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  1. What are your thoughts on the golden ratio in graphic design? Also let me know if you have any suggestions for videos as I am always open for ideas. I will be back next Monday so until then have a great weekend and design your future today

  2. Thanks Tom i got some more information about Golden Ratio never use this method to create logo design . soon will try some thing to do with this Technic .

  3. Tom, I totally agree with you that the use of golden ratio limits you as a designer. As far as I know, golden ratio and also the rule of thirds and many others are commonly used in photography. It is considered that the rules help you to avoid static and boring shots if you place the object on the cross of the lines.But in my opinion, golden ratio is not the main thing which makes shot or design good:)

  4. Absolutely right. Graphics trends are worst. Because when time passed many graphics will look bad later.
    I am not saying all trends are bad but really designers need to focus on client need most not trends.

  5. Well, about the content i have nothing to say but "learn everything possible". It's fine learn a thing or two in the "shadowy mists of myths" lol. My thoughts on this goes with "too much effort that my customer won't pay", so, for that, I just use it for fun.

    Right, but my main topic here was to reply your open window about suggestions.
    – In the beggining, I struggled a lot with how to close properly my pdf to send it to print. What i must rasterize, what have to became curves, how to convert blend modes to print… the needs to make a good business card or a flyer, in a proper way that anyone anywhere could read my files.

    – Another thing I struggled a lot was about DPI. If I have to print a 2 meters poster, which resolution I have to come up? What is the math used behind to come up with a solution.

    – My colleagues still asking me "but why you care for this? What you could do to earn money with it?". Well, beyond the obvious about making business cards and cheap logos (In Brazil it's very common to use just a name on standard typeface, bring an image and it's done. We like to relate the name of the shop with someone in there, the owner in most cases), what else we could apply. I like to see what I can do with a tool, to find a market to work, like mesh tool. A good mesh can be used in videos or game design, right? Well, my point here is "where Illustrator can be used?" – I know the answer is close to "anywhere you want to", but have some directions may be useful to some!

    Sorry for extending myself for too many words.
    Great content, learnt a lot with you.

  6. I like the idea of the golden ratio in theory, and sometimes its fun to dissect logos and even artwork that was made using the golden ratio. I personally pick and choose when it will be appropriate to use. In most cases I don't follow it exactly and tend to lean more towards using the rule of thirds or ODD numbered increments. overall, Like you were saying, it can feel like trying to always adhere to the golden ratio can hinder the ability to get things done, and stifles design opportunities in the process.

  7. I think that our eyes see the thing in the golden ratio naturally , so don't bother your self just do what seems right 😋

  8. Hi TS
    Golden Ratio like any tool, is just a tool. It will not save a bad idea.
    Do not get stuck with it and do not "tailor" your designer to it, forcing a nonexistent proportion. Along with the warm discussions the 8 x 5 ratio has always fascinated me but I do not dwell on it.
    In school since very small they gave me an A4 notebook and there was the Fibonacci. My eyes have become accustomed, but they are free. LoL.Peace!

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