed by tamil kings these are structures as yoli's standing on two legs above elephants for no other animals these types of structures are propelling it is undeniable that the Buddha's yarnís are imaginary beings these structures were predominant before China's dragons and Egypt's fonox these structures can be found not only in temples but also in top of vena in a swats hand grip and on the throne etc such mythical and historical yoli's must be introduced necessarily on essentially to the next generations skull Qing stone structures is obsolete in accordance with environment by adopting paper pulp art Yanni's can be structured to give rebirth to of a conventional fried cell one color era Malay Sun of this culture Theodora dodge living at mana channel or near walls age-old rockport city Trichy has learned to this art of sculpting Yanis and he has been enlarging his peers from various government schools in and around richie with this art used and thrown papers or collector to prepare paper pulp with that pulp cassava floor is mixed to get condensed to pallet then chuck powder is added little by little to get malleable substance like chapati dough on the structure of Vianney or you or carom powder will be applied and above that mixture of plaster of Paris and coconut core will be poured and dried to get an image on that image the already prepared tin foil sheet will be kept and pressed tenuously and over that a paper will be spread to cover it after some time the covered paper is to be removed to get a decide structure of Jonnie and when a primer paint is applied when we make the students do this your name instead of training them to prepare empty dolls after paper cut we make the realize of a long forgotten traditional pride of Uri know you kind of the messenger ah I'm the guy you while earning the purpose of this art of making Yoli we come to know the lifestyle of sculptures to students self motivation is induced while giving life to this art and italian-american area back in America cell wall by rhythm is best known for his odds where the serum aromas of the Hanauma for eternal Tamil Nadu is a motherland of hearts and sculpture circling in multiple morning and I am Arthur medulla and it's arts are to be saved

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