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你好 介绍一下我自己 我生活在这里 我出生在印度尼西亚 我一直生活在爪哇岛 我喜欢艺术与摄影 所以我喜欢把它们结合起来 我喜欢在墙上画画 在我屋里屋外的墙上 我不是很有条理,但我总能找我的需要的东西 我喜欢冻覆盆子,黑巧克力和咖啡 只要有机会我就喜欢涂鸦 现在这里是芒果季 因为我生活在热带 我几乎天天可以游泳 我有两条狗 Zara跟 Charlie 比起来 更加懒散 Charlie每次沾着水就兴奋的不要不要的 我有两只懒猫,我很嫉妒它们 因为它们除了吃睡和整天晒太阳外什么都不用做 我的头发真是要命 我的语法烂透了 我不图指甲油但是我指甲上都是颜料 我喜欢穿颜色鲜艳的袜子 我每天穿同一双靴子 你好 我叫 Sonia 很高兴认识你

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  1. i rewatch your videos all the time and they always give me the feeling i had when i watched them the for the first time.
    you are truly amazing!! xo

  2. Lol. I find im very organised with time but my spaces and my journal are so cluttered but I like it❤️❤️❤️ i also like doodling, writing , reading and walking😍😊

  3. Definitely a creative young girl…already shown since she's still a kid 😘…congrats sonia! i knew you'll be amazing like always!

  4. Sonia!!! I love you so much!! you have no idea how much you have impacted my perspective on life, you help me see the positive in everything and fight my anxiety. please never stop producing videos and being creative!

  5. I am Zimbabwean, studying in Australia. Love your videos. I watched all of them in one go. Thank you for being so honest and true to who you are. It's inspiring. I am so happy i am not the only one who is particular about my atmosphere-it has to be the perfect lighting, perfect temp, i have to have what i need.

  6. S o n i a ! I wish we could meet right now. It seems like I was always looking for someone like you , only you.

  7. Finding this channel and these videos has made my day, what a positive wonderful collection of moving and equally creative videos. Both channels have earned a new subscriber and I can definitely say that what you're doing, you're doing so so right! ^.^

  8. Sonia Reminds Me Of My Aunts Friend Barb. Barb (AKA Bunny) Is The Most Amazing Person I Know. She Paints Paintings That Look Like Photos, And She's Made Art Out Of Motivation Words From Magazine. We Did A Chalk Mural On The Sidewalk, And Doodled On A Box That We Sat In. So, Yeah.

  9. Sooooo proud Sonia 🙂 Been literally searching your name on the channel for months since you told me 🙂 FINALLY!

  10. Wow. Sonia kinda reminds me of my best friend who passed away 2 years ago. She liked to draw A LOT and had a nice energy like this. Also, quirky in a cool way.

  11. well that was fun 🙂 I really love the doodled coffee cups and I can't wait to see what else SoSonia brings to the table 😀

  12. awesome! I stumbled upon Sonia a couple of years ago now. absolutely love your videos and creative mind Sonia!

  13. White person but indonesian? I'm sorry if i sounds stupid but I born in malaysia(near indo) and never really see white people that is born and raised here..

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