John Carlton A Good Copywriter is a Consultant

Mike: This thing about being a writer. You
could be a writer or you could add value to someone’s business. And, what we do is we
could come in as a consultant and then help these people with their marketing.
John: A good freelancer is not a vendor that comes in. Who was it that had the problem…that
is was written as the way they were told…it was one of the first hot seats that we did.
Was it you? I thought it was Mark…you told the guy what to write and wrote it as a piece
of s**t because you ripped off the Belcher letter.
A good freelancer comes in and he is everything. He is the adult in the room. He walks in and
says “What are you doing? That’s wrong, that’s wrong, that’s wrong. We’re going to do it
this way, I don’t want to hear anything else..” You learn to take control. You are not just
the adult in the room, you are the adult bastard in the room. Because the marketers are children
and you need to learn how to control them. Yeah, exactly right.
Mike: That’s exactly where the money is. You can use that whole concept around…if your
passion is really press releases, when you go in there and buy all of Paul Hartunian’s
stuff, learn this public relations angle so you can have that as your umbrella. Then,
the press releases are just a tool. OK? Sooner or later, you’ll get to the point
where you’re not going to have time to do that, and it’s not going to be a valuable
use of your time. You’ll be able to teach that to other people, who will be able to
make money for you, too.

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