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I've done it I've hacked ah yeah odd hacks cuz now we've all seen life hacks before and there are also craft and art hacks out there and I thought today would be a good chance to try them out and see if art hacking really does hack your creative experience but who knows they could be incredibly effective and there are Huck's in life that make things easier such as let's say you want to build a website you could go out and learn how to code and slowly put it together and have it fall apart and realize there are hosting costs and security risk wait I got a hack for that it's called weeks and they are the sponsor of this video and they are a life hack that I use in my personal life and I know if you're wanting to build a website they are definitely gonna help you out it's so simple dragging and dropping through the interface you can add complex functions without any of the stress you don't have to deal with hosting costs or security issues they handle all of that but if in real life you are a bit of a hacker and you do want to customize everything right down to a line of code you can do that as well with Wix code and customize absolutely any element of your website in the best part is it's free and you can do it today go check it out the link is in the card and the description and a huge thank you to Wix for sponsoring this video the art hacks we're exploring today are put together by a five-minute crafts this channel is known for their practical and useful and high-quality hacks so hack number one involves starch water and a spoon mixing it ok there's no ingredients we'll have to rough it out till we get that sort of viscosity I believe and that looks adequately goopy hey and there but it's like magic why why how is that not I mean this wouldn't be an art hack video though unless I put this stuff to the test maybe there is a practical use for it so uh I'm gonna try it out find out after the materials of this one all that says is starch Chaplin some of you are just called starch I'm just gonna use cornflour does the same thing starch would do I got a lot of corn flour I've some leftovers for all their corn flour I need all right again I don't tell amounts I'm just gonna pour in water let's start off with this this is weird I'm trying to mix it and every time I try to apply pressure to mix it oh it's too hot could be a better way to to actually mix it I think this is it though I think this is the same stuff oh my god hey that's what it does in the video oh my god can I punch it ah hey ha ha has to do it ah well what problem attacking but it's freaking weird in the video he hammered a plank of wood guess what we're doing next a bit of wood there got a nail gonna have my check this out this looks easier in their video so it works yeah it's getting through oh there you go that's the first art hack off to a good start improve your drawing skills we'll get a glove on your hand drawing lines to show where the proportions of the hand are it's like using your hand as a model with proportions on your hand this could be a cool one let's find out I'm just gonna draw exactly the same way that they have using the contours of my hand as the guide I had last one there there we go there's the back of the hand yeah I know that's the inside of it that's the back of the hand that's the front inside the head now let's do the outside of the hand all right there you go exhibit a Exhibit B so now the hack suggests that I have a beautiful little hand model now and I could do a pose like this and just drop it I mean the problem is I mean the way you see in the video is they're actually drawing it from the view of the camera and not the High Line let's do both I'm gonna do with the top-down view of the camera and then my actual eyeline don't I don't understand the benefit of doing it this way I guess the idea is that perspective is easier because this is foreshortened and you can see where the ridges of the knuckles are the inside of there the fingers uh problem is it actually covers up the actual details of the hand that you do need to see like where the folds of the skin are because you just distracted by these big black lines on the hand I mean I guess that looks exactly like my gross chubby hand say that's cool I'm gonna do a pose from a high line I gotta be honest I feel like I get more benefit out of just drawing my hair the hell is that looks like a bunny rabbit there the ears there's a little bunny eyes there's a fluffy tail so if you want to learn how to draw a bunny rabbit just use this useful art hack what do we got here bleach and some sort of textile we're taking out the nib okay opening up that and getting there okay leap yep Wow and then we'll put it all back in there's no color in there but what happens next just on plain old text on writing that seems dangerous system is this – children watch this leeches they just don't bleach keep out of reach of children it's like the first thing that it says use only as directed this video is directing we can do it this way so let's try it out all right for this ball I'm gonna need to uh wear protection why are they these are falling apart before I put them on oh my god Oh No stop this one this one's good this one not so much bit I'm out of options cuz these in my last two gloves so mainly work with this hand don't try this at home kids I'm back so first we pull out the nib don't chop it just pull it out ah there we go got it just pop it in there pop it into the bleach is that there's the bit there's the bit put them both in there it wasn't gonna take some time I think so let's set it aside and come back to it with some editing magic it's been an hour and a half I figure that's surely enough time but apparently not quite because the blue hasn't spear jet let's put on our protection and try and rebuild my Myka but not before I put down some highlighter that we're gonna use the experiment on you ready see if this works I'm gonna drill of heart yeah okay and it's tearing the paper as I draw the hood all these little fluffy bits of the paper just coming off as I tried and I can't wipe it because then the bleach is what not a great material if you have to wear copious amounts of safety attire when you use it so what it does what it says it tries to do but very impractical and smelly and dangerous say what's next hole in some card two holes I mean this might be a decent little out ha all right let's give it a go this might actually be a high practical use being hey oh no I forgot my I forgot my compass so we quite simply just hold one pencil in the middle and another pencil in the outside circle and this is Dave cause a little bit of a delicate weight balance to say you don't move the page around I probably just need more practice this actually seems like one of the more practical hacks we've experienced so far so let's practice a little bit I want to draw all the draw some eyes from the character I go one eye there we go ah no ah that I was too big I have to make another hole this I was gonna be smaller hey guys there we go oh god sake he's super happy cause he's just figured out an art act that is mildly practical he's saying I see this is an absolute win references alright so with this one there seems to be a watercolor wash behind here and then they're using a stencil and a moist sponge saved apparently you can lift the water cover up their paper that would be cool if that's true that would be a good hack alright this seems promising let's give it a go blue we go that's a nice watercolor base now this has to dry way to dry and then you come back and give it a hacker go all right I have a dry watercolor wash now I'm not sure if all the spreads use a certain type of paper or even if I'm supposed to use watercolor there are no instructions in this video what matters is can i replicate a little picture let's do that let's do some clouds do you know what I really want an art hack to know how to cut intricate shapes like this without it turning out crap give me an easy way for that to happen and I will will be grateful I know like a knife like a little hobby knife would do it but I don't have one on me so what's Meowth hack this is a magic eraser I think this is what they used in their video is it supposed to be wet and a dybbuk oh hey hey that works cuz it's watercolor my picture turned out just as good as their picture that is probably my favorite art hack so far okay so we've got this love heart shape and it's been printed on paper we're coating the back in lead pudding in Hunnam mode there's too many steps already here okay we're drawing on the shape I'm assuming they'll lift off in the leads there okay cool and then what sort of marker is this what are they drawing with but just a permanent marker they really don't explain stuff we've drawn it on back for 30 minutes a hundred and seventy degrees Celsius in theory that's the result I'm just gonna replicate all of these as closely as I can so that includes using the exact same shape that they've done in their hack just because I want to see how close I can get to the original art feel like a bloody hacker my hack I miss paper away with hacking editor there you go there's my hack paper here is my soon to be hacked mug now they did this bit with a bar oh I would probably try and just do it with grey LED but I'm just trying to follow what they did cuz they're the geniuses that's part one of this art hack and now we can reveal how gracefully the shape was transferred the mug it's actually it's actually not bad alright so let's keep going now don't know what this is actually hacking because I don't know when I've actually needed this specifically to be more convenient I feel like this whole thing this whole art hacking could just be reworded as fun dumb little art activities and I wouldn't be needing to debunk anything but because you proclaim its practicality I am forced to put it through the refiners fire that's me baby I'm the fire okay there you go that's my transferred love heart I'm gonna follow the video instructions bake this for 30 minutes at 170 degrees and we'll see where we end up okay I have finished baking my heart does it come off not with a smudge yes what if I out it seems pretty good now that actually is not rubbing off it's a good sign that is it that's actually I'm I'm pleasantly surprised that's just a sharpie that I've done that with I'm going to put this in the dishwasher and see if it survives a cycle and here it is this has been in the dishwasher nice hot cycle for an hour and this is the moment of the truth you ready oh I was so bloody hopeful oh oh come on alas my heart is broken I got a piece of paper an elastic band you clip it on and you get a paper clip oh it's like a perspective trip more fun this actually seems like it might work it doesn't seem like the most practical thing in the world but I feel like there are probably professional drawing tools that do you a similar thing this could be a good art hack this seems like the most promising one so far let's give it a go okay I can see this is my own fault because I don't have the right elastic bands or do I this was the glove remember that in there bring this out it sort of bouncy that's cute back flip oh this is awesome seriously guys with this odd hack you definitely need exactly the right length of paper and elastic band cuts damn it really come on here's the part of the odd hack that didn't include in the video you got a blue tack down the corners of your page alright now we're getting somewhere okay note to self it's not a ruler it just carry lines because you can't put any pressure on the elastic band finally myself just wanting to this is draw without the stupid kid trapped at bay guys it's not particularly convenient to setup and it would have looked exactly the same if I'd have just used you know two-point perspective which is a fairly easy to technique to actually you don't need a hack use new ruler it's not entirely convenient or practical and you can't draw straight lines but you can make bouncy paper pencil with a little bit of looks like cooking paper a journal of heart it's pulled off some of the pencil and now if you do the pencil again you get the little secret picture reveal that's good to go we lay down a little little color base we're very faint here we're not doing much we get some cooking paper at least I think that's what they used alright this is the the awesome face meme 2003 memes anyone alright just make that a hand we lift it off but that's okay cuz this is the magic bit Papa Papa Papa Papa Wow damn it's like magic it's a sketchy awesome face does what it said it would do um not sure what its hacking exactly but there it is all right now we've got masking tape pastels it looks like smoosh it all up and then we're drawing with is that white out or cotton buy a cotton tip thing and bang oh that's cool I'm failing to see the hack element we're not questioning these hacks we're just trying them and seeing if they're really actually packs so let's try a little note to self don't use disgusting old pastels when trying this all hack out because it looks revolting it ends up with a little muddy bits and goop in it and now we got we smudge it all together so it's nice and smooth next we use a brush pens to drawer in a little tree here brush pen is not going down well over the pastels I don't know if that's the brush pens fault or the pastels Walters stick out it are working towards the end result it's gonna be bloody brilliant why do I sound so sarcastic with everything to do with these are hacks at this video some of these are fun little activities give them a go except for the bleach one put down the bleach stop drinking the black cup dammit you guys didn't you cheeky bleach drinking don't drink bleach that's why they call me an influencer because I'm such a great influence it's reveal time people yeah there it is look at that beautiful little artwork that's pretty cool what's the hack though but it looks cool so I'll give them a thumbs up for that what's this hack how to make a yard work look at this place of pride on the wall let me know in the comments if you would hang that up on your wall does it carry across as anything other than paints plunged on a canvas and smooshed up with a window why bar that's what it looks like to me well darling I like to do want to work what is it oh nothing just just in a bar attack I'll tell you what if you guys wanted to try these paint art hacks let me know cuz I could do another video but we are running out of time we've done a lot of hacks today it's like two more videos where the content and this is one video because they're so full of stupid I love it it's great even if none of these are hacks were particularly helpful to you there is that life hack I shared with you which will make your life easier if you want to build a website weeks who have sponsored this video video Wix is an amazing platform I highly encourage you to check it out it really has everything you need if you're looking for something really simple whether it be to build your audience or to get your freelance work out there or even just to have a couple of web pages just to show off something that you want to show off I have everything covered from the very start to the very end whether you want to get your com domain or have your hosting if you want to build a community and have members and have them sign in or if you want to have a shop and sell products and build your business or if you want to have it so my god the list goes on the weeks has you covered from everything from hosting to databases to security load and it's all really simplified really fun and convenient and under the one really professional and convenient umbrella this is what the drag-and-drop website builder looks like in practice and as you can see it's super and intuitive to use to build the website exactly as you imagine it whether it's from someone else's template or if you want to of course start from scratch it's all there for you to work with there are a whole bunch of default templates you can start off with and custom community ones and then of course you can dive even deeper and whether it be using the Wix apps or apps submitted by the community and custom crafted and made ones by other people who use the platform there are endless combinations of practical things you can put on your website to make it the most functional and professional space possible so go check out Wix today and have your life hacked by the convenience of an easy build website and make sure to subscribe to George as our for more fun with art and creativity if you want me to do more hack so let me know in the comments down below and of course like this video while you down there and if you enjoyed this video I'll put some other ones over there that you'll enjoy there's my channel and then there's a vlog channel of course with behind the scenes including the behind the scenes of today's activity which you're welcome to enjoy thank you so much for watching until next time we'll see you later

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  1. 9:24 "You'll just have to use an exacto kni."
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  2. I'm wondering if you keep calling hearts, "love heart" because as an artist, you're used to differentiating between realistic anatomy and common imagery.

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