James Veitch: Photographer

Photography for me is not just a job. It’s a way of life. I mean it’s .. it’s not my job but it’s also a way of life. It’s a way of looking at the world and just… …seeing what’s there. And that’s why I use
my Quicktake 100 for all my shots. James Veitch: James Veitch:
Photographer The res, the res on this is like nothing you’ve ever you ever seen hang on I’ll take one of me now
hang on hold tight so I’ll I’ll send that one to you you’ve you’ve just gotta give me about half an hour … erm no I’ll …I’ll… I’ll fax it [LADY IN RED by Chris DeBurgh plays] [for a series of quality money shots] [CLICK] [CLICK] [CLICK] [CLICK] I see beauty in the world [LOUD UGLY NOISE FROM CANAL BARGE] when this guy moves … I’ll … I’ll
they’ll be beauty in the world [CLICK] Sorry just had to capture that moment. you can’t miss these things
do you know what I mean although, to be fair, I’m running
out of space I’ve already used up 16 kilobytes so … I could just go this side actually
and just take a picture over here I mean it doesn’t really bother me [CLICK] Done. Done. He’ll get out of the way [MORE LADY IN RED] [Really Chris DeBurgh’s Opus TBH] [I think he’s monetising this so it’s good to know he’s getting a cut from this ridiculous youtube movie I’ve made]

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  1. What is that contraption? I feel like my family went from film to digital cameras and we somehow missed this thing.

  2. guys please dont go to weneedtotalkabouttheducks.com it's really bad, this Solomon character is stealing James' content 🙁

  3. Hi james, went to your show last night. Your show was great! It was so nice to finally see you in person. That Tara kid was kinda annoying 😛

  4. Ok, this isn´t really adaptet to the video but I figured since it is the most recent oone it´s best to write this here.
    I am a great fan of yours, especially the scamalot series (on that note, will it ever get a season three?). Now today a friend of mine got a scam letter asking him to pay a tuiton fee for an ugandan girl. I can send you the whole letter, if you provide me with any contact information. Since I´m a fan of scamalot I figured I´d try to reenact it a bit. so I sent the following email to the given adress:

    Dear Bursar,
    I am emailing you because I have recently received a letter from Miss Margrett Mokazzi Nobira.
    In said letter she asked me to cover her tuition fee with a small sum of 1440 Euros. Now I am writing this email to chech with you, whether she was actually truthfull. If that was the case please contact me for further Informations,

    yours sincerely,
    dr.(name of recipient)
    May I ask you to coordinate me on this, should I get a response? Also the best of wishes, keep doing your stuff.

  5. Meamwhile what is most likely an incredibly expensibe camera is filming him using a shitty camera

  6. The last picture was actually low-key good. Loved this video, he just naturally has hipster aesthetics embedded in his body, so playing the part comes easy and looks authentic. ❤ him

  7. I will let you be the photographer at my minecraft wedding, the only prerequisite is that i want the full ress 144p video no matter the cost

  8. Just want to let you know: the ad before your video started with a rubber duck. and the company's logy is a rubber duck. i'm crying.

  9. I know this is completely off topic, but how long did it take for you to find a payphone? p.s. love it, btw (but you knew that)

  10. I’m a casual photographer, and I can testify just how true this is! Also, I LOVE that camera! It’s perfect. 👌🏻

  11. "It's a way of looking at the world and just… seeing whats there…. And thats why i use my Quicktake 100 for all my shots. " Thats gotta be one of the best quotes ever!

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