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What’s up everyone! My name is Alvaro
interactive designer here at campaign creators. Today I will be talking to you
guys about interactive e-books. But first what is an e-book? An e-book is simply
electronic reading materials that have been formative with valuable content
that speaks to the targeted demographics. Now an e-book is just not going content like
a couple of pages and “call it a day” we take the fundamental theory and
philosophy of design and apply it to our eBooks.
So design can only be appealing or make things look pretty. But most importantly, it
enhances the reading experience through imagery, typography, colors and layout. So
with that being said, sit tight while I catch my screen to give you guys a quick
demo on these interactive ebooks. Alright guys and we are back, so let’s
get right to it. So that I know that I was talking to you
guys about ebooks and how design and really enhance the users reading
experience. But what if you can take that a step further and add interactivity, in
another words animation to really get users engaged with your content. So I put
together a couple of examples and let me just open up my window here and I’ll
show you what I am talking about. So the first one static cover page. And
again, you can animate any of the stuff in here. Next one you have the table of
contents you can also animate the type in here animate these graphics in the
background. So first one you see that’s type just for the your H1 and your H2 to
just kind of come in from the left and the right to really set up some type of
hierarchy and to make it more lively to breathe the thing some life in other
words. Moving along. This is one of our sections dividers. Again you see how the
chapter 3 and I just flowing up to the top. The next page notice that’s a
headline on top does like this spring action the image pulsates you
know just showing us that’s like an important image or something in other
words you know just to keep the reader engaged by having things move around the
page in other words so that way it’s not just static. Next page again we have an image that
phase into place and when you get to what we call a CTA page you have that icon
just kind of coming down the path and you really focus more on the
call to action which is a download now button then all just in a clickable
click here and it will send you to download the asset. So on this next
example you’re going to see that this cover pages are more animated than the
previous one. So let me refresh this page and I’ll show you animation looks like. So here you have your main headline
phase in, subheadlines phase in and then you have these dots here that kind of
pulsate So I’ll refresh again. Make headline phase in, subhealine phase in,
and then the dots pulsate. moving on to the next page
you’ll see that there is a headline that phase in, inter copy comes in and
body copy comes in and then you have these are little assets such as this
icon to start here and then the footer and then you also notice that there’s an
arrow here that kind of just pulsates indicating that this item here this icon
these are actionable. So let me refresh the page again so that the way you can see
that animation before I show you what this does So headline comes in,
inter copy, body copy icon start here and the footer and then
here’s the pulsate indicating that this is an actionable icon so if we
are to click on that you’ll notice that this panel just kind of
opens up and it is just you know dummy text but no this can be any type of stat
you can put an image here or any you can, that you want to put here
for your users to see and then we can close this and open it again and close it. So why should someone care about
interactive ebooks? As I mentioned earlier in this vlog, interactive ebooks
not only add flair or pizazz but most importantly it enhances the
reading experience the imagery typography color layout and engagement
through motion graphics. So thanks for watching and don’t forget to visit and download our free guides and ebooks and be on the
lookout for our next full interactive ebook. Until next time!

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  1. I don’t understand the significance of the mug… could you not have put it down while talking to the camera? It looks empty too…

  2. Can Adobe InDesign 5.5 do the same kinds of interactive documents or do you have to upgrade to Creative Cloud InDesign?

  3. Hello
    if possible to show me how to put a reactive PDF in a web page, to fill it by the customers after sending it to me by the site
    thank you

  4. This is great! I was wondering where does the finished document live? Is it in the cloud? Can it be exported as an interactive PDF? How do you share it?

  5. How did you do the side bar animation?!?! Some people have been asking for a video too but I don't see it :'(

  6. I'm making an altranative pdf ….with buttons and all but it works so good on my lap top ..yet it's not working correctly on my phone …could any one help …please

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