Jamie Foxx Interviews Dwayne Johnson || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

♪ Well he must do something
that I didn’t do ♪ ♪ Whatever he’s doin’
it looks good on you ♪ ♪ You look so good in love ♪ (laughing) (upbeat music) – We about to get blessed
by this young man. He is a box office bully. When you talk about The
Fast and the Furious, when you talk about Jumanji,
Central Intelligence, the list goes on. This dude right here is
about to electrify us. Please, welcome Dwayne
Johnson in the building! D!
– Where’s he at? – D!
– Where’s he at? – D!
– Come on brother! (laughing) – Dwayne, you look fantastic.
– Thank you, man. How you been? – I gotta be honest with you–
– Good to see you. – Man, I gotta say thank
you, but from watching you at this point in your
career, when most people would be like, hey get those cameras away, I don’t wanna talk to anybody, every single day, you
talkin’ to the people. Why is that? – It’s the most important
relationship I have. – Wow. – Is with the people. Because I reached a point
in my career, I was tired of trying to be something I wasn’t. – Wow. – So I was told at that time, listen, you can’t talk about wrestling, you can’t go by The Rock,
you can’t be as big. Yeah, it was a lot of things like that. So finally, I reached
a point where I said, all right, two things have to happen. I’m going to surround
myself with a different group of people, different management. And then I’m gonna make sure
that I just gotta be me. – Right, right right. – I’m gonna be, and if you wanna call me Rock, you call me Rock. – ‘Cause we didn’t know. I was like, what should I call him? – No, yes, of course. – No more Rock! – No, it’s always Rock. (upbeat music) – You’re the box office bully, but yet and still there’s
that playful side– – Always. – Where does that come from? – I love to make movies
for the world to enjoy, and a lot of our friends,
they do a great job. A lot of times they like to
discover themselves and scripts. I’m not doin’ that shit. That’s for my therapist. I will take care of my personal shit. – Right, right, right, right. – We’ve had enough times in the past where things weren’t so good, right? – Talk about that a little
bit, when it wasn’t good. – I was evicted when I was 14 years old, and then we were forced
off the island of Hawaii to move, of all places, we
had to move to Nashville. And we lived in a little motel. And I was trying to remain
as positive as I could. – And now your company
is called Seven Bucks. Why is that? – It’s called Seven Bucks. So my goal was to play in the NFL. When that didn’t happen for me, I went up to the Canadian Football League. I played up there. I got cut from there,
flew back down to Miami, my old man was living in Tampa, and I called him at
midnight when I landed. I said, “You gotta come get me.” On the way back up to Tampa, I said, “God damn, let me see
how much money I got.” I pulled out my wallet, I opened it up, I took out a five, a one, and change. And that’s why we have Seven
Bucks, Seven Bucks Productions. (upbeat music) – Talk about the influences. – Okay, I’m gonna hit you
with them right now, man. First time, by the way, I’ve never talked about these influences. Let me see, we’ll start
off with Harrison Ford. – Wow. – Especially with Indiana Jones. What I loved about that
character that he did, he was able to kick ass, right? It’s always fun to kick ass. But then to have a little charm to it. – Yeah.
– He was in on it. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– He would get his ass kicked. – Yeah, yeah. – But he loved and celebrated women. – And he saw a beautiful
woman, he was gonna go. You know? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey! – Welcome to our world – All this here, shit! – Just gotta put my jacket on. (laughing) Talk about what it means to
be positive to everybody. – So I heard this quote when I was 15, and, back in the lean
days, and the quote was, “It’s nice to be important, “but it’s more important to be nice.” – Wow. – Just like it happened yesterday. I thought, if I’m ever important one day, I’m going to be nice to
people, if I’m ever important. Because I just always
wanted to apply that– – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I just loved hearing
that, and honestly, brother, being nice, I always say this
to people being nice and kind is literally the easiest thing we can do. – Wow. – It’s the easiest compared
to being an asshole to people. – Oh, man. – And not only that, but
then also, the last thing is you have an opportunity
to make somebody’s day and I remember when I met a few people when I came to Hollywood, I
won’t mention their names, there’s no need to, but when I met them I was so excited to meet them. I was like, oh! – Uh-oh. – So you have the stories too. – Uh-oh, I had a few, uh-oh. – I’m like, “Hey, good to meet you!” And then I kind of got
blown off, and I was like– – Get the fuck outta here. – Yeah, it was that kind of thing. – You’ve gotta speak through somebody. – Yes! – Oh, could you tell (mumbles). Oh, he’s not having any,
he’s not speaking words. He’s only breathing in today. – [Dwayne] He’s not speakin’ words. He’s only breathing in, he’s
not breathing out, so please. – [Dwayne] Get the fuck outta here. That shit’s real by the way. – But you know what? I’m glad that you have the con. And I’m glad that you
are now in the position to do what we’ve all been waiting for, run for president of the United States. That’s right, he’s running for president of the United States. (laughing) – We are Off Script, here we go. – That’s right, we are Off Script. He’s running for president. I am ambassador of the after party. – Yup! (laughing) – I know this is crazy,
but you could be president and then drop over in Afghanistan and kick ass at the same time. (laughing) Wouldn’t that be crazy? To see The Rock, President Johnson has just jumped out of
his own Air Force One. We thought the other guy was crazy, but– – We thought the other guy was crazy! Because this motherfucker’s nuts. – You’d be in the helicopter with your suit and then just fucking this. (laughing) And I say this as joke, but
would you ever do that, man? – I would consider running, yes. The most important thing I could do is consider it and then
we gotta go to school. We gotta learn. Because holding the office any
level, local, state, federal, and then president of the United States, I would treat that with
such an amount of respect. (hip hop music) – I know that you have to go, but I need you to teach me how to say, “Can you smell what the Foxx is cooking?” – Oh, this is big. How committed do we want to go? – I’m all in. – Here we go. If you smell what the Rock, and then you gotta look, eyebrow, is cooking. – Ooh, shit, let’s rock this shit! – C’mon, c’mon. – That shit made you wanna
fight somebody, didn’t it? (laughing) All right, all right, here we go. Okay, here we go. You count out one, two, three. – Okay, one, two, three. – If you smell– – Yeah, c’mon. – what the Foxx is cooking! – Oh, fuck yeah. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Skyscraper. – Skyscraper. – [Jamie] Let’s talk, let’s get into it. – Skyscraper, man, it’s a special one. Rawson Thurber, who is writer director, he wanted to make this
movie, he gave me a call, and he goes, I have this idea. It’s set in this tallest
building in the world. It’s on fire, you cannot
come up the elevator. You can’t go through the stairs. You have to use your brain,
figure out a way to get in, and the fire is on the 90th floor, so you’ve gotta get above the fire line and get in to save your family. So he pitched me the whole pitch and I said, “Wow, I love
it, I love this idea.” And then he goes goes,
“Oh, and by the way.” I say, “Yeah?” “You’re an amputee, you have one leg.” But we are so superhero
heavy in our business, it was nice to go back–
– Go back, right. – To basic bones–
– Yeah. – One man. – One man, one leg, one building. – One building. – I cannot wait to see that. Listen, we’re here with Dwayne Johnson. His movie is Skyscraper. Can you set the trailer? – I can, I can. So here is a clip of me,
and some shit’s going down. – Thank you. Off Script, Jamie Foxx, Dwayne Johnson. Thank you. – C’mon, always a pleasure, brother. (upbeat music) – Ever miss it? – [Will] After what happened that night, I just put my sword down, you know? I love you. – You better. – Mr. Sawyer, after your
security assessment, what do you think of the building? – [Will] The Pearl is the most advanced super-tall structure in the world. – But? – No one really knows what
would happen if things go wrong. (timer ticking) (whistling) (explosion booming) – Let it burn. – Get back! – You don’t understand,
my family’s in there! – Turn around! (intense music) – [Will] We gotta do this together. – I’m scared. – [Will] It’s okay to be scared. In order to be brave, you’ve
gotta be a little scared. I need you to be brave right now, okay? – Yeah. (intense music) (gun cocks)

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  2. So will we see the rock do the remake of Indiana Jones? Also is it official is The Rock Dwayne Johnson running for president?! I need to know!

  3. Speaking of being "nice", it would have been nice if you were "nice" to you ex wife who was with you when you were a nobody and struggling. She was with you way back then but once you made it……you believed the hype of yourself and "put your wife away". What you should have said to yourself was "If I make it, I'm going to be loyal to the people who were with me when I had nothing". And worried about the "nice" thing secondly.


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  6. Two of my favorites of all time, would be possibly the dream of a lifetime, to spend the day with these two together……I met the Rock several years ago, doing an expo for WWE, he came in and worked out at the gym, really great guy……

  7. Shameful, the eo k is never paired with a Black women as his own screen live interest. The Rock has a Black Canadian father and Somoian mother. He's clearly a man in color, yet, his Blackness is always down played.

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  17. You really have to give it up for a lot of these celebrities. The determination and strength, especially after many failures, to succeed is astonishing. Most people just give up.

  18. Not fake at all! When it comes to Dwayne Johnson, what you see is what you get! He comes from a humble family & his parents raised him right!

  19. Both guys are important to me ! Jamie Foxx for his awesome contribution to the entertainment and Dwayne Johnson because he is a good kid inside while he looks so intimidating on the outside ! They both have so much to give to people , laughter , support , inspiration , love and respect ! Now that is something new in this industry . By the way …if the Rock run for president i think this world has a chance ! Not just America , the whole world will be in better hands !!!!

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  22. Love both these guys but Jamie has to settle down here.
    It’s almost as he’s just listening enough to bounce to the next topic.
    Too much “WOW” and “YEAH YEAH!”
    Relax bro, also wanted to hear more about The Rock’s other influences but they hurried along

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