back in Tehran goes back this morning early morning anyway this is the end of the trip I'm quite tired you're sitting here in this picture-perfect alley with some chickens behind me there you go and a lot of small shops that sells wedding dresses to conclude this trip we're shower starts I think I can start with the project as a whole it's completed I've done my project I've got enough footage for my film photos sweets photos but I'm happy with and sweet portraits so the important thing when you have a project is to complete your project no matter what no matter how good or bad you feel about it but completes the project if you have started that's something I've learned that this or has become really important to me whenever I start a film or a photo project or whatever it is finish what I start makes me feel so much better and I learn a lot along the way right this trip the speech follows this is definitely a genre I'm going to explore more and more as I travel to Minsk next time and Tokyo and not so much Africa that's a whole different story but anyway I'm going to do much for street photography it's something I really like doing and it's a good excuse to always bring my camera and when I look at the results I can see that I've got a lot of photos with people in archways and in alleys like one person the classic street photography photo framed with an archway or whatever it is that you frame your subject with so I was thinking that this is so classical to spice it up I think I have to work more with angles more from above' perspective or birds special perspective play with shadows and play more with lights so I think that's the take away with street photography going forward yeah okay street portraits I've learned a lot about taking Street projects among people's portraits on the streets I think that's something that scares a lot of photographers or make a lot of photographers avoid doing it going to talk to the people that you want to photograph because it's where of the comfort zone and it feels a little bit unnatural here in Iran over the last four weeks I can definitely see a good progress for on my part when it comes to getting close to people but that's one thing getting close and getting an okay to take the photos doesn't mean that you have great portraits always so there's that I don't think I'm going to work more with angles there as well and just angles and light I think and composition of the photo when people are in their element for example I think that's a great way to take portraits I've got quite quite a few Dhamma that I'm happy with so that's good yeah well I think let's have a look at those chickens again now seriously quite a bit with both Street photos and sweet portraits I know what I've learned I know what I have to get better at which is always a good thing but this immersion of of photography in Iran so far when you when you immerse yourself in a photo project like this you are going to learn a lot so I think it's really important to take notes of what you have done what is good what where you can improve and build on that that's what I'm going to loss think the video projects that I did or decided to do has been more of a challenge I can see that I need to I can see that I need to I need to plan better make a better shot list because now all I have is for b-roll or yeah for b-roll I have a ton of clips of random clips from here there and everywhere I had an idea of of course but while filming people in their element what they're doing and and all that sort of stuff and I got some nice footage from that I think I can minimize my filming or capturing all this b-roll by planning a little bit better and have this script from from the start to just and just make fine adjustments as I go along if I see that it would be necessary so that's the video thing and what else have I learned so far yeah one more thing it's very typical me to assume completely in on on the task at hand or the project or whatever it is that I'm doing and I forget to eat I forget to relax and have a day off and then just enjoy this trouble so that's what I'm going to do the next trip that I'm going on just work like a normal week and so to speak or have have some planned set days that I can that I don't think about anything but that I don't think about a project at all take some time off a couple of days a week it's it's good for me otherwise I just feel turned out that happened I quite a few times here or quite a few times but a few times on this trip where I just didn't feel it at all and so I had maybe six days in a row that I didn't produce good content or didn't just didn't feel it because I was so tired of always walking around with the good old backpack tripod all the camera gear and stuff like that so relax more have some days off and that's it for this trip these four weeks in Iran has just went by time has flown by really quickly can you say that excuse my English there you go that's it for this summary video don't forget to subscribe really appreciate that and squeeze that ball button as well because I am not always with a good connection and it's difficult for me to upload weekly when I'm on a journey like this here in Iran where the internet connection isn't very good but yeah subscribe squeeze the belly button and I shall see you in the next video okay goodbye Yeji talking here seen it yet rebellion of Miggy nikitos foolish about you buddy


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