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  1. i like the voiceover and watching your process. Also what pencil are you using? and could you please do an updated tools video soon

  2. I knew from the first drawing that it was Emma Stone! You are amazing, sharing your knowledge and your attempts is so generous and touching! Thank you!

  3. Was able to guess most of your celebrity drawings. The only one I was not sure about was the Emma Stone though. Not because of the drawing but for a split second forgot what she looked like until the "she has beautiful, large eyes" was mentioned. LOL. Great video as always. Also, Gilbert Gottfried is one of my favourite actors, so thanks for drawing him. Wanted to know what the cast of the timeless classic The Princess Bride would look in your style tbh.

  4. I loved💗💖🥰 that you gave us tips 👩‍🏫on how you draw ppl,👩‍🎨 I've been so suck on drawing🤔 ppl just like how they look. Like you said too, thank you, and i also want to say I 😍🤩love your gestures and expressions you put in your artwork. Would love see more tips on faces if you have time.

  5. Hola Fran! Me encanta cuando subes este tipo de videos. Me inspira mucho a seguir dibujando y practicando porque me pasa lo mismo. Estaría increíble si hicieras un video de como practicas a la hora de dibujar cuerpos en diferentes perspectivas. (:

  6. Estos son tus mejores videos Fran! Los que muestras tus procesos de dibujo, tus sketchbooks, etc. Nos enseñas mucho de está manera. Más Draw with me , drawing dates, sketchbook tours por favor! 🙂

  7. I must say that you nail the noses! I remember on a previous video, you said that you had a breakthrough when you started to draw people’s noses different. And wow, you do that so well! Maybe you struggle with eyebrows right now, but just like with the noses, I know you’ll improve, because you always do!

  8. AMO LO QUE HACES FRAAAAN <3 muchos saluditos desde tu querido y enfiestado Chile (demasiados días de celebración 9.9 jajaja) btw. La primera Emma Stone se parece mucho a Kim K jajajajaj al menos para mi. Un abrazo <3



    Love it Fran, makes me want to let myself congratulate me as well!
    Very important to actively remind ourselfs we are doing GREAT

  10. Realmente amo tu trabajo, Fran 💕
    Me gustaría mucho que pudieras compartirnos tips para dibujar personas en moviemiento o poder capturar de manera correcta la posición en la que están en ese momento, ojalá se haya entendido porque la verdad creo que solita me revolvi 😅
    Loviu 😊💕

  11. I have the opposite problem. As a self taught artist who started on realistic drawings, I’m struggling to make the drawing my own in my own style which is quite weird. Dunno how to explain this properly. I’d love to draw more loosely. I can see the similarities in my drawings but they’re still all a bit different and it makes me mad 😬

  12. Fran this video is so great! I am an art teacher and my students struggle so much with portraits too. Faces are so hard. You will get there keep practicing and focus on lines and shapes within the face. When our brains label things it gets difficult. I tell my students you can draw anything if you just look at the lines and shapes. I’m so happy to see your multiple attempts too. We all have those thank you for sharing!

  13. I love this video !! And your style AAAAA you make me so excited . The photographer's link isn't in the captions though.. Anyway I love you as an artist !

  14. The secret to getting portraits right is getting the proportions of the face! Like, how long is the nose compared to width of the mouth, how far are the eyes apart etc. Proportions are what makes people (and characters) resemble themselves in a drawing! You can draw a very minimalist portrait that still looks like the person.

    Drawing caricatures is actually a good way of practising portraits. Because you intentionally exaggerate certain facial features, you'll eventually get better at recognizing the most prominent features of a person.

    And it's ok to not get a face right on the first try. You can study a face like you can study an object. If you need to fill a whole page with the same face before you make it resemble the person, that's completely valid and "the wAy oF ThE aRTist" 😀

    I hope this helps! <3

  15. Really fun Fran. Thanks so much. I have to do some illustrations for someone and I’m in a panic as usual. But you made me feel so relaxed about it cause to be honest, not everything needs to be super realistic all the time. I love your drawings they make me very happy

  16. Deberías hacer ese juego de dibujar famosos y que adivinemos pero en Instagram, entonces dejas el dibujito con un sticker y nosotros respondemos jiji Sería bacan😄

  17. Meryl Streep si adivine, jaja. Estaba genial! Sería bueno ahora un video de movimiento, siempre mis personajes están robóticos..

  18. The Tom thing is great as it is and it’s all too normal and the first Emma looked for me like Uma Thurman or Fran?! Say yes yes that’s Kill Bill Uma 😆🧡🧡 I need a Robert De Niro of you and Danny DeVito plus Selma ….

  19. Hey thank you for sharing the real process including mistakes! I think the black woman you draw happened to look like a white woman so I think it’s smth you can work on too! Features but also maybe change the skin color from white to darker tone when you draw people of color?

  20. Wow thank you Fran. I am definitely one who spends too much time on the wrong things in my drawings, especially when trying to draw faces and expressions. The past few days I’ve been focusing on the the characteristics in the face I’m depicting and WOW it works. It’s sometimes as easy as nailing the brows. This has made it SO much more fun to draw, I LOVE IT THANK YOU😘

  21. Hi Fran! 🙂
    I share some hints that you might already know, but probably need to remind to help out with your process:
    Start by using simple shapes, then go on details.
    Draw faces/heads from different angles.
    Draw from real life.
    Practice, practice, practice!
    And last but not least, I highly recommend that you watch character designers like Stephen Silver or Wouter Tulp and caricaturists like Curt Jones or Thomas Fluharty to learn some tricks! 🙂
    Hope this helps! 😀

  22. Thanks, Fran! this video is so much fun and I learned a lot! I was able to guess Meryl Streep hahaha. More videos like this, please!

  23. Hola Fran, soy una silent viewer. Vi tu videos hundreds of times y nunca comento, pero es que este video me ha llegado de una manera particular. Tantas veces dejo los bocetos porque los personajes no se parecen los reales y La frustración me gana. Pero lo explicas tan bien y encima lo expones en forma personal y riéndote! Es admirable, sos lo más. Gracias

  24. So your Emma Stone resembles Uma Thurman, look her up then look at your sketch. Thank you for sharing this because I always love to hear and see you laugh. It makes me laugh.

  25. The Sketchy app has royalty free headshots uploaded by individuals. You can even use them for commercial purposes! Its a really fun little community, and a fantastic resource for artists. It's also freeeeeeeeee.

  26. I am sooo excited!! I got just got my planner (#2) w dustbag, stickers, and ziinneeee! I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED TO FINALLY OWN YOUR PLANNER ;;;;DDDDD

  27. ¡Hola Fran! acabo de encontrar tu canal y lo amé por tu manera de ser tan simpática. Me encanta tu estilo. ¡Saludos desde Panamá! Desde ya tienes una nueva suscriptora.

  28. I find it interesting that Fran puts down her dark lines right away without doing a light, pre-sketch outline first. Others can go to extremes, especially on a digital drawing tablet, drawing multiple outlines on multiple layers, cleaning as they go. There is definitely an attractive, genuine style in her portraits.

  29. Hey, I had a question, maybe y'all can help?
    Lately I haven't being feeling very happy with my art, and I'm having a hard time being inspired to draw. Then when I do, it almost never comes out good. Out of the last about fifteen drawings I've done, I only like one of them. Can someone help?

  30. Nice video, thanks for inspiration! Do you know the book Culottées of Pénélope Bagieu? An illustrated book of famous women, I love it. Your video reminds me of her drawing style. So inspiring!

  31. I could tell it was Meryl Streep before you said it. So nice work, keep on practicing, focus on getting the details of the persons face, everyone as different features that makes them different 🙂

    happy sketching!
    Love from Portugal!
    Thanks for sharing

  32. I usually draw them from movie frames (with strong expressions or particular outfits) or, if I feel like "hell yeah let's do it!" I try to fast sketch them while watching the movie. It's quite a mess but funny 🙂 Love this video btw, and I love the voice-over too, you have a very smooth and relaxing voice!

  33. Maybe you can draw the members of queen? All four of them have such special features! Especially freddie and john! That would be lovely!

  34. Esto es genial, Fran! Me encanta lo auténtico que se siente. La emoción de dibujar "en vivo", el desafío puesto a prueba, las ganas de mejorar. Ni hablar de la ambulancia, el camión, el avión y todo lo que LITERALMENTE pasa mientras dibujas. Gracias <3

  35. I could recognise all the female celebrities before you revealed who they were, Meryl was the strongest and easiest to guess though – one thing that helps me with drawing people is abstracting the shadows of their face (hope that makes sense!) and seeing what features fall where on the face, like if the nose ends perfectly in the middles of the face or a bit lower/higher

  36. Muchas gracias por tu honestidad Fran, al mostrar tus dibujos y procesos. Creo que te ayudaría un montón aprender a observar mejor los rasgos de la cara, por ejemplo; en casi todos tienen el mismo largo de nariz, la misma distancia entre los ojos, cuando en las fotos de modelos tenían algunos nariz más ancha y corta, más corta y delgada, etc. Igual con los ojos, algunos los tenían más juntos, más separados, mas hacia abajo o hacia arriba, etc. Es suuuuper difícil hacer que los personajes se parezcan en la realidad con un estilo tan simple, pero estas haciendo un buen trabajo empezando a reconocer rasgos.
    La nariz de Meryl es muy caracteristica de ella, por eso al final es la que más se parece a su original, porque es como el rasgo que si pudiste capturar bien, pero en los demás es la misma base de la parte T de la cara (ojos y nariz).
    Me encantan tus vídeos y espero que mi comentario te ayude, pues estas haciendo un trabajo genial, no solo artístico, uno muy honesto y bonito c:

  37. Hola Fran me gustaría preguntarte si pudieras por favor hacer un video explicando cómo se realiza la parte legal al momento de ser un diseñador freelance y protegerse de que sus ilustraciones sean copiadas o reproducidas por alguien más.

  38. Something that I have to remind myself when drawing portraits is "draw what you see, not what you know" — also helps me identify what features and lines really stand out on a person's face!!! When i draw people I try to be more on the realistic side but I think that advice could still work? idk and it's not like i'm a portrait expert either lmao ^^'' just giving my 2 cents!

  39. This is awesome! The first "Emma Stone reminds" me of Uma Thurman and the second one is 100% Lena Heady 😀 Maybe try drawing them next time too to compare results hehe

  40. I guessed Emma Stone but I thought Rihana was a young Aretha Franklin and Meryl Streep was J.K. Rowling (not even an actress, LOL) BTW, this video was sooo funny! 🙂

  41. I just want to say that your tips on portraits were so helpful!! I like to draw portraits that are a bit more detailed but i’d always get caught too much up in them (the details, I mean). It was really helpful to learn from someone with a more simplistic style on how they do it. Even if it wasn’t you intention, you taught me to relax more and have fun with it. I drew while using the references in the video and now i’m happier with how my sketches turned out, thank you <3

  42. its okay fran.. we just have strength and weakness.. im good at portrait. can be a little anime-ish or classic-looking anime.. haha.. my weakness is drawing hands and characters poses… im working on them… hahaha.. so as long as we are working on it.. i think we'll get there 🙂

  43. I recognized Meryl Streep right away, but I thought you were drawing Tom Hanks instead of Tom Cruise 🙂
    I liked the voice over btw!

  44. I love this SO much, so helpful I have been looking for this kind of thing for AGES and I almost screamed when it came up

  45. Que bonito ser humano eres 🙂 me pone de buen humor y me relaja escucharte y verte dibujar, eres muy honesta incluso contigo misma, y eso me parece muy relajante, algo que me gustaría poder lograr en algún momento de mi vida. Gracias Fran!

  46. It's so nice to see you drawing for us its so rare now you have to dedicate your sketch book sessions to your patreons I miss it a lot, but thats business a girl gotta earn a crust ❤❤❤❤

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