iPhone 11 Pro vs DSLR Camera

– Welcome.
– Welcome. – (speaking foreign language) – Welcome to the channel. (soothing music) All right, we’re here today. Gonna shoot this colorful wall behind us. We got the iPhone 11
– Wooh! and the DSLR. This is the competition. We’re gonna see what one does better. We’re gonna shoot Brooke, here and we’re gonna see
– Can’t wait! what results we get. (slow tropical music) Get that camera outta my face, ah! – All right, so in order
to test these cameras out, we wanted to match the focal
lengths as much as possible. So we did research. The wide angle on this camera
is roughly 13 millimeters, so we’re gonna be using a 16 (slurs), we’re gonna be using
(laughing) We’re gonna be using a 16 millimeter to try to match that. The default lens is roughly 23, 24 so we’re gonna go with
the 24 on that as well and the telephoto, telephoto? – Yeah. – The zoomed mode and
the portrait mode seem to be around 52 or so, so we’re gonna try to match those as well. – So this is the ultra wide
angle for the first test, side by side.
(camera shutter) And I’ll show you both
of the edited pictures but I won’t say which camera
is which until the end. All right, now we’re going
with the 24 millimeter. (camera shutter) All right, now we got the last angle which is the portrait mode, which is about a 52 millimeter. (camera shutter) – Got it? – Got it. There they are, shooting
the same angle of Brooke. It’s really bright out here.
– I don’t know if I’m cut out for this. (camera shutter) – How’s it gonna turn out? – iPhone’s going down, – that’s all I can say.
– Oh yeah, there we go. – Probably (laughing) – I think the iPhone has a
chance in this situation. – Did they turn out pretty good, better than you thought on the iPhone? – Yeah, I’m actually pleasantly surprised with a lot of these. – Oh wow, yeah. What do you think YouTube? Is the iPhone or the DSLR better? Vote below. Right here. Leave us a comment yoh. What one’s better, the iPhone or the DSLR. You vote. – We’ll be back in the
office to test the results. – One-take-Jake. (laughing)
(soothing music) – All right, so we are
back in the office now. We have edited all of the pictures we took with the iPhone 11 Pro on Instasize and we edited all of the Canon
5d Mark III with Lightroom. So I wanna show you the results and show you a side by side comparison. I wanna show you the raws
and then the edited files and I’m not gonna tell
you which camera is which I’ll just put “camera A” and “camera B” and then at the end of the video I’ll let you know which camera is which. But right before we get into that, just want to let you know, I am gonna put a link to
download Instasize below, which will also get you
a free week of premium. Which means you’ll get a ton more filters and a lot of other options but let’s get right into the results. (soothing music) All right, so that’s it. That’s the comparison. Let me know what you guys
thought in the comments below, what you thought about the iPhone 11 and Canon 5D Mark III. And don’t forget to download
that link to Instasize and get your free week of premium. And we’ll catch you in the next one. (soothing music) – Wait, where did Jake go? – I don’t know. – I’m just tryna get a good vantage point and this garbage can was right in the way. (soothing music)

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  1. Lol of course if you have perfect outdoor lighting and only take wide angle shots, there isn’t going to be much of a difference. Let’s see some portraits, sports/wildlife photography, and low light pictures and see how well the iPhone camera does 😂

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