I Paid Artists on FIVERR To Finish My Drawing…

today we're gonna have a look at fiver or fever as I thought us pronounce the first time I saw a website where you can find the perfect freelance services for your business today I'm going to create some sketches and some concept pieces that I'm gonna give to freelance artists on Fiverr and just sort of see where you get back and this is an idea I did get from another youtuber specifically the video by samurai guitarist I'll link it in the description so credit to him he actually did the same thing but with music was very entertaining and I'm very interested to see what happens if you create a very rough sketch and send it out to other artists to create some art for you now I will of course be paying them what they're asking for on their Fiverr accounts and we're going to be looking at some different options and see what cheap fiber artists give me and what more expensive five-round let's give me but I don't actually have an account so first I'm going to sign up username I can't be jazz or draw with jazz oh it's gotta be a secret identity I am NOT a spy perfect find a service character art I will create your character concept art for you this is all very very affordable I feel like I'm ripping people off by paying twenty or thirty dollars very although they are putting their best work on their fiber account so who knows if what we'll get will end up being that well first things first I need a foundation for them to work from so let's go cutesy and then like if I don't I should not details I go to add detail like eyebrows and stuff I should just add the very basic proportions that they can work with you got a cute little chibi dude with a way too big sword pulling it out ready for battle I'll ask for them to do a helmet that looks cool keep it open there's a bit of a challenge you know see what you can come up with yourself I'll leave the expression in the details up to our artists here's someone who looks quite suited to doing character concept art commercial use does a YouTube video counters I guess it sort of does because I'm monetizing this video so fair's fair I will pay you to be able to monetize your creation on my video doing it legitimately people alright I've paid them and now it's time to give you my instructions you cannot character male or female as your choice please add a cool helmet let's throw a bit of a curveball please include a family crest that features a chicken head perfect BAM done let's get a few of the same one done and see what people come back with I will do superhero character design art only superhero night counters I'm gonna I'm gonna Commission you and see if you refuse to draw a nice sort of fun shopping for people to do my work for me what if I can get someone to run my youtube channel this way video ideas please write for me video ideas for YouTube art related for example painting with winter I should make a five hour account or just good YouTube videos 20 to 30 ideas I'm really running dry here perfect there's a lot of talented people here is one for $22 Hey look at that there's it there's an example of a sketch someone gave them and then the final artwork very cool all right let's do it you're hired that's five a pro good lord design a modern to you cutting character $1200 you know looking better than everyone else makes you so good holy crap one character doing it doing it goddamnit I feel like I'm at a blackjack table and I'm like I'm all in lonely again my wife is gonna kill these characters design in full color with a really polished aesthetic don't forget the chicken head family crest okay five a pro $300 I see how pro it truly is remember to like this video and subscribe make sure to share this video enjoy it it's good because if people see it might get my money back and I might do it again because this is sort of fun time to amp it up people I'm gonna have a giant robot big robot arm that looks like it's got a big fist those sort of like legs that go in and then out alright no that just looks like he's got like buckled knees here we go something like that and our hero looking up at the Beast is my jetpack there we go we've got mountains in the background and a volcano a volcano over here something the foreground rubble if you like things poking out I think that's sort of gets the idea across beautiful I'm gonna hire you for a premium artwork oh I'm excited wanna see what these people can do well specifically honestly what they do with my like very spat out concepts I'd like to hire you to create an epic artwork it's a story about a giant robot causing the apocalypse the hero his name is Jerry yes is the only one brave enough to answer the call beautifully written I should be a writer and the robot is powered by a demonic crystal also the hero has a pet cat which I've forgot to include in the sketch I really need to bring it in how many have I done yeah I should calm down how much should I spend about $800 I'm gonna wrap it up there what I say wrap it up what I actually mean is reveal because I am going to fast forward through time I recorded this all in one session and with the power and magic of editing we will soon experience everything I've paid for my transition effect it's been about a week and a half I think yeah when did I do this what a date May 7th and it is today the 20th of May so it's been more than a week and a half now I believe all of the orders I made have been completed and delivered except for the Fiverr Pro on which I paid 350 Australian dollars for to get the premium treatment $250 meant that for the price of one fiber Pro ordered I could get three other artists to recreate the landscape fantasy depictions so I guess you win some you lose some all right let's have a look at what we've got I'm just gonna look at these one at a time make a concept art for your original character hey that one's pretty cool how much did I pay for this one again 45 Australian dollars I think that that's worth the money and that's that's pretty cool did they create that I look there's a little chicken he seems a little chicken yeah that's the family crest on his crutch they're a little little chicken crotch I think that turned out pretty well round of applause for you good sir all right now we have the superhero character design artist I paid 86 Australian dollars for this I was obviously stretching what they were willing to do because they signed up for doing superhero art but this is what they created using my using my pose in the structure pretty cool less color than I would hope I have to say I feel like I've got more value out of $45 one than this which is almost 90 Australian dollars the shading is cool I've got to give him that like there there's there's cool metallic shading it does feel a little hard to see the areas of the armor like the armor does look cool I do think that the chicken head crest looks cooler on this armor I do prefer the first one but this this is a this gets a little golf clap well done this was sixty one dollars and 10 Australian cents pretty cool pretty cool I mustn't have paid for color in this one but that's a really solid like outline and design this is strong this is a strong outcome I mean even the chicken crest on a helmet there that's really cool there's not a face though I believe I specifically asked for the head to be visible at a cool helmet that shows their face and a stern badass expression underneath that's a shame cool outcome but not exactly what I was after interesting nonetheless and well executed I really like the line work in the solid outline building on what else do we have oh this is fun this is now I believe these last four are the the big landscape the the big the big book cover that I was super questing now initially you'll remember I actually commissioned two people to do this but because the five are pro cancelled I got to commissioned three others at different price points so actually commissioned someone to do something for 150 dollars $100 and $25 so let's go through those in sequential order because the last one was two hundred and eighty five dollars we saved that to the end and see if that lives up to the price I was playing so let's check out the twenty five dollar epic book color cover illustration oh my god that was 25 bucks that's awesome that's cool I am impressed Wow 25 bucks I would put that I would put that on the book cover for 25 bucks remember this is the cheapest artwork I've commissioned in this whole video so far and it feels one of the most substantial very impressive moving up now to the $100 Commission remember this is the same same same instructions for $100 what wha oh my god well done look at garius and there's a little kitty yeah yeah I can definitely see the photo textures here like you yeah you can see like they're written the rubble the trees even the building in the background but it's layered together in a in a very very effective way this person over delivered on the result even though to justify working for that amount of money they cut some corners to make sure I got essentially what I was pitching so I'm totally happy with that that is well and truly worth the $100 okay that was cool where are they stepping up from here people this standard has been set like the bar has been set really high with the 25 and 100 dollar orders so now we have a hundred and fifty and two hundred and eighty five dollars and and I have a lot temper to live up to oh my god whoa now okay so obviously you're paying more now and the entire thing you can tell is custom painted we've got Gary us and this chitty-chat you can tell even this one as opposed to the last one I showed which was still very impressive but you can tell this one is entirely hand-painted and the whole theme feels entirely unique and was created for this commission so another rather thought people all right whoops the grand finale I'm very excited for this at nervous two hundred and eighty-five dollars people two hundred and eighty-five dollars how much value for money can you get on Fiverr for $285 oh wow okay good yeah Oh where's the kitty cat oh there's no kitty cat oh my god this dude is has modeled I think both the character and the robot in 3d and then done like Photoshop texturing and lighting on top because you can see zoomy in here you can tell that this is this is a 3d render and even same with a character just the way that they're like set up I feel like there's just sort of um what's the word like that those Photoshop filters where you can break it down or poster eyes it that sort thing I feel like they've done that to the character and that the robot is kept in its three-dimensional form but with texture overlays painted on top and then just some other manual tweaking which is a clever way to to customize it make it feel part of a painting I can still see in a volcano there are other assets used here we have a fairly grainy pixely overlay for the lava so I feel like for 285 dollars there are corners cut that I'm not hugely happy with then again I did ask for more than the one character and the same thing that they specified so I don't know it's it's a little tricky I'm interested to know what you guys think which was your favorite result as far as value for money goes on Fiverr and can you picture yourself using this service if you're looking to fill in and add it or get something custom I'm interested to know if you as artists feel like that prices I paid our fare for the work that I've got no I feel like it's scaling fairly evenly again this is $25 this is $100 that one actually blows my mind as far as what I paid I feel like there's a lot of depth there I think there's a lot of value in that execution this one totally hand-painted a different orientation but really well pulled off this one an epic scale very grand very well colored and put together a few corners cut them I'm not super happy with but again they had to make a choice to balance their time with what I was paying and the amount I was asking for and I have to say I'm happy with all of the results and really impressed there is one order left to look at though and I think one that most of us are most eager to check out Matt is the video ideas let's see what we've got here tips on minimalistic painting working with black white shades following string art and there's a reference given here tips tricks and best practices that we click on this I'm clicking on random links to random places on the internet this is probably not very wise string art like the like the string on the bat school working with dots in painting dotted painting mastering mandala art mandala Mandar I don't know how to pronounce it that's this sort of I think it's like an Indian visual patent thing that's a great idea these are really good ideas art legend focus doing an in-depth and visually engaging analysis on the life work and inspiration behind historically famous others these are tips on marketing yourself online as an artist selling your work more profitably mastering ASC – what's that how to make a SC – you are what is it always is it the text yeah ah that would be that would be interesting I have to say these are really good ideas like 12 bucks they're great video it under write my experience thanks for saving my channel okay that's it that's Eric's but we we have thoroughly an in-depth experienced fiber and commissioning art and creativity on Fiverr and it's been a very very interesting experience I have to say I feel like I've got the most out of it the more I sought out of it if that makes sense so when I just wanted to character the simple character thing and I was paying like thirty to sixty dollars some of the results were cool it was a bit hit and miss it or whatever but I really feel like when I dived in with like a hundred plus dollars on a more grand idea I was getting really cool stuff back and that's that's something to keep in mind that was very interesting the moral being you get what you pay for which is something in life to keep in mind really let me know what you think it of video ideas ever let me know of those video ideas which one appeals to you the most in which I should actually do of this channel let me know which of the art Commission's was your favorite and the best value for money and what you think of the Fiverr experience overall otherwise that's if an hour run thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe to this channel draw with Jazza for more fun with art and creativity things we've tried to find things where you haven't there's a shop there you can support if you like my work and there are other videos on the channel over there and a vlog you can check can check out the behind the scenes too otherwise if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit like leave a comment and until next time I'll see you later

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  1. I have a video idea for you. Tell people on fiverr to draw a paining or animation or any drawing based on what you’re feeling or a certain emotion. For example, you can be like β€œI’m feeling sad in my dark room and I just want someone to talk too”.

  2. Now you should hire people on fiverr to write 3 similar stories for the 3 epic book covers you got there πŸ˜€

  3. I loved this. It gives me perspective on what I’d be up against should I become an artist on fiverr. Cool cool cool!

  4. u paid or did your patreons who pay YOU to se YOU do art and not blow a 1000 aussiedollars of the patreons dollars on NOT YOUR ART…. shame

  5. At around 13 minutes he said it was a bad idea to click on a link on the Internet. You know. The backbone of what the Internet is.

  6. The 25 dollar has the best adventure feel for a bookcover. Just the face/eyes of the robot looks innocent haha

  7. I would legit put the $25 one on my book! Imo the most appealing cover for a book, might mirror it though

  8. I honestly feel like, considering what he requested, the $150 one was the best – it looks way more like a book cover than the others, or a graphic novel maybe, so I'd say that one was the best!!

  9. I dont know but I really dislike the $100 one.
    Been reading a lot of people preferring that one over all the others which seems weird to me =D
    It just really looks pixely and grainy, not very smooth overall. I get this feeling of someone taking google photos and photoshopping them together.
    Idk just my opinion, thought it was interesting how different I view it to (seemingly) the majority

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