Jenna, Red-Dot Winning Graphic Designer, RIP

this is creepy let's go what am i doing in here being in here is fucking painful I'm back to the hotbox you too mostly you can you see him who's been away on vacay just got back from visiting her grandparents and I've been here alone I promise I've only been touching myself I'm sure so this is gonna be part 1 of the season finale season 1 our biggest pie-in-the-sky biggest get of the season Genna Sullivan very excited for her to be on the hunt Genna Sullivan she's a red-dot award-winning graphic designer I know she's the real deal she designed our logo she designed the logo over the hotbox she's honestly the best podcast logo I've ever seen yeah definitely yeah gonna go ahead and put that out there sure I'm into it yeah and she's just a good friend of ours whose husbands used to live she's a roommate to one of my besties and I used to always think she was silly back then and then eventually we got our own friendship mm-hmm and it blossomed until at one point she was in a little film of mine in school and that was a bonding experience then since then we've played up on this obsession with her that I think is like kind of the funny in joke is that uh you know that we started this podcast just to see gentles Jenna's nipples yeah you know which may or may not be maybe chase and her her short life hello dude don't jinx her it was so if Jenna died soon that's whatever dude fuck her to hell stupid bitch she's glad I didn't slit her tits here should do everything on this side of me you know I mean I remember we had a gallery opening with her – yes three of us had a show our senior show group show rented out a gallery and spent the week decorating it and she was very absentee in the decorating of it and at one point her mom was there but she wasn't yeah I had this fun time explaining to her mom you know like my views on Islam and she was just like oh you know I mean not gonna like like pretend that she totally agreed with me no but I remember at the end of it her just being like hmm never thought of it that way kind of you know I mean yeah very nice lady your mom's nice very agreeable yeah and her dad's fun Dan shoutout been her whole family lil Megan we always be sitting around making a few if you ever watched this she could be less interested Jenna would bring up Megan I'd be like Oh little Megan yes little Megan yeah nice family those Sullivans I've got a little bit larger number yeah there's four kids at least forgetting about anyway I think this is like you know we're building up guys every episodes will be better this one again we ran into a little bit of technical difficulties bear with us at the beginning but it solves itself deals with itself and later ones we have funny solutions for mm-hmm you know you can still see me in this camera like you know you are the show enjoy I can't believe you don't like acrylic nails my parents cats love them they're animals they don't know any better it can't seem to be no delight not any fucking cat I know that's gross did declawed cat is gross yeah it's really gross it's just like no no it's just a gross thing to do I would literally never do that because my mom did that once and the cat immediately was like there's no purpose in my life anymore I don't have fingernails like I'm better without like I could I still have my personality without my balls but as soon as you took the fingernails away they were just like fucking kill me somebody kill me that's how that's how gun lovers feel about guns I think I don't care let's break the fourth wall everybody it was it on photo that's one this it's just been me the entire time now that my cameras on will break in the fourth wall guys this has been teased for seven episodes this moment Jenna we've been we've been leading up to it Jenna hasn't been watching the episodes so two in the last couple days we're like we've been talking about like we both know we would assume you haven't been watching but that's kind of the joke is that like you haven't been watching but we've been talking to you and the running gag is that like this podcast is just leading up to this moment so in a way this here represents an existential crisis for the podcast because now we don't have the next now there's no plot point there is the next goal is neil degrasse tyson it was you you were the pie in the sky okay then now we're here the next pie in the sky is neil degrasse tyson so like a person it's not like an act so like the next goal isn't like like cutting off a finger in here it's like a partner a person here funny you should say that look under the sea's there's a finger no this is a fine gang I've been leading up to if you've listened to the past episodes you'd know I don't just try to make you feel uncomfortable oh it's funny you should say cutting off people's finger you can hold this so for the rest of the episode power dynamics have shifted did completely control this is actually very satisfying isn't it that's one of the push I know that this is like I'm I mean I'm I carry mace I have like so many little things of mace but at the same time it's like can you just imagine the power that I would feel as like a woman walking around Chicago just being like I have a gun in my bag so what if so I mean just walking around I always feel intimidated by the situation like but just specifically at night I feel totally fine during the day it's just at nighttime it's really nice to have a weapon on me that's how I feel in this red it's not the exact feeling but they're on a similar plane yeah that's why if you had a gun you'd have to load it with silver bullets because the impact like and werewolves yeah that's a werewolf name it's not vampire yeah some werewolves are wood right yeah they say that and garlic but sometimes lately buildin a card like bullets they'll confuse the two like bad Hollywood riders will be like werewolves and vampires don't like silver bullets but it's really just a werewolf thing no I think that was just me confusing yeah I don't think Hollywood ever confused it I think Hollywood's actually really good about that there's some movies I've noticed that I think Hollywood knows more about vampires than anybody else whatever I'll concede I'm not gonna die on that hill you could be right you can keep that over there whatever when they think about them the most they think about it more than I do yeah I don't know how much they're thinking about them in Transylvania you mean like like there's little kids awake at night surely in Transylvania worried about vampires I don't from all the stories imagine if you were a little kid in Transylvania yeah I mean I guess I don't but like I don't care about vampires and I think they're silly yeah but at the same time I did have an Edward Cullen cutout stand up like little figure thing when I was in middle school that I loved I mostly got because Olivia had one and then like I got it in my household but all of my family thinks everything is just a joke so they would just realize how creepy and tall he was they would just hide him in different corners of the house yeah classic cardboard cutout yeah it's like a really scary object you just turn the corner and you see like a silhouette of a human that's like one of my greatest fears do I had a nightmare when I was a little kid that was so vivid where I was in the living room of my parents house which you've been yeah when we fled the hurricane and it's got the glass windows and it's just the dark woods outside and I remember in this nightmare I was sitting in my living room with my grandma uh-huh and my parents were in their bedroom the train that won't probably pick up on audio but there's a train that just came by it's beeping his horn and rattling building but my parents were in their bedroom in this dream and I remember having this like sense of dread where the it turns into a nightmare yeah like the first couple minutes of a dream you're like agnostic as the wave nature is but then it got dark and I remember looking to the blacked out window and the light from inside the room falling out to the out doors illuminated just a featureless face that is fucking terrifying just eyes in a mouth looking in like a mask from the darkness and I never forgot that in real life and every time I would run through that living it like if I had to go down in the kitchen late at night I'd like one through the living room yeah I remember thinking like if I could be scary at least the scary things would think that they were playing by the same rules as me so you could like live in the shadows if you would and you would not be disadvantaged by being in the light okay okay I mean I just I remember having a very similar dream when I was younger but it was like I went into my parents like dark they had like large windows in their dining room and I just went down there and I'm just sitting there looking out the super dark windows and then like a silhouette of a person just sort of appears and they come inside and they just start tickling me a lot I just didn't go into the dining room for like two months and I just had a deep deep scented fear of silhouettes of people when I look at windows now but like at the same time it only occurs if I think about it so I just don't think about it I'm good about that with fear yeah because I watched that one documentary what's that one documentary about like sleep paralysis mm-hm that I mean it's very scary I liked it I liked watching it and I think all the people are legit and that is a terrible thing that deal with but the way they talked about it was like the more I thought about it the more I would see it I'm just like okay well now every time I'm scared I'm just not stopping you have to dude I had years of my childhood where I just laid in bed too scared to close my eyes and I would just look at my bedroom door really I'd be too scared to open my eyes I feel like oh my I didn't see the corner of my room I'm gonna scream that's crazy well I mean not like scream but like internally I'll be frightened well I mean it's kind of dreading what could be there in that we've discussed on the show like your psychology of a victim and that you'd be the perfect mark because you're like ready to be murdered almost so that attitude of like keeping your eyes closed as opposed to opening them and confronting it is that psychological masochistic behavior that makes you the perfect mark the perfect I don't know what the perfect mark means like the perfect mark would be like if a conman was looking to take an old woman's crap so you do that old woman who's like oh you write a check I'll sign whatever yeah I mean he's a prince from Nigeria I don't think I would get that I'm very doubtful of people but with murder oh yeah yeah I mean I guess I could see a spin of a lot of situations I've been in that can evolve like murder being into the story but it just ended up just being like normal situation normal situations like this one you're in that right now yeah like this situation could definitely end in murder like there's a knife next to me I know in a glass and nudity involved and clue know the game of Clue the knife the water glass or the microphone well I think we it's important to say like sauna or in the sauna the knife wasn't planned you didn't know about that so the fact that you brought up cutting off a finger that was just a perfect cue yeah because I was thinking that it would be funny one thing we should lead up to we should we should tell people about this if they don't know already is that kind of dynamic between us that I think really exploded with shit that's tasty accident sure that's tasty that turned into like having to be this character of the cameraman and you being this character where there was like this hostility of sexual tension between the two of us yeah of our characters mind being a less literal character in that I was filming it but where I was like oh they got the cameraman is sexualizing this host but she's provoking it and that it ends with her murder I got obsessed at the same time with like Faustian prophecies and Roman Polanski okay and then it just became a funny thing where I was like actually that's like the funnest dynamic that mean you can have I think we're on the same page like you're super open-minded we're like really good friends yeah and I think you know where I'm coming from and even if we disagree on stuff like you come around to be like I see where you're coming from like all that so for certain things definitely so part of this is that never in our friendship have we seen each other nude because we've had a platonic friendship mm-hmm but I've always been like we could go skinny-dipping like you could just like there might there may or may not be a betting pool associated with like your nipples for example every one site what would they be like she's a high-risk or no she's polish I guess anyone here seen polish nipples like that kind of thing where there's like a polish nipple where there's like Captain America vs iron man there's like two factions warring you know I mean I'm the iron man and you've been like no at the time there will be a right time but it's inappropriate just randomly to show people my nipples I don't like comparing it to Marvel though because everybody knows how I feel about Marvel movies and I just don't want to involve that and the situation like I don't want my nipples to to relate to to be affiliated with dude that's fine because I've I hate Marvel more than you do I don't know if you do I really hate it but it's a funny thing to compare to because it's like the nerdiest shit in the world right like like my nipples yes like I've been binging Naruto and I still think Marvel's dirtier and has a less artistic merit those types of garbage wait was the new spider-man movie Marvel now he is yeah that's so like the newest one like the multiple spider-man one cuz I actually truly I love that spider-man's just marble I don't know about the animated one and I think I've always sort of like spider-man I mean I really like to move wire spider-man and now I like this brand new spider-man kind of sense but he's my least favorite superhero no we're not but you've made this about Marvel my marvel but you've always been like there will be an appropriate time so there could be a conspiracy theory if you read between the lines that this entire endeavor they getting it but getting all this equipment that's getting this inference huh Jenna this whole this whole podcast is to get you on the show part of its just because like got it but it could be because there's a lot of money on the lines there's a whole bet somebody's gonna lose a finger someone could lose a finger but also it's a funny thing to read into it if you're trying to dissect this if you're like how uncomfortable can Austin make people in this sauna could he talk to Zach about killing dogs when he thinks Zach might actually be a dog could he try and kill Craig with whiskey you know I mean like how far can this go and it's just I think the furthest ago it's just making me incredible incredibly uncomfortable to show you my nipples yeah just from heat I brought this I brought this sharp Ian yeah at the behest of Matthew Griffin thanks Matt she said you should bring a sharpie in there and you guys can write things on each other that that the other person can't see but the camera can see like that game where you have stuff on your forehead so I'm you to write on your face I wouldn't stop you from writing on my face but that would be I can't think of like another spot that could be like your neck or your chest but I think I'd see it you can see your fucking chest or you look if you look it could take some self-control but if you look I got the idea that week I couldn't make a bet I could draw over my nipples with the Sharpie where I think your nipples would go if we switched okay how big I think your nipples are all doing on this nipple I think the camera can see it would you be comfortable with this do I have your consent wait you're just writing on your nipples right he's gonna cover but I just want don't want you to feel sexually you're you're just judging yeah yeah I don't want this to be a louis c.k cohesion thing no so you're nothing judge both sides of my nipples on yours yes I'm okay with that yeah excuse a into your camera I am okay with that and it's like for I'm too sweaty but I think that my nipples the first circle will be my nipple should I have wore my glasses in here No so this is mine that's like your okay I won't work you should have tested on a fucking piece of paper why don't why isn't there any paper in here because I'm too dry or I'm too wet no you're clearly not too dry I don't think that's the issue I think fucking goddamn it Matt Griffin tongue dip it in your water you stupid fuck my cooking you should have brought a tattoo gun that would have worked again next it I'm sitting on the towel anyway what else what else you thinking I wanted to try and well John why my nipples how do you feel I don't know I guess you do like that yeah I mean but it'd be funnier to do like this Jesus Christ okay wait that was kind of fucked up I didn't mean it like that no I'm kidding like this now there's gonna be a whole group of poor girls on the internet that when I made their size nipple jenna was like oh Christ like this I think camera like this yeah yeah I like that it's heart-shaped dude we saw a stripper with heart nipples yesterday yeah that was insane she had heart nipples and star like a spinal back tattoo yeah well funny I think it was literally Orion's belt oh I don't really know that much if anything he was like 10 stars they're like cartoon stars do yeah well I didn't know anything about Orion's belt so you could literally tell me that you could like hole punch a piece of paper and be like that's Orion's belt maybe like yeah I bet that means something about your personality and like that's always just about it dude Orion's belt was the one for men in black yeah I never saw a men in black cat's necklace I don't know what that I don't know what that means blank but it's fine sorry I made you uncomfortable No isn't this nice though I'm still not that hot yeah but it's only a third of the way through yeah well I think I'll be fine the last 10 minutes are like the cool ones oh yeah definitely be uncomfortable then yeah we'll see that's fine I'm adjusting to it I adjust to temps very well except for how fast I walk I'm a fast Walker and then I just arrived in the elevator like smelling like perfume but looking like a towel and it's gross mmm I mean it cools down like my skin just sucks it back in like but still I get really sweaty on the move dude I have constant sweaty armpits they never not sweaty it's not armpits for me it's like my face weird it's kind of gross we said today like what I lose your visor and then the moisturizer was too much for the Georgia sweat yeah yeah because I didn't have to deal with that in school because I was constantly moisturized and then I I just dealt with two Chicago winters in a row and I was like no I think that my skin will literally flake off and till my face falls on it so my investment my stressor you don't even know what it's like yeah we don't want to know do you once I went I had accutane and that may mask in super dry so it might be worse but that's fine he didn't know that no I didn't know that's like my city was already dry that's why I didn't that's why I didn't need the accutane I guess yeah just constantly dry skin it's soft power hmm my Marvel superpower chalky girl is shocked girl Charl twirl I could think of like the colors I think the color would be the exact same color as my skin for my outfit outfit it wouldn't be like fuchsia and yellow no it wouldn't be yellow but it could be fuchsia and green Cephas you shouldn't read maybe I took with that mmm that would be just almost perfectly monochrome definitely flashing mm-hmm yeah I'd have the same haircut as now but I did just I couldn't fly but my skin would do that's crazy you say that because I don't know what that would look like so I pictured this episode of Naruto i watch the other day where this girl's hair was flying around it was just Oh her head or around her she was her hair I guess it didn't explain it it's just like flying a head of hair with two glowing eyes that like attacked him and he had to cut the hair up to kill her that's cool yeah I just got a sweat drip down my temple which means now it's working dude when it's when you do this too that helps and then when you like do this that's disgusting I hated that try it once I think I need to take off my towel this is the moment I think it's getting to be the moment okay I'm just a dramatic climax I'm gonna take off my towel it's already almost off it's been kind of falling I've been averted I'm not been I've been like but it's definitely been okay I'm gonna take it off I'm gonna take it off like a bowl dude congratulations high five then you don't have like large and I think it's hard to tell in red light you know I mean yeah hey I'm like I'm comfortable with my nipples yeah you should be I'm just I can just be very self-conscious about my huh my breast size you wanted to have more into that you want talking about it yeah it's just I think it's really uncomfortable because it's like I got them pretty much in like seventh grade yeah and at that point when you get them like you're definitely a child and you just have this incredibly womanly feature on you and I was just like waiting for the moment when people would catch up and then when people caught up I was still ahead of the game sort of so it's never really faded that level of discomfort of just attention I got noticed we were walking on the street yesterday and there was a dude that walked by and then you went light isn't human like that and I was walking behind you know I was like shit yeah yeah I mean yeah it's awkward and especially though be glad you didn't have a stepdad first off count your blessings well you know would be fine if if you'd model of somebody else if my mom loved somebody and wanted to be with somebody and they became my stepdad but it'd also be weird with me it would also be creepy dude that reminds me I mean you're saying earlier it's hard to jog because of the pain I imagine I have dude I've been getting my eyes sweat and then my eyes sting from my own sweat and I can't wipe it cuz my hands are pretty wet with sweat with sweat I'm just like my eyes are gonna sting I'll be bloodshot by the end this you have a little towel yeah I it's a process for me I enjoy getting dredged but you say it hurts jogging that's a whole Wild Thing but it reminds me when you said seventh grade there was this one girl whose name I'll spare he's very sweet girl same situation she was like immensely well-endowed breast wise like in middle school and I remember that at one point I can remember she accused him or if other kids accused him but they accused my like very sweet math teacher of like looking down her shirt hmm um while helping her with a math problem but he was pretty feminine anyway but she would wear like super low-cut shirts and part of it was like yeah but if you're helping her and you're looking at the desk like it's always gonna look like you're looking at her shirt and you it kind of makes sense but you were just left in this a gray zone where you're like yeah that's pervy but I'm gonna have to be without wearing low-cut shirts she was probably just wearing bright you wear tank tops but when you have large breasts no matter what you need to wear a turtleneck for things to not look low-cut like it's very hard to make things cover yourself yeah so if he was like aggressively looking down at her homework there's a very good chance that it happened yeah by accident or not I feel like there's a good chance that he was being a little bit weird I don't know let's see I think he was gay but I'm not gonna out him I think he was gay my whole thing whenever someone said that I was just like no I used to think that when I was under way I would hear like like kind of effeminate voices but now I'm just like thoroughly convinced that that doesn't mean anything and not even convinced now I just realized like now I'm just an adult person who understands that men can not necessarily be manly you know I think that's ironic a woman would feel that because there's a guy I feel like that's what they're trying to convince you but it's not the case I think that anyone with like a gay voice is gay and that no straight guy it's because you have to like gay I mean they like a person can meat pie though yeah well it's fine also a guy can be straighten it kind of like you know have a little bit gay boys I think that's totally normal I think super straight would have super gay boys because I think it's a signal that you put on for other dudes and I'm not gonna like it's not against my telling me to die on but it's a Jitsu oh I am sweating right now I feel drops sliding down my body oh wow this thing do this it didn't work there maybe if you do them like just wait for a little bit you can do your legs to everything we'll do it in a bit you've been my weight like well my skin is too moisturized I guess oh let me slide you just got whiplash no dude I got her brother last week I slapped my leg and I slapped my belly and it like splattered all over oh my god it's so hot when I was being like cool about it when I was being like I feel fine I don't think I'll ever feel like that that's seven minutes ago its next level um side note Casey made me groom myself for this yeah that wild yeah I mean that makes sense that's polite I was like any other guests and I wouldn't bother and she was like this is Jenna other than the prospect of not having a stepdad which is like a dream yeah anytime I can remind someone with parents that loved each other that their parents loved each other that's like a kid has his cancer cured yeah highs are maybe you should get goggles that'd be next level I'm gonna be very silly of you wearing goggles and it'd be the most uncomfortable thing about any episode if I was wearing goggles one idea I have for a gag is to let me to bring me and the guest in like cheap sunglasses I was thinking like shit and get one sunglasses so that no one can see where you're looking yeah it'd be kind of fine yeah you know I mean it would change the dynamic but I also hope what I think it would make it a little bit weird it's not sexual yeah yeah like me and you have money we make it sexual or cooler if they were like blues brothers but it'd be kind of a funny like nod I watched a bit of blue like blues brothers the other day it was on silent and I was just watching it and it kind of blew my mind how much they fucked up downtown Chicago to film that movie we mean like exploding buildings or like you just like just like smashing into things on the street just like closing debt like driving through like very like interesting landmarks throughout Chicago but like driving a car through it it was kind of crazy you don't think that was just on a back lot of a studio in LA no like it's very clear like everybody is like no it filmed in Chicago like you can tell it's all Chicago things okay I have to take your word on I have not seen the movie and it's not green-screen it's just just some real ass shit back in the day yeah some like 80s we're gonna crash into this mailbox right on like Staton leg like that Dodge Charger you're talking about earlier I don't talk about cars ever ever moratorium on cars bitch I don't know a goddamn thing about a car dude holy shit this is the first full-length podcast we filmed in this new song it's so hot it's nice though I closed up and modified it made the cables go better I sealed up any crack used to be able to the guest would get a slight breeze from the door that's nice where the hinges are so I sealed that shit up I couldn't be having any of that great and I've been seasoning it like a humidor mm-hmm if you know what I mean no I don't humid ores when you buy them they have to be it like 73% humidity for cigars some reason I think oh okay so humidor is legs for cigars but they're also seem like Cuban which is okay but you have to season them with like saltwater not saltwater if it's the other kind of rare water that they make distilled distilled water alkaline no distilled and you put it in there and like let it sit for a day so that the cedar will absorb it and they'll start regulating and I was like oh if you have to do that with a little little box for your cigars surely this same thing but you don't want to put distilled water in here when it's meant before sweat so I brought in some sweat imported from the Bahamas he brought an imported ceviche Khalid he the best dude he might sue me for saying that do you think yeah he could DJ Khaled come on the show we're huge fans just bleep ever since that Lambo song I actually don't know that much music by him but I've seen one episode of him take on his like shoe thing closet mm-hmm was that the MTV Cribs though what I'm thinking referencing was when he had la MTV Cribs he had his pool and he was like it's full of water from the Bahamas we the best Edmonds like he imported water for a swimming pool like is that real I was in a saltwater pool yesterday dude do you want to tell that story I think this would be a crazy time and tell the story it was uh well I went to see Justin my sweet Justin your boyfriend my lover of all his full name is Justin Vettori okay that's cool last name Google that shit huh I don't know if there's anything there I just love googling myself except just inventory drummer for the band great tooth so in one show we we went to the show and then I was going to like stay with them that night so we they found like a place to stay around the Georgia area the Atlanta Georgia area it was like a 30-minute drive without traffic but trying to get back today it was like an hour mm-hmm to get back to Decatur like it was they lived in like a suburb of Roswell or they lived in Roswell which is like a suburb of Alpharetta oh just like pulling up and it's just these beautiful mansions and estates and it's just these two girls who like really cool that they I guess they knew them so it was really nice you can speak honestly because no one will hear this let them stay can I just speak I know what it was so strange now that we're at this point in the show two people are listening I'm very very glad that like we had a beautiful home to stay in with tons of like amenities and just like very considerate hosts but I just think it's weird that a father owns this insane mansion and just lets his daughter rent out her space to like let rock bands not nope wait not rent it's free it's for open up open up the space the guest house to like a band who's only gonna be there for one night and like have the definite possible chance to fuck their daughter I think that's so gross it's creepy it's just like that Jordan Peele movie get out yeah if it felt similar to it but with all whites but it was like white people and like stealing their music vibe it was so you want to talk about how but I'm honing got all the snacks for you guys always you arrived there and they already had pizza we arrived there and there was already beer and like for Domino's pizzas and like cinnamon sticks and let me just tell you I was happy the entire time but like talking about it after the fact is what makes it strange but in context in the moment I'm like eternally grateful for this situation yeah it was just they were done there was Domino's Pizza and there was like four different types of beer there was a hot tub and a fucking dog dude my point being that they were so like you guys have to come visit us come up and visit it's right around the road it's 30 minutes away when it's like an hour away and then you go up there and they have all this stuff waiting and they're like we do this all the time you told me they had a wall of guests like a wall of fame of like all their a hurry I didn't say mature bands that have come not am not to say amateur is a bad thing but it's not like rock and roll legends come into staying like like semi big bands but some I've been bitten yeah I'm not trying to dislike bands that like sell out venues still but like smaller venues like Weezer no I'm not Weezer Weezer's never stays exactly right so they get a hotel so for these college girls to be like come stay at my daddy's house he has two guest houses then you show up they're like we have beer we have pizza and they're already in their swimsuits and they're like we're hot tubbing who's this girl who's this big tech girl you know I mean she with you and then you're like you know she's with us and then you all hang out you have your fun night your diving board stuff and you don't even think anything of it but then in the morning you wake up you go out and they're like we got chick-fil-a and they have like a spread of chick-fil-a yeah and you told me the two girls were watercoloring yeah and they said to you what would you like to create with us it's a little creepy it's creepy but it was still such a wonderful experience yeah that's fair I still just had a ton of fun but it was kind of creepy but the entire town was like this is creepy let's go and it was just really fun so I'm not gonna you're not evil people they're not evil people they should mmm they should just kind of keep doing what they're doing I guess as will I as well I mm-hmm it's so hot gennadiy used to do this I hate it that wild the floor is hot the floor is hottest crazy what am i doing in here is my exact opposite of comfort participating Jenna I'd rather be somebody could throw an ice cube at me and I'd be like yeah whatever but being in here is fucking painful I don't know what the audio guests won't get it but I just put on a serious powell I use my acting for the camera cloud9 around at you I got real sad don't you like it yeah it's all for you I hate it don't you like doing voices Jenna you know who this is it's Jeff Sessions Oh gross just be in the sauna with Jeff Sessions this is where I feel most like myself Jenna I'm I hate it you never get an abortion now was you Jen oh Jesus Christ to do that to a baby no I'm kidding just just can't that's like sounds like one of those things on an airplane when you can pick the screen and there's like the calm scream oh I feel like that's one of them I don't like it would it make you feel more comfortable if I talked to you like this yeah the entire time what is that supposed to be like there's nothing wrong about it no dude taking would be like you're about to be taken are you gonna be like taken you take inform down put the phone again give thee a cell on your cell phone you have Hagan I have some words to share with your silence get to him now that kind of thing it's basically you just evolved into the exact same accent you were doing before you just said the lines of taken that's where I think you like me Sansa son so get in bed with me son son that's what it reminded me of was little finger cut gross hunger Sansa wouldn't you want to feel him inside of you Santa Santa should be married Sansa dude Casey's face just now was like my nightmare I've looked over it she's there and I was like either silhouette is really scary just in the void we call it overall it's just like a torso and arm a face and then just darkness much what are we in here last night that venue was purgatory enough but this is what I would represent purgatory is more similar to than that venue we went to last night for my boyfriend's band planet because it was called purgatory called purgatory not because it's like a minute because it was delightful he's fine you know it was a cool venue it was no I didn't like the venue yeah that's why I was talking about oh I just mean the show in general it was nice dude they got wild they jumped up on the stage the entire crowd jump on the stage and like rush them do like a really mad rushed the stage you could see grape tooth see him we won't have this aired by the time they're probably still on tour in Austin Texas next week but maybe I mean they're gonna be on tour until like July 5th yeah look up grape tooth print out stills from this did a camera just died dude another fucker what is that one still going Casey huh the cameras keep overheating that's the whole thing that like how do you deal with that yeah put little fans on fan them hire people to just ban them yeah I think it's because this sauna gets 10 degrees hotter than the last one yeah you should lower it and then we're gonna do a two-part tomorrow where we come we bring you back in here and we try and phrase your shit yeah yeah I'm game should we sign off now that we're having technical difficulties because there's the camera missed some parts of me miss some parts also just go fullscreen on you for a little while I'm sure I mean also it would take a break also I'd let the the sweat accumulating out of my elbows which I didn't even know was a thing yeah just in and out of my ears we found new little little crevices dude the air has crept in and just laughed thank you so much for coming yeah I'm happy we're gonna film a new segment where Oh Rose I'm never gonna wash this hand we're gonna film a new segment where we open the door while the cameras are still rolling and just let it smoke in yeah we let the cold air Avalanche into here and crevices Casey are you ready to end this do we pull the door open ensuite Jenna yeah open it up on me thank you guys please write fan art for this one this has been like part 1 of the season finale of the hot box with Austin Crosby and now Jenna Sullivan Jenna rink girlfriend on designer of the rink is graphic designer girlfriend is a new thing GRL underscore friend friend design Norway she's a trooper let's open this door and behold I'm mystery solved dude miss never feel self-conscious feel this oh my god that's so nice thank you that's pretty good yeah not funny yeah that's a funny episode she wanted to get out I know dude she was like can you only imagine the cheesiness under there under yeah how wet it would be imagine her like no no I mean maybe but I'm saying like imagine if you had two pugs in here on your chest I got like on each of your shoulders pugs just laying here that would be like how much more heat you get going true yeah I mean who's sweaty in here that's for sure yeah but she's good sport I got her with that knife she had no idea I had that knife I was like okay Casey quick she's going in the shower and I ran and got the knife and hid underneath my towel and then two minutes in she's like oh are you gonna cut off my finger right and I was like and how about that reveal that oh I know and we yeah classic oh my gosh we're that much closer yeah yeah yeah how beautiful she that girl made me along like this this episode so I'm looking and payout you know who you are I'll be expecting my checks in the mail oh yeah fan art gains up said yes fan are from Kaden we have a couple this time and us start with should we start with the Everest photo mm-hm this is funny maybe you should explain this because I haven't seen this episode of John Oliver yes so it's a it's a crossover if you would know between us and Jonathan Oliver I'm Jonathan that Twinkie little Brit boy I guess someone fans of content you know I mean other fans of HBO saw that sent it in it could've been your mom as far as I know and as I'm saying and there was also well so it's it's on his last episode there's an Everest part where he reveals this like website the top of Everest calm where you can go and easily Photoshop in your faces into an Emer and Everest some MIT achievement photo mm-hmm you know for many reasons I defer to Chalmers episode on Everest but it's me and Caden and it's a crystal-clear photo of us at the top of Mount Everest from when we climbed it the other week mm-hmm I was we forgot to talk about it in the podcast but me and came to both have climbed Everest and we were actually the first twink and otter to summit Wow what an achievement I'm not proud of it where did you guys find those $11,000 before this trip you choose 22,000 22,000 men we sold sperm you must have a lot of sperm I only took me a couple yaks use your power packed mm-hmm I mean a couple cells yeah I had to pull him out I had to wrinkle some bone near me when eyes come I don't does anyone else do this I have to grab the tail of the sperm and pull the tadpole out one cell at a time yeah for sure and they like gorge I mean it looks like I have a baseball stuck in my shaft mm-hmm but I grabbed it by the tail I pull it out fighting is it painful and then shove them in yeah like a chest burster kind of alien thing it doesn't it doesn't hurt I'm used to it I mean I do it six times a day yeah you've evolved yeah yeah so incredible beautify just sold a couple of those we went to Everest yeah yeah thank you guys for whoever submitted that possibly carry my mom thanks mom oh no one of them's coming I forgot a spermy I cannot believe that sound it's impressive I've been practicing and then the next van or the next one is I'm I'm personally a big fan of this one this is a deep dream generated photo of you two in the sauna and it looks like there's some some dog eyes there it's definitely canine some dog in it Caden looks like an owl Caden does it now it looks like that movie were the aliens are owls I've never seen it whatever fuck it I can't remember it it's like the third visit of the kind of special kind okay yeah whatever some shit like that sure but I mean I see I see more dogs on your side I guess but yeah it seems like a Pomeranian type face or something like that like something kind of furry dog looks like the owl Caden is holding like a animal yeah like his shoulder is an owl yeah the microphone looks like an animal yeah so that's great I thought of this one it was just like a psychedelic tapestry Yeah right you faked it barely looks like like oh it's crazy looking just get across your eyes and you're looking at it yeah and if we actually we had it open on the computer and we took you know a step back from the other side of the room it just looks like the normal picture it doesn't look like anything else and then you get closer to it and you're like that is there's all eyes in this picture yeah now if you like a view if aliens landed that's how they'd see the world yeah or it looks like you know like how when you see like flies you know how flies have those like crazy like hey guys yeah there was like eyes and you're sure when you when making movies they show and a fly's view of it it looks like you're looking through one of those what are those called kaleidoscope track yeah sure that's that right the class scope makes sense it looks like a kind of kaleidoscopes I think trippy so thank you another anonymous one thank you for that no one when I come out of the hot box closet uh-huh our secret fans yeah so stay tuned for part two yes the season finale ooh you know that's wise part two yeah we got out we milked that we milked her first episodes like oh you're sleeping on our couch you're gonna be on two episodes yeah well girl and she didn't want me I mean we'll see see he was hard to get her in there yeah the second one gets wild dude wet and wild that's for sure thank you thank you see you next week

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