I Repainted My FIRST Painting 10 YEARS Later (2010 vs 2019 Self Portrait)

* The year was 2010. Jersey Shore was my favorite show. Yo, shut your mouth, you dirty little hamster! YouTube was at its golden era. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Adele was “rolling in the deep!” I was a senior in high school and I just started making my very first YouTube channel. Diego, my friend, thinks that I’m posting stuff on YouTube, so I guess I should to be legitimate. I had just started taking my artwork seriously at this point and I was CONSUMED with making new artwork. And I only had less than a year before I would enroll in school for art work so I really had to bust it out. And for my senior class, I created this piece. *Beethoven’s 5th Symphony* And honestly, it’s not bad, you know, I was a kid, I didn’t know what I was doing, this was my literal first acrylic painting. I don’t know if you guys can tell but that is a painting of none other than myself! Obviously things have changed since then. I have a decade of experience under my belt, I have been doing YouTube for three years now full-time, I have a degree, so in honor to bring in the new decade, why not repaint myself ten years later and see the difference? And of course, as always if you’re new here, hit that subscribe button. Join the Raevolution, we have a lot of fun videos coming up in 2019. I meant 2020! *Laughs* I meant 2020! *Music* Now this painting was for school, it was a class project on self portraits and we used acrylic paint and tempera. But now, a decade later, you guys know I am NOT a fan of acrylic. *Titanic music played on flute, badly* And now, in the new decade, I am a fan of oil paint! It has changed my life and I haven’t looked back since. *Loud tapping* *Quieter, hollow tapping* And as you can tell, this was made with canvas, which I now, in the new decade, I like to use panel and Gessobord, something with a hard surface that can take a beating! That’s what she said. *Music continues* Now, if you couldn’t tell from my past video clips, I really did look like this. Black eyeliner, thin eyebrows and bored with the world. That’s how I saw myself and that’s how I painted myself. Now, in 2019/2020, my fashion sense has gotten much better. I mean, it’s not the best, but it’s better. My makeup has gotten much better and now I understand lighting is important whenever taking reference photos into consideration. And instead of natural, heavy shadows, which you see in traditional oil paintings, I thought it would be really cool to try out some really cool colorful lighting. And a few reference photos later… *Camera shutter clicking* I settled on this one, which I really really love. It has pretty much everything I could ever want for an oil painting. Plus I look fierce! Alright, so step one will be to print out a photo of myself because I am going to do the carbon print method. Yep, here she comes! That little printer has come in handy so much. Next, I’m gonna lay down a layer of charcoal all over the printed page. Gonna smear it out, as so… Now I’m going to outline some of the proportions, that way it makes it easier whenever, because the majority of my time will be spent on painting and blending and adding shadows so this is a very minor part to the whole entire painting. I gotta hope it works, and voila! The carbon method. *Background music* Now the painting is gonna look scary for the first few minutes of this video, I’m sorry, I can’t help it. You guys know like, under paintings just look really really creepy and something that always happened to me in school is I would be working on the beginning stages of a drawing and somebody would come up to me and be like, “Let me see what you’re working on!” and I would show them and you can tell they got that look, like “Eesh, that looks terrible!” and it’s like “No! No no, come back in like, two hours. I swear I’m actually an okay artist! It’s just the beginning stages” and at that point they’re like, “Uh-huh, yeah, sure.” And this is the same energy. It just looks bad at the beginning! *Music continues* Now in the painting, I actually made a HUMONGOUS mistake that wasn’t initially a mistake, but then it turned into a mistake and I spent the rest of the painting just trying to cover it up and it’s right… ba ba ba, right here. Boom. *Ding* Though in the reference photo/carbon print, I was holding up the lighting in a very unnatural way which I put on the canvas. And so when I started painting it, it looked very unnatural, like I had a humpback or like, an extra appendage or – it just did not look right. So I tried to be sly, you know, add a little bit of white to lighten up that weird appendage which it ultimately mixed with the purple underneath it, and I ended up with Grimace from McDonalds on my shoulder! And it single-handedly changed how I was gonna move forward with the painting, with the background, with pretty much everything. *Background music* Now, most of my painting has a lot of purple and a lot of red, so according to color theory, the color that should go in the background would be a yellow or an orange, but the yellow I had was – how do I put this? – It was, it was busted. So instead, I chose to go with a beautiful turquoise for the background and it kind of matches with like, the whole vaporwave aesthetic which I really really love. And plus, another added benefit is that I could cover up and mix and blend that turquoise with that purple spot, so you would never know that I made this giant third appendage on my back! Now on to my favorite part of the whole entire painting process, this is where I can just unwind and let loose and that’s where I add drips to my paintings. If you’ve seen any of my other oil painting videos, that’s kind of like, been my whole entire thing this year, is add drips to the painting. I think it looks so cool, so slick and it just adds like, an interesting element. *Music continues* Now, if you’re an old viewer or you’ve seen some of my videos before, just by my voice I’m sure you guys can tell that I am sick, and so I had to take about three days off from this painting to just like, be on the couch dying! *Laughs* But honestly, it was good because it gave the painting some time to dry, let everything settle and I was able to BOOM! Add in more highlight, add in more texture, add in more contrast, add in more everything. I really wanted this painting to have more oomph to it, to be a little bit, a little bit more saturated, a little bit more interesting. And that includes that hot pink. It’s not the most opaque around, so I had to go in with a lot of layers. And one thing I would have NEVER ever done back in 2010 is try to go over and refix a completed, already done part of the drawing. Like, for example, this eye. I would have just left it wonky cause I would have been afraid that I would have messed it up, you know, but now I’m like fearless. If I’m not happy with it I’m gonna repaint it and re-go over it, however many times it takes. And same with the face, I was not happy with it. And so I was like screw it, I’m just gonna add in way more color, way more red, way more yellow and just amp it up and you know, we’ll see what happens. What happens happens, baby! And then also, one last minute I decided that instead of going in with black, why don’t I go in with like, a vibrant electric blue? I feel like that would look so much more visually interesting than you know, just plain black. It adds an extra depth, extra element and it kind of goes again with that, uh, vaporwave aesthetic. And with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my self-portrait from 2010 versus 2019/2020. And this was the second only other time in my life that I’ve ever painted myself and this represents me so closely. If I could put my personality into a painting, I definitely feel like this is it, with the pop of hot pink with the blue! With the sidecut! With my makeup! Red h- uh, red lip! We got the drips! And it’s just, I have – I added so many little details to it to just represent my personality and, you know, in another 10 years we’ll see where it takes me, where this art thing goes. It would be an understatement to say that it has been a crazy decade. I have changed so so much! Mentally, physically, spiritually, so many ways I have changed, but I’m so glad to have you guys here along the way and to quote myself from an old video, Happy new year’s, everybody! I hope you guys have an amazing decade coming up and I hope this video inspires you to never give up on something, cause you never know where it’s gonna take you. So anyway guys, I love you guys so so much and I will see you next video. Bye!

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  1. Sorry for being so sick! I really wanted to get a video out instead of wait another week. I know this video is a little early for New Years, but I really hope this inspires you in some way to not give up on something! 🙈
    You can do the thing hah!

  2. Thankfully, the FTC says that art can be for anyone. Please spread this message around this platform. ( Link: https://twitter.com/thecypherden/status/1197996169689010179?lang=en ) -L

  3. Just discovered your videos, really entertaining and useful content. Subscribed immediately. You really help to blossom the imagination and dedication toward art in myself, so I don’t doubt many more feel the same. Thanks

  4. The painting is better than I could do, but to be honest the hand scares me.
    This isn't a hate comment, I love you still 😁

  5. Bruh my family would hate it when I would watch jersey Shore 🤣🤣🤣 but look at me now watching jersey Shore family vacation 🤣🤣

  6. I may or may not have been living under a rock but this is the first time I’ve seen that charcoal transfer technique and I’m intrigued!

  7. Heyv Rae ……
    Please do a challenge where you will draw a complicated painting with you right hand!!!!!
    Please please please😳😢😉

  8. The first would probably sell for a million dollar if you add some edgy explanations (obvious exaggeration). Simple, highly stylized work seems to be more expensive than realistic and detailed work nowadays. I’m fine with that personally. Also, If you talk about feelings, the price of the art piece will double.

  9. Hey I’m not sure if you will see this but I have Been so inspired by you and your hard work on YouTube that I have started trying to make my own art and I love how your always trying new things and how you review random things sometimes and I’d love to see your opinion on just these fun little erasers and like more cute random things like just anouther fun video although I also love watching you do actual art to it’s so helpful especially your tips like for blending thank you rea dizzle for being my inspiration 😇

  10. In both portraits, I see determination and motivation shining through powerfully. And yes, fierceness, too. I sent your video to my daughter. Thank you for sharing your talent, knowledge and wonderful nature. Sorry you were sick.

  11. Thank you Rae, for leaving in mistakes like "2019- I meant 2020!", it's comical, relatable, and just feels good to hear someone comfortable enough with themselves to leave that in there and let their viewers see how they are perfectly imperfect. 😀

    As for that art, how much you've grown really shows! I love the color choices too, especially that splash of vibrant backlighting!

  12. I love how a painting takes time to develop into its final stage. Like it’s truly an adventure and I can completely relate. I’ve seen the faces some people pull because they just don’t understand lol
    I love the outcome of your art

  13. Dear Rae , I made a picture of you in makeup and also you artwork is way better than mine you are so funny and I also watched your video draw my life I really felt sad because you lost you brother I hope your brother is okay. Love from Eknoor Kaur

  14. why i hate painting is if i mix a lot of paint and that gets over and i have to mix again and when i mix again it turns out to be some other colours

  15. Hey u should make a hole bunch cartoon characters and put it on a piece of paper and fill the hole paper up with the characters

  16. I hate watching these videos because I feel the need to destroy my "art" because it isn't like the person I who made the art. It sucks that my confidence is that low

  17. Hi hi rae! Old returning fan here, I was wondering if you had any advice for new oil painters? How long does oil paint usually take to dry?

  18. omg the original painting, the forehead was so long! Holy Moly! The eyes were tiny the nose was extra long but other than that it was great. No hate so plz don't hate me.

  19. chocolate box art, tracing and copying a photo instead of drawing freehand, is the ultimate insult to the art profession.😨
    This is a no-no in art school.

  20. I recentky just finished a self portrait for my art class. We used the grid method and it was all pencil. I don't know if my teacher will allow me to post it on my social media though.

    This painting is absolutely gorgeous though!!!

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