Intuos Pro small, Wacom for photographers

duh duh that %uh %uh hello guys allow me to introduce you menu you do with pro what go ball them
all sides for those one that we love traveling we need to do all the work outside the
studio and we spent a lot of time in front of the computer editing, this is the right tool everything this is the right to I have
been working with the air while going for a while I’ll as you can see how the media sites as
well and is this is why Israel a bit smaller alright what
we are having missing and panties with the starlet
have-we the other sizes ball we have gathered by the fish of be
important are being Charlie wrestling around
Morocco went wrong for the journalistic style it
for the shoe for on-demand called what is right dot
com and you don’t need to do in the really
fun see or really difficult this is the perfect
some you can do is well be you one book we
are on the move and you need to set up your office out there hey you better make many keep things simply a rhyme the same quality think
I’ve txt we have with the Wacom I either need cables why last I love it are having a rain too much care with me
saw the one he was messing around pair it’s going to be back to no problem with
saying this press keys I will not be there one so really happy
without every single place my laptop growth my talent followed that’s for sure and I can to my basic addition on be happy
with that something really important the Union to
understand about the size you know the size matter
why because you need to understand the
active area a good time with right if you have
a huge screen but they’re really small towel s that
means that anymore anytime are you doing your tablet is going to be
a huge wall in this grain so it’s going to be really
tough to mayor who work with that ball to sign you seem a laptop the screen on my lap though the smaller
so I can match briefly with the active area of my portable
tablet that’s why I love it yes always have been saying
size is going to be the same folder I have the same protective case
and everything much I’m going to show you some pictures I’ve
been doing this time and I encourage you to use the stylet
for Liam lia model more weights when your
back going to make a huge a huge level among the quality of
your your father’s you know how difficult it
is to edit it was probably your laptop with this
you can avoid all bad if you are able to set up your
portable office on their you need to carry all along and I leave you with some photos I hold
you upto I’m the next one by the the day the d the the T

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  1. I was contemplating if I should get the medium or a small version of the new intous tablet and what you said about the screen size gave me the info I need it ( I have a 27in wide monitor)

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