Intaglio Printmaking Tools: Burins : Holding an Intaglio Burin

hi I'm Jason shoemaker at slugfest printmaking workshop and I'm gonna show you a little bit about the proper way to hold a beer in technically the beer and is extension out of your arm and it should fit in the palm of your hand and you should be able to hold it like that your fingers are almost in the way you should be able to make a mark with it your fingers are gonna help you you you guide the Burin you're not pushing down you want to make sure you're sitting up straight because you're not just using your wrist you're actually using your forearm and all of your body when getting in there so make sure you take your bearing stick in the palm of your hand and kind of pinch it like that and then your fingers are gonna wrap around it these fingers will go in there and you don't really want to be pushing down you want to keep your fingers off to the sides but not underneath the runner because the runner needs to be parallel with the metal once you got that you're good to go

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