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– Picasso. – Van Gogh. – Frieda Kahlo. – There are painters throughout history who have rocked the
world with their talent. – And we’re good at other
things that are not that. – But today, we’re gonna give it a shot and see what these artsy hands can do. – It’s LadyLike, and today,
we’re going to paint each other. – Today, I’m going to be doing a painting of my good friend Freddie,
fellow LadyLike member, cat lover, apparent
big fan of carrot cake, which I found out today
and thought was weird, but that’s fine, she’s a good person. – I’m gonna be doing a
painting of Jen today. I would consider myself pretty artistic. I’ve never painted a person before. I don’t think that will bode well. But, let’s just say in school,
my visual aids were fire. – I go to the craft store
and I like to pick up these ready to paint birdhouses and then I just paint the birdhouses and I don’t have a need
for that many of them, so sometimes I just chuck them. But I don’t really paint. I’ve never done a portrait, really. – I like the idea of painting. I like the act of
painting, anytime I’ve done little activities that involve painting, like paint and sip, or glaze
fire where you paint pottery. Painting on a canvas and it
having to look like something might be an issue. – So I think I’ll have fun
for sure today painting, but I don’t know if Freddie’s portrait will look that much like her. I saw Freddie this morning
and I don’t remember what she was wearing or even
what her hair looked like or what her makeup was. – This wasn’t on purpose. I mean, I guess I just have it in me. – My plan is to just go abstract so if it starts looking
bad, I’m just gonna start getting wild, and
I’ll make it look weird. – I think Jen is an encouraging woman. She cares about how her fellow
sisters feel about themselves and the work they do. I think Jen will be very encouraging, even if it looks nothing like her. – I don’t even really
know what’s gonna happen. I do know that I’m gonna eat
a delicious lunch beforehand, and I think that’s gonna set the tone for the rest of the day. – Jen and I chose photos of each other from each other’s Instagrams
that we wanted to recreate as an oil painting. I chose this lovely photo
of Jen with glasses. – I chose this nice little
portrait of Freddie. She’s looking straight on to the camera. It gives a clear idea of
what her face looks like in case I forget. I don’t know, I’m not
a painter, we’ll see. – Well we should also
maybe talk about the fact that we both chose photos
that both of us use on our Tinder profiles. – Yeah, that’s on my Tinder. This is on Freddie’s Tinder. Just ’cause they’re nice photos. – They’re nice, they’re straight on, you can see our faces. – And those eyes, those eyes are saying, “Do you want some of this?”. I’m not sure what the
eyes are gonna be saying in the portraits of these photos. They might be saying, “Help me.” – Yeah. The type of artist I am? I really would have liked
to be able to sketch out a sort of rough draft first
and then go in and paint, but I think this is a sign that I need to let go a little bit. – Are you good at painting, do you paint? Are you an artist?
– No. – Oh, okay.
– I’m not. Can you help me find your skin tone color? – Yeah, it’s like a light beige, I guess. Actually, medium beige,
that’s my Bare Minerals color. – [Freddie] Lots of
mixing for the skin tone. – Yeah, this is gonna be an ASMR video, I’m mixing my paint right now. Freddie does not, I mixed green with it, and the green does not, I don’t know why I thought green would help, it doesn’t. – I used raw sienna and then I used another color that I already lost. – So for Freddie’s skin complexion, we’re gonna go with raw sienna and a little bit of raw umber,
we’re just going raw. – All right, I’m going in. – As much as I’m not talented in it, I do enjoy painting. – Jen, your bone structure,
I didn’t realize how– – [Jen] Oh, thank you. – Immaculate it was. So this photo that I chose, you’re turned a little bit to the side. I don’t think I’m gonna be able
to get that angle happening. – [Jen] Now I just need an actual black. The nice thing is, we
can use the same color for both of our hair. – This is Jen’s head,
however, I’ve run out of the lovely mixture that
I’ve made for tan Jen, and there’s no more flesh-colored paint. I mean, I need to do her neck at least. I really wanted to add in
the peace sign, but … She could also just be a head. – Do I even have to give Freddie features? This is actually a pretty decent outline. But the fact that I have to give her eyes and stuff is probably
what’s gonna ruin it. – How do people paint? – I have no idea. – I’m jumping into the hand. I’m trying to do this
lovely peace sign situation. Looks like Jen’s finger is a hot dog. – This is pretty disappointing for me. – I’m gonna give her one over here even though it’s not in the photo. – Okay, so I’m going in with the jacket. The green jacket. – Thank God you gave us
these shmocks, though. – Shmo– (laughs) what? Wait, do they have that
sound at the beginning? – Shmack? – Smock. – I wish I’d shown Freddie
what it looked like when it was just the outline. I thought that once I added a nose, this would magically be
a beautiful portrait. – We know that there’s
gonna be some naysayers, but you know what Freddie says? We are some goddamn artists. Right Jen?
– Right. I don’t know how to shade. Freddie might not have a face. – I actually don’t think
I’m giving you a face. I might give you glasses. – I am gonna get rid of your face because I actually think
the outline is really good. – That’s not that bad. – It’s okay, it’s just like the outline looks like it could have
been going somewhere, ’cause I actually think I nailed the shape of a head. – [Freddie] I think you
should keep the face. – Keep the face, really?
– Yeah. – Okay. – I wouldn’t have been able
to do anything close to this. – If you guys think I’m Picasso, you should’ve just said something. – Do I look sad in the photo? – You don’t look sad in the photo, the photo is a mysterious photo. It’s like, “What is she thinking?” The eyes are angled down,
which makes it look like you’re looking down sadly. I’m running out of skin colored paint so I’m gonna paint on a shirt for Freddie. In the photo, she’s wearing a halter but I don’t have time for shoulders. – You don’t have time for shoulders? – I don’t have enough paint for shoulders, is the more accurate way of describing it. – I just need to finish this neck part. So I’m combining raw sienna with this light pink color and
then a little bit of orange. – You look really buff now, I mean, not that you aren’t
but it makes you look (laughs). I decided to make Freddie dress like she’s an old time-y man. – I’m moving on to hair. Jen has a great head of hair. – [Jen] Aw, thank you. – With lots of body and movement. Here we go. – [Mike] Oh, it’s coming along. – Oh yeah, it’s coming away. – I painted a piece of hair. Whatever, now it’s just a
part of the piece, okay. – Yeah, I think the glasses
are my favorite part. Plus the hair, I’m still finishing up some of the shirt. – I decided that I’m gonna go into where I know I feel comfortable, which is a little bit
abstract, but I’ll explain. – I’m gonna add some background jazz. Are you opposed to triangles, Jen? – No, I’m a fan. Just a little bit more effort and a leetle bit of pixie dust. – Maybe we can hang these in our home set. – Honestly, maybe. – [Mike] Five, – Four, – [Mike] Three, two, one. – Yay.
– Yay. – I like the colors.
– Thank you. – I added some confetti ’cause you’re fun. – [Jen] I like it just because
it’s actually, it’s cute. It does look like I have
a little bit of a beard. – So that came from me doing
my makeshift skin tone. – [Jen] I think that’s cool. – Paint color. – [Jen] The swoop is
great, you nailed my hair. – Thank you. – Here’s what I realized about, I wrote, I am full on the painting, so what I did, was I decided
that all of the colors on the inside, there’s
hope, there’s innocence, there’s joy, there’s
happiness, there’s sadness, there’s fear, there’s excitement, and then on the outside, I
guess the pink and the yellow kind of represent the
future coming together and then I am full is just, I’m full. There’s everything here. – Jen, yours is so deep, I love it. – Thank you. I had fun. I’m not good at making
things that realistic so then I’m like, let’s do
it a little bit artsy fartsy. And then we have more fun. – Yeah, it’s your interpretation. – We’ll hang these in the LadyLike set. – Yeah. – And then people can see them. – Acrylic portraits. – Lady tested.
– Lady … – Amused.
– Amused. – [Jen] Get it? – ‘Cause muses, but we laughed. – Yeah, it’s a pun. Okay, make them kiss. – Another kiss. – [All] We’ve got merch. – Click here to buy it. – Spoons. – Spoons. (all saying “spoons”)

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