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come here come here come on this is Sadie Sadie sassafras she mostly overseas production we had the studio built about six years ago and it was really out of necessity at first because we have a smaller house and we had our first child and then we hired our first employee and I was starting to get into commercial work and so we'd be in this tiny little room in the house with an employee and I'd be on a conference call with a client and it's just like little person screaming and banging on the glass door there was just no separation and so we were fortunate enough to have a fair amount of space that we could build something like this this is where a lot of the production and work happens I've done a couple shoots here over the years but we don't typically shoot in here because it's pretty small usually if I shoot in here it's just gonna be like a small personal project we did our family portrait here where we're all dressed in blue but other than that this is kind of where we do editing and just paperwork and all the production and stuff that happens I can show you guys a couple little props that we have back here this is this is the wig that we used for our family picture along with way too many other wigs how's my hair feel like it it's coming a little loose in the front this is the wig and mustache that I used for a series of portraits I did for Wexley school for girls where everybody had the same wig and mustache in the same jacket on this was my first camera this was my grandpa's camera and then this is the one that I got when I was in college and I shot my first roll of film on this and I guess used it for maybe a year or so before I got another camera and then this was my grandpa's first I don't know what it is I think it's a video camera wait I don't know I should know so I did a series called uniform a couple of years ago and I'm still working on it these are some of the props and John Lavin he's the art director on the project he did an awesome job and we added this camera and we didn't have any cameras the first shoot so I'm excited to see if this makes the cut the way I look at my career is it's really been a series of curiosity and a progression through that I think when I started I was just interested in photography and I found out there was something more specific that I was actually interested in and I without even fully knowing what that meant and editorial portraits were something that I was really drawn to I liked the ability to create and to not just simply document what's in front of you but you could affect something a little bit this was a cover I shot for a wired UK of Jeff Bezos this is probably the most recent editorial assignment I have I don't do a ton of editorial anymore these are my old portfolios I loved how they look they're just like so solid and people always were impressed but the problem is you can't update them because they're bound so now I have a bookshelf of these things that I'm not sure what to do with this is my workstation where all of those glorious emails get answered and written I also do all my editing and kind of prep work for post-production these are some images that I just shot I'm working towards publishing a book so I'm just doing some really simple comparing to one of the original images and then this is my printer which I've had a little bit over a year now and I had someone else doing my printing at first and I couldn't get the print or the color or really any of it to look exactly how I wanted and so eventually I kept going back and telling them like it's not right it's not right and finally the printer just kind of said you're way too picky man and that's when I knew I need to do it myself this is Epson legacy beretta paper it's kind of it's like a luster paper it's not glossy and it's not matte so it's really somewhere in between here's actually a test print that I just did so I just made a new image called yellow feathers quite a bit smaller than the final print but this was to check color and just check for details and check for any little pieces that may have been missed or overlooked I'm almost creating with the intention of a print now which was never necessarily something that I thought about in the past I don't know how that changes my work or my process but it's thinking about that tangible end result is definitely something I'm conscious of and something that I look forward to so this is my new portfolio I get to make the prints and you can you know hold them there's something really nice about just holding a physical print this has been a good kind of format for me to work with recently I think when I used to do personal work it was really me creating work on my own but it was targeted towards a client and then as I started finally realizing what it is that I have to say I started creating work just truly for me this was a German family in the 90s in the witness-protection program they were actually the largest smugglers of medical-grade soap and the further I got into that process you kind of what's your goal right I mean you're creating for yourself and there's something really fulfilling about that but I needed it to have like a container so to speak and so for me fine art became kind of a natural progression having a space that's dedicated to being creative and creating there's something really kind of magical about that and it's one of the few things in my life that I feel like I'm constantly aware of and rarely take for granted it's a space where I know that I can be myself and I can kind of let my guard down and I can hopefully experiment and explore we've even hosted like little dinner parties and had people from our workshop over and then portfolio use in here so I'm grateful for the space and what we can do with it and just what it's meant to us so you leave them alone don't be jealous this is Oliver Oliver is my first assistant

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  1. I love your space. Thank you for sharing. I am going through something similar where I need the separation of work and home, but I love the idea of working out of my home. So thank you for letting us see inside your space.

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