IB Visual Arts 2015

I arrived late to the course it was a very fast change it was very sudden I was living in Mozambique I had to leave very suddenly because of safety issues living in Lisbon my whole life and both my parents being architects and I think this has had a major influence in my work in the beginning of our course we were assigned a theme to get us started so we were introduced to the theme my world initially we were given the topic my world in the course and we were taken to the museum a museum and powerhead Museum which I encourage and we were given a variety of things look at in the beginning of the arts course I did I started working with experimental photography you can see here in these in these three cyanotypes I started looking at Robert Rauschenberg as I was doing this series I was looking at in Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare and I was also performing and it has to Tania in this series I experimented with cyanotypes photograms and did a lot of document processes in the beginning of the course I was awarded an award for my photography my digital photography and you could say I was quite confident with that but really I didn't know about the technical aspect of analog photography our teachers allowed us to explore our own independent interest so I took this opportunity to go out and experiment I wasn't really focusing on an artist at this point I just wanted to see what I could do and where I would take me as I was looking at everyday objects and a water bottle and how we can actually deconstruct and use something that's around us I chose to look around the house and I started taking photographs of everything that's around me initially my work was on a biographical but as my work progressed that that idea of having my work being autobiographical was not as strict and I was feeling very nostalgic of Mozambique and the beaches there and what was typical of the country truly I started with a mixed media piece influenced heavily by robin rauschenberg because he works with a variety of different mediums figure-ground is the space created in between buildings when looking at them from above it's an architectural term I did edgings and so this is my mother and a tree I photoshopped both of them together and I was interested in natural forms and how natural forms are a metaphor for a change in growth which are two of my major themes I'm with these photographs I use them I use them in my mixed media piece which I title as destructive development I chose to attend an experimental drawing course in Lisbon University of Arts to try and develop drawing through a different manner this photograph was composed on Photoshop and when I was doing this I was looking at Robert Mapplethorpe from Rubbermaid forks images a very raw very explicit and strongly contrasting images and I wanted to achieve this in some of my pieces I worked on this cityscape of Port I named it architectural chaos and traditional lifestyles I started doing a lot of layering a lot of lot of colors to actually start to take away from information information of the spirit after this I started looking more open-ended ly at films for example where I did my copper etchings prints based off of Jim Jarmusch's Jarmusch's recent film only lovers left alive girl with gun is an oil painting and it's a painting that shows the one of the experiences I had in Mozambique with dark we were given certain rules they'd give us certain objects where we had different times different activities we were using different mediums such as charcoal gouache graphite and this gave me a different look on how to approach different projects video was part of a new media for me as I'm not very used to working with videos so it was quite a challenging area for me I think I also started working with vibrations and sound vibrations in speakers that arised from me working with liquids and water and movement and with my camera I have as put two sets into a low aperture and shutter speed and I took photos of the cars moving and it gave this really nice effect where you can see the lines of the movement of the cars well my whole work is about me and the process and then later on as you'll see it's about the audience interacting with the piece because I wanted exposing myself extremely important that's why there is that there is the contrast of the very smooth tender raw face compared to the hard aren't like exterior I'd like to talk about the projection that was inspired by my visit to the Maserati and the Asian Art Museum in Lisbon where I looked at Chinese puppetry and the use of shadow and light to create images I fought scale was important with this especially because the bridge bring a three-dimensional sculpture obviously I was projecting lines to create the bridge looking at movement I also wanted to study movement in the human form and I studied this a lot in my life during classes so I attended quite a few sessions at school from charcoal to oil painting to using acrylic paint and a car it's actually drawer the female or male figure in this piece I decided to cost the picture of my grandfather's face my dad's face and my face so you could see the changes the change in generation time everything about this piece it was very important to me as a maturing artist because I learnt about composition of values I implicating ideas working with new mediums and some of the some of them I left it just with the normal glaze and in others I decided to press natural natural objects into them like for example flowers and leaves to give a texture I want to introduce my environment into my work it also allowed me to develop my my drawing skills and my painting skills for my future learning of design I'm going to apply for architecture and year as it's a creative subject once again and it will enable me to actually use those techniques and skills that I learned from observationally drawing from oil paintings from sculpture making from video making into the actual course this course has really enabled me to experiment with different mediums like painting pencil mixed-media just a variety of different mediums and platforms which I wouldn't have had the chance if I didn't take it and I can take the information which I've gathered from the two years and learned and apply them to my future work I think looking at so many different mediums and different artists and different styles and adapting to different ways to interpret my own work was really interesting I am applying to art school it's a fine art and I've learned a lot about myself and as an artist and how to use my skills in material and material use and also compositional skills they strength they strengthened immensely and I am able to take these skills and the lists of these developments with me to art school you

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