iPhone Filmmaking – Cinematic Test Footage with FiLMiC Pro

hey guys Ryan camp here with Piedmont
motion-picture thank you so much for joining me today today I wanted to talk
about shooting cinematic footage with the iPhone 7 plus and the filmic Pro app if
this is your first time finding the channel this channel focuses on short
films behind the scenes footage tutorials and reviews for filmmakers so
if you’re interested in any of that stuff please consider subscribing I’ve
always heard that the best camera is the one that you have with you and that’s
never been more true than today we all carry around some pretty impressive
cameras in our pockets all the time so I figured it was time that I tried putting
that good use and shooting some cinematic footage with my iPhone 7 plus
and the filmic pro app which you can download from the App Store all of the
footage that you’re about to see and the footage that you’re looking at right now
is all filmed on the iPhone 7 plus using the filmic Pro app a lot of times as
filmmakers we let our gear or lack thereof hold us back from creating and
hopefully this footage will inspire you to get out there and use the camera that
you have in your pocket to go out and create something amazing most of this footage was shot handheld
although I did use a Joby flexible tripod and a Ulanzi tripod mount to hold
the phone I’ll put a link of those products in the
description so you can check them out for yourself most of this footage was
shot using the V log color profile which helped get a nice flat image and allowed
me more control when applying the various LUT and color gradients you see
here overall I was impressed with the results the options available to me when
shooting the Apple airdrop feature transferring to and from the mac computer
and the user interface on the filmic Pro app is very intuitive I was able to shoot in 4k 24 frames per
second for a more cinematic look there are nice options in the app for time
lapses and slow motion as well when you drop the resolution to 1080p and
increase the frame rate to 60 or 120 fps the biggest drawback when shooting with
the iPhone is of course going to be low-light performance
most of the low-light shots I tried were usable due to the amount of noise but
overall everything else looks pretty good thank you guys for watching I hope this
inspired you in some way please let me know what you thought in the comments
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this video a like and I’ll see you guys next time on the piedmont motion picture

8 Replies to “iPhone Filmmaking – Cinematic Test Footage with FiLMiC Pro”

  1. Hey! if anyone reading this has ever created a short film or other video project using an iPhone, or any other mobile device could you please post a link here in the comments for the rest of us to check out? Thanks!

  2. Thank you. 

    I found this video to be very helpful. I used these techniques when I filmed this past weekend. I finally have all the equipment I need for mobile filming with the iPhone6s (lighting, beastgrips, tripods…etc). However, I am still coming out with something that has the tone of a film, but not the visual quality. 

    Could you tell me how I could take my film from something like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYCP9ROV82M) to this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HsfpQ4UjWk) or (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H94TD_olreA)?  Two pf these were shot with the iPhone 6s. I still can’t quite get a handle on the lighting for indoor conditions. 

    I feel like I’m right on the cusp of figuring it out, but one more thing is missing.

    If you could help me out, it would be much appreciated.

  3. I made one for a scholarship project a few months ago. My device is Google Nexus 5 with Filmic Pro app. Only in 1080p though. Here's the film:

  4. Hi! Great video, however I won’t be able to afford a moment lens. I do have filmic pro and a stabilizing gimbal. Can I still get decent footage?

  5. Nice video. Can you explain how you use your settings for slow motion clips on filmic pro? I’m recording 60 FPS with 4K resolution (iPhone XR) but am noticing some type of motion blur on post production using iMovie (using this to learn before I purchase luma fusion which is what I’d be using to edit on my iPad Pro).

    I’m not understanding the capture/playback options on the app and how to use them and when to use them. I have both at 60 FPS and just export the footage to iMovie but I’m not sure if that’s the reason why I’m noticing motion blur or am I choosing a wrong slow down speed on iMovie.

    I’d appreciate Any tips.

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